The gap is born,After many years of grievances,The city of sword forging and the city of tools are also as deep as the sea。

Contradictions finally broke out recently。
Zhu Wushuang thought that this kid is still young,Presumably not serious,Might as well be treated。
I saw him flying hard to Xia Chenglong and the green pheasant。
“Mr. Xia,Cast Sword City suffered heavy casualties this time,Almost destroyed into a ruin,It takes labor to rebuild the city,This time the warriors in Qicheng are all young children,Although it is a serious sin, it is not dying,The old man begs Mr. Xia for treatment!”
Chapter Nine Hundred and Thirty Three Shocking news
Xia Chenglong couldn’t help but smile when Zhu Wushuang said:“I wish elders are bodhisattva heart!Nothing,Green Pheasant,If you still have more energy, you might as well treat the warriors in Tool City。”
The green pheasant heard this and said it:“the host,The warriors in this city are all little wolf puppies,ungrateful,Turn face and deny,This time, the loss of Jiancheng City is so heavy,But it’s all because of them,How can we bother to treat it??”
Xia Chenglong said with a smile:“Let you save you,Where is so much nonsense,The elders of Jiancheng City and Qicheng must have blood feuds,He can let go of his resentment,Besides, you and me, outsiders?”
Green Pheasant Road:“If it’s me,I can’t pass this hurdle anyway,Besides, master, you are not an outsider!But it’s all yours……”
Xia Chenglong waved his hand,Interrupted the green pheasant。“I’ll talk about this later,There are many people here,Don’t talk about it yet。Go save people first。”
The green pheasant heard this but didn’t speak,Just expand the scope of treatment。Silently healed the wounded present。
Zhu Wushuang is full of question marks,But he can’t control other things for now,Have to arrange the aftermath。
Suddenly Zhu Wushuang seemed to remember something again。
“Mr. Xia,Since you have cast your sword out,Why didn’t the city lord come out?!Did his old man suffer serious injuries??”

Wang Shuai grabbed the pager,Fell to the ground,Broke up,Then said something:“Buy a big brother later, you can use it,This stuff is no longer available。”

Chen Wenjin looked at,Can’t help but want to laugh。The man lost his temper and broke the woman’s stuff,Buy new buy better,That’s handsome。
obviously,Shuai Wang played well。Such a throw,Everyone is willing to send it up and let him fall。
but,In fact, Wang Shuai bought the rose with the money squeezed from Abao,Be prepared for long-term drive,I must look for a chance to continue to be handsome when I look back。
For the rose,Wang Shuai, this is a real hawker,Naturally, she feels that she has achieved greater success,I don’t know how docile and well-behaved he said something:“Ok,I’ll listen to you。”
Not long after,Suddenly someone broke in。
It’s Abao!
Qiangwei is sitting beside Wang Shuai,Watching the stock,Suddenly saw him coming,His face sank immediately。
A leopard looked at Qiangwei as she was here,Sure enough to be with Wang Shuai,Can’t help but shiver,Stepped forward and pulled Qiangwei out:“Come with me!”
“What are you doing!Why should i go with you?We are okay!I won’t let you play with my feelings anymore——”Qiangwei is struggling,Resist。
Wang Shuai watched without worry,Watch the development of the situation。
“Qiangwei, follow me first,I have something to tell you!”Leopard just pull,Qiangwei clutching the table,Vigorous resistance,Seeing still to be pulled,She confided,Bite on Abao’s wrist。
Abao can’t bear to beat her,Can’t be bitten like this,Had to let go。

“What’s wrong with me here?Do you have any questions?If you want to tell Charlene,Then you can go,I already greeted him。”Qin Feng said directly。

Actually when I said this,He squeezed sweat in his hand。
I never told Charlene about this,Didn’t even tell her,I’m going out for dinner tonight,Just said something hastily to deal with。
“Row,you are vicious,Bye bye。”Zhang Lili turned and left with disdain。
The two of them have no interest in eating,Left here。
Qin Feng is very boring these days,Unexpectedly, Jiang Yan called。
“breeze,The boundless Taoist ordered,Let me go to Liuli City with you,Taoist ordered,There is a group here,Rainbow Church,Cherry blossom view or something。”
“Let you help bring the Getian team and the people from the Huang Family Mansion to deal with,By the way, I almost forgot,My cousin Jiang Yu is coming too。”
Jiang Yan ordered。
“it is good,I will do whatever my wife says,I don’t care。”Qin Feng replied。
The two talked more,Just hung up the phone,Qin Feng has left everything behind,After receiving the address sent by Jiang Yan, I headed towards the destination。
Unexpectedly, this will involve a lot of group power,Qin Feng spoke with his fists one by one。But in general it is good,After all, he became the boss,There are so many dog legs,Among them, Li Ergou is the most powerful dog leg。
of course,Fortunately, he is still attached to peach blossom luck,Cause Jiang Yan to quarrel with him,Not only that,He also recognized a cute sister,Named Jiang Yan。
This day,Li Ergou reported to Qin Feng about the view of cherry blossoms。
“Little Lord,Little Lord,Where are you going?I have an urgent matter。”

An elderly gentleman appeared in front of the camera,Gray hair,tall and big,A straight double-breasted black suit,With a black oak cane embedded with rubies,Standard veteran British fan。

Whether it’s the senior Korean officials present,Or those businessmen and entrepreneurs,When I saw this old man,All shocked,Many people even stood up with surprise。
“It’s Mr. Buffett?”
“It’s really Mr. Buffett?”
“Oh my god!His old man did not appear on the guest list,If I knew he was coming,I am afraid that the ticket price of this conference will be increased tenfold。”
“Mr. Buffett, God of Investment!The price of a lunch with him has soared to six million dollars, right??”
When the audience met the old man,Completely boiling。Especially those entrepreneurs,Every face showed a look of reverence。
if we assume,The video that Lu Menglin played just now,Greatly satisfy people’s curiosity and voyeuristic desire,Or it’s the desire to destroy,So when the investment god Buffett takes the initiative to show up,,What Lu Menglin did just now,It seems so naive and ridiculous。
In the long time of nearly thirty years,Mr. Buffett’s investment behavior,Hardly ever made a big mistake,The rate of return has been maintained at about 13%,And he became one of the richest people on the planet。
If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can think of it,Such a legend,The god of trillions of investment,He would stand up and speak for Elizabeth and blood test technology。
If you knew it from the beginning,Even Mr. Buffett has invested in the black technology of blood test,Then there will definitely be countless investors like crucian carp crossing the river,Smashed the funds endlessly。
Who doesn’t want to get rich?Who doesn’t want to keep up with the torrent of the times,Roll forward?
and so,From the moment when Mr. Buffett, the god of investment, appeared,The situation has turned around again。
No matter what evidence Lu Menglin presented,People won’t believe him。
Suddenly,The atmosphere of the audience changed suddenly,When everyone’s eyes were on Lu Menglin,With doubts and distrust。


Chapter VIII The secret of practice
Strictly speaking,This comparison is inappropriate,Because Lu Menglin has so many methods to press the bottom of the box,It is definitely not comparable to a warrior of the 35th-level god nation。
Bad job,Even the forty-level fighters will be shaded by him。Nothing else,as long as《Open Sky Slash》Once launched,Ghosts,unstoppable。
《Open Sky Slash》Can kill the dark monster leader,Also defeated the superb warrior of the god nation。
And Lu Menglin also found out,In this big foreign land,Skills are the most precious,Learned the secret skills of the gods,Have explosive combat power,The possibility of a turnaround。
Then comes the training resources and equipment,The last is a currency called Yuyuan。
And the people of the gods don’t seem to care about the space energy in the monster of darkness.,Even disgust,Just let it fall apart。
Used up too much space energy before,Lu Menglin has not been fully supplemented,Came to Hongliu City,There is a chance to make up for this shortcoming。
In fact, in Lu Menglin’s opinion,Whether it’s the light pattern power used by the gods,Or the space energy in the dark monster,Even the power of human blood,Essentially all energy,There are just levels。
And Lu Menglin from the human mutation,I can see that these energies can actually be transformed into each other,Can also exist at the same time。
Just like a human warrior has the power of blood,After the infection of red mist energy,It will produce mutation power。
And this red mist energy,Is actually a thin version of space energy。
The main quest currently accepted by Lu Menglin,Is to gain control of Red Willow City,Then the task reward turned out to be to activate the light pattern power。This also means that these types of energies can be transformed into each other。
Although the completion of this task,It looks very far away,Almost impossible task,But Lu Menglin has already passed the system’s reward changes,Guessed something。
Level of energy,Followed by the power of human blood、Red mist energy in the mutant organism、The space energy possessed by the dark monster、The last is the light pattern power that the Shenmin clan is good at。
in a certain sense,In fact, the people of Gods are not powerful,But because they started when they were born,It uses the highest level of energy,Of course the combat power is strong。

“Don’t you try,How do you know?I see Huazi,Interesting to you too。Dead girl,Long snack bar!Go out for so long,Or this pig brain。”

The conversation between their mother and daughter,Hu Yang and others are naturally unknown,right now,Zhenghe Wu Dashan,And talking to the elderly,Talk about the past。
The old man is very concerned about the past,I can’t stop when I say it,Populus euphratica listens patiently。
“At that time,The devil hit the opposite hill,Almost came to our village。But at this moment,They have been defeated by our country,Carriages of devil soldiers left in disgrace。Tell you!then……”
Hit the devil,Always the proudest thing of the older generation,If you can leave a bullet hole,Then be even more proud,Seeing people can blow for a long time。
Father didn’t serve as a soldier,But helped eight.road.military,Very proud。He also said that he is familiar with the platoon leader,I don’t know if the other party remembers him。
then,Eight.road.The army is not rich,To help them fight the devil,Lend some food from the village。He has,There is also an IOU,But he knows that for so many years,No use。and,At that time,He is not big,Loaned food,Is his father。
Say again,I borrowed some food,Go to the government to collect debts,Nothing interesting。
“Oh?Can i see?”Hu Yang asked。
He heard,There were a lot of bad debts,The army can’t figure out which ones have not paid off the people。So these years,As long as the relevant IOU appears,The country will return it many times。
The old man thought Populus didn’t believe it,Think he brags。then,Really go to find out that IOU。
Hu Yang took a look,really,It is an IOU written by the PLA,The time and so on are marked on it,Lend two loads of millet,Two hundred catties。
“Old man,This account,Do you want to get it back??in fact,I don’t care about those two loads of millet,Just i think,Such a good thing,Should be public。”Hu Yang suggested。
“Going to the government?Then forget it?Liangdan millet is not worth much now。”Old man waved his hand。
Hu Yang smiled:“Not necessarily,I heard,Someone in the same situation as you,The country paid more than ten times to the people。Our party policy,It’s never been a needle or thread。

“Come with strength,Drop here。”Populus pointed to a position。

Wen Wenhao won Lao Zhou’s hammer:“I’ll try。”
As a fitness coach,Still have strength,and,He also has experience in smashing stones,Know how to smash,It’s easier to knock down。
“Everyone get out。”Lao Zhou ordered everyone to step back,Tell everyone,There will be stones splashing in a while,Be careful everyone。
Wen Wenhao hit more than 20 hammers,Just knocked a stone down。really,Manual mining is too difficult,Without a machine,This kind of coolie is really not something ordinary people can bear。
Lao Zhou walked over:“and many more,I’ll come,You knock like this,It will be troublesome to wait。If you knock down these places,How to mine next。”
Although Lao Wen has strength,But mining is for him,Still no experience。
then,Lao Zhou took the hammer,While adjusting the angle of beating,While explaining:“You see,Drilled here,Knock diagonally from here,The stone is easy to peel off。”
Worthy of being a descendant of the quarry,People are professional,Only five hammers,Just get a small stone down。
“Wires outside,Is it still powered on??If you power up,It will be much faster with an electric drill。”Hua Zi asked。
Look at these drill holes,It should be the new one made by Huang Mao。Just outside,Everyone can see the wires。After all, I have invested here before,Infrastructure,There must be。
“Dead。”Lao Zhou said。
Xiao Gao doubts:“Not right!Without electricity,How to explain these drill holes,New at first glance。”
Lao Zhou explained to everyone:“Bring your own battery!What is so difficult。”
Mining time,A little boring,Knock a few times,Everyone will find it fresh,But ten minutes、twenty minutes,Knocked like this for half an hour,It will inevitably make people depressed,The audience in the live room,If it wasn’t for Brother Hu to chat with everyone,May be falling asleep。
“Be careful,This piece is broken。”Populus reminds。
Lao Zhou followed the lights,Found that the bloodstone had been knocked out,Suddenly distressed。but,This brings hope to everyone,Know that there is a mine。
“You rest,I’ll try。”Wen Wenhao speaks。
Populus walks over,Checked:“Knock around here,Don’t hit this position。”

and so,Said to Qiao Zhentian without giving up:

“Uncle,It’s obviously the fault of Xiao Fan and his family,Why am I the one who apologized?And didn’t you see the uncle??My arm was already interrupted by Xiao Fan,Why do you want me to apologize to him。”
“Uncle,I just do not understand,Lin’s family in a small cloud city,Is there any place that our Qiao family should be afraid of?。”
“Uncle,What are you afraid of?”
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight An answer
Qiao Zhentian’s face is gloomy,Said to Qiao Ming coldly:
“What am i afraid of?Qiao Ming,What do you think you are,You dare to fight against Xiao Fan and his family。I tell you,I don’t care what reason you offended Xiao Fan and his family today,Go and understand it for me,otherwise,Don’t blame me for not reading love。”
Qiao Ming didn’t expect things to develop like this,Qiao Ming was planning to tell Qiao Zhentian a few more words。
But when Qiao Ming just touched Qiao Zhentian’s cold eyes,The whole person shivered involuntarily。
If Qiao Ming was flattering Qiao Zhenwu,So for Qiao Zhentian,Qiao Ming is a kind of fear from the bottom of my heart。
Qiao Zhentian is an irreversible existence in Qiao’s house。
and so,After Qiao Ming hesitated,Gritted his teeth,I still decided to go to Xiao Fan to admit counsel。
Because Qiao Ming’s arm was interrupted by Xiao Fan,So Qiao Ming still took some effort to get up from the ground。
but,Whenever Qiao Ming wants to give up,He just noticed Qiao Zhentian’s cold eyes looking at him。
It took a lot of effort,Qiao Ming finally stood up。
Just when Qiao Ming wanted to go in the direction of Xiao Fan,Lin Yu suddenly grabbed Qiao Ming’s arm。

Gary·Kiredale didn’t speak,But he obviously meant the same。

“Ah……”Chen Geng’s tone is extremely harsh:“Then you think I’m here to congratulate you?”
What does the boss mean??!
Gary·Kilidare and Chevat·Egarford is not a fool,The information revealed in Chen Geng’s talk shocked both of them,Especially Chevat·Egarford,Looking at my boss’s face full of sarcasm,His goose bumps are all up:“**,Don’t joke about this kind of thing……”
I don’t need Chen Geng to speak this time,Gary·Kiredale spoke first。
Looking at Chevat·Egarford,Gary·Kilidare shook his head:“I understand**,If it’s not completely certain,He must not be able to come in such a hurry,”Finished,Ranging from Chevat·Egarford speaks,Gary·Kirydale looked at Chen Geng,Shen Sheng:“**,Logically speaking ourp/mYesibmthe best choice,Let me say something unceremoniously,p/mIs the best performance currently available on the market、Most stable and reliable、At the same time the cheapest operating system,But since you are here,That meansibmNot think so,Right?”
Chen Geng nodded:“exactly,YesibmCEO Axe doesn’t think so。”
Facing the doubtful eyes of the two,Chen Geng’s simple way:“Gates,That dobasi’S kid,You should know?”
Gary·Kilidare nodded,Of course he knows that kid:“He and Paul are very talented,Can only run on minicomputersbasiPorted to personal computer,This is really amazing,But you meanibmReady to entrust such an important project to this kid?This one……impossible?”
Gary·Kiredale vaguely questioned the news of his boss。
It’s not that he really wants to question Chen Geng,But from the basic logic,This matter really doesn’t make sense:p/mIs already the best、The most stable and reliable personal computer operating system,Add Data Research and Garrett2000After the merger,“p/mindosTrackball”The combination of visual graphics operating systems is now recognized as the best combination mode of personal computer operating systems on the market。
ibmPrepare to develop a strategic personal computer,They don’t choose the most mature、Most stable、The most reliable and most usefulp/m,But choose to let people who have never had personal computer operating system development experience、Two engagebasi’S kid does this thing,Then let everyone go back to the era when you need to enter commands……Is Ax’s brain kicked by a donkey??
Normal logic,AsibmCEO of,Ax’s brain is absolutely impossible,ibmChoice and Garrett2000Cooperation should be a sure thing,But since the boss came here in such a hurry……
Gary·Kiredale’s expression is serious。
“ibmDid not reject us,What rejects us isibmCEO Akers,”Chen Geng is very pleased with Gary·Kirydale noticed this,He nodded and explained to the two:“p/mindosTrackball”The combination of is the best combination of personal computer operating systems today,Even better thanibmDare not ignore us,Under strong market pressure,ibmMust give us a chance。
But why did Gates and Paul have the opportunity?
Because Gates’ mother has a good relationship with Aix,She persuaded Ax to give Gates’ Microsoft company a chance……In the process,Aix will use his power to squeeze us out,I can even think of what Aix would do:For example, personal computers equipped with our operating system are better than those equipped with Gates’ operating systemibmPC is expensive1000USD,Then Ax will tell us,Not welcome by the market and users、Don’t like our operating system。”

It’s just why Qin Feng should be a security guard in the school?This is not reasonable,Something strange,He must know。

“Qin Feng,I knew you were not easy when you came in yesterday。Speak,What is the purpose of coming to school!”Rando asked。
Qin Feng was stunned for a long time when he heard this,It’s really because he never thought that this mixed boy named Rando was so crazy,The attitude of an interrogation for no reason,This is because I watched more police movies, right??
“Who are you?”
Qin Feng clearly knows the other party’s name,But when I was questioned, I was upset,Will say something that makes others unhappy。
“It’s okay, let’s go。Zhong Fa said before,You provoked and beat him,He is nothing but a self-defense businessman。As for if you want to compensate, it will be no different from touching porcelain,We won’t give it。Goodbye!”
Leave this sentence,Qin Feng called Zhong Fa to leave together。
No matter how Rando yelled on the hospital bed。
But after the two left,Qin Feng seems to have nothing to do。As for letting him go back to school as a security guard?nonexistent!The school life is really boring, especially as a security guard.!
In fact, the most important thing is,He has no idea of teasing female college students,Besides, the task of security is to patrol in shifts,Most of the students are in class when they are patrolling。Most of the people walking around the campus during class time are couples,So even if they are in college,But no goal。
of course,It’s more likely that Qin Feng only came for two days,Not familiar with the surrounding environment,You won’t find the joy of going to work。
But he didn’t expect,Just then his phone rang。
“Hey,Cute?what happened?what,You said Carina Du went to the bathroom with you just now,But you won’t see her when you come out,I can’t get through the phone?Row,I’ll come over now!”
Qin Feng knew that Wang Mengmeng was worried about Du Jialing’s accident before calling him。Although two days have passed since I saw the counselor,Carina Du has been very calm over the past two days without any situation。But they must not take it lightly,So Qin Feng has to rush back to school immediately。
“amount,Boss Qin Feng, I.”
Zhong Fa felt a little depressed after he knew that Qin Feng was going back to school。He used to be either a mercenary or a security guard,So I’m not used to the way I am doing nothing。After processing the handover task,He thought Qin Feng would take him to be a master,At least there should be some things to deal with,Otherwise, why do you accept him as a little brother??