You can’t make up for it, you can only eat yam and dates

You can’t make up for it, you can only eat yam and dates

Many health care products now say that this one can replenish vitality, and that one can also replenish vitality.

Professor Fan Zhenglun, a well-known expert in TCM health, believes that vitality cannot be supplemented.

  Vital energy, also known as primitive energy, is the driving force behind human life activities. Its function is to promote and regulate the growth and development and reproductive functions of the human body, and to promote and change the physiological activities of various internal organs, meridians, shapes, and organs.

Vitality is the foundation and source of life. Surplus vitality is good for health, vitality degenerates and becomes ill, and vitality replaces death.

Professor Fan Zhenglun said that the so-called “vital energy” involved innate and was influenced by parents.

This vitality must be replenished the day after tomorrow. If you do not replenish it for seven days, you will starve to death.

The vitality is a fixed number, just like the gas in a gas tank, some are full, some are half tanks, and some are more than half tanks.

The vitality determines the whole of life. It can also be understood that the vitality is strong and the immunity is strong, so that it can defeat the disease.

  Vitality is so important to life, how can we protect our vitality?

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to diseases, some unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive libido, alcohol consumption, irregular diet, and late sleep, etc., will consume our vitality.

Therefore, in order to protect the vitality, in addition to actively preventing and treating diseases, we should quit some unhealthy living habits.

Can the vitality make up for it?

Professor Fan Zhenglun believes that life is like a fire door on a gas tank. As long as the fire door is adjusted, even if your parents give you half a can, you can use the effect of a whole can.

But if you do n’t cherish it all the time, it is “open” for 24 hours, even if it is a whole can, the vitality will disappear quickly.

Traditional Chinese medicine can’t save lives, and eating ginseng every day when the vitality recurs can’t save it.

Therefore, a person’s “vigor” cannot be replenished.

If the vitality could be replenished, the ancient emperor would not die.

But some Chinese medical experts believe that vitality can make up.

They believe that although the vitality is transformed by the congenital essence of participating parents, the Mizutani essence of the acquired spleen and stomach can supplement and cultivate it. The first effect of traditional Chinese medicine ginseng is “tonic energy”.

Although the opinions of the two factions are quite different, the experts in Chinese medicine have recognized that, according to their physical conditions, reasonable consumption of foods that nourish the spleen and kidney, such as yam, jujube, honey, lentils, black sesame, walnut meat, coriander fruit, Even if the vitality cannot be replenished, at least it is beneficial to the retention of vitality and reduces the consumption of vitality.