And there are many geniuses among them,In the process of fighting the dark race,Steal the Dark Race,Learned a lot of fighting skills using space energy,Not without the power of a war。

but,First attacked the dragon army,Not this elite team of masters,But the Earth Coalition Forces。
316 Tomahawk cruise missiles,To the area where the Dragonflight is located,Implemented the first round of saturation strikes。
The power of missiles,Describe it as plowing three feet,Not too much。
Then there are a total of six flying groups,Human fighters and bombers swarmed like a swarm of birds,Accurately bombard the target below。
This is just the first wave of attacks,The ground forces have assembled more than 100,000 combatants,And they are not ordinary soldiers,It’s a super soldier with a basic combat power of over 15。
Strength like this,If it is placed before the red zone appears,Every soldier who participated in the war,Are all kings of the army,Has unparalleled combat power。
But now,One hundred thousand elite soldiers,It’s just being able to go to the battlefield。
The mission of these ground forces,Not to destroy the Dragonflight,But for cover,Cover the true elite team,Close to the dragon brood。
really,Everything is as predicted by the Earth Alliance,Missile carpet bombing and precision strikes by fighter planes all failed。
The moment when those dragon monsters bombed,All have entered a state of half virtual and half real,Use space gaps,Easily avoided the power of the explosion。
The Devil Dragon Brood is protected by the force field of nearly a hundred Devil Dragon Moths,Safe and sound。
Although I know that there is a high probability that this will happen,But I saw such a scene from the live battlefield sent back from the drone,Still let the global people take a breath。
Lucky doesn’t seem to have come to humans’ heads,Still have to implement the cruelestBPlanned。