Weight loss tips: fasting yoga shields obesity

Weight loss tips: fasting yoga shields obesity

Hey, are you fat again recently?

Seeing that the summer is approaching, the suspenders and mini skirts are tempting. Would you like to wear the most beautiful clothes and date with your favorite one?

But how can you find a way to enjoy both food and weight loss?

Now we recommend practical information ranging from weight loss recipes to weight loss methods.

Let you present your perfect self to your lover!

  At noon, Miss Wang, who was working in an office building, did not go to eat immediately, but instead sat in front of her and started to inhale and exhale.

It turned out that she crystallized the “Yoga breathing method”, focused her mind, and resisted the temptation of food.

This is the popular “yoga weight loss method”.

  With the announcement of the results of the medical examination, we can always find the waves of “weight loss” blowing around us.

Some people attribute the decline in the health index to the usual diet structure, so the vegetarian food in the cafeteria is popular, the pork is left unattended, and even three meals a day are replaced with fruit meals.

  The reporter saw in a gym that six women chose to practice yoga on an empty stomach at noon.

  Miss Liu, a real estate company, said that sitting in the office for a long time often causes a slight accumulation, which will cause worry due to excessive stress, and worry will lead you to snacks.

Unlike other methods of weight loss, yoga pays attention to the use of ideas to control cravings.

“When I went deeper in deep meditation, my fears and desire for snacks became less intense, and those chocolates slowly receded in my mind.

“Miss Liu is humorous and moral.

  Wu Xiangming, director of the Connaught Nutrition Center, said: “Obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids are diseases caused by poor lifestyles.

About 70% of people want to control their weight.

The first choice for weight loss is not medication, but through reasonable diet adjustments and proper exercise, which actually shows that more importantly, people are conscious of self-control of their lifestyle.

“Modern urban life has completely changed people’s way of life, material richness, so that people have more capital and the greatest possible satisfaction.

Eat whatever you want, and eat whatever you like.

However, this freewheeling often makes the body pay a huge price.

10 hidden dangers in marriage

10 hidden dangers in marriage

See what ambush in your marriage?

  Being Flex is about getting Flex to the right place and knowing where the itch is.

Divorced Zhang Yimou didn’t need to tickle, so he had time to make a movie “Ambush in Ten Faces”, saying that the rivers and lakes were sinister and ambush in ten faces.

And it is not only the rivers and lakes that are sinister, but also our marriage. Perhaps from the day on the red carpet, this mark has been irretrievably stamped.

  From “seven years of itching” to “ambush on ten sides”, marriage is a war between two people, a contest between the highest intelligence and the largest number of characters between husband and wife.

有人说得好:“当妻子站在厨房,默默地刷着盘子,当丈夫拿着一张报纸,对着电视发呆,一场时时有机关、处处是‘埋伏’的战争,就已经静悄悄地it has started.

“In a reporter’s interview with nearly 20 couples, they talked about the following stories and scenes of life, and their tone was calm and vicissitudes.

  The first ambush: hastily married, leaving hidden dangers.

  ”Marriage” literally means that when a woman faints, she finds someone to end it.

In fact, many couples have proved that this word was not created by our ancestors casually. Once they were dazzled by love, they immediately ran to the Civil Affairs Bureau and wanted to fasten this person.

But it wasn’t until the set of chains was found that this person was not suitable for him, and became a tasteless, unfortunate piece of chicken ribs.

  Not enough time to try to fully understand each other, not enough time to calmly think about the relationship between the two, has become the biggest hidden danger left by hasty marriage in the future.

Sometimes, the “blitz” marriage is about to be confused by some false appearances in love.

When a wife who has been married for one year now asks her husband to accompany him to go shopping, the husband always says that he doesn’t want to go. The wife is puzzled: “Don’t you enjoy shopping in the mall?

The husband said, “That’s not chasing you!

“I feel wronged in order to please each other.

Married, got it, and the fox’s tail will naturally show up.

Others’ hastily married because they were not psychologically ready.

The words of a 25-year-old man who has been a father before are particularly sad: “Sometimes I can’t help but think that I am still a little child. I haven’t finished my own business, but I have to bear two other people in a blink of an eye.Life, just like having a dream, I really feel confused . “Maybe we don’t need to set a hard time for a common life before marriage as some people say” two years in love, three years living together “.However, only after knowing each other, being psychologically prepared, and having a certain realistic foundation, can a marriage start a good start.

  The second ambush: Too busy and indifferent to each other.

  In Jin Yong’s novel Snow Mountain Flying Fox, when Miao Renfeng’s beautiful wife Nan Lan turned to Tian Guinong’s embrace, she said affectionately to Tian Guinong: “You and my husband’s names should be reversed.Match.

He’d better return to farming and farming, and you’re really a phoenix among people.

The reason for Nan Lan to express this love is that the hero Miao Ren Feng Chengtian only knew to practice his Miao family sword, and his wife was unhappy. He never managed it.

Many men have become modern versions of the “Miaorenfeng”, and many women are probably no exception, and “strong women” are naturally busy.

  Maybe someone is wronged: I’m busy, isn’t it all for this family?

Yes, no one doubts your motivation for being busy, and believes that you are indeed “busy at work”, but what is more important in life is actually its process, rather than giving up the cost of the present in exchange for the future.

At the same time, if you are really for this family, but the family is broken in the end, what’s the point of a successful career?

Caring for and caring for each other, and giving love to the other half at any time, is the basis for the long and happy life of husband and wife.

  What is certain is that the relationship between husband and wife is like raising flowers, and both parties need to constantly water and fertilize, so that their care will not wither.

It can be said that it is a great regret to be able to fight the invincible “Miao Renfeng”, but in the end, cannot help a beloved woman.

  The third ambush: the child becomes a “third party.”

  Many people liken children to the crystallization of love.

In modern society, this crystallization often only appears once, and it appears later than before, so when the belated little life finally opened his eyes, he glanced at his parents, the moment in human natureThe affection erupted immediately.

Touched, guilty, pitying or loving?

This belated parent-child feeling will merge the child’s gaze with his unbridled crying and flow into the hearts of the parents, so that many mothers and fathers find an emotional sustenance.

From feeding to kindergarten, unknowingly, there seems to be only that little baby in his eyes.

  There is nothing wrong with loving children. Sometimes the wife of a new mother ignores her husband because she is too busy taking care of her baby.

Just after the reduction, you can’t forget that the other half around you also needs your love. This love is different from the love for children, it will be simpler and more forgiving.For example, when you buy milk powder for your baby, you don’t forget to buy a shirt or a razor for your husband by the way, the other party will be very satisfied.

  The fourth ambush: life is becoming more and more bland, getting used to each other’s position.

  Is there anything wrong with being bland?

Doesn’t someone say “nothing is true”?

However, psychologists say that for many years, two inner contradictions have been entangled in humans: Some people think that there are always people who want to find peace and stability in this world where there is sense, but they can be replaced.At the cost of losing life.

Therefore, I am afraid that no one can truly endure a long and dull life except for the Taoist monks in the temple.

  More importantly, some couples have been living together for a long time, and they are often accustomed to such blandness. Over time, they gradually develop a sense of indifference to their loved ones.

The days are dull and dull in numbness, and there is no longer romance and passion in the eyes. Even if the wife changes 8 sets of underwear overnight, the husband will not find anything new.

Another introverted husband said: “My wife always thought that I would like to read the newspaper after work. In fact, I had nothing to do before I did this. I also wanted to go out with her and make a noise.

“Maybe we are married, there are more things to face, and it is impossible to be crazy every day like when we are in love. However, a small unexpected surprise is enough to make the calm emotional lake surge with beautiful waves.

  The fifth ambush: the hopes of each other fail.

  Some people say that with as many windows as there are in the city, people can find as many motivations and reasons for marriage.

And no matter how different the reason for everyone to lead that little red book, one thing can be the same: that is the expectation of the future, the expectation of the person who will live with himself.

  But life often does n’t live up to your expectations. You expect him to make a fortune. Maybe he just takes two dollars a day to buy a lottery ticket. You expect his career to be successful. Maybe he can only discuss with you after workEmployment level.

Then, you finally couldn’t help it, you said: “You look at people and married us at the same time .” The more powerful point may come: “I was blind to marry you at first!”

“Think about it from another angle. Maybe your man is not the best, but he is probably the one who suits you best and loves you the most.

He loves you and will give you the greatest happiness and joy within his ability.

If you change to a millionaire or a man who is proud of his career, will he not give you the same love?

God knows.

  In the eyes of sociologists, the failure of expectations is one of the channels for humor.

For example, if you expect a hen to lay an egg, but a box of soap falls behind its butt, someone will laugh.

When you miss your loved one, do you also smile?

In fact, that smile contains your tolerance, understanding and encouragement for him.

  The sixth ambush: Accumulate less damage into more damage.

  There will be conflicts in people’s places. Couples face each other day and night. Of course, it is not enough to bump into each other. Noisy fights are inevitable, but it is not normal to do so.

However, there is a difference between quarreling and hurting each other.

If the two parties just express different opinions with angry expressions, this is a quarrel; if they also insult the other person’s personality by the way, trample on the other person’s self-esteem, this is hurt.

  Quarrels can be “bedside quarrel at the end of the bed”, but the injury will leave a shadow, the other party may not say it, but the heart may be difficult to eliminate for life.

What I don’t understand is that many husbands and wives are always so polite outside. When they return home, they often hurt the people around them deeply.

Maybe they think: Can’t I vent on the closest person?

But I didn’t expect the other person’s feelings to be: Even the people closest to me hurt me so much . When the accumulation of hurts time and time again, one day it will form a hate, and the deeper the love, the deeper the hatred.

  A friend can tolerate your shortcomings, but it’s impossible to tolerate the harm your shortcomings cause to him, and it also causes damage between husband and wife, really.

  The seventh ambush: the flood of “skepticism”.

  The more you care about, the more nervous it becomes.

After a long marriage, the middle-aged husband has also reached the period of “a flower” for men. Then, will this “flower” bloom quietly outside the house?

Anyway, first beware.

For example, check his wallet, look at his mobile phone, flip through his collar and smell the scent. He hasn’t even forgotten to check his performance on the bed . Can you find clues? That’s another way to say, anyway.The stone in my heart was not so old and so suspended.

  As far as the “aesthetic fatigue” in the movie is concerned, it is necessary to give her husband a shot.

The problem is that you can’t be too hard. No one can take a shot every day.

Maybe some men are good, but you are pushed to the edge of derailment step by step, “Don’t you always trust me?OK, I’ll take a practical action, what’s wrong?

“Don’t think that rebellion can only be done by teenagers and forced into urgency. The so-called” don’t be confused “man should also” explode “.

  A husband said well: “My wife is such a smart and charming woman. Take a step back and say, even if I really have something to say to her, I think I can’t help but confess to her.

“So, first of all, I believe that I have the charm to tie up my husband’s heart, secondly give him a degree of trust to the greatest extent, and finally use wisdom to change from passive to active, and eliminate his” evil thoughts “in a” germination state. ”

This is the difference between a clever wife and a confused wife in the face of this matter.

  The eighth ambush: the difference is expanding step by step.

  There is a gap between men and women. Some women like Romance, but men like Normandy; women like fashion, and men like fashion models.

For husbands and wives, there are differences in life taste, value orientation, hobbies, etc., which can directly make the world of the two more diversified, which can also fit the law of “complementarity”.

  The fear is that beyond these gaps, there is no common point of interest between the two.

On the weekend night, you read your fashion magazine, he yelled in front of the TV: “I ×, why not get in one!

“You call him a lunatic, he said you know what to enjoy life.

Each other feels that each other has no taste, and each other is maintaining a spiritual superiority.

So, the duo world finally becomes you and a magazine, he and a TV.

  It is very dangerous for a wife who is pursuing fashion to get along with her husband who is “stubborn” in her eyes. If there is no timely communication and communication, and no mutual help and adjustment, one day will have an inexplicable aversion.Feelings, at that time, he would be pleasing to the eye.

  The ninth ambush: lack of color in emotional life.

  Some people say that the love between husband and wife is going to deteriorate after all, from beautiful and romantic love into a flesh-and-blood relationship.

This is because marriage is longer than love.

So under this kind of real marriage, the emotional life is in a “weak” state, there is no longer any “innovation”, and it has become a thick and thick line in oil-salt rice.

  The husband no longer bought roses for his wife, and he thought it would be better to bring back a packet of salt.

My wife knows that she does n’t put soup stock when cooking. Every month, you can make the gas meter lose one word. You can save a pair of slippers with bare feet for two years at home. You can save one kilowatt-hour for one month by watching a telescope on the balcony.It’s her mouth that’s stubborn, all day long, you shouldn’t be like this, you better be like that.
Lost emotional color, replaced by the machinery of life, stereotypes and cumbersome.

  In fact, if men experience more wind and rain, they will have depth; if women stay at home for a long time, they will also bring the charm of mature women; the charm of mature men and mature women is definitely a beautiful landscape, the important thing is thatYou should know how to show in front of each other and how to find new ways to express each other’s admiration and affection, and you should not lose all the sense of color because of a common marriage life.

  The tenth ambush: “things in the room” became unspeakable.

  Putting it on the last item by no means means that it doesn’t matter.

Maybe some people think that sex has become less important when married.

Indeed, family life must first think of chai oil and salt and children go to school. Sex does not know which corner it was forced to. This is probably the reason why many Chinese women are willing to live faithfully without orgasm.

However, we must not forget that sex is also a standard of modern life. No matter how to avoid it, whether it is harmonious or not will affect other aspects of life.

  If marriage is the delivery of body and soul to each other, then it can be said that physical needs are the most basic needs in marriage, and physical happiness is also the most fundamental happiness. Without all this, the happiness of marriage will be greatly discounted.

Please don’t feel embarrassed by your body’s desires, boldly point out your feelings and expectations, and then adjust each other’s sincerity, so that the body is still deeply infatuated with each other and let happiness last forever.

  To love someone is to have joy in life; to have perfect sex with someone you love is to have joy in joy.

Not giving up the right to pursue happiness in terms of sex is not to turn us into pure hedonists. On the contrary, it is just a means to better flavor and serve real life.

For couples facing each other, conquering each other’s soul may begin with conquering their bodies.

Balanced physical weight loss yoga is healthy and beautiful

Balanced physical weight loss yoga is healthy and beautiful

Guide: The ancient Indian yoga fitness is hot in the modern city, white-collar women finally found the best way to balance physiology in the life of strife: Yoga allows us to gradually, more effectively breathe, calm meditation, make peopleThe deepest experience of the joy and joy of psychological unity.

In the United States, where yoga developed earlier, professional surveys have shown that yoga practice can be very effective in helping to burn excess impurities in the body and eliminate excess diseases.

  Correct weight loss + adjust endocrine!

Healthy Yoga Practice Yoga achieves weight loss through the head, body, and mind. While practicing yoga, it can also adjust the human endocrine system while losing weight.Sex and effectiveness.

  The yoga posture practice method fully reflects its pertinence. Yoga posture exercises include three parts: posture, breathing and meditation. It is not a simple posture exercise.

  When people practice a specific yoga posture, they need to concentrate their consciousness on the place where the body is pulled, squeezed and twisted, which is a part of the body movement of the yoga posture, and then come to this one through breathing and meditation.Parts, and even imagine that this part is reaching the effect of weight loss.

  Various contraction movements in yoga postures, such as the Tadasana posture with arms raised, are very simple, but it can lengthen the muscles of the body parts and accelerate their blood circulation, thereby causing poor burning effects.

  * The movements of the body forward and backward can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, and can stimulate the front and back parts of the body that are slightly easy to accumulate from the inside to the outside, such as the waist, hips and legs.

  * The twisted posture can also effectively reduce the aunts in the body parts, helping to eliminate the aunts accumulated around the internal organs and maintain their normal functions.

  * The body inversion posture is also the best choice and favorite posture for the practitioner to eliminate the excess body.

  Scientific research shows that human consciousness can accelerate the performance of burning the body and effectively strengthen the function and effect of weight loss, and the breathing exercise in yoga practice can best reflect the uniqueness of yoga weight loss!

  Every yoga breath can completely affect the internal organs of the body through the diaphragm. Imagine that the body is like a balloon. The diaphragm diminishes during inhalation and massages to the internal organs of the abdomen. The diaphragm moves up during exhalation and massages the internal organs of the chest, Repeatedly, will strengthen the function of the entire visceral system!

  One breath and one breath, and at the same time, the abdominal muscles are well exercised. Many yoga practitioners can use yoga breathing exercises to eliminate excess aunts in the waist and abdomen and make the tibia strong!

  Of course, to ensure a safe and effective practice, you must find an experienced yoga teacher to learn the correct yoga breathing method.

Improper breathing methods can cause stress to the body, affect weight loss, and even have complications.

In addition, the fasting method in the yoga diet is different from the general diet, which can be easily done by the average person.

  The simple and safe “one-day fasting method” is to require you to choose one day of the week or month and only drink water or fruit juice. This method is used to clean up garbage in the body and achieve a healthy human body.

  But it is worth reminding that the fasting method of yoga can not achieve the goal of ultimate weight loss. It is only a method in the diet structure of yoga. Changing the diet structure can achieve the purpose of losing weight. It can change people’s lifestyle and have healthyLifestyle will definitely have a healthy mentality and body.

You can’t make up for it, you can only eat yam and dates

You can’t make up for it, you can only eat yam and dates

Many health care products now say that this one can replenish vitality, and that one can also replenish vitality.

Professor Fan Zhenglun, a well-known expert in TCM health, believes that vitality cannot be supplemented.

  Vital energy, also known as primitive energy, is the driving force behind human life activities. Its function is to promote and regulate the growth and development and reproductive functions of the human body, and to promote and change the physiological activities of various internal organs, meridians, shapes, and organs.

Vitality is the foundation and source of life. Surplus vitality is good for health, vitality degenerates and becomes ill, and vitality replaces death.

Professor Fan Zhenglun said that the so-called “vital energy” involved innate and was influenced by parents.

This vitality must be replenished the day after tomorrow. If you do not replenish it for seven days, you will starve to death.

The vitality is a fixed number, just like the gas in a gas tank, some are full, some are half tanks, and some are more than half tanks.

The vitality determines the whole of life. It can also be understood that the vitality is strong and the immunity is strong, so that it can defeat the disease.

  Vitality is so important to life, how can we protect our vitality?

Chinese medicine believes that in addition to diseases, some unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive libido, alcohol consumption, irregular diet, and late sleep, etc., will consume our vitality.

Therefore, in order to protect the vitality, in addition to actively preventing and treating diseases, we should quit some unhealthy living habits.

Can the vitality make up for it?

Professor Fan Zhenglun believes that life is like a fire door on a gas tank. As long as the fire door is adjusted, even if your parents give you half a can, you can use the effect of a whole can.

But if you do n’t cherish it all the time, it is “open” for 24 hours, even if it is a whole can, the vitality will disappear quickly.

Traditional Chinese medicine can’t save lives, and eating ginseng every day when the vitality recurs can’t save it.

Therefore, a person’s “vigor” cannot be replenished.

If the vitality could be replenished, the ancient emperor would not die.

But some Chinese medical experts believe that vitality can make up.

They believe that although the vitality is transformed by the congenital essence of participating parents, the Mizutani essence of the acquired spleen and stomach can supplement and cultivate it. The first effect of traditional Chinese medicine ginseng is “tonic energy”.

Although the opinions of the two factions are quite different, the experts in Chinese medicine have recognized that, according to their physical conditions, reasonable consumption of foods that nourish the spleen and kidney, such as yam, jujube, honey, lentils, black sesame, walnut meat, coriander fruit, Even if the vitality cannot be replenished, at least it is beneficial to the retention of vitality and reduces the consumption of vitality.

Sleeping until you wake up naturally

Sleeping until you wake up naturally

Sleeping, someone concluded that: Sleeping takes up longer in our lives.

Think about it, it ‘s true. According to the normal sleep time, twenty-four hours a day, and you must have longer hours to sleep in these twenty-four hours, otherwise your life will not continue.

  This baseball hour, maybe just sleep in the traditional Chinese medicine health to wake up naturally.

But in reality, can we really have the ability to sleep and wake up naturally?

  Sleep until you wake up naturally, at first glance, there is nothing profound.

Sleeping is not unfamiliar. Who doesn’t want to sleep?

However, if you think about it, you will find that sleeping is actually an important part of our lives.

People’s sleep is different, even different.

Although everyone needs to sleep and sleep somewhere almost every day, sleeping is not the same as sleeping. As far as natural awakening is concerned, not everyone can do it.

  What is natural wake up?

That is, “won’t absorb any external force, won’t be disturbed by the outside world, and wake up after getting full sleep.”

  In this changing age, people’s life pressure is increasing day by day. In order to work hard, people continue to expand their labor intensity and work hard day and night.

Some people even think about sleeping. When they lie in bed every day, they set the alarm to a fixed time. The armor allows them to wake up in time at that time, for fear of oversleeping and being late for work.Deducted wages and even bonuses.

Too much, even because of anxiety in the heart, prolonged insomnia, and make the body tired.

  There are also people who have plenty of time to go to bed, but do not have a good rest environment. They are always awakened by external noise when they are sleeping, or the sound of a car horn, or the deafening music of a neighbor.
  Sleeping until you wake up naturally is a good way to keep fit.

Naturally waking up has great consequences for people’s tension. It is no wonder that the great director Chen Kaige always looks full of energy, vigor and vitality.

I think “sleeping until you wake up naturally” proves to be one of the important reasons.

The sex that most women can’t hold, you will have some –

What is the sex that most women can’t hold?

What is the sex that most women can’t hold?

Most women have higher requirements for sex, even though they don’t say anything when they are sexual, but the quality of their sexual life is still high in their hearts, because in their hearts, the quality of sex is related to the relationship.Good or bad, therefore, if the sex life is not harmonious, it will affect the couple’s feelings. Then, in sex, what skills will make your partner want to stop, drunk dreams?

1, touch the woman’s skin specific skills, you hold her shoulder or shoulder, gently touch with your thumb.

This is a combination of gentle finger skills and clenching techniques that will make women feel different pleasures.

The way men and women like to touch is different.

Women seem to be more sensitive to the intensity of the touch.

Usually they like to touch gently first, then gradually increase the intensity.

Many people touch their spouse in the way they like, not necessarily what the other person likes.

You should first understand the real needs of the other party (such as touching parts and strength) in order to get good results.

2, attacking the woman’s sensitive belt tightly holding the sensitive part of the woman this touch method may make many women feel uncomfortable, because this method of touching will make women have a stronger feeling.

Specific skills: Put your hand on her shoulder, behind the neck, thighs, buttocks, or hands, just hold her.

Let her feel the power of your male, but obviously don’t hurt her.

If you do it right, she feels soft and protected outside of your touch.

3, behind the “attack” you can swear when the woman is unprepared, secretly “attacking” her behind, at first, she may be scared by you, or against you, but when you slowly touch him,She will enter the state, very intoxicated to enjoy the gentle touch you have given her.

In these sexual skills, we will always reach our sexual ability and reach the climax of sex.

4. Touch her cheek to touch the back of her neck, then touch her cheek with her thumb while looking at her eyes.

You can also try to put her hands behind her head to touch her temples, or replace her multiple or thighs, stroke her sides or align.

If you are defeated before the second climax in the first attempt, don’t be discouraged.

Opportunities are still there, nothing more than immediately planning a “single time”.

And if you succeed in conquering the second peak, then rush to the third peak!

Just like a softball, you have to run all the bases to make a home run.

When you get three or more climaxes, you will experience an unprecedented sense of accomplishment.

5, gentle touch this skill is to try to gently touch her with your palm, touch her neck, legs, separate her face, I believe will give her a different feeling.

In sex, we always have different types of sex skills, but we still need a variety of different types of sex skills, so in sex, we can not lose all kinds of sex skills.

6, touching her hair, many women like men to touch her hair.

You don’t try to get your hand into it.

If she is curly, just touch it, so that she won’t be entangled and will not open her hair.

Then, starting from her neck, gently stroking the scalp into your hair with your fingers, this technique will make women reach the peak of sex.

7, let the hair to listen to the claim, caressing the hair, including “want to make love with you, close” information.

What’s more, this feeling is still brought by your closest people, and its shock is not bad.

A lot of people think that if the hair is broken, it won’t hurt, but in fact, stroking the hair is the sweetest and the most stimulating way of sexual desire.

The easiest way to learn is to gently put your hair on the palm of your hand and slide it slowly from the hair root to the tip of the hair. If the other person does not resist it, you can gently stroke the hair root with your fingertips and walk upstream of the scalp.
Hair roots are the place where nerves gather. They are very sensitive to external stimuli. Coupled with the feeling of fingers passing to the center of the brain, the two men who care for each other will have a novel sense of satisfaction.

8, let the eyes (eye food) to imagine is not to ask you to use your mouth to suck the other’s eyes so “super sense”, here is the eyelids.

In fact, because the shell has a mouth that is almost a flood of contact organs, too many people do not know the sexy caress zone of the eyelids.

Because the eyes are very fragile, you should be very careful when making this kind of caress. First, the partner closes his eyes and swipes them with his little finger. If the other person accepts it, he can try to stick it with his lips. The sensitivity of the lips can be felt.The movement of the other’s eyeball, if the contact surface of the entire lip print is too large, the feeling is not detailed enough, can explain the tongue, and gently dial the other’s eyelids with the tip of the tongue, so it is not difficult to induce a desire for sex.

9, let the ear feel the cotton love words heard from the ears, or the low sigh of the other party due to satisfaction is absolutely stimulating sexual feeling.

At the same time, the caress of the ear can also produce higher benefits. Many people are touched by the ears and face red ears, and the truth is also manifesting.The caress of the ear is—-with the hand around the other’s ear, with two fingers gently rubbing the other’s ears up and down, then the feeling of itching comes, and it is also reminiscent of sexual pleasure.

At the end of the day, you can gently blow the hot air into the ear sockets, and then use your lips to suck on them. This will make the pleasure of both sides burn more vigorously.

Of course, you can’t be so excited that even the other’s eardrums are broken, but it’s not the only reason.