Bone health advice from leading experts

Bone health advice from leading experts

How to protect bone and joint health?

Do I need daily calcium supplements?

What is the best way to supplement calcium?

On the 3rd, the world’s top orthopaedic experts who are participating in the 13th National Orthopaedic Surgery Conference and the 6th COA International Academic Conference in ancient Beijing ranked 5 pieces of advice:-Calcium tablets are not essential, a balanced diet is important.

Professor Rong Shuheng, orthopedic consultant and director of trauma, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong believes that taking calcium tablets to supplement calcium is not suitable for everyone, considering the differences in individual health conditions.

He recommends a balanced diet, guaranteed protein supplements, and moderate outdoor activities.

  -Moderate exercise can help bone health.

“Precise use of our own gravity can make our bones stronger.” Professor Wang Yan, director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Orthopedics Branch and director of the Orthopaedic Hospital of the General Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, recommends that moderate amounts of brisk walking, swimming, etc.Calcium absorption.

  -Elderly people, especially women, should not climb multiple times.

Although proper exercise is good for bone health, Wang Yan also pointed out that as sports such as mountain climbing can cause joint torque or joint surface overload, which will impact the joints, it is recommended to avoid climbing.

  -Prevention of osteoporosis should be started from young adults.

The chairman of the Asia-Pacific Orthopaedic Association, Haron Hilzi Taki, from India, believes that prevention of osteoporosis should start from the age of 20 to 30.

If you wait until you are in your old age, and then adjust after the problem, you can only get half the result with half the effort.

  -There are many benefits to strengthening knee warmth.

Huang Xunwu, director of the joint surgery department of the 309 Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, said that cold and cold is one of the causes of knee osteoarthritis.

Winter beauty lovers should also pay attention to the warmth of the knee.

Eat more vegetables due to physical fitness

Eat more vegetables due to physical fitness

Physical diet has its own unique theory and experience on the effect of vegetables. The following introduces the curative effects of some vegetables that are less valued and their physiques.

  Amaranth is sweet and warm.

In the Song Dynasty, Xin Qiji had a poem saying: “In the city, peaches and plums are sad and windy, spring is in Xitou.

“Li Shizhen said:” After the winter solstice, the seedlings will grow five or six inches from February to March, and will bloom fine white flowers.

Amaranth is a fresh wild vegetable that is initially primrose. Because of its delicious fragrance, it is commonly used for folks to pack or stir-fry pheasant meat or cook it with tofu.

But most people don’t know its medicinal value.

It is common in my clinic to treat a variety of bleeding disorders, such as hematuria, functional uterine bleeding in women, thrombocytopenia, fundus bleeding in patients with hypertension, bleeding gums and so on.

The good hemostatic effect of vegetables is mainly due to the amaranthic acid it contains.

At present, there are two common amaranths in the vegetable market. One is wild, with short vegetable leaves, and the effect is good; the other is artificial, with large leaves and poor efficacy.

  Amaranth is also known as convolvulus.

Sweet and flat.

Stir fry, soup, and cold.

Because it is mild and often not valued by people, its value is underestimated.

The Jin Dynasty crickets will call it “the strange vegetable of the south”, because it can solve food poisoning, poisonous mushrooms, arsenic, wild kudzu, cassava and other poisoning, as well as unknown poisoning, cure tincture, poisonous snake bites.

In addition, it can also cure cloudy blood in the stool, vaginal discharge in women, coughing blood in lungs, and nosebleeds.

There are records in the book saying that it can cure fever crickets when taken orally, and can cure “sore, pain, swelling and poison” when applied externally. Obviously, it has antibacterial effect.

Purple amaranth contains insulin-like substances, so it can be used as an adjuvant treatment for diabetes.

Generally speaking, it is flat, and I feel cold after using it clinically. It is only suitable for dry red blood heat. Those who have weak diarrhea and frequent urination can not eat.

  Basil vegetable tastes sweet and flat.

As early as the Tang Dynasty, it has been listed as a dietetic product, and Sun Simiao’s Qian Qian Yao Fang said that it can “relieve qi, nourish the spleen and stomach, and eliminate phlegm.”

I love to eat basil, it has a unique fragrance, and tastes slightly sweet.

And the sex is cold, so it can clear the heat.

It has an obvious liver-relieving effect, and has good effects on dizziness, bloating, hypertensive dizziness, disturbed sleep, and hot cough with sputum in patients with hyperactivity of liver and yang. It is especially suitable for those with dry red matter and constipation., Has the function of laxative and laxative, detoxification body.

Add some ginger and stir-fry.

  Ginger is spicy and slightly warm.

Home-made grilled fish, meat, chicken, duck, shrimp, crab and so on all need some ginger.

Ginger has many effects: Qu Han, deodorizing, vomiting, sweating, cough, nausea.

Ginger peels are good for water.

Treatment of germs, hot sores leave ginger skin, cold sores scrape ginger skin, because ginger skin is cold.

According to medical books, ginger is sexual and should not be eaten at night.

Because popularity should converge at night, it is not appropriate to “turn on” the other way around.

I usually use 3 slices of ginger and 10 jujubes for jujube to treat spleen and stomach deficiency, duodenal ulcer and stool diarrhea, which often have good results.

It must be stated here that those who have dry red matter with a heavy internal heat and yellow tongue coating and dry should avoid ginger.

  Leek tastes sweet and warm.

It has stomach-building and aphrodisiac functions, and is a good invigorating and strong agent.

Those who suffer from kidney yang deficiency, slippery, backache, frequent urination, pediatric wetting, and women with sore leucorrhea can often eat leek, so it is also known as “Qiyangcao”.

If fried with Kaiyang (shrimp), its effect is better.

Leeks are warm and constipated, and those with dry mouth and dry red matter should not eat them.Leeks are dizzy, and those with eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, should also be avoided.

Morning jog makes me feel refreshed and healthy lies in exercise

Morning jog makes me feel refreshed and healthy lies in exercise

I am no stranger to physical training as a soldier. For several years in the military career, I have forged a strong physique and developed good habits.

After changing jobs in 2000, the cumbersome chores and unsatisfactory work disturbed me, disturbed my healthy lifestyle, and the bleak prospects made me lose my mind and exercise.

  Last spring, three days and two colds, stomach problems and the old problems of enteritis often “patronize”, and sometimes “palpitation”, “dizziness” symptoms appeared, making me worried, I can’t lift anything.

I didn’t find any serious problems when I went to the hospital for inspection. The doctor said to my hobby of smokeless alcohol: “It’s okay. I will be optimistic in the future and strengthen exercise.

“So I chose a morning run. In the dawn,” sand, sand, sand. “My rhythmic running sound penetrated the market and spread to the suburbs.

The sky was wide and the people in the suburbs suddenly felt cheerful.

The birds on the branches cried cheerfully, welcoming a new day.

My mood was deeply infected by this beautiful early morning. I worked yesterday, and I was thrown behind all the unhappy things in my life.

  The morning run is like this at every poetic and artistic dawn, and it has been unhurried for a year.

Take rain gear on a rainy day, slow down, take a breath of fresh air, and feel refreshed.

When meeting other morning runners, running together and communicating while running, I felt that exercise is not only a need for physical health, but also a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

Now I’m very toxic, I won’t pant after running for more than ten kilometers, I’m not tired, I feel relaxed, and I have more confidence.

  The book says that morning jogging can both exercise and eliminate depression, and that’s true.

Now that my “beer belly” has become smaller, my mood is more cheerful, and people are more energetic than before.

Morning exercise has made me almost healthy and cultivated my temperament, allowing me to maintain a state of “no gratification, no grief”, and a “no humiliation, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court; gain or lose unintentionally, hopeThe clouds in the sky are calm. ”

Colleagues from the unit saw me who was weak and sentimental in the past, but now I was full of energy and radiant, and they asked me for my fitness tips.

I smiled and said to them: Persist in morning exercise and exercise, health is with the future, happiness is with life.

Watch out for the menopause of white-collar men

Watch out for the menopause of white-collar men

It used to be thought that men did not have menopause, because men did not have the obvious sign of “menopause” similar to women.

Male menopause is mainly caused by a decrease in androgens in men, so it is also called “partial androgen deficiency in middle-aged and older men”. After men reach 30 years of age, androgen in the body decreases by 1% every year?
At 2%, by the age of 50, androgens are only half of what they were before the age of 30, and at the age of 70, the androgen level in men is only 10% of the hormone level in 25-year-old men.

According to statistics, nearly 40% of men over the age of 40 have suffered menopausal damage, lasting several years and short months.

  Depression does not change to “sexual interest” after androgen decline. Ketones are the most important androgens in men and are mainly secreted by the testes.

As men enter menopause, insulin ketones quietly pass.

Thyroid ketone deficiency not only affects sperm production and affects sexual function, but also causes hair loss, muscle relaxation and weakness, and emotional deterioration in middle-aged and elderly people.

  Experts say that if you are over the age of 40, and you have the following symptoms at the same time, and accompanied by a decline in insulin ketone levels, it means that you have entered menopause: (1) symptoms of sexual function: decreased sexual desire, decreased erectile quality, excessive ejaculationFast, atrophy of retina pills and so on.

  (2) Mental symptoms: low mood, sadness, pessimism and disappointment, loss of enthusiasm for life, mental stress, panic, doubt and suspicion.

  (3) Neurological symptoms: cold limbs, numbness, pain, tinnitus, sweating easily, and fatigue all over the body.

  (4) Cardiovascular symptoms: facial flushing, palpitations, headache and dizziness.

  (5) Gastrointestinal symptoms: loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating after eating, bitter pantothenic acid, constipation or diarrhea.

  The symptoms of menopause are relatively hidden, and the clinical missed diagnosis is very serious. Many men think that the decline in physical strength and sexual desire is due to stress and fatigue.

One of the concerns of mental workers becoming “early menopause” at high risk is that menopause tends to advance.

Mental workers with high pressure and long-term mental stress, such as white-collar workers in the workplace, business leaders, are likely to become high-risk groups of men with early menopause, and may enter menopause at the age of 30.

  It is easy to “early change” for people who have military mental work and rarely exercise, or have stopped abruptly in the past.

Conversely, those who go out for opportunities to break out or exercise regularly often come later in menopause.

A Japanese study concluded some occupations prone to menopausal syndrome: bank staff, teachers, architects, corporate backbones, etc.

  Experts believe that men who are sedentary for long periods of time are more likely to have menopausal problems.

Sedentary men often suffer from indigestion, lack of vitality, and excessive fatigue due to lack of exercise opportunities. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the most obvious harm is abdominal obesity, which is about to happen.

In addition, it is not surprising that often relying on a chair will lead to a slow response, decreased sensory sensitivity, and sexual dysfunction.

  Thyroid ketones light up in middle-aged men and women. Menopause treatment is relatively simple-androgen (insulin ketone) supplementation.

Wang Rui said that plasma ketone 3?
After 6 months, you can pass through menopause steadily.

However, men with prostate cancer or diabetes should be treated with renal ketones, and men with liver damage, sleep apnea, and severe heart failure are not recommended for testosterone treatment.

In addition, taking Chinese medicine that nourishes liver and kidney also has obvious effects according to your constitution.

  If sexual dysfunction in menopausal men is more obvious, you can take Viagra under the guidance of a doctor.

Many men consider themselves as “kidney deficiency”, so they use some animal whip to supplement them. Experts believe that these so-called “big supplements” are actually animal proteins, and even contain some androgens. After cooking or making wine, they no longeractive.

Eating animal whip is actually a psychological effect.

7 physical health benefits of yoga

7 physical health benefits of yoga

Yoga posture uses ancient and easy to master techniques to improve people’s physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abilities. It is a way to achieve the unity of body, mind and spirit.

Practicing yoga also gives you a healthy body, eliminates tension and fatigue, and helps prevent chronic diseases.

  To prevent chronic diseases, don’t think that only the muscles and bones will be tired. The tiredness of the external body can be relieved by the massage of your hands.

By using various postures of yoga to massage the internal organs of the body, it can not only promote blood circulation and contract stiff muscles, make the joints flexible, but also make the glands secrete and strengthen the nerves. Of course, chronic diseases will also be insulated from you.
  Eliminate tension and fatigue. People who have incorrect corrections and sitting postures, or people who have been in a state of stress for a long time due to work or life stress, are naturally more likely to feel tired or tired than normal people and cause abnormal breathing.

The breathing method of yoga eliminates exhaust gas and virtual fire in the body through conscious breathing, and eliminates tension and fatigue.

  Massaging the viscera combined with abdominal breathing exercises can improve visceral function, promote and reconcile circulation, and digestive and endocrine systems can calm the nervous system.

  Maintaining the full breathing of youth yoga can control the body and keep it in good health.

Active yoga that promotes the spirit of the elderly can also keep people in a state of joy, and the vitality of life is originally introduced into the body to make people often youthful.

  The reason for weight loss and obesity may also be weak will. Training through yoga will give you more control when facing the temptation of food.

In addition, due to excessive endocrine disorders or other gynecological reasons, of course, you can also achieve a good control effect by various yoga postures.

  The training target has excess energy in the body that cannot be vented, which can lead to inattention. The persistent practice of yoga can make people focus on one thing, so that the body can act according to the inner will, so naturally the spirit can focus.

  Let your heart light up, master your emotions, strengthen your spirit, and relieve sorrow and depression.

This is what everyone in modern life keeps telling themselves. How many people live without any trouble?

The mind needs to be continuously strengthened and purified, just like people breathe fresh air. Learning yoga from the body’s breathing to the purification of the mind is a series of chain reactions.

Human thoughts and emotions exist in the body. Take exercise and relax the body. The body continuously carries out yoga exercises, focusing on the local and strengthening parts.

When the physiology is completely relaxed and focused on the fractured limb, a pleasant “brain endorphin” in the body will produce a stable mood that can release emotions and cause positive thoughts, and gradually achieve “body relaxation and peace of mind” and body integration”Realm.

The abdominal breathing method can strengthen the abdominal viscera, control the speed of breathing, and adjust the autonomic nerve to control the heart rate and ease the tension.