How women cross men’s sexual temptations

How women cross men’s sexual temptations

诱惑a:无所不能的才智和能力  他的魅力和与众不同实在让你倾心不已,尤其对你格外地关注和赞美,他会时时留意你的需要,当你为母亲的病痛所烦恼时,He will quietly find the best doctor.
He will take care of everything for you in study, work and life.
Unconsciously, you will become dependent on him, for example: you hint that he wants to get a certain position, you always want to do something, and so on.
With your dreams come true, you have owed him too much affection, and the rest is how you “return”.
  Response Book: 1.
For his care, ask yourself “why?
“If you can’t find more reasonable explanations, then it is likely that he” liked “you.
Knowing who he is is probably the man you need.

If he knows that you have a relationship, but still cares about you, and implies that he wants to maintain a special relationship with you, then you need to consciously or unintentionally confess your feelings and loyalty to your husband or boyfriend in front of him, and use his power toIt’s not love to repay the benefits he gave you.
If he has sexual demands on you, and this will cause trouble in your relationship, euphemistically reject him and try to get away, don’t accept his favor in the future.
  诱惑b:俊朗不凡的相貌举止  男人的英俊洒脱以及优雅的举止,不凡的谈吐,永远会给女人一种好感,尤其是当你的生活循规蹈矩如一泓静的水时,他的与众不同,无疑Will bring you unspeakable passion and vitality, you really think you have met Prince Charming.
In the face of his pity and love, and a small gift with affection, you can’t help but feel faint, knowing that he is indifferent and difficult to extricate.
  Coping with the Code: Beware that you are not only a playboy, but also a master of love.
When you are really immersed in the dream of love, he runs away as fast as saying love you.
May wish to accept his flowers occasionally and attend a friend’s party together, but not accept his valuable gifts, let alone accept his sexual requirements.
Remember, when reason cannot overcome temptation, please leave him quickly!
  Seduction c: Sad, deep eyes. Sometimes, his sadness and frustration may confuse you more than his success and glory.
In life, women often use their motherly instincts to understand and accept the weakness of men. This is Nicholas in Angel Passion.
Cage’s gloomy eyes are so attracted to many female movie fans.
Just as crying children attract more attention, men sometimes use their brains to pretend to be melancholy angels.
  He would say, “My dear, I really don’t know what it means to live without you.
“This is enough to make you pay without regrets.
Such men often leave you deeply hurt and have nowhere to tell.
  Response Book: 1.
If he is always dejected and you must continue to support him, please leave him; if he does not really care about you and only depends on your feelings, please leave him!
  2.If you really love him, test his sense of responsibility and accept his feelings when the answer is satisfactory.
  诱惑d:兴味相投的异性知己  别以为自己每时每刻都能巧走两性target=_blank>两性平衡木,天底下最难把握的就是异性朋友的友谊,假如你想把它发展为第四种感情, More than friendship, less than love, the results always make themselves up and down.
Usually, if a friend of the opposite sex has reached the point where he has nothing to say and feels interdependent, you should seriously consider whether he is a fake friend and pursues the truth
For him, this relationship can go forward and back, attack and defend. If you can’t bear your temper, you may fall into his trap.
  Coping with the canon: For many men, common interests and hobbies are not enough to give them all to help you.
If you find it inappropriate to develop each other, you should deliberately downplay your friendship and let him know that you have treated him as an outsider.
Otherwise, this friendship will one day affect your feelings, making it difficult for you to extricate yourself.

Winter Stomach Recipe Ginger Black Tea

Winter Stomach Recipe Ginger Black Tea

Black tea and ginger have a warming effect.

Utilizing the spicyness of ginger can make the body produce heat, increase metabolism, consume body metabolism, and achieve the effect of weight loss.

In addition, ginger can also help defecate and improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

Black tea is fermented tea that keeps the body warm. The caffeine contained in it can remove excess water from the body and improve edema.

Taken together, they can both lose weight and improve edema.

And drinking ginger tea can prevent colds.

  Suitable for the crowd: people who eat too much, have poor metabolism, excessive traces, cold hands and feet, and constipation.

  Ingredients: One bag of black tea, five peeled gingers, and the right amount of honey

  How to drink: When drinking tea every day, if you feel a burning sensation in your stomach, consider reducing the amount of ginger up to 2 to 6 cups a day.

If you don’t like ginger, you can crush the ginger, pour it into gauze, tie it tightly, and then put it in a teapot to filter the spicy taste of ginger.

Women in the workplace know how to spare themselves

Women in the workplace know how to spare themselves

We are trapped in many trivial matters every day, so that we ca n’t see or remember that we actually have small accomplishments of this and that, and happy moments of interaction between people, these little by littleA small achievement and a happy moment are happy lives.

  Recently, I had a conversation with a female friend who was in charge in her early 30s. She had not seen her for more than a year. She had changed a lot. She was no longer as angry and frustrated as before. The boss gave her a heavy burden. There was no boyfriend in her thirties.I didn’t have time for myself . Instead, I happily talked about the work plan, brought the team’s experience, and the comfort of buying a new car and taking my mother out to play, I felt that life was beautiful.

  I asked why.

“I figured it out, I decided to spare myself.

“Well,” forgive myself “, I applaud the new woman in front of me.

  Do you have such experience, waking up in the middle of the night for unknown reasons, and wandering into anxiety for a while before falling asleep.

This country of anxiety probably does not fall into the following areas: not enough, not good enough include: not enough money to make enough, not enough time, not enough work details, the home is not clean enough recently, the children ‘s homework has recently noticedNot tight enough, my husband (or boyfriend) has n’t loved me enough recently, weight loss has n’t been insisted on recently, life without a boyfriend (or no children) is not complete . good times are not always good, good luck always runs out of happy timeMrs. Fast, probably not happy for such a happy life now .

Sometimes I unconsciously want to spoil my own good luck, just to prove that my thoughts are right, for example, he obviously loves the other half, and he wants to find him to fight with him at regular intervals.

  Am I really so outstanding?

Will I be dismantled one day? I ‘m just a three-legged cat. We often worry that we are not good enough. Those who praise us are only temporarily fainted by us. Maybe one day I will be dismantled.The article is unlucky. Every day something bad happens. The car has to be repaired again. The boss always throws something for me to do before work. Every time I miss the bus (or subway) for a few seconds.The tax information is piled up in a mess and the forms have not been filled in. A lot of emails haven’t been processed yet . I often think about the shortcomings in life and make people habitually live in the shadow of uneasiness. They are not willing to spare themselves. Maybe you and I have moreA bit addictive.

  The reason may be as follows: everything must be used from childhood (from grabbing meat floss to rice, to grabbing a place in the school), otherwise you will not get it; often reminded by the parents and teachers “you can be better”, I feel really badOutstanding, not hard enough; it is justified to think more and cause more than not to worry, because even though the result is still not good, but I feel that I have my responsibilities, and I don’t need to blame myself deeply .

  I also noticed that many of the product advertisements targeted at women are “You deserve this product”, “You deserve to cherish yourself”, “You deserve to spend money to pamper yourself” . I rarely see ads targeted at menUse this wording.

  It seems that this trend is common: men often overestimate themselves, but women often underestimate themselves. Rarely there is a woman who can actually reflect herself. Everyone calls her a “strong woman.”

  American psychologist Bullock once conducted psychological tests on 301 high school seniors and found that although girls ‘academic results are generally better than boys’, and many people have even received Westinghouse scholarships, they are not as confident as boys.

Some are obviously the top few in the class, but they always play the part that they are not good at, and they say, “Oh, I don’t understand the xxx part.

“The boys are different. Most of the time, when they have a chance, they try to show what they know, and they almost never talk about the less good ones.

  Another sociologist, Marindruck, has also found that women are generally less optimistic than men; they also endure anxiety at different levels, and women are less likely to be men than men.

  In a common family, women save money, but men spend money more casually. Maybe women grow up in a culture that treats women as weak. They are used to pessimistic thinking and are afraid to be disappointed. Maybe they are born more realistic than men.More.

  In addition, there are inferences in the sociology and psychology circles, which may be related to the fact that society has only given women control in recent decades.

  Women have to learn to feel in control of their own lives, a new experience that has only recently occurred.

How to spare yourself, you need to develop a habit: if past experience reminds you repeatedly that you are not worth every day happiness, then you have to build your own mentality and remind yourself every day, “Of course I deserve to be happy and happy, things will changeThe better “.

  Some people have suggested reminding yourself to repeat the chant a few times a day on the mirror or on the desk (my trial experience, I think it is still effective).

  When being praised by others, don’t reject or doubt it, but write it down as evidence or receipt. The exaggeration point is to send to the person you care about. The purpose is to “expand and strengthen self confidence” and remind others to continue to praiseLet’s check each other out.

  People who love to use computers may wish to save it in the file of “enhancing self-confidence”, so that they can go in at any time and cheer themselves up.

Why a lover is always a good life for others is a lot of little joys and small accomplishments. We are trapped in many trivial matters every day, causing them to be transferred, so that we ca n’t see or remember that we have all the small accomplishments of this and that.And the happy moment of interaction between people, these little bits of achievement and happy moments are happy lives.

  However, most people are committed to pursuing special achievements and special moments. As a result, they always feel that they have nothing to do and have no happiness, and they are unwilling to spare themselves.

  Too close to see a tree, take a step back to see the whole forest.

Look too close to the subway, see the car next to it, it is crowded and messy, take a step back to see the entire train, turn neatly and brightly, and pick you up to the next successful place.

  Next time you’re afraid, ask yourself what the worst would be.

You will find that, in fact, it is not so big. Before asserting that you will not always have good luck or happiness, ask yourself whether you have made such an argument based on past experience or current facts.

Don’t look at what you don’t have, look at what you have.

Morning jog makes me feel refreshed and healthy lies in exercise

Morning jog makes me feel refreshed and healthy lies in exercise

I am no stranger to physical training as a soldier. For several years in the military career, I have forged a strong physique and developed good habits.

After changing jobs in 2000, the cumbersome chores and unsatisfactory work disturbed me, disturbed my healthy lifestyle, and the bleak prospects made me lose my mind and exercise.

  Last spring, three days and two colds, stomach problems and the old problems of enteritis often “patronize”, and sometimes “palpitation”, “dizziness” symptoms appeared, making me worried, I can’t lift anything.

I didn’t find any serious problems when I went to the hospital for inspection. The doctor said to my hobby of smokeless alcohol: “It’s okay. I will be optimistic in the future and strengthen exercise.

“So I chose a morning run. In the dawn,” sand, sand, sand. “My rhythmic running sound penetrated the market and spread to the suburbs.

The sky was wide and the people in the suburbs suddenly felt cheerful.

The birds on the branches cried cheerfully, welcoming a new day.

My mood was deeply infected by this beautiful early morning. I worked yesterday, and I was thrown behind all the unhappy things in my life.

  The morning run is like this at every poetic and artistic dawn, and it has been unhurried for a year.

Take rain gear on a rainy day, slow down, take a breath of fresh air, and feel refreshed.

When meeting other morning runners, running together and communicating while running, I felt that exercise is not only a need for physical health, but also a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

Now I’m very toxic, I won’t pant after running for more than ten kilometers, I’m not tired, I feel relaxed, and I have more confidence.

  The book says that morning jogging can both exercise and eliminate depression, and that’s true.

Now that my “beer belly” has become smaller, my mood is more cheerful, and people are more energetic than before.

Morning exercise has made me almost healthy and cultivated my temperament, allowing me to maintain a state of “no gratification, no grief”, and a “no humiliation, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court; gain or lose unintentionally, hopeThe clouds in the sky are calm. ”

Colleagues from the unit saw me who was weak and sentimental in the past, but now I was full of energy and radiant, and they asked me for my fitness tips.

I smiled and said to them: Persist in morning exercise and exercise, health is with the future, happiness is with life.

A few detox porridge to cure constipation and detox

A few detox porridge to cure constipation and detox

Introduction: A few detox porridges for constipation, detoxification and thin stomach, healthy eating habits can escort us to have a healthy body, and the correct diet concept also adds health elements to us.

Developing a healthy diet in your daily routine is the key to a healthy body.

  Do you often get oily and acne-prone skin, and your belly is always swollen?

Your body is sending detox signals.

Do you have trouble with constipation?

Today, Xiaobian recommends several detox porridge for everyone. Drink more to ensure that you can detox quickly and lose weight quickly.

  First, the raw material of yam pork bone and vegetable porridge: pork bone soup 1.

5 liters, 100 grams of yam, 100 grams of rice, 1 vegetable?
2 trees, salt and pepper.

  Practice: 1.

After the rice is washed and washed, soak it in water for 1 hour; yam peeled and diced and dipped in water; vegetables are washed and shredded.


Add the pork bone soup and the right amount of water to the boil and add the soaked rice.


After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and continue to cook for 15 minutes. Add yam and cook for 15 minutes. Add the shredded vegetables and cook. Add salt and pepper.

  Second, grain oat laver tuna porridge ingredients: grain oat, white rice, bagged tuna, laver, salt, monosodium glutamate.

  Practice: 1.

Grain oats and white rice are washed and soaked in water for 10 minutes.

  Editor’s reminder: Today’s life brings a lot of possibilities to our living conditions.

The types of diets are constantly increasing. Please pay attention to healthy diets for the health of our body.

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You can’t make up for it, you can only eat yam and dates

You can’t make up for it, you can only eat yam and dates

Many health care products now say that this one can replenish vitality, and that one can also replenish vitality.

Professor Fan Zhenglun, a well-known expert in TCM health, believes that vitality cannot be supplemented.

  Vital energy, also known as primitive energy, is the driving force behind human life activities. Its function is to promote and regulate the growth and development and reproductive functions of the human body, and to promote and change the physiological activities of various internal organs, meridians, shapes, and organs.

Vitality is the foundation and source of life. Surplus vitality is good for health, vitality degenerates and becomes ill, and vitality replaces death.

Professor Fan Zhenglun said that the so-called “vital energy” involved innate and was influenced by parents.

This vitality must be replenished the day after tomorrow. If you do not replenish it for seven days, you will starve to death.

The vitality is a fixed number, just like the gas in a gas tank, some are full, some are half tanks, and some are more than half tanks.

The vitality determines the whole of life. It can also be understood that the vitality is strong and the immunity is strong, so that it can defeat the disease.

  Vitality is so important to life, how can we protect our vitality?

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to diseases, some unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive libido, alcohol consumption, irregular diet, and late sleep, etc., will consume our vitality.

Therefore, in order to protect the vitality, in addition to actively preventing and treating diseases, we should quit some unhealthy living habits.

Can the vitality make up for it?

Professor Fan Zhenglun believes that life is like a fire door on a gas tank. As long as the fire door is adjusted, even if your parents give you half a can, you can use the effect of a whole can.

But if you do n’t cherish it all the time, it is “open” for 24 hours, even if it is a whole can, the vitality will disappear quickly.

Traditional Chinese medicine can’t save lives, and eating ginseng every day when the vitality recurs can’t save it.

Therefore, a person’s “vigor” cannot be replenished.

If the vitality could be replenished, the ancient emperor would not die.

But some Chinese medical experts believe that vitality can make up.

They believe that although the vitality is transformed by the congenital essence of participating parents, the Mizutani essence of the acquired spleen and stomach can supplement and cultivate it. The first effect of traditional Chinese medicine ginseng is “tonic energy”.

Although the opinions of the two factions are quite different, the experts in Chinese medicine have recognized that, according to their physical conditions, reasonable consumption of foods that nourish the spleen and kidney, such as yam, jujube, honey, lentils, black sesame, walnut meat, coriander fruit, Even if the vitality cannot be replenished, at least it is beneficial to the retention of vitality and reduces the consumption of vitality.

Three smart women in marriage

Three smart women in marriage

The first intelligent woman uses the most “stupid” method to impress his woman’s kindness, gentleness, and diligence, which can most affect the heart of a man.

With these good behaviors, women in marriage can take men to basic steps.

In the cold winter, boil a pot of hot soup for your lover; in the warm sun, sew a button for your lover-do not underestimate these small things!

Your ability and love for these little things will increase the warmth of your family.

Even if you have money to ask for a babysitter, your love for your husband is irreplaceable.

So do n’t worry about what your boyfriend calls when you ‘re in love. When you get married, your husband thinks the same thing: a good wife has to have this kind of behavior and skills.

  The second kind of smart woman I show the intellectual side in a timely manner. In marital life, it is not enough to give good conduct.

Some wives suspect that they work hard at home, but why don’t they always please their husbands?

Men’s personality, temperament and self-cultivation are different. For girls, when you choose a marriage, you must have at least an understanding of the husband you marry, and a mentality and ability to be a wife that meets your husband’s requirements.

To do this, you must be a smart, intellectual girl.

  The third intelligent woman I just echoed his little interest when it comes to romance and fun, the girl would say: OK!

This is what I do best!

That girl does n’t want to continue to be romantic in her marriage, but I want to tell the girl, do n’t move the romantic version of your love to your marriage. If you do n’t believe it, you can ask the men in the marriage to answer the questionnaire and make the girl fall in loveEverything you have done is written, some kind: call him if there is something; nothing in the wind, take a walk in the rain; when he is sick and need a rest, keep reading love poems to him; once again, one set a dayNew fashion; changing hairstyles every few days . the answer is definitely no.

13 sub-health symptomatic diets

13 sub-health symptomatic diets

Colds and garlic When you start to feel uncomfortable in your voice and your nose is beginning to get out of control, it is a sign of a cold.

In order to prevent cold viruses from attacking your body on a large scale, eating some garlic quickly will help you kill the virus that has not caused a sensation in the cradle at all.

This is because garlic is rich in antiviral ingredients, which will strengthen the body’s immunity.

Therefore, when changing seasons, eating more garlic will help you cope with a cold.

  If it is said that eating steak can treat baldness, most people will be surprised.

But scientific research found that steak does have this effect.

So don’t forget to eat lean beef every time you eat.

Scientific proof: People who regularly eat lean beef can’t even completely solve the problem of hair loss, at least it can delay the arrival of the day.

  Heart disease and apple juice Apple is the best word-of-mouth among all fruits, and it is suitable for people of different ages and physiques.

Recently, researchers at the University of California have discovered another advantage of apples: drinking apple juice often reduces the risk of heart disease.

This is because the antioxidants in apple juice are good for the healthy functioning of the heart.

Scientists in experiments on 25 men and women found that high blood pressure is also divided into “good” and “bad”. Drinking more apple juice can make “bad” blood pressure rise later than normal, and “bad””The longer the plasma veins, the lower the chance of heart disease.

  Cloudy Breath Drink plenty of water. For people who often need social entertainment, cloudy breath is the biggest taboo.

Chinese medicine believes that bad breath has a lot to do with stomach fire.

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to brushing your teeth every morning and evening, you should also arrange your recipes reasonably.

Another easy way to solve this embarrassing problem is to drink plenty of water every day.

While this method treats bad breath, it also supplements the body’s daily water needs.

Scientific research has found that the reason why the breath is not fresh is that there is a substance called sulfur in the mouth. If you want it to disappear as soon as possible, drink plenty of water every day to solve it.

  Weak limbs and bananas love exercise is a good thing, but we must also pay attention to “degree”, because too much exercise can lead to fatigue.

During exercise, the body emits a lot of sweat. At the same time when water is lost, many minerals in the body also transfer sweat to the body, mainly potassium and sodium.

The “inventory” amount of sodium in the body is relatively speaking, and sodium is relatively easy to be supplemented from food; however, the amount of potassium in the body is relatively small, so you should pay more attention to choosing foods that are rich in potassium in time to supplement after exercise.

The best choice for potassium supplement is banana, because banana is rich in potassium.

Don’t forget to bring yourself a banana or two before going to the gym.

  Getting drunk with tomatoes is really troublesome.

Drunk vomiting is almost disorganized, and it will cause a large loss of potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements in the body. After drunk and vomiting, it is necessary to supplement potassium, calcium, sodium and other nutrients in time.

The easiest way is to drink tomato juice, because the potassium, calcium and sodium in tomato juice are just enough to supplement the lack of element loss in the body.

  Hiccups and sugar have been used to treat snoring. People have always had a lot of prescriptions. At present, the most effective way is to scare him unexpectedly, but if this still can’t stop the snoring, here is an effective method: try putting a spoon under the tonguesugar.

The scientific explanation of this approach is not very clear. Some doctors explain that sugar can stimulate the nerves on the back of the throat, and once the nerves are stimulated, it will interrupt the nerve signals in the body, including the nerve that causes snoring.

  Hypertension and orange juice Drinking orange juice is a good habit, especially for those with high blood pressure or those with a family history of high blood pressure.

Orange juice is both delicious and curative.

Because if the content of potassium and calcium in the diet increases, blood pressure will naturally decrease.

Orange juice is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C.

Tests have shown that people with excessive levels of vitamin C in their blood may die of hypertension with minor complications.

  The latest research on fish for asthma found that eating more fish can nourish and nourish the lungs, thereby alleviating the symptoms of hypertension.

This is because fish is rich in magnesium. No wonder doctors in the emergency room treat patients with magnesium-containing drugs.

For patients with severe hypertension, doctors recommend that it is best to ensure at least one meal of fish or other seafood in three meals a day.

In addition, spinach has the same effect in green vegetables.

  Vegetables and arthritis Greek scientists have recently performed experiments that show that the more green vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to develop arthritis.This is a copy of a transformation of experiments performed by scientists on 330 people.

In addition, people who love vegetables are one-fourth more likely to suffer from arthritis in the elderly.

Therefore, for healthy bones, don’t forget to add more green to the table.

  Prostate cancer and vanilla ice cream Prostate cancer has always been the biggest killer of men. It is said that eating more tomatoes will help because tomatoes contain tomato tomatoes.

If you don’t like tomatoes, another way to cure and rid yourself of the symptoms is to eat vanilla ice cream.

This is because vanilla ice cream contains an element called boron. The more boron in the body, the smaller the chance of prostate cancer.

  All in all, in the daily life, people “feed symptomatically” will be beneficial to health and longevity.

If you want to “eat” well, everyone should “feed symptomatically” according to their age, illness, and constitution.

Don’t control in love

“Don’t control” in love

“Do you eat oranges?
Eat, I peeled it; if not, I peeled your skin.
“I tell you Charlene, from now on you will be my wife, if you want to die, find another man to talk to!”
“These are the classic lines of Charlene and Lu Tao in the recent hit TV series” Struggle “. These dialogues show the strong monopoly and control of love of the hero and heroine.
Liu Xiaoyu, a psychological consultant at the Beijing Anima Counseling Center, said that among real-life lovers, it is not uncommon for one party to try to change and control the other.
  She reminded people in love that blindly manipulating may not keep the relationship.
Especially men, if they only know how to be resigned in love, they will eventually be looked down upon by the woman.
  The desire to control should be vented through normal channels, such as controlling the progress of the work, and evaluating the quality of the game.
Converge properly on the one you love.
At the same time, the controlled party should also dare to express their wishes and voices, so that their respective positions will gradually be corrected.
  In addition, lovers should explore the ability to love more.
Don’t mistakenly think that if you don’t toss in love, you don’t love too much. In fact, a successful and healthy love can greatly improve the mental health of both parties.
  In the end, both parties should take responsibility when they are in love and make their own mental health.
If both parties are unwilling to take the responsibility of actively loving each other, and only want the other party to love themselves unconditionally, that is the psychological performance of the child before returning to the age of 3, and it is to treat each other as their ideal parents to love themselves without regretThis idea is naive.

The hidden psychological roots in marriage conflict

The hidden psychological roots in marriage conflict

Inverse psychology The so-called inverse psychology is an opposite experience that occurs when the same things acting on an individual exceed the limit of individual sensory acceptance and saturate the individual senses.

It manifests itself as: the more things you can’t get, the more you want, the more things you can’t touch, the more you want to touch.

And once you get it, you do n’t cherish it.

The higher the external blood pressure, the more obstacles there are, the stronger the rebellious psychology, and the stronger the pursuit.

And once it is truly combined, the original lack of urgency and desire to compete also disappears.

  Gap psychology refers to the inner imbalance caused by the distance between ideal and reality.

Some psychologists have listed such a formula: happy life = reality-expectation.

It means that the degree of happy life depends on the difference between the actual value and the expected value.

When the difference is positive, life is happy and happy; when the difference is zero, life is stable before and after; when the difference is negative, you will be pessimistic and disappointed.

Marriage has transformed the purely emotional relationship between the two sexes into an interdependent survival relationship. In the past, when it was in love, it was a coffee shop, a restaurant, a tea room, but now it is a pot and a bowl.

The problem of survival also brings new interpersonal relationships based on a common life, such as the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, father-in-law and son-in-law, sister-in-law and sister-in-law, etc., all of which have greatly reduced the actual value of reality, andThere is not a short distance from the expected value, which makes people feel disappointed and feel lost and disappointed.

  Mystery disappears Mystery is an important factor that constitutes emotional gravity. It makes people have a hazy beauty like watching flowers in the mist and watching the moon in the water.answer.
The contact between lovers is intermittent and loose. The distance in time and space often makes the infatuated men and women idealize and perfect each other.

After entering the house, the husband and wife live together almost every day. At this time, the contact is continuous and close. Both of them are displayed in front of each other in real life.