Lixia health, you must remember these common sense!

Lixia health, you must remember these common sense!

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar. It is also the first solar term in summer, marking the official beginning of midsummer.

In the summer, the earth’s yang begins to rise from the ground to the ground until the summer solstice, when the Earth’s oceanic gas begins to converge downward.

Chinese medicine believes that the laws of man and nature are consistent, and the yang of the body is increasingly dispersed to the surface.

The viscera is less and colder, so pay attention to the maintenance of the viscera.

In order to stay healthy in the summer, we should pay attention to these little common sense!

1, after a light diet in early summer, the temperature will gradually increase, people will feel irritated and hot, appetite will also decline.

Lixia diet plateau is “spring and summer Yangyang”, Yangyang pays attention to raising the heart, raising the heart can drink more milk, eat more chicken, soy products, lean meat, etc., not only can supplement nutrition, but also enhance the role of the heart.

2, go to bed early and get up early, Chinese medicine believes that “summer gas and heart gas pass.”

In order to maintain healthy summer, you should pay attention to getting up early and getting up early, pay attention to “rest”, avoid sweating after exercise, and avoid “sweat” injury.

Dietary regulation should abide by the principle of “increasing acid and reducing bitterness, tonifying the kidney, nourishing the liver, and regulating the stomach”.

We should eat a light diet and eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

3, mental health After the early summer, when the weather gets hot, people’s thoughts are easily disturbed and uneasy.

Therefore, at this time, people should pay special attention to the cultivation of the spirit, strengthen the maintenance of the heart, especially the excessive excessiveity of the elderly, maintain a happy mood, and maintain a state of freshness and happiness.

4, after the supplement of cold blood in the early summer, blood heat will cause a lot of discomfort.

Qi deficiency and blood heat will affect people’s digestive function.

Therefore, don’t be too full for each meal, leaving enough room for stomach motility.

Still people are relaxed and natural.

5, beware of exogenous feelings In order to stay healthy in the summer, we should pay attention to prevent all kinds of colds and colds on the plateau.

Drinking plenty of water is definitely the best way to care.

In addition, the weather has risen sharply since the beginning of summer.

Don’t blow air conditioners or fans because you want to be too cold.

Otherwise, you are prone to catch a cold.

6, to avoid chilling For most people, especially those with joints, summer should avoid greed, air conditioning and fans should not be used or used properly.

In the workplace, you should tell your colleagues about your condition, brake them to understand, try not to use air conditioning or adjust the temperature properly.

It is best to leave a long-sleeved dress and add or remove clothes according to the external environment.

7, do more quiet things After the early summer, people often feel uneasy.

Therefore, in order to stay healthy in the early summer, we should “stop drying, stop anger.”

We should avoid great joy and sadness.

We should be quiet, calm and relaxed.

8, more into the thin food is beneficial to support after the summer, the yang rises, the weather gradually warms.

Eating more greasy or flaming food can cause transformation in vitro and in vivo.

Fire symptoms such as hemorrhoids, mouth ulcers, and constipation are prone to occur.

The diet should be light, drink plenty of water, eat more digestible foods that consume vitamins.

9, refrigerated food will be eaten later, the conversion weather is getting hotter and hotter, people like to eat the fruits and drinks just taken out of the refrigerator.

Some people, especially those with weak gastrointestinal function, are prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms after eating.

Food taken out of the refrigerator should be kept, don’t eat too much at one time.

Rejecting sub-health to be a real white-collar beauty

Rejecting sub-health to be a real white-collar beauty

Develop good eating habits Many white-collar workers do not develop good habits in diet, some choose dieting for weight loss, and some diets are irregular, so long-term it is easy to cause stomach discomfort and cause physical harm to themselves.

Guarantee the quality of your sleep. The current metropolitan night activities are quite rich. Many young people only care about their own pleasure and ignore the essence of sleep. They always go to sleep very late, which leads to the next day.spirit.

Sticking to exercise makes the body healthier and the body is the capital of the revolution.
Adhere to exercise to make the body healthier. White-collar workers will be obese and have reduced immunity because they are sitting at the computer desk for a long time. Therefore, white-collar workers must adhere to exercise to make their bodies healthier and the body is the capital of revolution.

Regularly sterilize the items on the work. The surrounding hygiene will also affect your health. For example, keyboards and mice, which are frequently contacted, will breed bacteria if they are not cleaned for a long time, so give them a regular desk.The above items are eliminated from disinfection, which can prevent the virus from invading.

Appropriate relief work pressure Many white-collar workers will overcome the uncomfortableness caused by various pressures in the work, but no stress in the work is impossible, so keep your own mentality, vent your own pressure through some small methods, so that you will not bePressure out of the disease to work and rest and appropriate relaxation Some white-collar workers are responsible for the work and lead themselves to become so-called workaholics, except that work is work, it is easy to get sick under such high pressure, so work and rest combine appropriate relaxation,This will enable sustainable development.

What is the difference between heart fire and liver fire?

What is the difference between heart fire and liver fire?

Getting angry is a very common problem. Many people can detect that they are getting angry, but it is not clear that they are such fires.

The fire in the body is strong, it is necessary to distinguish whether the liver is prosperous, or the heart is hot, so that it can be symptomatic.

So what is the difference between heart fire and liver fire?

Symptoms of heart fire Wang 1 virtual fire manifested as restless troubles, less dreams, hand and foot heart heat, night sweats, dry mouth or frequent tongue sores, etc., red tongue and less moss, pulse breakdown.

  The virtual fire, the tongue is red, sometimes there is a little moss, and sometimes even the top is clean, no tongue coating.

2 real fire performance for heart palpitations, annoying heat and restlessness, more nightmare, red face red, mouth dry bitter, hi cool drink, tongue smashed and swollen, urinary short red heartburn, red tongue, yellow coat, veinsThe number is powerful.

  Real fire, the tongue must be yellow, thicker tongue coating.

Generally, the tongue coating will not yellow, nor will it be so thick. Only when there is real heat, that is, when it is a real fire, the tongue coating is yellow.

Symptoms of liver fire, 1, manifested as dizziness, red face, red tide is difficult to retreat, easy to anger, dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, sleep and sleep, body sultry, thickening of tongue coating.

Even worse, it will faint, hematemesis and so on.

  2, liver fire can cause menstrual disorders, which is caused by menstrual disorders caused by liver fire, manifested as decreased menstrual flow, menstrual delay or amenorrhea.

  3, people with liver fire will have insomnia and more dreams.

Because of his emotional out of control, it is easy to worry about excessive liver damage.

Liver fire invasion is easy to cause insomnia, the state of sleep is normal, easy to sweat at night, dreaming, etc., it is very easy to be awakened.

What is the heart of the fire? 1 bitter gourd bitter melon can be clear heart fire, contains a high amount of vitamin C, also contains protein, traces, sugar, calcium, phosphorus and carotene, vitamin B, etc., there is heat and heat, eyesightThe role of detoxification.

In addition, bitter gourd also has anti-cancer effects, which can enhance its own immunity.

2 Sydney pears are sweet and cold, nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Sydney can be made into rock sugar, Sydney water, pressed into pear juice, peeled and ready to eat.

For office workers, it is also very easy to operate.

In addition, due to pear cold, women with spleen and stomach weakness and menstruation should eat less or not eat.

3 lotus heart lotus heart has a clear heart to heat, phlegm, stop bleeding, quench thirst and other effects, can clear the heart fire, cool off the trouble, drink with lotus seed core, can also treat constipation.

4 honey, also known as winter brewing, sweet and flat, can clear away heat and detoxification, nourish the lungs, and the five internal organs are inadequate.

The easiest way to eat is to drink a glass of honey water every morning.

Honey can also be applied directly to the affected area, and the effect is better before going to bed.

5 lotus seed lily syrup practice: fresh lily opened and washed to control dry water; lotus seeds washed with warm water soaked, scorpion washed with water soaked in reserve; add water to the casserole, open fire.

Then enter the lotus seeds; after the water is turned into a pot, turn the small fire cover to cook the lotus seeds 15?
twenty minutes.

After the lotus seeds are boiled, open the lid and pour in the fresh lily; then, pour in the soaked clams; cover and cook for another 5 minutes to turn off the fire and bring the lily lotus seeds together with the soup.

Add the honey to the broth after it has warmed up; add a large spoonful of bitter rose sauce; stir well and serve.

What is the liver fire? 1 honeysuckle honeysuckle has been praised as a good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It has the function of clearing away heat and detoxification, and can effectively replace the toxins in the body and promote the metabolism of cells.

Therefore, there is a good effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

  How to eat: Flower tea is definitely a good drink for office workers. Usually you can take some honeysuckle and brew it with boiling water.

2 Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum has always been the best flower tea for Qinggan Mingmu, so it has been favored by the majority of office workers.

Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is an important substance to protect the eyes. It often makes chrysanthemum tea clear to the mind, bright in both eyes, and has a good alleviation effect on certain symptoms caused by liver fire.

  How to eat: Just soak in water.

3 The biggest problem of peppermint fire is temper, peppermint has a unique function of relieving liver fire, can eliminate the symptoms of temper.

Obviously, mint is not suitable for mothers and small babies and should be avoided.

  Edible method: drink with mint tea, the bubble method is the same as ordinary tea, you can use the menthol and mint of menthol to remove the breeze, and the tea has a refreshing feeling, which is a good medicine for clearing heat and diuresis.

Old people eat meat and learn

Old people eat meat and learn

First, eat meat and eat vegetables should be a reasonable match: you must also eat vegetables when eating meat, the ratio of meat to vegetables is better than twenty-eight.

  The reasonable combination of meat and vegetables is conducive to the acid-base balance in the body, because meat, eggs and other foods are acidic foods, vegetables, kelp, tea, and fruits are mostly alkaline foods. The elderly can eat more vegetables to prevent neuralgia and hypertension., arteriosclerosis and other diseases.

Staple food, protein in vegetables and protein in meat can not only complement each other, but also improve the nutritional value of meat protein.

Vegetables can provide the trace elements and vitamins needed by the human body, especially carotene and vitamin C, supplement the cellulose in the supplement, promote the body’s peristalsis, and facilitate excretion.

  Second, the vertical of eating meat: meat, can increase the appetite of people.

The diet of the elderly should be based on fish, milk and eggs, supplemented by other meats.

Due to the high plasma content of viscera in pigs, cattle, sheep and chickens, the elderly should eat less.

The cholesterol in the egg is also high. 100 grams of edible portion contains 680 mg of glucose, while cuttlefish contains 275 mg, chicken 117 mg, fat pork 107 mg, salmon 93 mg, lean pork 77 mg, lean beef 63 mg, but egg yolk.Lecithin can help eliminate cholesterol and aunts.

For those with a history of allergies to a heterosexual protein, you should not eat those rare game.

  When the elderly eat meat (including internal organs), they must master such a principle, that is, a small amount, a little, some elderly people, like a tiger, this is also unnecessary.

  Third, eat meat and condiments: onions, ginger are two commonly used condiments.

Ginger can make fat meat but not greasy, delicious and delicious, on average, as well as stomach, sweat, cold, cough, detoxification.

Of course, it is not good to eat more ginger. Eating more will cause dry mouth and sore throat.

In the green onions, some of the shares of the fragrant smell of the face, southerners and northerners like to eat more.

The role of green onions is also not to be underestimated. It has the effect of strengthening stomach and relieving pain, dispelling sweat, and diuresis.

  Fourth, the precautions when eating meat: The reason why the elderly want to eat meat is to absorb high-quality protein from meat.

However, protein is not conducive to acute hypertensive patients. The metabolite urea, which is a high-quality protein in the human body, has to be injected intravenously, which increases the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, patients with nephritis do not eat high-protein foods.

  If the elderly suffer from a cold, they should not eat chicken, otherwise they will not heal for a long time, because most of them have fever, phlegm or cough after the cold, and chicken can aggravate this symptom.

Cold patients should not eat other high-quality meat products, such as lamb and dog meat.

Chenpi was originally a baby, spleen and dampness rely on it.

Chenpi was originally a baby, spleen and dampness rely on it.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Orange peel can vent dry, Xin can disperse energy, and its cure, always take its qi and dampness.

The same tonic supplements, the same laxatives diarrhea, the same as the liters of the drug, the same drop of drugs.

“It can be seen that dried tangerine peel is a widely used traditional Chinese medicine.

It can not only make prescriptions cure all kinds of diseases, but also combine medicated diet to regulate human digestive function.

[Yiqi Jianpi-Chenpi porridge]Material: 10 grams of dried tangerine peel, 50 grams of rice.

Practice: 1, soaked in dried tangerine peel, washed, torn into small pieces (better than the knife cut), with 1.

5 bowls of water soaked for half an hour, then fry with a large fire, boil and then simmer into a large bowl, remove, and add water.

5 bowls are fried into the other half bowl, and the two fried tangerine peel juices are used together.

2, rice scouring, put into the pot, add dried tangerine peel juice and appropriate amount of water, boiled for the porridge to take, 1 dose a day.

Efficacy: Qi and spleen, phlegm and cough.

Suffering from spleen and stomach qi stagnation, indigestion, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, coughing, chest fullness and so on.

[Spleen xiaopixiaoji – chicken inner golden tangerine peel powder porridge]Material: 3 grams of dried tangerine peel, 5 grams of chicken gold, 2 grams of Amomum villosum, 30 grams of rice, a small amount of white sugar.

Practice: 1, the various drugs will be studied in detail; rice is clean, add water and porridge.

2, when the porridge will be cooked into the drug and sugar, cooked until cooked, 2 times a day, 1 bowl each in the middle and evening.

Efficacy: spleen and digestion, can make the abdominal distension caused by the diet of children, facial yellow muscle thin, vomiting, stool sticky and so on.

[Dehumidification 砂 – Amomum ochre carp soup]Material: 6 grams of Amomum villosum, 1/4 of dried tangerine peel, 300 carp?
400 grams, 4 芫荽, 3 slices of ginger.

Practice: 1, the amomum is broken; the dried tangerine peel is soaked;

2, squid slaughter, go to scales, set the pan slowly and fry until both sides are yellowish.

3, first put the tangerine peel and ginger into the corrugated, add 2,500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), add the squid after the fire, and then change to simmer for 2 hours.

4, add a little bit of Amomum, adjust the amount of salt and salt and oil.

Does this amount attract 3?
For 4 people.

Efficacy: warm and spleen, dehumidification.

“Spring sleep does not know Xiao”, people in early spring are prone to “spring sleepy”, should drink more sand kernel squid soup.

[Leiqi Ziyin – Chenpi Laoya Tang]Material: one old duck, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, 8 red dates, 3 pieces of ginger, 1 tablespoon of rice wine, salt amount.

Practice: 1, duck washed, peeled, chopped, pickled up.

2, red dates washed, patted to the core; dried tangerine peel with water, scraped white.

3, boil the water in the corrugated, add duck, dried tangerine peel, red dates, ginger and rice wine, boil over the fire, turn to low heat for an hour and a half, seasoning with salt can be eaten.

Efficacy: qi and spleen, nourishing yin and blood.

Chenpi Laoya Tang is a traditional Han dish that is full of flavor and flavor. It belongs to Guangdong.

Chenpi is matched with the old duck soup with nourishing yin and blood, taking the weak temperature of the dried tangerine peel and increasing the nourishing effect.

It may be that the medicinal properties of dried tangerine peel are due to their qi and dampness, and those with qi deficiency and yin deficiency have dry mouth and dry cough without sputum; or those with stomach fire such as toothache, bad breath, constipation, etc., should not eat more tangerine peel.

After the Ching Ming Festival, growth food should be carefully eaten

After the Ching Ming Festival, “growth” food should be carefully eaten

After the Ching Ming Festival, “growth” food should be carefully eaten. Qingming is a rare time for people to produce yang. Chinese medicine believes that the liver gas in the body reaches the peak in the Qingming period.
As the saying goes, it is too late. If the liver is too strong, it will have an adverse effect on the spleen and stomach, hinder the normal digestion and absorption of food, and can also cause emotional disorders, poor blood circulation, and cause various diseases.
Hair is a product that is smouldering, toxic, and helps the evil. People with chronic diseases should avoid it.
Hair is a food that is particularly prone to induce certain diseases (especially old illnesses) or aggravate existing diseases.
Which foods are hair?
In our daily food, the foods belonging to the hair category have the following major categories: Vegetables It is easy to induce skin sore and swollen poison, mainly bamboo shoots, mustard greens, pumpkin, spinach and so on.
Fruits mainly include peaches, apricots, etc. The predecessors have pointed out that more peaches are prone to heat, such as bun, sores, sputum, sputum, and worms, and eat more apricots and glutinous bones.
禽畜类 主要有公鸡、鸡头、猪头肉、鹅肉、鸡翅、鸡爪等,这类食物主动而性升浮,食之易动风升阳,触发肝阳头痛、肝风脑晕等宿疾.
In addition, it is easy to induce or aggravate skin sore and swollen poison.
Eggs are not hairy, but they should not be eaten. Generally, they should not exceed 2 in one day, especially hepatitis, allergies, hyperlipidemia, high fever, kidney disease, diarrhea, and should not be eaten.
The reason is that eggs contain a lot of protein, but they belong to heterosexual proteins, and a considerable number of people have a pathological reaction after eating heterosexual proteins.
海鲜类 主要有带鱼、黄鱼、鲳鱼、蚌肉、虾、螃蟹等水产品,这类食品大多咸寒而腥,对于体质过敏者,易诱发过敏性疾病发作如哮喘、荨麻疹症,同时,It is also easy to cause skin diseases such as sore swollen poison.
Edible fungi mainly include mushrooms, mushrooms, etc. Excessive consumption of such foods is easy to activate the wind and yang, triggering liver and yang headache, liver stun and other stagnation diseases, and easily induce or aggravate skin sore and swollen poison.
In addition, belonging to the hair is also the meat, fermented bean curd, vegetable oil, bad, wine, white wine, peas, yellow soybeans, tofu, bean curd, silkworm cocoons and onions, garlic, leeks and so on.

Orange weight loss three strokes delicious and enjoy thin

Orange weight loss three strokes delicious and enjoy thin

The orange color is bright, the skin is thin and fleshy, sour and sweet, and rich in nutrients. It is a fruit with high vitamin C content.

It is also the most respected fruit in the market. The ripening period of oranges is from March to November every year. If it is not in the orange period, let us eat enough once and reduce it all at once!

  The principle of weight loss of oranges: oranges with multiple fibers and low calories, containing natural sugar, is the best choice to replace the desserts such as dinner or candy, cakes, cookies, etc. Those who are sweet and want to lose weight can eat oranges to satisfy the desire for sweets.

In addition, the orange is higher in fiber, and more food helps to defecate, which can reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.


Orange daily diet method After getting up, drink 1 cup of warm water with a small amount of salt, then eat 1 egg + 1 bowl of porridge.

  1 bowl of vegetable soup for lunch + +1 fish + 1 bowl of rice.

You can eat 1 orange or 1 cup of juice when you are hungry in the afternoon.

  1 plate of vegetarian dishes + 1 bowl of rice in the evening.

Eat 1 orange after 1 hour.

  The above methods can be eaten for a long time, whether you are trying to lose weight or stay in shape!

Vegetables can be matched according to their own preferences, but try not to eat more oily foods. Usually, you should stretch out and move your legs so that you can keep your slim body!

  Suitable for the crowd: MM especially suitable for cellulite-type obesity.

  Personal experience: A reader and sister “have eaten” for two weeks and found that they are not just thin, and the skin is still shiny enough!

If you want to be thin and beautiful, it’s a pity that you don’t try it!


Orange quick-acting weight loss single breakfast tomato, one cooked egg, a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

  A bowl of steamed egg for lunch, a bowl of tomato soup, and a fresh orange.

  A cup of freshly squeezed juice in the afternoon tea.

  One tomato for dinner, one cooked egg, one orange.

  When using this diet, it is best not to eat other foods, drink water.

Add a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a vegetable salad between meals.

In addition, this menu can only be used for four days and then stopped for two weeks.

You can use green vegetables and fruits for the time you stop using it.

  Suitable for the crowd: Sisters who want to lose weight quickly are suitable.

  Personal experience: The editorial department used a white vinegar plus this method. It lost 20 pounds in two months. The amazing slimming speed made us not believe, so we recommend it to the sisters now.

Remember to keep your mouth shut and the fat is lost.


Orange healthy weight loss soup ingredients: orange l000 grams, 50 grams of ginger, 25 grams of sandalwood, 20 grams of salt, 50 grams of licorice practice: orange slices and slices, ginger slices, then fry together, add more than 30 minutes laterSeasoning can be.

  This soup can be tempered and eliminated.

Take 1 bowl each time, three times a day.

When taking this soup, it is best to maintain a happy mood, exercise more, and feel sweaty throughout the body.

  Suitable for the crowd: MM for medium-sized obesity.

  Personal experience: I introduced this formula to a company’s beauty, so-called, there are five MM together.

  In two months, three of them lost 15 pounds, one 12 pounds and one 8 pounds.

It seems that the weight loss effect of this side is still quite good!

How to nurse pneumonia better

How to nurse pneumonia better

The external manifestations of pneumonia are actually a bit like the early stages of a cold and coughing. It starts to be a little hot, followed by a cough, but the progress of pneumonia is deeper than the first two.

Generally, children cough are shallow coughs. If they are serious, they will hear a squeaky sound in the lungs and a relatively wet sound.

So how is pneumonia better nursed back to health?

The following mainly introduces the use of Chinese medicine to regulate pneumonia. It is said to be very useful. Try the Chinese medicine below.

How to nurse pneumonia is better, cold and closed lung pneumonia is cold qi and wind combined to hurt the lungs, cold and cold lung pneumonia will be more rapid breathing, and there will be cough.

There is also the fear of cold, not sweating.

This is the performance of the cold.

The other one has cockroaches, but the cockroach color is white, it is clear, some have a snot, and the snot is clear.

The mouth is not thirsty, and the tongue is not red.

Recommended “onion ginger almond soup” onion three sections, ginger cut 5 pieces, almonds 5 to 10 grams.

Put a handful of rice.

Bring the right amount of water together, boil it, and cook until the rice porridge is cooked.

Drinking hot, it is best to sweat.

Second, wind-heated closed-lung pneumonia, the performance of this pneumonia, is only wind-heat type, the mouth is particularly dry, especially want to drink water, but not much to quench your thirst.

The child’s body is pure yang, it is easy to heat, and his innate energy is also very easy. The first step is easy, and it is quickly transformed into wind and heat.

Recommended “mulberry apricot soup” mulberry leaves, almonds, gypsum, previous rice.

The mulberry leaves and almonds are each 5 to 10 grams, and the raw gypsum is put a little more, which is 20 to 30 grams.

The previous rice was 50 grams, and together it was porridge.

After drinking, I will feel special moisturizing, very thirst-quenching, trying to give the child more drink, drink very comfortable, sweat will be discharged, the lung heat will be revealed, the body will have a good transformation, it is not necessary to goThe hospital is over.

It should be noted that the gypsum is cold, and if the time is long, it is easy to hurt the stomach, so it cannot be consumed for a long time.

The longest course of pneumonia is 14 days. If it is short, it is 7 days. Drink for 3 or 5 days.

Third, the prevention of pneumonia 1, the first is the prevention of the season, the winter and spring years are the high season of pneumonia, because the temperature difference is relatively large, we must pay attention to keep warm, do not catch cold.

2, more participation in physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.

3, don’t go to public places during the season of colds, public places include subway stations, shopping malls, and emergency rooms in hospitals. It is usually a place where germs are concentrated. If you have to go, adults and children should wear them.Upper mask.

Incense tea, tea health

Incense tea, tea health

“If you want to know how to fly in the day, you can do it in the rain.”

“The home of the ancient celebrity bureaucrats, so that the “servant incense, chat from the fried tea” for pleasure.

Lu You, a patriotic poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, had a poem: “If you want to know the day, you can fly to the law and listen to the rain.”

The modern celebrity Wen Yiduo appreciates this poem very much. He thinks that Ning Shen calmly burns sandalwood and makes his thoughts fly. It is a unique charm of the oriental people. Wen Yi often carries his own brass incense burner.

Once, the same window beam real autumn and smell more than farewell, not the wine table full of food and drink, but burning sandalwood incense, sitting quietly.

The two of them raised their spirits, whispered, and shared the same interests.

The famous Peking Opera Wusheng is called a cockroach before the birth of the natural – often against the ignited sandalwood smoke, under the comfort and fragrance of the scent, carefully observe, immersed in the changes in the movement of light smoke and static.

The cover called Tian said that in the absence of the wind, the smoke went straight into the sky and became a thin column of up to four feet. The gaze of the gaze, the straight sandalwood cigarette column, can make people concentrate and exert their imagination.

When you approach it and affect it, it will flutter, and the fluttering smoke will appear in various changes of strength and weakness, which can trigger the imagination of creation and enrich your own dance.

The igniting of a small sandalwood, in an artist who is good at martial arts and plays the role of Wu Song, is an assistant who cultivates temperament and improves artistic attainments.

Sandalwood has the effect of qi and stomach, relieving depression and relieving pain.

In Japan, there is a well-known “Therapeutic Garden” sleep center with more than 1,400 members.

Let the customer lie on the soft bed, put on the earphones, listen to the music with calming and hypnotic effect, while the waiter ignites the natural sandalwood small wooden sticks, the blue smoke rises, the insomniac quietly falls asleep in the aroma of warmth.

Incense and scent add interest, and sencha products support the day.

Most of the ancient health caregivers loved tea, and they attached great importance to the study of tea art and tea ceremony.

In the Tang Dynasty, Zhao Wei said in the “Language Record” that Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty “founded the Jiancha Method.”

It is very likely that Lu’s summed up the method of reconstructing tea in the Tang Dynasty and before Tang Dynasty, which can be improved according to Lu’s writings in The Tea Classic.

Since ancient times, some celebrities have been delighted with tea, and they have been drinking tea to grow their lives.

It is said that when Emperor Wendi was sick, the medicines overlapped, and after drinking tea frequently every day, their ills followed.

The literati of the Tang Dynasty, Lu Tong, became a lover of tea and was known as the “seven bowls of tea”. His “Xie Mengzheng sent a new tea” poem: “A bowl of throat kisses; two bowls of broken loneliness; three bowls of search for drynessIntestines, only five thousand volumes of words; four bowls of light sweat, life is not good, all to the pores scattered; five bowls of muscle bones clear; six bowls of fairy spirit; seven bowls can not eat, only the two arms to learn the breeze.

Where is Penglai Mountain?

Yukawako is coming back with this breeze.

“The seven major functions of drinking tea: the throat, the suffocation, the puzzle, the thoughts, the stagnation, the Tongli muscles, the brain and the longevity, the light body and the new year.”

Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, thought that tea can be used to get rid of greasy teeth and clean teeth. He said in “On Tea”: “In addition to being annoyed and tired, Shigu can’t be without tea”; and proposed the method of tea gargle:”Every food has been simmered with strong tea, and it is both boring and spleen and stomach.

“Chinese medicine believes that tea is cool and sweet.

“Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” believes that tea drinking makes people think, less depressed and light; can benefit urination, go hot, make people sleepless, powerful, and pleasing.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Tea is bitter and cold, the most able to reduce the fire . the fire is on the clear”, so it can “treat and cough, go to scale.”

“With the diet”, the tea is called “clear heart, wake up and get rid of trouble; cool liver and gallbladder, dilute heat and eliminate phlegm; Su lung and stomach, eyesight and thirst.

“Materia Medica” said: “All things are not food, the head is not clear, the mouth is not lost, the second is not good, the thirst is not only, and all blood in the stool, vomiting blood, blood stasis, blood stasis, fire injury, etc.All services are valid.”

It can be said that the effect is extraordinary.

Modern famous doctor Pu Fuzhou also has a lot of research on tea. When summing up the role of tea, he said: “The tea is slightly sweet, slightly cold and fragrant and fragrant, clearing heat without hurting Yin, Xinkai does not hurt Yang, aromatic WeiganHave a good stomach and spleen.”

Learn to taste tea should be healthy.

Lu You wrote: “Small and delicate, micro-toothed musk.

“In his words, it is a product that is slow and slow.”

Only the product can achieve the heart and soul, fully display the function of taste and smell, and appreciate a relaxed and comfortable state of mind.

This kind of leisurely mood is generally more important in the modern rhythm of life.

Imagine sitting under the tiled window, or when the moon is clear, sitting alone, or inviting a friend to Ersan, an Yixing teapot, a few elegant teacups, or thinking alone, or talking and laughing, is really a life.Great enjoyment.

At this moment, the tension and labor of the day have disappeared, and many troubles have been thrown away. The whole body is in a state of displacement, and only a cup of tea is lingering around the heart. Isn’t this better than a god?

Prairie scenery, Zhangjiakou, cool summer

Prairie scenery, Zhangjiakou, cool summer

The family is amused and wild, wildflowers and wildflowers are like a wash. The winter skiing is a tourist card of Zhangjiakou. However, the tourism in Zhangjiakou is not hot in winter. The Zhangjiakou in summer is also fascinating. The picking of Huailai, the aerial grassland of Yuxian County.The Zhongdu Grassland in Zhangbei, the alpine pasture in Chongli, and the Prairie Water City Wuyuan are all characteristic of Zhangjiakou in summer.

Go to Zhangjiakou in the summer and revel in the cool natural scenery.

  Chongli: The misty and cool winds will be worried about the fact that there will be traffic jams on the high-speed road before going to Zhangjiakou, and the whole process is basically smooth.

Chongli is a ski resort in China. It can last for about 5 months in the snow season. The spring and summer of Chongli is a variety of wildflowers open to the public, and the grass and grass can make people feel happy.

When starting from Beijing, the capital city is a very hot and difficult weather. The highest temperature is close to 40 °C. When it comes to Chongli, it is found that the clothes are worn less, and the high temperature around 20 °C is easy to cool.

  In the Great Wall Ridge Resort, everyone takes an eco-tourist car up the mountain, and the car walks through the mountains of the Great Wall Ridge. There are dense pine and birch trees on both sides of the road, and countless wildflowers.

The summit of the Great Wall Ridge is more than 2,000 meters above sea level. It has both mountainous scenery and plateau meadows.

Because of the weather, when we reached the top of the mountain, the clouds were haunting, as if we came to the paradise on earth, but the clouds often disappeared instantly, instantly appearing, unpredictable, and we crossed the sunny, rainy, misty forest area.Appreciate the magical scenery like a fairy tale.

  The birch ridge in summer is a cool world. No matter where you are, there is always a gust of wind blowing, and the wind is also mixed with the delicate fragrance of wildflowers and weeds.

If you can live in Chongli for a few days and enjoy the coolness of the city, it will definitely be a luxury.

  Zhang Bei: The scenery of the grassland is strong. Zhangzhong Zhongdu Grassland is an important part and essence of the Xilin Gol Prairie in Inner Mongolia. It is the lowest latitude, the closest protected grassland to Beijing.

In summer, there is no wind and no heat, cool and refreshing, and the average temperature in July is 17.

In 4 months, there are only a handful of weather in the summer of more than 25 seconds, which is very suitable for summer vacation.

From June to October, it is a high-grass period. The grass is a few feet high, and the blue waters are vast, the sky is vast and the scenery is pleasant.

  The midsummer grassland is so high.

The sun is shining and clear, and the hills that overlap in the distance are refining into a layer of golden light.

The blossoming white clouds are dotted on the blue sky, and the pine fluffy is like a large piece of cotton wool.

On the grasslands of Zhongdu, you will feel that the grasslands are oscillating, and the winds of the ears are ringing, as if you think you are the rider on the grassland.

The traditional Mongolian project – wrestling, makes you a passionate and unrestrained steppe nation; sitting on a lele, riding a horse, riding a camel, etc. will make you realize the broad vision.

Every year, the Prairie Music and Culture Festival attracts countless people who are chasing music and yearning for nature.

  Wuyuan: Wildflowers are like a wash. From Chongli to Wuyuan, there is more than an hour. The road is very smooth. There are not many vehicles on the road. The scenery outside the window is colorful. The sky is blue, the grass is like green, and the wild flowers are blooming.
Wuyuan also has no summer heat, and the car will suffer from the cool spring.

  To Wuyuan, you can’t go to Wuhua Meadow, Lightning Lake.

July and August are the most beautiful seasons of Wuhua Meadow. On the lush green meadows, the star-shaped golden lotuses, wildflowers, and some of the golden stars, some of them have different colors, and the layers are thick and sloping.
Walking on the plank road between flowers and plants, smelling the fragrance of flowers and plants, the fatigue of the journey is turned into nothing, under the blue sky and white clouds, people and flowers are happy.

  The famous Lightning River in Heyuantou does not see water flow now, but the riverbed is clearly visible, and it is a thousand miles on the vast grassland.

The Lightning Lake is like a mirror placed in the grassland reflected by the blue sky and white clouds. The high-backed squid in the lake shuttles, and the white poplar shrubs on the lake are intertwined. The wind is accompanied by the cattle and sheep, creating a unique landscape painting.

For the origin of the name of Lightning Lake, some people say that it is shaped like a lightning from a height, and some people say that it is formed by the tears of beautiful lightning fairy, so it is named lightning lake, no matter how the beauty of Lightning Lake is recognized,Under the sun’s rays, the lake is turbulent, and it is perhaps the most pleasant trip to the lake.

  TIPS specialties: In addition to the delicious and tender “hand-made meat”, “roasted whole sheep” is the top grade of hospitality, as well as milk tea, nuts, cheese and other flavored foods with higher nutritional value.

The milk bean curd color is like a frozen child, and it is as tough as a gluten. It is semi-dry and not fragrant.

  Evaluation conditions: Chongli Great Wall Ridge Resort accommodation is very good, especially the newly-built athletes’ apartment; Wuyuan’s “Shuishui Fuyuan Resort” is a place where many tourists like to live in Wuyuan, and there are three-star Saiwai Manor Resort.Zhangbei Zhongdu Prairie Resort has a variety of different types of yurts and hotel standard rooms to choose from.