The six misunderstandings of dinner make you a short-lived ghost

The six misunderstandings of dinner make you a short-lived ghost

Wrong area 1: Reject the staple food, leeks, eat only vegetables, fruits and fruits are rich in vitamins and proteins, but the nutrients are relatively simple, especially the essential unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

If the long-term intake of protein is insufficient, it will lead to low protein edema.

Women who do not eat staple foods will not be able to supply enough glycogen to reduce the burden of high blood pressure.

Myth 2: Eat dinner to eat full dinner, eat too much, will increase blood sugar, blood amino acid and fatty acid concentration, thereby promoting the secretion of insulin.

Because people usually have at least a small amount of activity at night, the heat energy consumption will be very low, and the extra conversion will synthesize a large number of aunts under the action of insulin, making people gradually gain weight.

Therefore, the dinner should be light, and the conversion can be more than 30% of the total conversion throughout the day, which helps to avoid and control weight gain.

Myth #3: Eating too much dessert after dinner Women like to eat some dessert after dinner, but too much sweet stuff will burden the stomach digestion.

In addition, there is very little activity after dinner, which makes the sugar in the dessert difficult to break down, which will turn into misfortune and cause obesity.

Over time, it may cause cardiovascular disease.

Myth 4: It is not necessary to eat our stomach after 6 o’clock in the evening. It usually takes 4-6 hours before the food can be completely absorbed and drained.

If you do not eat in time, over time, it is easy to get stomach problems.

Therefore, the nutrient structure of the food should be distributed during the day. At night, the food is light, vitamins and fiber substitutes. It can protect the stomach and not cause obesity.

Wrong area 5: Every chew is quickly chewed slowly. In addition to the benefits of food digestion and nutrient absorption, it can stabilize blood sugar, control food intake, and protect teeth. Therefore, dinner should be chewed slowly.

Try chewing about 20 times for a meal.

For dinner, the best time to eat is 20?
30 minutes.

Myth 6: Using soup to make rice, can better digest some women do not like to eat, like to eat with soup or rice.

If you eat a lot of rice grains and you haven’t chewed it, you will swallow it.

Dietary arrangements should be as close as possible to the mix, to achieve a variety of colors, it is best to ensure that you can get enough aunts, protein, sugar and vitamins, minerals and so on.

Self-speaking is good for physical health

Self-speaking is good for physical health

German psychologists believe that “self-speaking” is an effective way to eliminate tension and is beneficial to physical health.

  If we pay more attention to it, we may find someone sitting next to someone who talks to me and you will feel that he is “nervous.”

As everyone knows, it is precisely because of this misunderstanding that it misleads a healthy solution to the problem.

In fact, a good conversation with the self can effectively vent their dissatisfaction, depression, anger and sadness, eliminate tension, and restore psychological balance.

When you have a lot of thoughts, if you have the opportunity to change your own personality and turn yourself into some problems, then you may only see the problem from a single perspective or the possibility of burrowing.

  Therefore, psychologists believe that “speaking to themselves” has the following effects: 1.

Your own tone has a calming effect, a sense of security and a feeling of interpersonal communication.


Self-talking can adjust the disordered thoughts in the brain, especially when you are tired.


“Self-speaking” can solve some personal problems more easily and self-solving.

Just like treating friends, clearing the contradictions, putting the problems on the table to solve them, and publishing their opinions. In the process of speaking, the various wrong opinions and the possibility of solving the problems are clear at a glance, and the final decision is easier.


There is nothing wrong with telling yourself about your own worries and worries. The stones that are in your heart will be removed, and you will get rid of your troubles and achieve a psychological balance.


Can improve sleep.

Because meditation thinks of a chaotic inner dialogue, and “speaking to yourself” can end the thoughts, leading to sleeplessness and less nightmares.

Older people should use their brains to develop 4 good habits to prevent dementia.

Older people should use their brains to develop 4 good habits to prevent dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease, also known as Alzheimer’s disease.

This symptom is mainly manifested in the clinical decline of memory function, degeneration of cognitive ability, and aging of brain tissue.

People say “Ning cancer does not dementia”, why is this said?

Because the elderly in the elderly after the elderly dementia, they can not judge their own behavior, can not control their behavior.

  So how can older people prevent Alzheimer’s?

  1, use more brains, learn more, many elderly people do nothing after retirement, they feel that life is meaningless.

The place where the brain is used in daily life is certainly not as repetitive as it was at work. Over time, this brain is idle.

We often say that “the knife does not wear and it will corrode, and the brain does not need to be demented.” The brain is like a knife. It is more useful, more thinking, and more learning.

The elderly have ample retirement and can learn more about a new skill and do more mental work.

  2, normal moderate exercise elderly can take soothing aerobic exercise, such as walking, playing Tai Chi and so on.

Effective regular exercise helps the elderly to soothe the body, relax the mood, and coordinate the brain and the collective.

The right amount of exercise helps the brain to suppress the release of function, help the central nervous system to become more active, and make the brain active.

  3, pay attention to the food people are exposed to food every day.

The variety of substances contained in food is also unfavorable to the brain, so the prevention of senile dementia, we should ensure a balanced diet and ensure adequate nutrition in the choice of diet ingredients.

In the daily diet, the elderly eat less spicy and greasy food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and consume too much salt every day.

Other proteins, vitamins, etc. must be selected and ingested in quantity.

At the same time, to avoid excessive intake of high blood pressure, eat less or not eat high-cholesterol foods.

  4, maintain a good attitude Many elderly people in the face of retirement, the decline of physical function, the passage of life, may produce negative feelings of depression in the heart, such emotions will inhibit brain vitality, is not conducive to the prevention of senile dementia, while longLow moods can also reduce the body’s immune function.

Therefore, the elderly should maintain an optimistic attitude in their later life, and communicate with others, especially to communicate with young people, so that they can feel a young mind and help delay brain aging.

  All in all, the general principle of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease is to use more brains, expand exercise, pay attention to diet, and maintain a good mentality.

It is difficult to say when the disease is ill, and it may creep in our usual lives.

Therefore, our elderly people must take precautions and enjoy a good old age.

It is wrong to drink honey like this!

Summarize the seven misunderstandings of honey water

It is wrong to drink honey like this!
Summarize the seven misunderstandings of honey water

Honey is a good tonic and can be taken directly or flushed.

There are many benefits to drinking honey, but there are some dietary contraindications to drinking honey. Drinking is not easy to damage health.

Do you know when honey water is good to drink?

Do you know that honey can’t be eaten with anything?

Today, Xiaobian summed up the seven misunderstandings of carefully drinking honey. Let’s take a look.

  In the morning, the first cup of fasting is put into honey water, which is not suitable for healthy honey. It does not exist in the form of pure water.

After the body, the fructose in the honey undergoes the metabolism of the human body to be converted into glucose, which can be absorbed and absorbed by the human body, thus losing the effect of cleaning the body’s internal environment with the first cup of water in the morning.

  You can’t drink honey water before going to bed at night. Before going to bed at night, you should drink a cup of warm water about 100ml half an hour before going to bed, but it is not suitable for drinking honey water at this time.

This is because drinking boiled water before going to bed at night is for the body’s overnight metabolism as a water reserve, but if you drink honey water, the water is rich in a large amount of solutes, the density rises, can not reach the role of drinking water before going to bed, so it is not recommended.

  Can not be washed with boiling water or high-temperature cooking honey honey in addition to containing 65% to 80% of glucose and fructose, but also rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and so on.

When eating honey, it should be brewed with warm water, and the water temperature should not exceed 60 °C.

If high-temperature boiling water is washed into honey, it will destroy its rich nutrients, which will cause its natural color, aroma and taste to change.

  Honey can not ingest more than 100ml of honey every day, although good, can not be greedy!

Honey can take up to 100ml per day, but you can’t eat it because you think that honey is special.

Because the glucose and fructose in honey are monosaccharides, they can be directly absorbed into the blood by the body.

If you eat a large amount of honey at a time, you can gradually rise quickly.

Long-term excessive consumption of honey can lead to insufficient insulin secretion and easy to cause diabetes.

Drink two cups of honey water a day, a spoonful of honey is enough, and the diet is healthy and balanced.

  Drink honey water on an empty stomach, easy to cause stomach ulcers honey is a sweet food, sweet food has the effect of increasing gastric acid secretion, excessive gastric acid damage to the gastric mucosa.

Drinking honey water on an empty stomach for a long time is easy to increase the acidity of the body. If the time is long, the stomach will be too acidic and get a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Therefore, it is best not to admit that honey water is not on an empty stomach.

  Do not drink honey water immediately after meals, immediately drink honey water, will change the gastric juice, resulting in food has not yet had time to completely digest into the small intestine, adverse food digestion.

Moreover, food encounters water that is easily swelled and causes blood pressure on the stomach.

If you have honey water after a long time, it will increase the risk of gastrointestinal problems.

  Can not use metal cups to wash honey honey honey is acidic, it is best to save or brew, it is best not to use metal containers to avoid chemical reactions.

Because honey is a weakly acidic substance, it is prone to oxidation reaction when it comes into contact with metal and precipitates free metal elements such as iron, lead, zinc, aluminum, etc., which makes the color of honey black and the nutrients are destroyed.

Ai warm palace pill, warm belly

Ai warm palace pill, warm belly

Nearly 80% of women experience dysmenorrhea during their lifetime.

Among them, many women catch cold before menstruation, drinking cold drinks can easily cause dysmenorrhea, and the pain in the warm water bag will be relieved. Chinese medicine believes that this may be caused by the lower coke cold, treatment when qi and nourishing, warming the palace, and the National Essential Drugs ListThe “Ai Fu Wen Gong Pill” in the middle is just right.

  Ai’s warm palace pill was first seen in the “Religion of Renzhai Zhifang” in the Song Dynasty doctor Yang Shizhen.

From Ai Ye charcoal, fragrant scent, Wujing, cinnamon powder, angelica, Chuanxiong, fried white peony, rehmannia, scutellaria scutellariae, succulent decoction, and refining honey into pills, mainly used to treat female uterus deficient cold, with whiteTurbid, pale complexion, sore limbs, fatigue, weakness, diet, irregular menstruation, less blood, light pain, waist and abdomen, long-term infertility.

  Modern pharmacological studies have shown that most of the drugs in this prescription have analgesic effect, inhibit the contraction of uterine smooth muscle, and relax the tension.

The main drug, Ai Ye, has the effects of inhibiting fibrinolysis and anti-inflammatory; Xiangfu can improve pain threshold, have analgesic, complications, uterine fibroids, inhibit uterine contraction and inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and certain growth factors.

  Compared with the Wuji Baifeng Pills, the warming effect of Ai’s Warm Palace Pills is clear, and the strength of warming the palace is relatively strong. It is a good medicine for treating typical cold dysmenorrhea and palace cold infertility, but for kidney deficiency patients, its kidney functionSlightly insufficient, at the same time, for patients with yin deficiency internal heat or damp heat, need to supplement.

  It should be pointed out that Ai’s warm palace pill is not a special medicine for women. It can be applied to the symptoms of deficient cold and lack of blood. Some debilitating diarrhea, frequent urination, cold abdominal pain and so on.

But be sure to choose a drug under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner.

How to raise kidney and lungs at the end of autumn and winter, stick to an action and give you a strong body

How to raise kidney and lungs at the end of autumn and winter, stick to an action and give you a strong body

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Taijiquan has a long history in China. It is one of the traditional Chinese internal fists. The creation of Taijiquan combines the yin and yang theory in ancient Taoist thoughts and the traditional Chinese medicine meridians.Through experiments, it was found that practicing Tai Chi Chuan has a good effect on nourishing kidney and lungs.

“Taiji” refers to the primitiveness of all things. It moves and yang, and it is quiet and yin. The yin and yang are based on each other, and they are mutually elongating and transforming each other. The constant movement is changing.

The origins and founders of Tai Chi Chuan have yet to be verified. As far as literature and legends are concerned, there are different opinions.

It is now clear that Taijiquan was passed to Chen Luxing, the 14th Chen Chen of Chenjiagou, Wen County, Henan Province, to Yang Luchan of Hebei Yongnian, and then the Taijiquan genre of Yang style, Wu style, Wu style, Sun style and so on.

However, the author is more inclined to Zhang Sanfeng’s real man to create a fist, followed by the Wudang Taiji biography and Henan Chen’s narrative.

There are many benefits to practicing Tai Chi. Tai Chi Chuan increases lung capacity through its unique breathing method, while at the same time nourishing the kidney. Long-term practice can achieve the effect of strengthening kidney and lungs.

Therefore, during the Republic of China, the Central Wushu Museum placed Taiji, Xingyi, Gossip, Tongbei and other boxing strokes at Wudang Gate, while the then Wudang Gate was also the Taijiquan Master Sun Lutang.

Taijiquan is a kind of movement that combines intention, qi and shape. It is a kind of inner-powered boxing with “inner and outer-integration”.

Tai Chi Chuan is heavy, so that the spirit is restrained and not outgoing, and the spirit is restrained and not scattered.

Spiritual concentration, eliminating distracting thoughts, converging God into it, without being distracted by him.

Spiritual tranquility, optimism, and smoothness of the pulse, the air machine is prosperous.

Tai Chi Chuan Air Conditioner to raise the whole body.

Tai Chi Chuan uses breathing to coordinate movements and stagnate Dan Tian to stimulate internal gas to operate in the body.

The lungs of the main gas department breathe; the kidney main gas, the foundation of vitality.

Lung, kidney synergy, then breathing fine, even, long, slow.

This type of abdominal breathing can both enhance and improve the ventilatory function of the lungs, and it can help the kidneys to strengthen vitality.

Dantian gas filling, the whole body of the gas is flowing, the organs are dirty, and the flesh is raised.

Tai Chi fists move the body to make blood.

Tai Chi Chuan is the leader of the air, the air is in the body, the air is sent to Dantian, with Dantian as the core, and the whole body is driven by the action of twisting the waist and turning the ridge.

After the gas turbines flowed all over the body, the gas was returned to Dantian, so the muscles, bones, joints, limbs, etc. of the whole body were exercised.

It has the effect of moving muscles and bones, dredging collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Because Taijiquan combines meaning, qi and shape into one body, the spirit of the human body, blood, viscera, and bones are all maintained and exercised, achieving the balance of “Yin Pingyang Secret”, so it can cure diseases.The role of disease-free fitness, to ensure the health and longevity of the human body.

Practice Taijiquan can help treat kidney deficiency from two aspects. Through the active movement of the waist, improve the blood circulation of the waist, replenish the kidney, treat the kidney blood pressure at the waist, and most patients with kidney deficiency are weak.

In the view of Chinese medicine, the cause of kidney deficiency is mostly long-term accumulation of disease, emotional disorders, excessive room labor can lead to kidney deficiency.

Kidney deficiency is also divided into different types such as yin deficiency, yang deficiency, sperm deficiency, and qi deficiency. Therefore, avoid rushing to use the medicine of Dabu, or use the compound of kidney and aphrodisiac with unknown composition.

Tai Chi is a slow movement with the waist as the hub, which is very suitable for young and old people who are kidney deficiency.

Tai Chi Chuan allows the waist to exercise, improve the circulation of blood and blood in the waist, so that the kidney gas is continuously replenished to treat kidney deficiency.

Second, through Shujing blood circulation, proper exercise, improve the symptoms of kidney deficiency, and regulate emotions, relieve kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency will lead to memory loss, inattention, learning efficiency, and then lead to emotional out of control, dizziness, depression, irritability, etc.The function of mental emotions is diminished. Taijiquan is intended to be motivated and concentrated. It can replace the distracting thoughts and regulate the recovery of the brain nervous system.

There are many reasons for kidney deficiency. Taijiquan is in the middle of the body, and the mind is calm. It helps to clear the heart and mind, maintains the kidney and kidney, often exercises to improve kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, and Tai Chi practice to use the waist as a hub to strengthen the waist.power.

The cause of kidney deficiency is also often related to lyrical indulgence. Taijiquan is in a positive state and has a calm mind. It also helps to clear the heart and protect the kidneys.

If patients with kidney deficiency have systemic weakness and malnutrition, they should increase their nutrition appropriately. If they have overworked and over-considered, they should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, physiological regulation, soothing emotions and alleviating kidney deficiency.

The kidney is the innate root of life.

Excessive kidney essence is abundant in natural toxicity and strong in bones and muscles.

Taijiquan maintenance life, fitness and health, adhere to practice Tai Chi can help treat kidney deficiency.

Love is good

Love is good

In the 1970s, Shen Dianxia was already red-hot, and Zheng Shaoqiu was still unknown, and had just hit a love affair.

  In the process of comforting Zheng Shaoqiu, the two men wiped out the spark of love and were called “a pair of lovers of men and women” by the Hong Kong media.

In 1987, after Shen Dianxia married Zheng Shaoqiu, she risked her life in Canada to give birth to her daughter. Just as she was immersed in the joy of being a mother, she heard news of her husband’s love.

At that time, Shen Dianxia had not sat full of moons, and she felt that the sky was falling, she was heartbroken, and she washed her face with tears all the time. Her eyes were old and she could not see even the newspaper.

Postpartum depression led to severe hair loss, and she had to wear a wig.

The fatal blow almost pushed her to the brink of collapse.

  Shen Dianxia finally chose to let go, only to maintain a year of marriage declaration disintegration.

Perhaps it is in response to that song, love is always too easy to get along with each other, ten years of feelings, once turned into nothing, a lover will eventually become a stranger.

The marriage of her and Zheng Shaoqiu is destined to become the focus of the media. The pressure is big and can be imagined.

During the day of the divorce, the family was relieved of her and took turns from Canada to Hong Kong to accompany her day and night.

Sometimes, when she is driving in the street waiting for the red light, the kind audience will come and comfort her: “Fat sister, you must be strong and take care of your daughter!”

Her eye satellite instantly became high.

  Love is a thing of the past and the cause has to continue.

When facing the audience every day, Shen Dianxia still had to smile, and later a friend told her: “A Fei, recently your smile is good.”

“She can only smile bitterly.

In order to take care of her feelings, the TV station never arranged for her to appear on the same occasion with Zheng Shaoqiu.

  In order to forget the pain, Shen Dianxia moved from the original radio station to Qingshuiwan.

She forgave everyone, including her ex-husband and the third party of the year, and persuaded her daughter not to hate Dad.

I always thought that time is a good medicine and can cure everything. However, in the past ten years, Shen Dianxia’s heart is still wounded, she can’t solve her happiness, and she can’t pass her own.

  What is it, so memorable, so that she can never let go?

  Until a few years later, the mystery was finally revealed.

Shen Dianxia started the TVB host’s personality program “Behind the Applause”. The first guest was actually Zheng Shaoqiu, and the two sat opposite each other.

At the end of the program, Shen Dianxia suddenly turned around and finally mentioned the private topic: Today I want to take this opportunity to ask you a sentence, you just have to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
Zheng Shaoqiu nodded with a smile, the retina can ask questions.

Her face suddenly became dignified, and her speech rate slowed down: “In these ten years, have you really really loved me?”

“Zheng Shaoqiu does not think about it, blurted out: “I really love you!”

“The smile is like a flower, the smoke disappears, and the dust settles.”

  Shen Dianxia finally walked out of the haze and completely separated from the past.

Who can think of it, the time that has passed for more than a decade, so that she can never be relieved, is only the answer of the six words.

Meet a smile, enmity, love is good!

What are the main symptoms of plague infected with plague?

What are the main symptoms of plague infected with plague?

What disease is the plague?

What should I do if I encounter a plague?

Have nothing to do!

How to be “prepared” and get some knowledge of the plague is a must!

Let us look at how to prevent and treat plague.

What is the plague? The plague is an infectious disease with extremely serious conditions and is a natural epidemic disease.

It was originally popular in rodents and other wild rodents.

If the flea bites a sick mouse or other diseased animal and bites it, it may spread the pathogen, Yersinia pestis, to humans.

Pneumonic plague patients contain a large number of plague bacilli, which can be spread by droplets, which causes the epidemic of human plague.

The incubation period of the plague 2?
7 days.

The onset is acute, the condition is dangerous, and the infection is strong. If the appropriate treatment is not obtained, the mortality rate is extremely high.

If natural disasters occur in natural foci, due to the deterioration of living conditions and sanitation conditions of the victims, the trapped animals are concentrated in the temporary living areas of the victims and die in large numbers, causing fleas to invade humans. These are all causing human plague and even plague.the elements of.

The main symptoms of plague are plague, which is characterized by sudden chills, high fever, headache, vomiting, redness of the face, red eyes, and bleeding spots on the skin.

Plague can be divided into several types.

The bubonic plague is the most common, characterized by the inguinal region, underarms, and the lymph nodes of the complication are rapidly swollen, extremely painful, hard, and difficult to move. It can be suppurated and ulcerated in the late stage. It must be converted into sepsis or pneumonic plague.Death within more than 1 week.

Pneumonic plague is more common in winter or epidemic peaks, manifested as signs of pulmonary inflammation such as cough, blood stasis, and complications.

Septicemia is the most dangerous, showing circulatory failure or shock.

Are there two types of patients more than 1 after onset?
3 months of death.

Prevention and treatment of plague 1. Preventive measures To prevent plague, rats should be eliminated, sputum should be eliminated, environmental sanitation should be done well, and personal protection should be done.

When killing rats, people should not misuse rodenticides, especially children.

After the epidemic is discovered, the epidemic area should be blocked and immediately reported for disinfection, rodent control, mites, quarantine and other emergency epidemic prevention treatments.

The patient should be isolated.

Contactes need quarantine 9?
L2 days.

Personnel in epidemic areas and those working in the affected areas should be prevented from transplanting plague vaccines.

2, the treatment measures after the onset of a budget start treatment is very effective, the treatment is too late, the consequences are very poor.

Streptomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol are effective, the preferred measure is streptomycin, tetracycline combined application.

The spare drug is thiamine.

Special attention should be paid to protecting the heart and anti-shock, and to anti-diffuse intravascular coagulation therapy.

Can thin people grow stronger after exercise?

Can thin people grow stronger after exercise?

Although today is a popular age for weight loss, there are still many “thin people” who are eager to gain weight.

First of all, most of the thin people are also weaker, and it is easy to encounter setbacks by blindly trying to gain weight.

Therefore, many thin people have doubts about fitness: Does fitness need a certain physical foundation, and whoever can practice can receive results?

  In fact, there is no need to have such concerns at all. The National Sports General Administration of Sports Medicine and the Sports Hospital Huang Guangmin, a physician, said that as long as they recognize the position and the method is right, it will be no problem to lean and lean.

Dr. Huang Guangmin said that the causes of lean people are complex and often caused by a combination of factors, such as genetics, nutritional disorders, digestive tract dysfunction, lack of physical activity or strength training during adolescence, and targeted comprehensive measures should be used.Coping with it can get better results.

The thin man is mainly engaged in the “long block” from the three insertions of appropriate strength training, improved nutritional structure and conditioning of digestive tract function.

  Change your “thin body weight” Huang Guangmin said that regardless of gender, the normal body composition contains a certain proportion of “thin body weight”. The so-called “lean body weight” is mainly composed of bones and muscles, which is relative to the body’s micro-weight.In terms of.

After adulthood, bone development is mature, and there is no obstructive weight change. Muscle becomes the decisive factor affecting lean body mass.

So simply speaking, the biggest goal of weight gain for lean people should be to lock in the change of their own “lean weight”, that is, gain muscle.

  Muscle growth is due to strength stimulation.

The exercise that wants to increase muscles is mainly based on weight training. Contrary to the aerobic exercise that consumes energy consumed by dieters, weight training can be used to reverse the use of dumbbells, barbells, etc., in conjunction with the full contraction and relaxation of large muscle groups.The purpose of stimulating muscle growth.

After continuous formal scientific weight training and reasonable dietary supplements and rest, the weight training alternates the bodybuilder’s large muscle groups to grow and gradually accumulates some weight.

  Huang Guangmin reminds the bodybuilders that they should pay attention to the balanced development of muscle strength training during training. Otherwise, it is not easy to receive the exercise effect, but also affects the appearance. At the same time, the asymmetry of the whole body muscle strength may cause sports injuries during training.

  Reasonable arrangement of exercise volume Thin people need to gain weight, and the arrangement of exercise volume is one of the key changes.

Body weight loss should be moderately exercised in fitness, and the weight of the device is moderate (50% to 80% of the ultimate strength).

The schedule can be practiced 3 times a week (once every other day), every 1 to 1 and a half hours.

In the two or three months of the initial training, the trainer does not respond to the situation. Because of his thin body, it is necessary to lay a preliminary foundation for the body, and at the same time correctly and systematically grasp the correct use of various instruments.

  After two to three months of basic exercise, the bodybuilder will feel a significant increase in physical strength and thus more abundant than before.

At this time, the focus of the exercise should be on the large muscle groups, such as the pectoralis major, deltoid, biceps, humerus triceps, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles.The amount of exercise is combined with large weight stimulation and small and medium weight recovery, and the bodybuilder should adjust at any time according to the growth and recovery of his muscles.

This will continue for six months to one year, and the body shape will change significantly.

  Need to be reminded that body shape losers in the bodybuilding training, it is best to participate in the exercise of other sports, to alternately rebuild the strength of the muscles to rest time.

In particular, the exercise of endurance programs, such as long-distance running, playing football, playing basketball, etc., consumes less energy, which is not conducive to muscle growth, and will be more and more thin.

  Three points to practice seven points to eat three points in practice, seven points in eating.

Although this sentence is widely circulated in the bodybuilding circle, although it is absolutely absolute, it accurately reflects the essence of diet for muscle growth.

Dr. Huang Guangmin said that lean people need to pay more attention to supplementing nutrition. You can eat some high-calorie foods such as cream chocolate, nut dessert, sugary drinks, etc. 1 to 2 hours before training.

At the end of the training, drink less ice water.

  In the usual diet, pay attention to increase protein intake, such as meat, eggs, poultry, soy products, milk foods; at the same time ensure the basic needs of staple food (protein) to prevent the intake of protein as heat energy is consumedYou can take some fortified protein whole nutrients, cream products, etc.

Special attention should also be paid: you should learn to consciously eat three meals in a targeted manner, do not picky eaters, and eat less snacks.

In addition, if there are too many people in the lean person to supplement the dysfunction of the digestive tract, you should ask the doctor to adjust the condition before starting the exercise, and lay the foundation for you to strengthen yourself.