An elderly gentleman appeared in front of the camera,Gray hair,tall and big,A straight double-breasted black suit,With a black oak cane embedded with rubies,Standard veteran British fan。

Whether it’s the senior Korean officials present,Or those businessmen and entrepreneurs,When I saw this old man,All shocked,Many people even stood up with surprise。
“It’s Mr. Buffett?”
“It’s really Mr. Buffett?”
“Oh my god!His old man did not appear on the guest list,If I knew he was coming,I am afraid that the ticket price of this conference will be increased tenfold。”
“Mr. Buffett, God of Investment!The price of a lunch with him has soared to six million dollars, right??”
When the audience met the old man,Completely boiling。Especially those entrepreneurs,Every face showed a look of reverence。
if we assume,The video that Lu Menglin played just now,Greatly satisfy people’s curiosity and voyeuristic desire,Or it’s the desire to destroy,So when the investment god Buffett takes the initiative to show up,,What Lu Menglin did just now,It seems so naive and ridiculous。
In the long time of nearly thirty years,Mr. Buffett’s investment behavior,Hardly ever made a big mistake,The rate of return has been maintained at about 13%,And he became one of the richest people on the planet。
If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can think of it,Such a legend,The god of trillions of investment,He would stand up and speak for Elizabeth and blood test technology。
If you knew it from the beginning,Even Mr. Buffett has invested in the black technology of blood test,Then there will definitely be countless investors like crucian carp crossing the river,Smashed the funds endlessly。
Who doesn’t want to get rich?Who doesn’t want to keep up with the torrent of the times,Roll forward?
and so,From the moment when Mr. Buffett, the god of investment, appeared,The situation has turned around again。
No matter what evidence Lu Menglin presented,People won’t believe him。
Suddenly,The atmosphere of the audience changed suddenly,When everyone’s eyes were on Lu Menglin,With doubts and distrust。

At this moment,A sudden smell in the nose

Nice smell,Lu Menglin suddenly felt shocked,Slowly moving his eyes,I realized that I looked at sister Zhou Min’s face at such a close distance,Tender complexion,I can’t see any flaws。
“is it nice?”Zhou Minrou,Under someone watching,Fever at the base of the ear,There is even more shame on my cheeks。
Lu Menglin swallowed subconsciously,Conscience,This is out of instinct again,Man’s instinct,not on purpose。
“I like you!I don’t know when I like you。How to do it?”
These words came from Zhou Min’s cherry mouth,The voice is soft and nice,Glutinous。
Beautiful as jade,Exhale,Even Lu Menglin was lost for a moment。
“You like me too,good or not?”Zhou Min saw Lu Menglin freeze,Simply let go,Leaned her tender body softly on his shoulder。
Lu Menglin’s arms can clearly feel the softness coming from Zhou Min’s chest,And the jade-like temperature on her body。
now,In this small living room,Even the air exudes an ambiguous breath。
As long as Lu Menglin gently stretched out his hand,This flower will be picked by you,Without hindrance。
but,Can he really do this?
Accept Zhou Min’s love?This is obviously something that Lu Menglin has never considered。

at the same time,There are too many big people who can’t sleep。

Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Geng’s harsh methods,More because they used to take money from the North American Auto Workers Association,Of course when I took money before,it’s good now,The Detroit police raided the North American Auto Workers Association as Chen Geng wanted,Will there be evidence that I took money from the North American Auto Workers Association??
under these circumstances,The phones of the Detroit Police Department and Chen Geng kept ringing,Those big people who are scared want to know what Chen Geng means,the most important is:You won’t be ready to yin me?
“rest assured,Tom,This time,Only to let the senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association get out,”To a certain state legislator on the phone,Chen Geng said seriously:“You know,I have a clear principle,Just don’t mess with me,I won’t mess with you,Some idiots of the North American Auto Workers Association,I want to stick my paw into my territory,Of course I want to chop off the paw。”
“Really?”Tom is relieved,Tentatively:“Fernandez,You know,I have a seaside villa in California,But I haven’t had much time……”
First1141chapter Promote legislation
As a trade union organization that has existed for decades,The North American Auto Workers Association has existed for too long,Long time,Some things have inertia,For example, the high level of the union engaged in the transfer of benefits,In the early days,The senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association may be more cautious about the transfer of benefits,After years of development、Used to be“union=Political correctness”Senior management of the North American Auto Workers Association,When doing these things not only unscrupulous,And there is no obstruction,and so,The whole process of getting evidence by the police station went so smoothly that it’s just outrageous。
With evidence,It’s his next boss who provided the evidence,So,Both the Detroit police and prosecutors are operating with super efficiency,As for the people,Especially the members of the North American Auto Workers Association,Face this news,Is an uproar……
“Every year, at least tens of millions of dollars are privately divided by the bastards of the union in various ways?”
“what?The union buys a coffee cup200Multi dollar?!”
“An ordinary chair in the meeting room1000Multi dollar?!”
“This annual agreement signed with New York Pan American Consulting200What’s the matter with the consulting fee of ten thousand dollars?……”

[Can amenorrhea eat gelatin?】 _Menstruation stop_Can you eat

濂充汉鍒颁簡涓€瀹氱殑骞寸邯锛屽氨浼氬嚭鐜扮粷缁忕殑鎯呭喌锛岀粷缁忓悗涓€瀹氳娉ㄦ剰韬綋鐨勪繚鍏伙紝楗淇濆吇鏄嚦鍏抽噸瑕佺殑锛岃繖鏃跺€欏彲浠ュ鍚冧竴浜涜眴鍒跺搧锛屾渶涓哄父瑙佺殑鍖呮嫭榛戣眴鍜岄粍璞嗙瓑绛夛紝杩欎簺璞嗗埗鍝侀噷闈㈠瘜鍚紭璐ㄨ泲鐧斤紝杩樺惈鏈夊绉嶇淮鐢熺礌鍜屽井閲忓厓绱狅紝鍏锋湁寰堝ソ鐨勮皟鐞嗚韩浣撶殑浣滅敤锛岄偅涔堝コ浜哄嚭鐜伴棴缁忕殑鏃跺€欒兘涓嶈兘鍚冮樋鑳跺憿锛熼棴缁忚兘鍚冮樋鑳跺悧锛熼棴缁忓浜庢煇浜涘コ鎬ц€岃█鏄瀬甯稿彂鐢熺殑浜嬫儏锛屽浜庤偛榫勬湡濂虫€ф潵璇达紝鍑虹幇浜嗛棴缁忕殑鐜拌薄鑲畾棣栧厛灏变細鎯冲埌鏄笉鏄嚜宸辨€€瀛曚簡锛屼絾鏄鏋滄帓闄や簡杩欑鍙兘锛岃€屾槸鍏朵粬鍘熷洜寮曡捣鐨勯棴缁忕幇璞★紝鏄竴瀹氳绉瀬娌荤枟闃叉涓嶅埄浜嬫儏鍙戠敓鐨勩€傞偅闂粡鍚冮樋鑳舵湁鐢ㄥ悧锛熷鑷撮棴缁忕殑鍘熷洜鏈夊摢浜涘憿锛熶笅闈竴璧锋潵璇︾粏浜嗚В涓€涓嬶紒闂粡鍚冮樋鑳舵湁鐢ㄥ悧锛熼樋鑳舵槸鏃ュ父鐢熸椿涓緢澶氬コ鎬ч兘闈炲父鍠滄鐨勪竴绉嶆粙琛ュ搧锛屽湪骞虫椂寰堝濂虫€ч兘鍠滄鐢ㄩ樋鑳舵潵琛ヨ鍏昏锛屼絾鏄浜庨棴缁忓悆阒胯兑链链伞涓棶棰桡纴鍏跺疄闂粡钖冮樋鑳舵槸娌℃湁浠€涔堢敤澶勭殑銆傞鍏堢煡閬撳鑷村コ鎬ч棴缁忕殑鍘熷洜鏈夊緢澶氾紝鎯宠娌荤枟闂粡棣栧厛瑕佸幓鍒板尰闄㈠幓锛岀粡杩囪缁嗙殑妫€鏌ヨ瘖鏂悗鐪嬬湅鍒板簳鏄綍绉嶅師鍥犲紩璧风殑闂粡锛岀劧鍚庡鐥囪繘琛屾不鐤楃浉淇℃槸鍙互娌绘剤鐨勩€備篃灏辨槸璇村浜庨棴缁忓悆闃胯兌鏈夌敤鍚楄繖涓棶棰橈紝闂粡鍚庣洸鐩悆闃胯兌鏄病鏈変粈涔堝府鍔╃殑銆傞偅瀵艰嚧闂粡鍘熷洜鏈夊摢浜涘憿锛燂紙1锛夊洜涓虹簿绁炲埡婵€寮曡捣鐨勯棴缁忛棶棰樺湪鐜板疄鐢熸椿涓緢澶氬コ鎬ч兘浼氬洜涓烘儏缁殑褰卞搷鑰屽彂鐢熸湀缁忎笉璋冪敋鑷抽棴缁忕殑闂锛屽亣濡備竴涓汉闀挎湡澶勪簬楂樺害绱у紶鐨勫帇鍔涚姸鎬佷笅锛屽張鎴栬€呮椂鏃堕兘鎰熻鐑﹂椃鎶戦儊锛屽張鎴栬€呮槸绐佺劧鍙楀埌浜嗛噸澶х殑绮剧鍒烘縺锛岃繖浜涢兘鏈夊彲鑳戒細寮曞彂闂粡闂銆傦紙2锛夊嵉宸㈢柧鐥呭紩璧风殑闂粡闂鐭ラ亾鏈堢粡鐨勬潵娼渶瑕佷緷闈犲嵉宸㈠垎娉屾€ф縺绱狅紝褰撳嵉宸㈠嚭鐜版棭琛般€佸鍥婂嵉宸㈢患鍚堢棁绛夐棶棰Trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, trees, and trees灏变細鍥犱负涓嶅彂鐢熷懆鏈熸€у彉鍖栬€屽鑷撮棴缁忕殑闂锛屽湪鐜板疄鐢熸椿涓嵉宸㈡€ч棴缁忔槸闈炲父甯歌鐨勩€傦紙3锛夊瀭浣撴€х柧鐥呭鑷寸殑闂粡闂鍨備綋鎬х柧鐥呭綋涓瀭浣撹吅鐦ょ瓑鐤剧梾锛屼細瀵艰嚧鍨備綋婵€绱犲紓甯稿垎娉岋紝浠庤€屽紩鍙戜竴绯诲垪鐨勪笉鑹棁鐘惰〃鐜帮紝鍏朵腑灏卞寘鎷棴缁忕殑闂锛岃繖绉嶆儏鍐典竴瀹氳璋ㄦ厧澶勭悊銆備互涓婂氨鏄叧浜庨棴缁忓悆闃胯兌鏈夌敤鍚楃殑鐩稿叧鍐呭浠嬬粛锛岄樋鑳惰櫧鐒舵槸鐢熸椿涓父瑙佺殑鏋佸叾鍙楁杩庣殑涓€绉嶈ˉ琛€婊嬭ˉ鍝侊紝浣嗘槸骞朵笉鏄换浣曠柧鐥呴兘鍙互閫氳繃鍚冮樋鑳舵潵杩涜娌荤枟锛屽挨鍏舵槸瀵逛簬鑲查緞鏈熼棴缁忛棶棰樻洿搴旇鍙婃椂寮曡捣閲嶈锛岀Н鏋佹不鐤楃紦瑙g棁鐘躲€?

[Can you eat plums after menstruation]_ Physiological period _ how to eat

[Can you eat plums after menstruation]_ Physiological period _ how to eat

Plum is a fruit with high nutritional value, and many people prefer to eat it.

Eating plums properly during menstruation is not a problem. Plums are sweet and sour, have a good appetizing effect, and have the effect of promoting blood circulation and detoxification. As a menstrual woman, do n’t eat too much.To avoid causing gastrointestinal problems.

Pay attention to diet conditioning during menstruation, and do not eat cold foods.

Can you eat plums after menstruation? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that plums are sweet and sour, cool in nature, and have the effects of clearing heat and refreshing fluid, purging liver and purifying heat, promoting blood circulation and detoxifying, and promoting swelling and swelling.

It also has the effects of detoxification and sobriety, and is suitable for the treatment of gastric yin deficiency, thirst, dry throat, abdominal edema, and unfavorable urination.

Plums have a better maintenance effect on liver disease. Consuming 3 plums a day has a good effect on chronic hepatitis. Tang Siren, a famous doctor in the Tang Dynasty, said that “liver disease should be eaten”.

Vitamin B12 in plums has the effect of promoting hemoglobin regeneration, and moderate consumption is of great importance to those with anemia.

The beauty of plums is very strange. The regular consumption of fresh plums can make the face look as clean as jade. Rubbing the surface with plum tree flowers can eliminate facial acne. Plum wine is known as “color wine”, which is modern beauty.A rare natural essence for beauty.

The edible portion of plums contains 117 energy per 100 grams.


9 kJ, sugar 8.

8 grams, protein 0.

7 grams, aunt 0.

25 grams, 100-360 micrograms of provitamin A (carotene), 0 niacin.

3 mg, calcium 6 mg or more, phosphorus 12 mg, iron 0.

3 mg, potassium 130 mg, vitamin c2?
7 mg, plus other minerals, a variety of amino acids, aspartin and cellulose.

Plums can be used by everyone, especially for patients with liver disease, fever patients and teachers, when actors have hoarse or aura sound.

You can eat some plums during menstruation, but not too much.

A small reminder that although the nutritional value of plums is lower than that of peaches, the effects of plums are actually too much. Plums can diuretic, laxative, help digestion, and clear the liver, which is good for the liver, so if there is a problem with the liverBut you must not eat too much plums, and remember to eat cooked ones.

[Efficacy of Jiaoyan Capsules]_Action_Effect

[Efficacy of Jiaoyan Capsules]_Action_Effect

Jiao Yan Capsule is a capsule made with Yan Jiao. It is rich in G protein and has a good kidney effect. Men eat some Jiao Yan Capsules to improve their sexual performance. Most men with poor sexual function sometimes sometimesMen who have premature ejaculation, or have a short duration, can choose to eat some Jiaoyan capsules to nourish the kidney. In addition, Jiaoyan capsules have many other effects, let’s find out below.

Jiaoyan capsule contains rich horny G protein, which can be easily absorbed by the human body, especially the effect of nourishing kidney is good, without side effects.

This medicine cannot be used as Viagra.

Jiaoyan Capsule is not a prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine. It is only a health product, which can improve the body’s immunity and enhance G protein. Therefore, taking Jiaoyan Capsule cannot improve the ability and prolong the time.

Jiaoyan Capsule is the only marine biological preparation that uses horned finfish as the raw material, and is also the only oral product that uses the horned G protein as the raw material approved by the state.

The horned G protein is a substance extracted from the brain of the horned finfish. It is rich in protein and glycerin, and its high-purity G protein content reaches 82.

3%-is the highest G protein content in nature, and the highest protein that can be easily absorbed by the body. It can be described as “golden protein”, which has very good immunoregulatory functions and can gradually improve men’s physiological functions.

Jiaoyan Capsule uses the international advanced modern biotechnology-high-speed freeze centrifugation and low-temperature freeze-drying technology. It repeatedly extracts and completes the extraction through a series of strict procedures such as extraction-precipitation-centrifugation-lyophilization.

And improve, not only can activate kidney cells and gonadal cells, but also repair aging damaged kidney cells, gonadal cells, maintain the strong and healthy men’s function for a long time, and nurture men’s vitality.

The theoretical basis is G protein, which is the abbreviation of guanylate-binding protein. It is widely distributed in various tissues and cells of the human body. It extensively acts on the human nervous system and endocrine system. It has a wide range of regulatory functions and is mainly involved in cell reproduction and signals inside and outside the cell.Transduction, excess G protein helps to replenish the energy required for all physiological activities of the human body.

American scientist Alfred Goodman-Gilman won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for discovering G protein and its important role in cell excitability.

Among all G proteins, horned swallow G protein is known as gold protein because of its high purity and easy absorption.

G protein can supplement human cell nutrition, provide energy for kidney cells and gonadal cells, activate cell activity, make kidney cells glow with vitality, and men’s physiological functions can be gradually restored.

The body is full of energy, fatigued, tired limbs, sluggish, dull complexion, weak waist and knees, dizziness and brain swelling, insomnia and forgetfulness, tinnitus and night sweats are eliminated, the human body is vigorous and vigorous, full of energy and full of spirit.

Product characteristics Marine life, fast absorption-Horned G protein is taken from the deep sea, original ecology, pollution-free, pure natural, and Horned G protein has stronger affinity to the human body. It is absorbed immediately by the stomach and intestines and directly acts on human cells to restore physiology.function!

Enhance immunity, green health-Horned G protein supplements the necessary physiological energy of the human body, activates human immune factors, achieves quantity to quality, enhances human immune function, enhances human physique, and achieves green and healthy scientific health!

Special energy, nourish the whole body-Horned G protein is a special nutrient supplement for human energy. After being digested and absorbed by the human body, G protein is widely absorbed by the cells around the body, participates in the physiological activities of various systems, and improves the overall physiological function of the human body.

Suitable for men whose bodies are hollowed out-dizziness, insomnia, chest tightness, weak body sweating, and frequent nocturia.

Men in a sub-health state-low immunity, fatigue, cold, and low interest.

Men with short husband and wife lives-hastily ended, it is difficult to experience the expected sex life.

People with diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, three high populations-not only affect the physical state, but also affect the quality of sexual life.

Tongwei (600438): Silicon material, the bottom profit of the battery chip can be expected in the future

Tongwei (600438): Silicon material, the bottom profit of the battery chip can be expected in the future
Recommended logic: The photovoltaic industry is gradually moving towards parity. As a leader in silicon materials and cells, the company will fully benefit from the industry’s shift from cycle to growth; the company will continue to expand its production in 2020.6-inch, 10GW battery chip, further increasing the concentration of the industry; At present, silicon materials and battery chips are at the bottom of profitability, and there is great flexibility in upward repair. Rapid expansion of production to create a dual leader of silicon materials and cells: Since the company’s in-depth layout of the photovoltaic industry in 2016, its revenue and net profit have been in a steady growth trend, forming a dual-main industry development pattern of “photovoltaics” and “agriculture”.The company has been in a period of rapid expansion in recent years, expanding the production of silicon materials and battery cells. The vertical capital expansion in 2018 was 71.2 ppm, an increase of 773 over 2016.6%, the rapid deployment of production capacity has expanded the company’s foundation to become a silicon material + battery chip double penetration leader. Parity opens up the growth attribute: In the past, due to the supplementary existence of the photovoltaic industry, there were two characteristics of “cash flow difference” and “large cyclical variability”. These are the two big mountains of photovoltaic industry growth and valuation.After dating the bidding mechanism in 2019, the average bidding price of the first, second, and third type of resource regions decreased by 0 compared to the benchmark power price in 2018.22 yuan / kwh, 0.28 yuan / kwh, 0.29 yuan / kwh, the average compensation ratio has been repeated 20.2%, 10.2%, 16.3%.At the same time, 2019 is the first year of domestic “photovoltaic parity”, with a total of 14 reported.79GW parity photovoltaic project.The advent of the parity era will effectively improve two major factors. Silicon materials and battery cells are in the bottom range, and the upward repair flexibility is great: the price of silicon materials has been declining all the way from the end of 2017, and has plummeted from a high to 50% to 6.5?7.At the level of about 4 million / ton, the “old capacity” 苏州桑拿网 that has been expanded before 2017 is basically in transition. At present, the leading companies in battery chips have a gross profit margin of about 10%, and most of them are in a state of substitution.As a manufacturing product with a relatively low depreciation ratio, the state of the entire industry is difficult to continue. Overlapping demand in the fourth quarter is gradually picking up. At present, prices have entered the repair stage and profits will gradually rise. The capacity of silicon materials and battery cells is rapidly expanding, and the scale advantage is obvious: the company’s silicon materials have now formed 8 production capacities, and the battery cells have formed 20GW production capacity, ranking the second and first in the world respectively.The company will continue to expand production in 2020.In 杭州夜生活网 6 seconds, the battery chip is 10GW, which further enhances the industry concentration and consolidates the company’s scale advantage in silicon materials and solar cell replacement.The gradual release of new production capacity of silicon materials and cells will significantly reduce the average production cost in 2020 and help the company’s performance growth. Earnings forecast and investment advice: Expected company 2019?In 2021, the EPS will be 0.72, 0.90, 1.17 yuan, the corresponding PE is 16X, 13X and 10X, which are lower than the average estimated level of the photovoltaic sector, given 18X conversion in 2020, corresponding to the target price of 16.2 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: overseas photovoltaic market may be less than expected risk, cell expansion or may be less than expected risk.

Bank of Ningbo (002142) 1H19 performance newsletter comment: high performance continued to convert debt to equity or accelerate

Bank of Ningbo (002142) 1H19 performance newsletter comment: high performance continued to convert debt to equity or accelerate

Event: On the evening of July 18, the Bank of Ningbo disclosed the 1H19 performance report.

1H19 revenue 161.

92 billion, a year-on-year increase of +19.

75%; net profit attributable to mother 68.

43 billion, a year-on-year increase of +20.


At the end of June 19, total assets were 1.

21 trillion yuan; NPL ratio is 0.


The average annual ROE for 1H19 is 19.


Opinion: The high-performance growth continues, and the revenue growth rate slightly decreases.

In the past 5 years, Ning Bank’s net profit growth rate has exceeded 15%, and profit has continued to grow at a high rate. It is commendable that its net profit growth rate has stabilized at about 20% in the past three years.

1H19 net profit growth rate was 20.

03%, basically the same as 19Q1, continued 深圳桑拿网 to grow at a high rate.

1H19 revenue growth rate of 19.

75%, before 1Q19.

4% fell slightly, but in line with industry trends and market expectations.

ROE continues to lead, the leader of city commercial banks.

Despite the substitution effect of convertible bonds to equity, the average ROE for 18 years was 18.

At 72%, the annualized ROE reached 19 in 1H19.

35%, significantly higher than the industry average.

Optimization of debt structure, loans maintained a high growth rate denied structural optimization.

Thanks to a better customer base for corporate and retail customers, the deposit in 1H19 amounted to 7,591.

600 million yuan, a big increase of 17 from the beginning of the year.

39%, 19Q1 / Q2 deposits increased by 100.5 billion / 11.9 billion, respectively, debt structure optimization.

Loans maintained rapid growth.

The balance of loans in 1H19 was 4,518 trillion, an increase of 9 earlier.

77%, the ratio of loan budget to asset size is 37.

5%, asset structure optimization.

Asset quality remained outstanding, with high levels of provision. Asset quality remained outstanding.

1H19 NPL ratio is 0.

78%, the same as the beginning of the year, and continued to maintain the level; 1Q19 “bad + attention” ratio was only 1.

42%, slightly higher than the previous month, but far below the industry average, highlighting its excellent risk control capabilities.

At the end of 18 years, the overdue loan rate was only 0.

89%, less worry about asset quality in the future.

Provision level is high.
1H19 loan-to-loan ratio of 4.
09%, a slight increase of 1BP at the end of the earlier 18 years.

With the provision level significantly higher than the industry average, the loan-to-loan ratio of Ningxing Bank in 1H19 remained stable.

Investment suggestion: High ROE and high growth, convertible bonds or compulsory conversion. We believe that Ningxing’s leading profitability comes from its very high corporate governance level, highly market-oriented mechanism, and better SME customers.And personal customer base, and outstanding risk control capabilities.

The business scope of Ningxing is an economically developed area, with the Yangtze River Delta as the main body and the two wings of the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Bay, with obvious regional advantages.

As of the end of June 19, Ninghang’s convertible bonds that had not been converted into shares45.

US $ 6.6 billion. Due to the compulsory conversion of shares currently underway, we expect the conversion of bonds to be compulsory in 19Q3 or this year.

In addition, the newly approved increase of up to 8 billion US dollars is approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, which is awaiting the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Static measurement can improve the return on capital.

05 single, supporting future business development.

Ningxing is a high-growth bank with a high ROE and maintains a Buy rating and above1.

8 times the 19-year PB target estimate, corresponding to a target price of 25.

09 yuan / share.

Due to the considerable increase since the beginning of the year, it is closer to the target price.

Risk reminders: The loan interest rate is significantly lower; the personal loan business is intensified; the asset quality is worse than expected.

Wrong board: Teacher unhealthy blames teachers

Wrong board: “Teacher unhealthy” blames teachers

When Harbin Medical University surveyed the mental health of teachers in key middle schools in Harbin, it found that 35% of the teachers were unhealthy.
Professor Chen Li, director of the Department of Medical Psychology, School of Public Health, Harbin Medical University, told reporters that some of the teachers ‘unhealthy psychology manifested as emotional abnormalities, some were personality defects, some were adaptation problems, and severely had obsessive-compulsive disorder with neurotic manifestations.
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  To be honest, as a front-line teacher, I am not surprised that so many teachers have mental illness.
A young teacher in the school where I worked caused mental illness due to unsatisfactory work arrangements and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
I even feel that I may have some kind of mental illness recently because I have become ill-tempered and I am often inexplicable.
  As reported, teachers ‘bad psychological status often has negative effects on students, treating students as “scapegoats”, hindering students’ own growth, leading to various acts of violence, affecting the quality of teaching, and even causing social risk factors.
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But I thought that the old teacher was swearing because of a mental illness, and it was an abnormal state of mind caused by the long-term pressure for further studies.
This is something that no one wants to see. This is the result of exam-oriented education.
  However, I have seen such a comment, “The teacher’s mental illness in treating students as” scapegoats “deserves to be” pointed by thousands of men “and” a thousand mouths swearing. ”
In a word, all teachers who are mentally savvy must first be “laid off”, and those who are light can be re-employed after treatment. Those who are serious should retire early and not be allowed to engage in this sacred and lofty educational cause. Otherwise, students will be sorryI am also sorry that the school is even more sorry for the sacred and lofty educational cause. It will even become a “sinner of all ages”, or at least “sin to the people.”
”   这是什么话?Even if teachers take students as scapegoats because of their mental illness, they should not get such extreme punishment as “laying off,” and they should not be the object of “thousands of men” and “a thousand mouths swearing.”
How can teachers’ mental illness caused by exam-oriented education make teachers take responsibility?
Teachers are also victims of the exam-oriented education system, and teachers cannot be scapegoats for the exam-oriented education system.
To blame the “teacher’s mental health” on the teacher is the wrong board, the wrong target!
If you really want to do this, it will hurt the feelings of the teachers. It is a stupid thing that “the relatives hurt, the enemy is fast”!
  In recent years, under the influence of the market economy and the test-oriented education system, the status of teachers, especially those in primary and secondary schools, has deteriorated.
Regardless of the scores in the eyes of parents or administrative executives at all levels, all types of schools regard the rate of advancement as the number one priority.
The assessment of teachers only depends on the high performance of the teaching subject, and the ranking even reaches a few digits after the decimal point.
Under such ranking pressure, even the national athletes’ body cannot afford such toss, let alone the teacher group whose physical condition is already bad?
  Under the examination-oriented education system, both teachers and students have become slaves of grades without exception, and teachers’ professional dignity and moral sense have disappeared.
I even think that the group of teachers is not respected more than ever before.
  To gain professional dignity, teachers must first protect their right to work. The so-called “last elimination system” used on teachers is a crime against education.
Examination rankings are inherently unreasonable, and taking the teachers’ jobs at will according to an unreasonable system is not only extremely irresponsible to the teachers themselves, but also extremely irresponsible to the education cause.
In developed countries and regions in the West, no matter how flexible the employment system is and how high the unemployment rate is during the trough of the economic cycle, the employment opportunities of primary and secondary school teachers are protected from the effects of fluctuations in the economic cycle.
Giving teachers a dignity as a model can inspire them to have a noble, dedicated, and caring work ethic.
  Teachers’ mental disorders require treatment, but changing the environment that causes them is more important than medical treatment alone.
Teachers as a whole need to be respected by society as a whole, not just those who have passed high marks.
In other words, China’s education is really hopeful only if everyone truly respects the teacher community from the heart.

Winter Stomach Recipe Ginger Black Tea

Winter Stomach Recipe Ginger Black Tea

Black tea and ginger have a warming effect.

Utilizing the spicyness of ginger can make the body produce heat, increase metabolism, consume body metabolism, and achieve the effect of weight loss.

In addition, ginger can also help defecate and improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

Black tea is fermented tea that keeps the body warm. The caffeine contained in it can remove excess water from the body and improve edema.

Taken together, they can both lose weight and improve edema.

And drinking ginger tea can prevent colds.

  Suitable for the crowd: people who eat too much, have poor metabolism, excessive traces, cold hands and feet, and constipation.

  Ingredients: One bag of black tea, five peeled gingers, and the right amount of honey

  How to drink: When drinking tea every day, if you feel a burning sensation in your stomach, consider reducing the amount of ginger up to 2 to 6 cups a day.

If you don’t like ginger, you can crush the ginger, pour it into gauze, tie it tightly, and then put it in a teapot to filter the spicy taste of ginger.