Chapter VIII The secret of practice
Strictly speaking,This comparison is inappropriate,Because Lu Menglin has so many methods to press the bottom of the box,It is definitely not comparable to a warrior of the 35th-level god nation。
Bad job,Even the forty-level fighters will be shaded by him。Nothing else,as long as《Open Sky Slash》Once launched,Ghosts,unstoppable。
《Open Sky Slash》Can kill the dark monster leader,Also defeated the superb warrior of the god nation。
And Lu Menglin also found out,In this big foreign land,Skills are the most precious,Learned the secret skills of the gods,Have explosive combat power,The possibility of a turnaround。
Then comes the training resources and equipment,The last is a currency called Yuyuan。
And the people of the gods don’t seem to care about the space energy in the monster of darkness.,Even disgust,Just let it fall apart。
Used up too much space energy before,Lu Menglin has not been fully supplemented,Came to Hongliu City,There is a chance to make up for this shortcoming。
In fact, in Lu Menglin’s opinion,Whether it’s the light pattern power used by the gods,Or the space energy in the dark monster,Even the power of human blood,Essentially all energy,There are just levels。
And Lu Menglin from the human mutation,I can see that these energies can actually be transformed into each other,Can also exist at the same time。
Just like a human warrior has the power of blood,After the infection of red mist energy,It will produce mutation power。
And this red mist energy,Is actually a thin version of space energy。
The main quest currently accepted by Lu Menglin,Is to gain control of Red Willow City,Then the task reward turned out to be to activate the light pattern power。This also means that these types of energies can be transformed into each other。
Although the completion of this task,It looks very far away,Almost impossible task,But Lu Menglin has already passed the system’s reward changes,Guessed something。
Level of energy,Followed by the power of human blood、Red mist energy in the mutant organism、The space energy possessed by the dark monster、The last is the light pattern power that the Shenmin clan is good at。
in a certain sense,In fact, the people of Gods are not powerful,But because they started when they were born,It uses the highest level of energy,Of course the combat power is strong。

and so,Said to Qiao Zhentian without giving up:

“Uncle,It’s obviously the fault of Xiao Fan and his family,Why am I the one who apologized?And didn’t you see the uncle??My arm was already interrupted by Xiao Fan,Why do you want me to apologize to him。”
“Uncle,I just do not understand,Lin’s family in a small cloud city,Is there any place that our Qiao family should be afraid of?。”
“Uncle,What are you afraid of?”
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight An answer
Qiao Zhentian’s face is gloomy,Said to Qiao Ming coldly:
“What am i afraid of?Qiao Ming,What do you think you are,You dare to fight against Xiao Fan and his family。I tell you,I don’t care what reason you offended Xiao Fan and his family today,Go and understand it for me,otherwise,Don’t blame me for not reading love。”
Qiao Ming didn’t expect things to develop like this,Qiao Ming was planning to tell Qiao Zhentian a few more words。
But when Qiao Ming just touched Qiao Zhentian’s cold eyes,The whole person shivered involuntarily。
If Qiao Ming was flattering Qiao Zhenwu,So for Qiao Zhentian,Qiao Ming is a kind of fear from the bottom of my heart。
Qiao Zhentian is an irreversible existence in Qiao’s house。
and so,After Qiao Ming hesitated,Gritted his teeth,I still decided to go to Xiao Fan to admit counsel。
Because Qiao Ming’s arm was interrupted by Xiao Fan,So Qiao Ming still took some effort to get up from the ground。
but,Whenever Qiao Ming wants to give up,He just noticed Qiao Zhentian’s cold eyes looking at him。
It took a lot of effort,Qiao Ming finally stood up。
Just when Qiao Ming wanted to go in the direction of Xiao Fan,Lin Yu suddenly grabbed Qiao Ming’s arm。

After all these days,Li Wei did give him a lot of help,No matter how Wu Xiaorou doesn’t like him,Thanks,Still have to express。

“Thank you,This is the first time you take the initiative to invite me to dinner。”
Li Wei replied,Wu Xiaorou’s smile,Fall in his eyes,At that moment,He just feels,own world,Like full of flowers。
Chapter Twenty Three Meet
Zhang Min is gone,Depression。
Wu Xiaorou is worried,So Zhao Nan and an apprentice in the back kitchen,Sent her back。
Li Wei stayed for a meal,Very simple,Just one green vegetable and one pepper fried pork,The most classic in Shonan cuisine,It is also the dish that tests the chef’s skills most。
originally,Wu Xiaorou is going to stir a few more dishes,but,Li Wei refused,He thinks this is good,simple。
dinner,The two did not drink,Wu Xiaorou is because she can’t drink,Li Wei,Because I was worried that after drinking,Even more reluctant,So that I said something that I shouldn’t say,So I didn’t drink。
A meal till nine o’clock,Even if Li Wei is reluctant to give up,He also understands,It’s time to go。
then,He stand,Walk towards the outside of the hotel。
Wu Xiaorou also got up,Send him to the door。
at this time,A little bit of stars flickered in the night,Starlight falls in front of the two,Become a piece。

[Hold]the practice of egg fried egg fried dumplings _ hold of homemade practice _ the practice of holding eggs fried egg fried dumplings hold Daquan _ how do

[Hold]the practice of egg fried egg fried dumplings _ hold of homemade practice _ the practice of holding eggs fried egg fried dumplings hold Daquan _ how do

Seeing that the 11th holiday is coming soon, you must be very excited inside. You must have already thought about where to go?

What to eat

Although there are many foods outside, the hygiene is very worrying.

With this, you might as well do it yourself.

Well, now Xiaobian to teach you how to do fried eggs hold.


After sieving the flour into the pot 12, the first pour boiling water, the flour with chopsticks Jiaocheng Omo spike 2.

21 then consider to add cold water, and to moderate hardness dough 3 Xing 30 minutes.

Advance into a small amount of oil pan 1 and the bottom 4 full mobility.

2 Prepare a copy of your favorite filling, which can be prepared according to your own taste 5.

Two circular dumplings do a dumpling 6 together.

Place in the middle of the frying pan 7.

Place the remaining dumplings in a circular shape into the frying pan.

Fry over low heat until the bottom is formed, pour in half of the water covering the dumplings, cover the lid, and fry until the water is dry.

Add two eggs (I beat three eggs in my pot, and used almost two and a half more). Add in salt and stir for 10.

Pour the broken egg liquid down the side of the pot, slowly turn it evenly, sprinkle some green onions and black sesame for decoration (after two times of experience, it will be easier to recover the egg liquid when it thickens).

When frying, make sure the heat is not too large, so as not to get rid of the bottom.

After the egg liquid is fully mature, sprinkle it with red pepper grains (I used lyophilized strawberry crushed) to decorate. There are many people who like to eat fried egg dumplings in the world, but they can do very little.

So, do you know how to do things, will you stand still?

Know that being able to cook this dish alone is also a highlight of your life.

Coson Technology (603626): Product Expansion Future Growth Short-term Challenges Do Not Change Long-term Trends

Coson Technology (603626): Product Expansion Future Growth Short-term Challenges Do Not Change Long-term Trends
Key Investment Events: The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 24.1 ppm, an increase of 11 per year.2%, gross margin level is 24.1%, a decline of 5 per year.2 units, net profit attributable to the parent company1.24 ppm, a decrease of 43 per year.9%, net profit is 0.30 yuan, down 61 a year.3%.The company achieved operating income of 8 in the fourth quarter.8深圳桑拿网1 ppm, an increase of 25 per year.6%, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 57.30 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 44.9% . The 2018 profit distribution plan is to pay a cash dividend of 2 for every 10 shares.50 yuan (including tax), no bonus shares will not be given, and the capital reserve will not be converted into capital.In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s sales revenue increased by 2.7% is 4.61 ppm, gross margin of 0 in ten years.8 is 30.8%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 13.07 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 74.8%. The overall demand of the consumer electronics market is less than expected and affects the company’s revenue growth rate: the company’s sales revenue in 2018 increased.2% is 24.100 million US dollars, revenue growth rate. From the perspective of product segmentation, the company’s core product consumer orders and the replacement of precision structural parts of tablet computers are gradually increasing, but include the growth of electronic cigarettes, medical devices, touch display and other marketsAnd the growth rate has reached the ideal level, but there is still no way to continue the insufficient orders of consumer terminals.From the perspective of market distribution, the growth rate of the domestic market is slower than that of overseas markets. The decline in gross profit margin is subject to the maximization of production capacity, and the expense ratio is basically stable and controllable: the company’s gross profit margin fell in 2018 by 5%.2 out of 24.1%, of which the precision utilization of precision components of consumer electronics and tablet PCs is insufficient due to insufficient orders, so the gross profit margin of the related product business distribution has decreased significantly, and has become the core reason for affecting the overall gross profit margin. Medical devicesThe large-scale order release of e-cigarettes and other businesses did not start until the second half of 2018, so what we can see is that the gross profit margin in the fourth quarter of 2018 showed a noticeable recovery from the previous month.In terms of expense ratio, the company’s construction of new product inputs and channels is still continuing, and the overall scale has increased, and the revenue rate has slightly exceeded expectations, the expense ratio has increased slightly, but the overall is still controllable, and future ordersAnd products are gradually mature, the company’s expected growth rate in terms of expansion. The business expansion in 2019 is gradually entering the harvest period, and new products look at the release of orders: The company’s overall strategic plan is still to provide customers with a full range of precision metal structure manufacturing services, becoming a leading manufacturing service provider in the precision metal manufacturing service industry.The direction of work includes: 1) The market continues to broaden product application areas. In addition to the main force of consumer electronics, it continues to increase the size of medical devices and electronic cigarettes, continues to increase the product categories provided to existing customers and increase the market share of various series of products.Expand the company’s sales scale; 2) Technically improve the manufacturing level of high-precision metal structural parts; 3) In production, reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency through automated transformation.We believe that the decline of traditional products in the consumer electronics market is still a trend in the short term, but the company’s layout trends in customers and channels such as e-cigarettes, medical devices, touch display, etc. have entered the harvest period in 2019, and the effective growth of order scale willMake up for the lack of consumer electronics and bring new contribution points to the company’s performance. Investment suggestion: We predict that the company’s earnings from 2019 to 2021 will be 0.58, 0.83 and 1.01 yuan.Return on net assets were 11.8%, 15.2% and 16.3%, maintain Buy-B investment recommendation.We believe that the company’s accumulation in metal manufacturing technology and industry reputation can be a good prospect for both the core smart terminal manufacturers and the new entry into the electronic cigarette and touch display industry. Risk reminder: The terminal product transfer volume of core major customers is less than expected; the transfer volume of new products such as e-cigarettes is less than expected; the rate of climb of the capacity expander is lower than expected and affects the company’s profitability.

[Assorted Fried Udon Practice]_Assorted Fried Udon Practice_Assorted Fried Udon Practice_How to Make Assorted Fried Udon

[Assorted Fried Udon Practice]_Assorted Fried Udon Practice_Assorted Fried Udon Practice_How to Make Assorted Fried Udon

Nowadays, life and work are busy and stressful. Many people do not pay attention to the regularity in diet, which will cause various diseases. Mastering the healthy practices of one or two dishes, you can not only enjoy the deliciousness, but also supplement the body’s nutrition.Better health.

Let ‘s learn how to make assorted fried Udon 1 with Xiaobian.

Prepare materials.

Green pepper shreds, cabbage shreds, red peppers (dried peppers) shreds or shreds.

Shred the onion.


After boiling water in the pot, add udon noodles and gently slide away.

Rinse a few times with cold water after picking up.


Heat the pan, add the onion ginger, shredded onion, and red pepper rings to sauté.


Then add the cabbage shredded in order, the pepper shredded.


Add udon noodles and stir fry a few times 6.

Add in the freshness, salt, chicken powder, white pepper powder and stir well.

I believe that after reading the above practice of assorted fried udon, you must have a deep understanding of this dish, and you must make it yourself.

Perfect World (002624): Steady growth of non-net profit and improvement in cash flow. Significantly look forward to Q4 new product launch.

Perfect World (002624): Steady growth of non-net profit and improvement in cash flow. Significantly look forward to Q4 new product launch.

The main points of the report describe the company’s third quarter report for 2019. In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 58.

1.2 billion, an annual increase of 5.

43%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

7.6 billion yuan, an increase of 12% 佛山桑拿网 year-on-year, and net profit of non-attributed mothers14.

2 billion, an annual increase of 28.


  Incident Review The company’s third-quarter results are in line with expectations, and cash flow has improved significantly. New games have driven Q3 revenue to increase sequentially. The decrease in Q3’s single-quarter net profit was due to the distribution of disposal benefits in the same period last year. The deduction of non-net profit can better reflect the overall situation of the company.

1) The company’s first three quarters of 2019’s results are in line with the capital market forecast. Q3’s single-quarter net profit has gradually decreased and the 18Q3 company has disposed of part of the equity of Zulong Technology, a joint venture, and confirmed non-recurring profit and loss1.

US $ 100 million. There was no such large non-recurring income in 19Q3, which resulted in the replacement of net profit attributable to the mother in 19Q3. 2) The company’s net operating cash flow in the first three quarters.

1.7 billion, an improvement over the past, of which Q3 net operating cash flow in a single quarter6.

5 billion, higher than net profit, mainly due to core game payments and film and television expansion and replacement.

  ”Perfect World” currently has stable running water. The new products “The Condor Heroes 2” and “Four Seasons Songs in Cloud Dreams” have performed well, prompting the company to increase its non-net profit significantly, and optimistic about the “My Origin” that will be launched in Q4.”Dream Collection Cygnus”, “Swordsman” and so on.

1) The “Perfect World” mobile game was officially launched in March. At present, the monthly flow is estimated to be about 200-300 million. Q1-Q3 deducted non-net profit increased by 28.

47%, mainly benefiting from new games such as “Perfect World”, “Grand Condor 2” and “Four Seasons Songs in Cloud Dreams”; 2) Products that may be launched on the company Q4 include: “My Origins” (fixed November 15th) (Day), “Dream Collection Cygnus” (opened in September), “Xiao Xiao Ao Jiang Hu” (obtained version number on October 23).

  Looking at 5G for a long time will catalyze the development of cloud games and VR / AR games. Toutiao, iQiyi actively participates in the game distribution market. The company’s research and development-based approach will benefit the industry’s development trend for a long time.

1) Driven by 5G, the rise of cloud gaming platforms will definitely benefit console game vendors first, and Perfect World is the only console game vendor in the stock market, which will benefit from the rise of cloud gaming.

2) Toutiao, iQiyi has successively participated in the game publishing business and competed with Tencent. It may increase the segmentation ratio of developers in the future. The company has the advantage in content developers and will supplement the R & D team in 2018. The advantages of gradually expanding will be further highlighted.
  The company’s heavy game products are coming online one after another. We believe that it will enter a high growth channel in 2019. It is predicted that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021 will be 20 respectively.

4.9 billion, 22.

85 billion, 25.

1.3 billion, corresponding to PE of 18.

02 times, 16.

16 times, 14.

70 times, give “Buy” rating.

  Risk Warning: 1.

Growth in the gaming industry 2.

The company’s new products were postponed.

Nasda (002180) 2019 Interim Review: Initial Results in Management Collaboration and Operational Improvement

Nasda (002180) 2019 Interim Review: Initial Results in Management Collaboration and Operational Improvement
Company announcement: 107 revenue in the first half of 2019.80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 3.44%; net profit attributable to mothers3.73 ppm, an increase of 19 years.27%.Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deduction.2 ‰, a decrease of 26 per year.27%, operating cash flow of 84.4 million yuan, replacing 85%.In line with expectations. Net profit increased by 19%, reflecting the company’s management synergy and operational improvement.The cost rate during the period is 30.44%, compared to 36 in the same period last year.33% reduction 5.89 points, mainly from management improvement, management expenses in the first half of the year.8.6 billion (40% year-on-year.5%), the management expense ratio is 6.73%, a decrease of 4.33 points.Net cash inflow from operating activities was 84.4 million yuan, a decrease of 85% per year, after correction6.55 ppm, an increase of 18%, and a net inflow of 5 in the same period last year.6 trillion, mainly due to the following reasons: (1) Lexmark received a tax refund reduction of about 3.4 ‰; (2) Lexmark paid bonuses to employees increased by 2.3.1 billion.The net operating cash flows for 2019Q1 and 2019Q2 were -4 respectively.7.4 billion, 5.580,000 yuan, excluding the effects of tax refunds and payments and employee bonuses, the revised 2019 Q1 / Q2 net cash flows are 0.12, 6.43 trillion, the first half of the revised net cash flow is 6.55 ppm, an increase of 18%, and the operating cash flow in H1 2019 will improve significantly. In terms of business: (1) Compatible consumables and recycling consumables business: Consolidated consumables revenue17.49 ‰, an increase of 12% in ten years, net profit1.510,000 yuan, an increase of 18%.Consumable asset package income12.08,800,000 yuan, an increase of 22%, Zhongrun Jingjie, Zhuhai Xinwei, Zhuhai Tuojia achieved a total income of 5.67 ppm, recycled toner cartridges, and sales of ink cartridges increased by more than 50%, indicating that the company’s recycling supplies business has entered the harvest period.In terms of strategic layout, in addition to covering mainstream brands, the company has developed patented solutions for major models of second-tier brands, combined with the company’s MPS software system, developed patented consumable products for copiers and provided complete printing solutions. (2) Chip business: the company’s consolidated chip and revenue 3.270,000 yuan, 21% of the budget.Among them, Apex Microelectronics achieved revenue in the first half of the year6.53, an increase of 3%, and a net profit of 3.US $ 6.6 billion, basically the same as the same period of the previous year; the consumables chip industry led the way. In the first half of the year, general consumables released more than 300 new products, and the product line was further improved; general-purpose MCU chips are progressing smoothly. In 2019, high-tech, efficient 110nm and55nm platform, at the same time deepen product layout and increase customer reserves, is expected to enter the growth period in 2020; preliminary progress has been made, ① three MCU chips have been completely shielded, and 55nm-based MCU chips have entered the MPW verification stage, ②The first power chip has begun mass production. ③ The company won the bid for the China Southern Power Grid project and successfully entered the trial operation of the Southern Power Grid. The current operation is good, and the future security chip is one of the company’s key development directions. (3) Printing business: Lexmark sold 64 printers in the first half of the year.60,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 3%, mainly due to the suspension of discount sales in Europe in the first quarter, the introduction of new products in the second quarter, Q2 sales 西安耍耍网 increased by 7%; MPS printing services business grew steadily, an increase of 33% in the first half.In the first half of the year, the company’s “Bentu Pentium” laser printers invested 48 globally.30,000 units, an increase of 57%. In terms of overseas markets, breakthroughs have been made in India. Russia ‘s market share has exceeded 30% of similar products. The domestic market has become a major supplier of domestic printers for information security products, and through product structure adjustmentTo further deepen OEM cooperation.Lexmark partnered with Pantum to achieve 9% sales growth in the Chinese market. With a CAGR of 34% per year, printers have independent controllable suitors and maintain a “Buy” rating.Maintain the profit forecast. It is estimated that the company’s revenue for 2019-2022 will be US $ 258/309/367/437 billion, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 13.68/20.1/25.27/31.580,000 yuan, the current corresponding PE is 19/13/10 / 8X. If we assume the acquisition of the remaining 49% of Lexmark’s equity in the later period, the profit will still increase.

White-collar Salted Fish Turn Over 3 Tips

White-collar Salted Fish Turn Over 3 Tips

Obviously you have been working hard, the performance may not be the best, but at least it is not bad, but the salary increase and promotion will never be your own, even if you have the least year-end awards; or, you were the best,But now it seems that the situation is out, the boss no longer trusts you so much, and some of you are replacing . If you sink into the above situation, then you are like a stinky salty fish, abandoned by your boss and ignored by colleagues.

Isn’t that reluctant?

When everyone wants to make a new world in the new year, is it necessary to keep this situation alive?

  Xiangyang’s career consulting case suddenly became the only one . Ah Meng worked for a famous advertising company. He used to be an elite in the advertising industry and could attack any client. Everyone said he was too fierce, soObtained the “A Meng” elegant name.

After working for three years, he was promoted to department head, becoming one of the youngest executives in the company.

However, the good times didn’t last long.

Due to some personal emotional problems, Ah Meng was unable to deal with it for a while, which led to unintentional work, a daze all day, and a large deviation in performance.

When he finally figured it out and was about to shift his focus to work, the company hired a new person to replace Ah Meng.

That person’s ability was not under A Meng, and as soon as he came to power, he basically replaced the people whom A Meng had trusted before, which made A Meng alone in the department.

Now, Meng has “fallen” into a general employee in the company and is a “monitored” employee.

A Meng often feels panicked, what should I do next?

Can this farewell to this unconscionable situation?

  Career planners suggest: “Salted fish turning over” requires Fang Ameng to have a certain ability, but it is only because he has not dealt with personal emotional problems that today’s situation has become a frustrated “salted fish.”

According to Xiangyang’s career professional planning expert’s comprehensive analysis of A Meng’s career status and problems, A Meng wants to “salt fish turn over”, the following three tricks are the key.


Clear goal: Performance is the last word. If you are the owner of a company, what are your reasons for hiring employees to determine their quality?

Are you hired as a friend?

In most cases, this will not be done. The most convincing criterion for judging whether one is suitable for your business is performance.

Therefore, the boss hires you to make money for him. If you can’t do this, talk about turning over.

Naturally, there are various ways to improve performance, but the most important thing is to have a heart and a heart for work.

As long as you work hard, you can always improve your performance.

A master like A Meng, who has a good ability, is not difficult to improve his performance.

  But don’t think that you will see that you are toiled by the company, and you will be grateful and kind to you.

If you want your boss to see your efforts, remember your results, and be good at showing yourself, it is also an important way to “improve” your performance.

It was just a silent effort, and in the end his own credit was taken away by others.


Swords go awry: do what others don’t do. If the company sends a tired and unsatisfactory job, most people will choose not to continue.

However, for “salted fish”, these things are the opportunity to reflect their value to the company.

Take it bravely.

Of course, try not to mess things up.

Who does the boss like?

People who like “easy to use”.

What kind of person is “easy to use”?

Those who can help the company to solve problems are easy to use.

Some of the “salted fish” in the company belong to the lower part of the company. Even if you do not succeed in this matter, it will not make your part worse. Instead, it makes the boss feel that when others are picking,Take this problem and show your responsibility to the company.

And if you get this done, the boss will pay more attention to you.

  Ah Meng took a very difficult job under our advice.

Then he completed it successfully. The client was very happy and praised Ameng’s work performance with the company’s senior management. He also decided to continue to cooperate with the company.The customer is happy, and the boss is certainly happy.

  In addition to accepting tasks that others are unwilling to take, you must be flexible enough to do things. Do not follow the steps, analyze them according to the actual situation, and do things differently. The boss will definitely notice.


Interpersonal cheese: No one wants less salted fish to turn around. People must buy it.

Therefore, you must be aware of the relationship with your colleagues. If you have the opportunity to give a gift, you must have it for everyone, a lot.

Ah Meng was very accustomed to the person who took his place. He usually applied a nonchalant attitude, but after our exhortation, he changed his approach.

Although the supervisor was his potential opponent, it was to him that A Meng was very attentive and went to visit the doctor when the supervisor was sick.

  Maybe when you first do this, you will feel useless, but over time, you will find that the people around you are enthusiastic about you, and more importantly, they will think you are a trustworthy person.

Isn’t it a remarkable change to transform from a “salted fish” to a person that people feel trustworthy.

  At the same time, you can get closer to the boss and study his hobbies or whatever.

Of course, we can’t forget those people who are more “salty fish”, some handyman or something; their position is very low, you are better to them, they must be very grateful and will build momentum for you.

As long as a few words float in the boss’s ears, it is beautiful in the end.

  Following the suggestion of Xiangyang career career planner, it took only less than a year for A Meng to be promoted to the position of supervisor again, his salary has also been increased, now he has become a popular person in the company, and there will be better in the futuredevelopment of.

  The ebb and flow, just like A Meng, it is difficult for everyone to have a smooth career, and there are always times when the trough reaches the bottom.

In the Spring Festival, hurry up and get a salted fish to make a big turn!

Perspective reads that children are more prone to stuttering

Perspective reads that children are more prone to stuttering

Stuttering, a language dysfunction, has a very complex pathogenesis, and to some extent it is also associated with emotional disorders and disorders related to emotional disorders.

  I did n’t have much time to talk because of academic stress, ignored dictation because of dictation, and reduced communication with parents due to a lot of homework.

.Nowadays, changes in the lives and learning styles of some children reduce opportunities for speech exercise and increase risk factors for stuttering.

According to a special sample survey of the Chinese Medical Association, children with stuttering have increased by 20% in 2 years, reaching 3%, with the majority of the 7-year-old age group.

  According to the doctor, stuttering is a very complicated pathogenesis of speech dysfunction, and to some extent it is also associated with emotional disorders and disorders related to emotional disorders.

Some children do not dare to speak because they are afraid of being sneered because of stuttering, resulting in inward and lonely personality; some children are not good at communicating with others because of stuttering, which affects the development of intelligence and communicative ability; some children areThe teacher’s refusal to blame grew more and more timid until the adult could not correct the stuttering problem.

  Relevant experts cautioned that the best way to prevent stuttering is to talk more and not to speak too fast.

Do not imitate stuttering. If you suffer from stuttering, you should first eliminate the psychological shadow and perform timely treatment. Create a relaxed speech environment under the guidance of a physician and scientifically train your speech.