Perspective reads that children are more prone to stuttering

Perspective reads that children are more prone to stuttering

Stuttering, a language dysfunction, has a very complex pathogenesis, and to some extent it is also associated with emotional disorders and disorders related to emotional disorders.

  I did n’t have much time to talk because of academic stress, ignored dictation because of dictation, and reduced communication with parents due to a lot of homework.

.Nowadays, changes in the lives and learning styles of some children reduce opportunities for speech exercise and increase risk factors for stuttering.

According to a special sample survey of the Chinese Medical Association, children with stuttering have increased by 20% in 2 years, reaching 3%, with the majority of the 7-year-old age group.

  According to the doctor, stuttering is a very complicated pathogenesis of speech dysfunction, and to some extent it is also associated with emotional disorders and disorders related to emotional disorders.

Some children do not dare to speak because they are afraid of being sneered because of stuttering, resulting in inward and lonely personality; some children are not good at communicating with others because of stuttering, which affects the development of intelligence and communicative ability; some children areThe teacher’s refusal to blame grew more and more timid until the adult could not correct the stuttering problem.

  Relevant experts cautioned that the best way to prevent stuttering is to talk more and not to speak too fast.

Do not imitate stuttering. If you suffer from stuttering, you should first eliminate the psychological shadow and perform timely treatment. Create a relaxed speech environment under the guidance of a physician and scientifically train your speech.

How women cross men’s sexual temptations

How women cross men’s sexual temptations

诱惑a:无所不能的才智和能力  他的魅力和与众不同实在让你倾心不已,尤其对你格外地关注和赞美,他会时时留意你的需要,当你为母亲的病痛所烦恼时,He will quietly find the best doctor.
He will take care of everything for you in study, work and life.
Unconsciously, you will become dependent on him, for example: you hint that he wants to get a certain position, you always want to do something, and so on.
With your dreams come true, you have owed him too much affection, and the rest is how you “return”.
  Response Book: 1.
For his care, ask yourself “why?
“If you can’t find more reasonable explanations, then it is likely that he” liked “you.
Knowing who he is is probably the man you need.

If he knows that you have a relationship, but still cares about you, and implies that he wants to maintain a special relationship with you, then you need to consciously or unintentionally confess your feelings and loyalty to your husband or boyfriend in front of him, and use his power toIt’s not love to repay the benefits he gave you.
If he has sexual demands on you, and this will cause trouble in your relationship, euphemistically reject him and try to get away, don’t accept his favor in the future.
  诱惑b:俊朗不凡的相貌举止  男人的英俊洒脱以及优雅的举止,不凡的谈吐,永远会给女人一种好感,尤其是当你的生活循规蹈矩如一泓静的水时,他的与众不同,无疑Will bring you unspeakable passion and vitality, you really think you have met Prince Charming.
In the face of his pity and love, and a small gift with affection, you can’t help but feel faint, knowing that he is indifferent and difficult to extricate.
  Coping with the Code: Beware that you are not only a playboy, but also a master of love.
When you are really immersed in the dream of love, he runs away as fast as saying love you.
May wish to accept his flowers occasionally and attend a friend’s party together, but not accept his valuable gifts, let alone accept his sexual requirements.
Remember, when reason cannot overcome temptation, please leave him quickly!
  Seduction c: Sad, deep eyes. Sometimes, his sadness and frustration may confuse you more than his success and glory.
In life, women often use their motherly instincts to understand and accept the weakness of men. This is Nicholas in Angel Passion.
Cage’s gloomy eyes are so attracted to many female movie fans.
Just as crying children attract more attention, men sometimes use their brains to pretend to be melancholy angels.
  He would say, “My dear, I really don’t know what it means to live without you.
“This is enough to make you pay without regrets.
Such men often leave you deeply hurt and have nowhere to tell.
  Response Book: 1.
If he is always dejected and you must continue to support him, please leave him; if he does not really care about you and only depends on your feelings, please leave him!
  2.If you really love him, test his sense of responsibility and accept his feelings when the answer is satisfactory.
  诱惑d:兴味相投的异性知己  别以为自己每时每刻都能巧走两性target=_blank>两性平衡木,天底下最难把握的就是异性朋友的友谊,假如你想把它发展为第四种感情, More than friendship, less than love, the results always make themselves up and down.
Usually, if a friend of the opposite sex has reached the point where he has nothing to say and feels interdependent, you should seriously consider whether he is a fake friend and pursues the truth
For him, this relationship can go forward and back, attack and defend. If you can’t bear your temper, you may fall into his trap.
  Coping with the canon: For many men, common interests and hobbies are not enough to give them all to help you.
If you find it inappropriate to develop each other, you should deliberately downplay your friendship and let him know that you have treated him as an outsider.
Otherwise, this friendship will one day affect your feelings, making it difficult for you to extricate yourself.

Don’t control in love

“Don’t control” in love

“Do you eat oranges?
Eat, I peeled it; if not, I peeled your skin.
“I tell you Charlene, from now on you will be my wife, if you want to die, find another man to talk to!”
“These are the classic lines of Charlene and Lu Tao in the recent hit TV series” Struggle “. These dialogues show the strong monopoly and control of love of the hero and heroine.
Liu Xiaoyu, a psychological consultant at the Beijing Anima Counseling Center, said that among real-life lovers, it is not uncommon for one party to try to change and control the other.
  She reminded people in love that blindly manipulating may not keep the relationship.
Especially men, if they only know how to be resigned in love, they will eventually be looked down upon by the woman.
  The desire to control should be vented through normal channels, such as controlling the progress of the work, and evaluating the quality of the game.
Converge properly on the one you love.
At the same time, the controlled party should also dare to express their wishes and voices, so that their respective positions will gradually be corrected.
  In addition, lovers should explore the ability to love more.
Don’t mistakenly think that if you don’t toss in love, you don’t love too much. In fact, a successful and healthy love can greatly improve the mental health of both parties.
  In the end, both parties should take responsibility when they are in love and make their own mental health.
If both parties are unwilling to take the responsibility of actively loving each other, and only want the other party to love themselves unconditionally, that is the psychological performance of the child before returning to the age of 3, and it is to treat each other as their ideal parents to love themselves without regretThis idea is naive.

Yoga touches body sensitive signals

Yoga touches body sensitive signals

For joint self-examination 1 Correct the distortion self-examination part: cervical spine Please pay attention to the body’s response: If you turn your head and neck sideways, you will feel a noise, and the range of motion is limited, accompanied by dizziness.

Then your cervical spine and lateral muscle groups are warning you.

  For self-examination of joints 2 Sunday Sunday self-examination: lumbar spine Please pay attention to the body’s response: If your upper body is tilted backwards, you will feel the muscles of the abdomen and back, and the range of motion is limited. After squeezing the lumbar spineLumbar pain when lateral.

Then please take care of your lumbar spine, do more exercises, and strengthen it.

  For the joint self-examination 3 Lotus Sun-style self-examination: knee and toe joints Please pay attention to the body’s response: if you feel that your knees cannot land, the toe nails will be painful.

Then, you need to strengthen the toe claws, toes.

  For the joint self-examination of the 4 V-shaped self-examination: the sacrum, please pay attention to the reaction of the body: if you are facing on the ground, you will feel the sacral pain, and your body cannot support the balance and skew to the side.

This means that your sacrum needs to increase the intensity of exercise.

  For the muscle group self-examination 1 90 ° type self-examination: the abdomen, please pay attention to the body’s response: if you feel that your legs cannot keep upright in a straight line, or the tibia muscles.

Then you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

  For the muscle group self-examination 2 Peacock-style self-examination: a pair of waist and abdomen Please pay attention to the reaction of the body: if you feel a slight thickness on both sides of the waist and abdomen, the arms are stiff and the breathing is difficult when the arms extend backward.

Then pay attention to strengthening the ligaments on both sides of the waist exercise.

  For the muscle group self-examination 3 tree self-examination parts: please pay attention to the body’s reaction in the legs: if you feel that the endurance of the lower limbs is insufficient, the body will shake.

Then, you need to strengthen your lower limb endurance and balance.

  For the muscle group self-examination 4 bow-type self-examination: dorsal and abdominal muscle groups, please pay attention to the body’s response: if you feel that the thighs are limited to the ground, the hip muscles are weak.

Then, you need to strengthen the endurance of the abdominal muscles.

In addition, you should strengthen the elastic exercises of the ligaments of the upper thigh muscles.

Yoga changes your spirit

Yoga changes your spirit

Use yoga to reduce your physical stress when you can’t eat normally due to overtime work; when you feel dizzy in front of your computer for a long time, it means that you are on the verge of health.

We should use exercise to decompress ourselves.

  For white-collar workers over the age of 30 who are nervous and inactive, if you do not have any exercise habits, I suggest you join the yoga ranks this year.

It is necessary to remind here that when practicing yoga, you are best to learn with a professional yoga teacher when you start, so as to avoid being harmed by improper methods.

By exercising the flexibility of the human body, yoga returns to the most natural state and regulates internal functions.

Every time you practice, the body is stretched and the stress in your heart is released at the same time.

Only when people are at peace and contented will they become more sensitive to good things.

  Yoga makes a whole new change in your physiology If you are a woman who is very dedicated to work and often feels stressed and upset, then yoga will make a whole new change in your physical and mental condition.

After a period of exercise from the inside out, inside and out, you will find yourself confident and happy.

The peace that yoga brings to people can change people’s concept of dealing with people, and they are no longer upset by people or things that are not pleasing to the eye, as they used to be.

  Before participating in fitness exercises, each female friend should first undergo a fitness test by a fitness instructor. Based on this, the coach will make a reasonable and effective plan for you, including the amount of exercise, sports, exercise time and diet arrangements.Wait, this will make the best effect of your exercise.

At present, mid-grade fitness clubs have annual cards of more than 2,000 yuan each, and high-end fitness clubs have annual cards of more than 6,000 yuan.

  If you want to lose weight, keep in mind that the “aerobic” figure is very important for modern female friends.

Beautiful clothes naturally have a proud figure to interpret.

In order to pay attention to every female reader, we specially invite Ms. Zeng Lu, senior coach of Li Meijian, to answer the confusions and necessary knowledge of various sports for female friends.