Repeated coughing try moxibustion

Repeated coughing try moxibustion

In the autumn, the air gradually cools down, and the temperature can easily cause a cold.

Some people have repeated coughing after a cold. The effects of injections, infusions, and medications are not obvious. At this time, it does not prevent trying acupuncture.

People with reduced immunity often have repeated coughs after a cold. Most of these patients have a debilitating constitution, air conditioning, and the cool air in the early autumn morning and evening can make coughs recur after a cold. Most of these coughs are light coughs, and the degree is not interest, But often it lasts long.

Some patients spit a small amount of thin sputum; some did not have sputum; some patients had thin or soft stools; and some patients got up in the morning and had throat discomfort.

Antibiotics are generally considered to be cold drugs, so those with debilitating constitution should not use antibiotics for a long time.

Acupuncture, cupping, and acupuncture point infrared radiation combined therapy are more effective, so try it.

If you do not have time to go to the hospital for treatment due to busy work and other reasons, you can use moxibustion at home for acupuncture points yourself. Persistent treatment can not only improve your cough, but also improve your physique and disease resistance.

Lie Que, Chi Ze, Feishu are common acupuncture points for the treatment of cough. The acupoint selection is simple, the operation is convenient, and it is suitable for home.

  The acupoint selection method is missing: the radial margin of the forearm, above the styloid process of the radius, and 1 on the transverse stripes of the wrist.

5 inches.

When acupoints were taken, the palms of the two hands were facing downwards and the tiger’s mouth crossed; when the left hand was up, the right index finger lacked the right hand; when the right hand was up, the right index finger lacked the left hand.

  Ruler Zee: In the horizontal elbow, the radial depression of the abdominal biceps tendon.

When acupoints are taken, the palms are up, the arms are raised, there is a thick tendon at the center of the arm, and the outside of the tendon is the ruler point.

The method of acupuncture on both sides is similar.

  Feishu: Under the spinous process of the 3rd thoracic vertebra of the buttocks, open 1 laterally.

5 inch.

The head of the acupoint was lowered, and the vertebra protruding behind the neck was the seventh cervical spinous process. The third thoracic vertebra was located at the lower third part, and Feishu acupoint (both sides) opened a finger beside the third vertebra.

  Moxa stick ignites moxa sticks close to acupoint 3?
5 minutes.

If the skin feels sore, shake the moxa, increase or decrease the distance between the moxa and the skin.

If the moxa is not used up, put a few drops of water on the burning end of the moxa to extinguish the moxa to prevent accidents.

  Pushing these points before moxibustion can enhance efficacy.

The specific method is as follows: the thumb fingertips block the bilateral defect, the ruler points, each point 15?
30 times; with food, press the middle two fingers to rub Feishu acupoint about 15?
30 times; with the thumb of both hands, push down from Feishu acupoint along the posterior margin of the scapula, and push about 30?
50 times.

  If the stool is often thin or soft, it can be taken with Shenling Baizhu Powder; in the morning, you can use mouthwater to rinse your throat.

Too much face and low self-esteem

Too much face and low self-esteem

I often hear friends around me saying that I am afraid to go home. Every time I go home, I will be asked by relatives how much money I make.They and other words, so “Fear of Return” has also become a fashion mentality.

  Friend Xiaofang’s father is about to celebrate his birthday, and she is still earning good money, but she is worried about going home.

Because parents often boast in front of the villagers how capable their daughter is, the villagers think that she should have been rich for a long time.

However, it is not easy to stand in a competitive metropolis.

But in order to let the parents have light on their arms and make themselves look, she took out the hard-earned money and bought the car, not only to buy gifts for her father, but also to take care of her relatives and friends.… The savings over the years are almost emptied.

  Psychologists believe that Xiaofang’s love for face is actually a sign of inferiority.

The habit of comparing with others and desperately living for “face” is an important reason that makes modern people difficult to be happy.

  A person who loves face is a person with strong self-esteem. However, if he loves face too much and even gets tired of it, in fact, he always asks himself by the standards of others, which is a sign of inferiority.

  In order not to be overwhelmed by your face, you must first understand what you want and stick to what you want.

Maybe a lot of people want a relaxed and comfortable life, but in order to meet external standards, they have to be wronged to support their face, and only themselves are affected.

In fact, for us, our own life experience is the most important. If you stick to your own path, you will feel a lot easier.

  Think about it from another angle. Is it that serious that you do not meet the standards of others?

Think about it, suppose you find a friend is rich, but one day you find that it is not the case. What harm did your discovery do to your friend?


That being the case, why not be afraid to be “disappointed” by others?

  Never modify face with material wealth alone.

And think more about the other wealth you have.

In fact, a healthy body, a good attitude, a reasonable lifestyle, a happy and fulfilling family, and a kind act in favor of others can all win the envy and appreciation of others.Only love one flower “, obsessed with the standards of others, will only lose yourself in life.

10 things mothers do to be smarter

10 things mothers do to be smarter

More and more studies show that multiple genes determine the development of the baby’s brain, as well as the results of genetic and environmental effects.

All the surroundings of the baby, what he sees, hears, smells, and feels are shaping the baby’s brain, which ultimately determines the way the baby learns, thinks and behaves as an adult.


Don’t skimp on your baby’s love and safe attachment is the basis for your baby’s future interpersonal relationships.

Only when the baby has experienced all the positive emotions about love when he was a child can he feel safe and able to interact with others on an equal footing.

  So, don’t be fooled by your love, get closer to your baby, and let him fully appreciate the intimacy of love in the close contact with his mother.


Actively responding to your baby Before your baby can’t speak, he can only communicate with you in his own way.

Maybe it’s a sound, an action or facial expression, gaze or escape, but it’s the hint your baby gives you.

  Don’t hesitate to respond, you will find that your smile can calm the anxious baby gradually, he will cry enough, and he will be quieter at night.

This is because the baby is quieted by soothing or feeding, at which time his brain’s worry response system is automatically turned off.

But pay attention: you can’t meet all his requirements, you only keep a positive response to the baby’s suggestion, let him know that you understand his requirements.


Talk to your baby as much as possible. You and your baby’s personality will lay a foundation for your baby’s future learning.

As your baby hears more and more words, the language processing function in the brain develops.

  Talk to your baby, read or sing as much as possible, and perhaps read simple picture books to him from the beginning instead of trying to teach him.

As your baby gets heavier, you can encourage him to participate by reading stories-repeating intonation and phrases, and slowly, he can do just like you.


Help your baby build a grade For a baby, building a grade is basic.

The baby learns through repetition, which is an important reason for him to feel safe.

  Remember, it’s important to change your diaper and bath regularly every day.

At the same time, you should repeat or even fix some activities that can make your baby feel happy, such as telling stories or singing before going to bed, listening to nursery rhymes, and eating cookies and candy after going home.


Encourage your baby to explore safely. For your baby, you are his entire world. Most of you determine his attitude towards the world, and your interaction with him basically determines the way he learns.

Therefore, when your baby is trying to explore or play games, you need to be receptive, especially when he is frustrated and needs encouragement from you.

Only then will the baby be afraid of the difficulties and fearless for the future.


Selective study with babies watching TV shows that babies learn well, and it is related to mothers’ restrictions on the time and content of watching TV.

Never let TV be your baby’s “sister”. Even if you watch TV, your baby has to watch it with you.

You can understand the content of TV in your way, and even discuss it with him. In this way, watching TV can become a learning experience.


Take the rule as an opportunity to learn Don’t expect your baby to always follow what you say. He is usually impulsive and often noisy because he is not capable of controlling his emotions when he is avoiding and angry.

It takes time for your baby to learn to control himself.

Never beat or shake your baby vigorously. Studies have shown that this can cause a permanent bad effect on the baby, making him feel scared, humiliated, or angry. This interaction can only teach the baby to resist in the same violent way.

  When your baby makes you unhappy, give yourself a little time, count to 10, calm yourself down, or talk to a friend to ease your mood.

When you are overreacting or demanding too much, say sorry to your baby first. This will not only cause loss, but also make your baby more aware and supportive.


Every baby is unique. Each baby has its own temperament and growth rate, and each baby is unique.Give your baby unique encouragement and you will see that your baby can really do it well.

First, parents who are more sensitive to their baby’s response will help their baby build a positive self-esteem.


Guaranteeing the quality of your baby. Studies have shown that proper baby care and early education can promote your baby’s future learning and social skills. It is absolutely up to you to take care.

If your baby is being taken care of by a nanny or relatives or friends, you need to personally observe how the caregiver interacts with your baby, whether he really cares for the baby, and at the same time provides a space for the baby’s development, whether the baby is clean and safe, and so on.


Taking care of your own baby is the most challenging job, especially when you feel tired, irritable, frustrated, or frustrated, it is more difficult to meet your baby’s requirements.

Therefore, taking care of yourself is more beneficial to your baby.

Leek garlic seedlings have good sterilization and detoxification effects

Leek garlic seedlings have good sterilization and detoxification effects

Some vegetables can be cooked or eaten raw, some leek, garlic sprouts.

  The spicy flavor of leeks mainly expands the metabolized thio starch, which can increase appetite, as well as the functions of loosening blood stasis, activating blood, and detoxifying.

  Leek is also an antibacterial vegetable and has an inhibitory effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Therefore, raw chives can make better use of the above effects, while cooked food will reduce the spice and its efficacy, so the chives should be fried quickly.

  Garlic seedlings can also be eaten raw, but people are accustomed to eating after frying, and even add shredded pork, fungus, eggs, tempeh, etc.

  The spicy ingredient in garlic seedlings has a strong bactericidal ability, its effect can reach 1/10 of penicillin, as well as deworming and preventing wound infections.

Therefore, if you want to cook it, you should fry it when you fry the garlic. Do not overcook or rotten it, so as not to lose too much spicy vegetarian food. Of course, eating raw vegetables can play a more effective role.

Eat pumpkin seeds to improve gum atrophy

Eat pumpkin seeds to improve gum atrophy

It is best to eat pumpkin seeds with your hands peeled, do not use flounder, if you use flounder, a lot of saliva will stick to the skin of the seeds and be lost.

In addition to moistening and dissolving food, making it easy to swallow, and cleaning and protecting the mouth, saliva also nourishes kidney essence.

Therefore, you should use fewer teeth to scoop seeds.

As you get older, your gums shrink, and eating pumpkin seeds often can change this.

  Pumpkin seeds can be two important types of nutrients that are very important for gums and alveolar bone.

First, it contains a large amount of phosphorus, and 1159 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams of pumpkin seeds. Alveolar bone atrophy in the elderly is related to phosphorus loss. Second, carotene and vitamin E are consumed. These two substances can directly nourish gums and prevent gum atrophy.

  When eating, it is best to grind pumpkin seeds into powder for consumption. Eat a small spoon of about 30 grams daily for better results.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are still potassium-rich foods.

Potassium-rich foods can help your leg muscles contract and prevent leg cramps.

  It is best to eat pumpkin seeds with your hands peeled, do not use flounder, if you use flounder, a lot of saliva will stick to the skin of the seeds and be lost.
In addition to moistening and dissolving food, making it easy to swallow, and cleaning and protecting the mouth, saliva also nourishes kidney essence.
Therefore, you should use fewer teeth to scoop seeds.

Why do little women fall in love with old men

Why do little women fall in love with old men

Psychologically speaking, what you most desire is what you most need, but the most needed desire in real life often does not bring you happiness, but instead leads you to the loss and disappointment caused.

  Here, exploring the reasons why a “little” woman falls in love with a “big” man may help you recognize your deep desire: maybe you are too biased in this respect, you may fall into a bias;You are eager to find compensation in that area.

  Reason: The loss of childhood fatherly love Your performance: 1.

When you saw him, you felt compensated for your childhood without fatherhood.


Once you attract his arms, another kind of loss comes into being.

  Your experience: Born in a bereavement at an early age, or a single parent family with divorced parents.

  Psychoanalysis: Since you have longed for a father in the subconscious, when you are looking for a love partner, it is difficult to abandon your original desire.

And because you have no experience with your father, most of your desire for your father comes from your fantasies. Therefore, real people in reality often disappoint you.

  If, when you see him, you feel that your childhood without parental love has been compensated, then it is said that you have found love, it is better to say that you have found a partner with a regretful heart.

Although compensation and love are often similar, they are different in essence: love is production, compensation is consumption; love is positive, compensation is negative; love is given, compensation is demanded.

  Love can only be transformed into growth in a healthy personality: you give me love, and I have more love because of your love.

On the contrary, if you only treat him as the compensation you need internally, it is difficult for you not to fall into the bias of “enjoying” compensation, so that you forget or neglect to give it to each other, because your personality is not sound and you have the power of love in your heart.
  In this way, unless he loves you very much in the beginning, experiencing the satisfaction of desire and the displacement of time, his love for you will inevitably be lost. Similarly, your love for him may also occur due to age and personality differences.Fission.

As a result, you thought you could rely on a big man like an elder forever and you will never lose it. Once you replace his arms, another sense of loss will come into being. The loss of compensation will bring you a little disappointment.

  Action plan: 1.

Out of the shadow of childhood If you have been living in the illusion of longing for father’s love for a long time, it is imperative to get out of the shadow of childhood.

Because, only out of the shadow of childhood, you can face the future life; only with the accumulation of small illusions, you can find your own preferences, psychologists tell us, so as to eliminate the depression that inevitably brings.

Maybe you need the same cheerfulness, vigor, and enthusiasm of your peers as others, so forget the unhappiness of childhood. Once you step out of the haze of childhood, you will find a sun outside the house.


Don’t refuse to seek lovers of the same age on the road of seeking love, never be preconceived, let alone autism, and don’t think that you will not have feelings for your peers except for big men.

You know, a lot of times we don’t know ourselves, and only when we have the opposite sex can we truly know ourselves and find ourselves.

So, don’t easily reject the same age suitors. Maybe you really don’t feel it at first. Once you open the door, you will find unexpected freshness and fun in the actual interaction with “he”.