What is the magic of the Madonna diet recipe?

What is the magic of the Madonna diet recipe?

What is the Madonna Weight Loss Recipe?

Do you want to know what the stars eat every day to lose weight?

When the red star Madonna has been engaged in the unexpected impression of its alternative category, everyone’s sight, then, is her weight loss method the same?

Next, Xiaobian will expose Madonna’s weight loss recipes for everyone. You can align.

  Madonna never interrupts the fitness program.

No matter how full her schedule is, a one-hour jog will definitely be included in her length.

Madonna is particularly proud of her pair of muscular buttocks, which was chosen by the American Women’s Bodybuilding magazine as the most sturdy arm of the nation’s women.

Recently, Madonna discovered that yoga has great benefits for her—-promoting physiological balance, making mind quick, flexible, increasing immunity, and full of vitality.

  Introduction to Madonna Weight Loss Recipes: Breakfast: Oatmeal, Oatmeal Lunch: Watercress Mustard Dinner: Lentils, Brown Rice and Sauteed Fish Taboo Food: Coffee, Sugar, Meat, Dairy, Eggplant and Spicy CondimentsMadonna weight loss recipes, I believe you have some understanding, if you want to try, then take action, but to stick to it for a long time, this will have an effect.

How to eat the staple food of potatoes?

Add cheese for dinner

How to eat the staple food of potatoes?
Add cheese for dinner

People have always been accustomed to using potatoes as a vegetable. Whether it is stewed potato pieces, steamed mashed potatoes or fried potato shreds, it is a common disagreement on the table. Even potatoes can be used as snacks, some kinds of french fries, potato chipsOr make a delicious potato salad.

When the Ministry of Agriculture launched a potato staple food strategy, many people would be surprised: Potatoes should be eaten as staple food?

Today, I will introduce a steamed egg with potato and cheese as a staple food instead of rice.

Ingredients for steamed eggs with potato cheese: 3 eggs, 1 potato, 15 grams of carrots, 15 grams of bacon, moderate amount of milk, 15 grams of cheese, salt, and white pepper.

Method: 1. After the potatoes are peeled and washed, use a wiping tool to wipe them into filaments and soak them in clean water to prevent discoloration. Wash and peel the carrots and rub them into filaments. After the eggs are broken, gently evenly; 2.Cut the meat into small pieces for later use. Spread the potatoes on the bottom of the plate. Stir the milk, eggs, and eggs with salt. Pour on the potatoes and add shredded carrots, bacon, and cheese. 3. Cover with high-temperature-resistant plastic wrapSeparately open the water and steam over high heat. Turn the medium heat and continue steaming for 20-25 minutes. You can use chopsticks to test whether it has been steamed and solidified.Black, white rational), spices such as parsley, can be served.

Potatoes as a staple food may help improve the diet. In fact, Western countries often use potatoes as a staple food, and sometimes use mashed potatoes for meals, or potatoes for bread, but for Chinese people, potatoes are more often a vegetable.Or, as a snack, you can either use French fries, chips, or more primitive ways: cold winter, throw a few potatoes at random while grilling around the fire, and pick them out from the ash pile later,Patting the ash and peeling it is the hot roasted potatoes . If you want to eat potatoes as the main food, many netizens may be a little bit guilty: How about eating this?

In fact, there are many ways to eat potatoes. As a staple food, there are many different ways to eat them. The most important thing is that potatoes have different nutritional advantages than rice.

The most significant is the dietary fiber precipitated by potatoes, which is low in trace amounts, which is conducive to controlling weight gain and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Now that the incidence of chronic diseases in the elderly is getting higher and higher, the promotion of potato staple foods gradually changes people’s diet structure based on refined white noodles, which helps to prevent chronic diseases.

When eating potatoes, pay attention to the practice of making potatoes to prevent food poisoning. There are many ways to do this: there are various methods: fried potato shreds, mashed potatoes, potato cakes, french fries, braised potatoes, potato stews, baked potato chips, etc.There are also buns stuffed with potatoes.

There are many ways to eat potatoes, but you should pay attention to them.

Eating potatoes should be peeled and eaten. If there are bud eyes, you must dig them out to avoid food poisoning. The cut potato shreds or slices cannot be continuously soaked. Soaking for too long will cause loss of vitamins and other nutrients. Do not buy skin color when buying potatoesGreen and germinated potatoes to prevent poisoning from solanine.

What to do if facial paralysis does not heal for four years

What to do if facial paralysis does not heal for four years

Ms. Hu asked: 18 years old. She suffered from facial paralysis, acupuncture, and taking Chinese medicine 4 years ago, but it was not completely good. The nerves on half of her face still did not recover. What should I do?

Cai Weigen, deputy director of the Department of Acupuncture and Rehabilitation of the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that Ms. Hu might not have been completely treated at the time and had suffered from the sequelae of facial paralysis.

  The so-called facial paralysis is the meaning of patients with facial muscle paralysis. It is caused by the injury of the facial nerves that govern the facial muscles. Therefore, it is also called facial paralysis, which is called “mask” or “skewed mouth and eyes” by Chinese medicine.

Normally, we will see some people with crooked mouths and eyes that are not tightly closed. It is also difficult to rinse their mouths after eating, or they feel numb, especially when laughing, most of the faces are sufficiently asymmetrical.Facial paralysis.

I don’t know if Ms. Hu had any cause of paralysis four years ago.

  The cause of facial paralysis Cai Weigen said that most of the causes of facial paralysis are empty veins and feeling cold.

The first is liver and kidney yin deficiency, and wind-yang disturbance.

Once again, there are extreme emotions (happiness, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, shock), as well as damage to the inner capsule, intracranial hemorrhage, intracranial tumors, infections (such as meningitis), and otogenic diseases (such as otitis media).), Tumors (such as acoustic neuromas), trauma (such as bump injuries), poisoning (such as alcohol), metabolic disorders (such as diabetes), nutritional deficiencies (such as the vitamin B family), immune disorders, vascular insufficiency, congenital facial nerve nucleusMany factors such as hypoplasia.

The most common causes of this disease are: ear extraction, teeth extraction, drinking and sudden cold while sweating.

  Treatment of facial paralysis Cai Weigen said that after suffering from facial paralysis, he should go to the hospital in time to determine the cause and severity.

The early treatment of facial paralysis is very important. Facial neuritis is the best treatment period in the first 15 seconds of onset. Western medicine combined with acupuncture is effective. Don’t underestimate a needle behind the patient or a few needles on the hands and feet. It can really make the patientFacial paralysis is so acute that acupuncture treatment becomes more important and effective after the acute phase.

Once the facial paralysis caused by facial neuritis is treated correctly and timely, pay attention to rest, most patients can be completely cured in a short period of time, only about 15% of patients are more difficult to treat, and will leave different degrees of sequelae.

For facial paralysis caused by trauma, the prognosis needs to be judged according to the degree and time of the injury. Combining acupuncture as soon as possible will alleviate the sequelae.

For systemic disease or tumor-induced facial paralysis, treatment of the disease itself is a priority.

Once “facial paralysis” occurs, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time. Generally, it can be cured in about 15-30 days.

  Health care after suffering facial paralysis Cai Weigen reminded that after suffering from facial paralysis, in addition to actively receiving acupuncture, nutritional nerves and other integrated Chinese and western medicine treatment, the following points should be noted: keep warm.

The direct attack of the cold on the face should be avoided, especially those who are frail, aged, overworked, drunk, and suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, arthritis, neuralgia, etc., should not walk away from the wind.

After facial paralysis, facial muscle contraction should be exercised more.

Such as: raising eyebrows, eyes closed tightly, inflated, open mouth, mouth open, showing teeth, nose lifting and other functional exercises.

Avoid light source irritation, avoid excessive eye use, and pay attention to eye rest.

Such as: reduce TV, computer, ultraviolet light and other light source stimulation.

Stay mentally happy and restful, with enough sleep and rest time.

Avoid cold diet.

Such as greasy and irritating food, difficult to digest food and tobacco and alcohol.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and increase your vitamin intake.

Such as whole grains, beans, soy products, corn, lean meat and so on.

Why are we so tight-lipped

Why are we so tight-lipped

Speaking of which we all know the essence of keeping secrets, why can’t we be so secretive sometimes?

If analyzed, there are several points in essence: 1. People can’t control the hidden things that change themselves, often related to people’s inner anxiety and emotional conflicts at the time, speaking is actually a kind of catharsis, trying to relieve psychological pressure.

At the moment when the parties were eager to talk, they were worried that some parts of the incident were often too late to consider the “full picture”, including the consequences of speaking.

In the previous case, He Min’s better is only one of the reasons for Rui’s voice, more importantly, the complex feelings in her heart and the internal pressure caused by extramarital affairs need to be released.

  2. In interpersonal relationships, emotions are “involved” too much, overdraw personal information, and leaks stem from inappropriate self-exposure.

People need to be moderately exposed (a communicative skill) and become more emotionally close and more easily recognized and accepted by others.

Therefore, in the communication, he thought that he knew everything and talked about everything.

In fact, because of intimacy, they knew each other too much, and they were highly “infiltrated” with each other. It was not a triumphant part of social interaction, not a failure of a worthy mention.

The speaker only cares about the moment and the other, and the listener knows the details, and he is happy to share his concerns.

Intimacy is understandable when you are friends, but who can guarantee that trust will last and the relationship will not change subtly?

  3. Ignore the nature of keeping secrets or improper choice of listeners. Some people do n’t care much about “you and I are different.” They do n’t choose the topic of communication, and do n’t pay attention to finding the right person to talk to.It’s totally wrong.

Psychologically relaxed self-protection consciousness, causing a lot of trouble for one’s words, often makes people regret.

Only those who are fully mature in life have real secrets; those who are less mature have only temporary secrets; those who are immature have no secrets at all.

  4. Under normal circumstances, people who are national friends can’t catch themselves when they are “emotional and thirsty.”

The strong need to communicate with people and the fact that they only have very few objects of communication make this kind of people often unable to choose who they are talking to, and sometimes the other person’s words that are slightly in the ear can be greatly moved by the words, and they will be deeply moved.Convinced that the necessary precautions were quickly lifted.

Unguarded is equal to the homeless city guarding, who can be blamed for being deceived, harassed, and hurt?

    5. Some people mistakenly believe that the principle of frankness applies to all interpersonal relationships, knowing that someone is inquisitive to others, keen on gossip, and will not respond flexibly. The results can be imagined.For each of us, keeping secrets is inconsistent with maintaining frankness, and frankness becomes treating others. Secretly transforming self-entertainment. If we think frankness must be a complete confession of the soul, this is either a misunderstanding or a demand.

Ten benefits of arguing with your husband

Ten benefits of arguing with your husband

Argued with her husband a few months ago, covered her head and cried for a night, then the Cold War so far because he refused to regret his rude words and deeds.

After the two’s initial sadness in the same stranger, they also discovered the ten major benefits of the quarrel.

  First, you can listen to him noisily after work and quiet down.

  Second, he monopolized the room with a TV, so I could only give up the TV that consumed countless hours, and I could read a book quietly and peacefully.

  Third, regain the good habits of industriousness, hand washing one’s own clothes.

  Fourth, cook vegetables and noodles in clear water every day, reduce oil and meat, and naturally lose weight successfully.

  Fifth, don’t rush home after work, enjoy the scenery all the way, and feel good.

  Sixth, there is no need to say “our family ×” in the foreword anymore, and finally a little “I” is recovered.

  Seventh, you can easily enjoy and indulge in Luo Dayou’s “Surrounding Night Talk” by oneself, and then hum the “Night of the City” and return home at midnight. The husband dares not to disagree.

  Eighth, go back to listening to music, writing a diary, and regaining the feeling of lodging.

  Nine, I hope that in a few days of birthday, I can gather the courage to sing a birthday song with the “underground singer” to meet my long-awaited wish.

  Ten, sitting at ease under the lamp and writing “Top Ten Benefits of Arguing with Her Husband”, and expecting someone to see it (including her husband, of course).

  The benefits of arguing with her husband are many, only one point is not good, I don’t know how long this day can continue, and how to continue-freedom and happiness are a bit like fish and bear’s paw-to me, a stupid woman!

Professor Chen Chuanxi, your health is wrong.

Professor Chen Chuanxi, your health is wrong.

Recently, the famous painter Mei Mosheng died, and Chen Chuanxi, a professor at Renmin University of China, sent such a WeChat circle of friends.

It is obvious that there is a story between Professor Chen and Mr. Mei, but the deceased has been paralyzed and the deceased is big.

And we look at his statement, it can be seen that its understanding and understanding of the way of health is biased.

As a university professor, this is still the case, not to mention the ordinary people.

Today’s people’s health concept is mostly a temporary hug, and then go to think about “health”.

Exercise, playing Tai Chi, eating health products, is it called health?

While hurting and indulgent, staying up late to play with mobile phones, while running and sweating, sitting for a long time to drink drowning, this is not a health, but a twin, is afraid of death.

The foundation of health is your life, and putting life first is no more important than this.

When it comes to health homes, Sun Siwei and Hua Wei are the first to promote.

The drug king Sun Sizhen, who lived in his 100s, believes that to be healthy and longevity must first be nourishment.

He lived a life of seclusion in his life, not an official, not a name, three not profitable, and open-minded.

And Hua Tuo also knows how to cultivate self-cultivation, invented the five-bird drama, and the 50-year-old appearance of the young man, but unfortunately was later killed by Cao Cao.

Their method of health preservation is exactly what the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic said: “The ancients, who know, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink, and daily life, do not work, so can shape andEverything is going to be the end of the year.

The people of this time, taking wine as a pulp, taking shackles as their daily life, keeping their hearts fast, against the joy of life, and living without a section, so half a hundred is also weak.

“The real health is to do it.” The law is yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life is always, no work.”

These requirements are not too high, but how many people can you do now?

Is there any law of work and rest?

It is not too late to talk about health care at these points.

How long can I live depends on my personal destiny, but I don’t necessarily live comfortably for a long time. I want the poet to write. “Some people are alive, he is already dead; some people are dead, and he is still alive.

“Qin Shihuang will be healthy?

Not at all, on the contrary, his expectations are the best alternative.

A generation of Tianjiao Qin Shihuang sweeps the six-in-one to break the world and levy the world.

The hero, the great emperor, was able to escape the heatstroke after he escaped the dagger of Jing, the iron cone of Zhang Liang, and the high-gradation of the attack.

Let us go into history and understand why the “healthy family” Qin Shihuang is so short-lived?

First, the indulgence of the house Qin Shihuang was born sick and sick, saddle nose, chicken breast, leopard sound, implanted rickets, but did not prevent him from getting close to the female color.

Every time a country is destroyed, the harem and beauty of the defeated country are appointed as his bed, and the harem is three thousand.

At the time of his death, there were more than 20 adult sons and extra daughters.

Du Mu’s “A Fang Gong Fu” describes the Afang Palace in the three hundred miles, which is the sacred and extravagant Qin Shihuang’s indulgence.

So many beautiful women in the harem, combined with frequent drunkenness, can the body be worthwhile?

Second, crazy overtime in order to unify the great cause, Qin Shihuang paid a lot of effort, every day.

He has to set his own workload to be able to rest after 60 kg of bamboo slips.

At the age of 22, he was enthroned, and at the age of 39, he unified the six countries.

In addition, the usual trips are all in the carriage. They are basically sitting all day, without exercise, and the body is slowly hollowed out.

Third, the temper is violent, the people and the people are hurting the wealth of the Great Wall, the Daxing civil engineering building the Afang Palace, burning the book and the Confucianism, let Qin Shihuang become the target of the public, the imperial foundation is in jeopardy.

But listening to the courtiers shouting “Long live the Emperor, long live, long live”, Qin Shihuang felt that he could continue the “Wan Shi Foundation”, so he began to be eager to ask for medicine, eager to live forever.

He met with Fang Shi Xu Fu and gave him a lot of money. He asked him to follow 3,000 boys and girls to go to the East China Sea to ask for medicine, but he did not hear it when he went.

The deceived Qin Shihuang was all mad, but the murder of anger and anger could not let the stagnation of the heart dissipate.

Fourth, extremely suspiciously worried that Qin Shihuang was sent to Zhao Guo as a protagonist since he was a child, and his mother was dependent on his life, and he was always worried and eager to discuss life.However, his mother made him extremely disappointed, and Lu Weiwei hooked up the nature, filthy harem, and later with the hustle and bustle.

His inner world has developed in a dark and distorted manner, and it has not been able to cultivate love for any woman.

In his later years, because of the grievances of the people and the serious rebellion of the descendants of the six countries, Qin Shihuang was repeatedly assassinated and became suspicious and even suffering from mental illness.

Qin Shihuang, indeed, “uses wine as a pulp, takes sputum as a routine, keeps its heart, reverses the joy of life, and lives without a section.” Every health taboo is committed, how can it not be short-lived?

If you want to keep your health, you must know the word and then walk.

Tao is the natural avenue.

Health is that the ancients said that “the law is yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life is always, no work.”

The centenarians are doing this, so they can live longer.

There is no mention of the content of exercise and tonic at all. On the contrary, it reminds you that there is a festival of food and drink, no work, no zuo no die!

The word exercise is especially prone to misunderstanding, running is called exercise, walking is not called exercise?

Is labor not an activity?

Many people are injured or even died in marathons, treadmills, gyms, because they chose the wrong way to exercise, hurt the bones, sweating, and dissipating the essence.

The centenarians do not exercise, but they usually work all the time, planting farmland, copying housework, and being very tough, and need to exercise.

On the contrary, it is a professor who is not physically diligent, and he really does not exercise.

From my own understanding, health is the practice of life.

Pre-repair, correct your own deviations, go back, put into action, and constantly move closer to the middle.

The body is right, not squatting; the heart is right, not biased, so that you can be correct, smooth, good, and natural, that is, health.

Health is a never-ending process, and it must be consistent.

If there is no such moderate attitude, three days of fishing for two days, then do not talk about health, are fake.

I will talk about this article and hope that everyone will have a correct understanding of health care. I also hope that Professor Chen can see that he can maintain his health and live a healthy life.

Who is the best person to eat pear pear in autumn?

Who is the best person to eat pear pear in autumn?

Snowflake pear snow pear fruit white as snow like frost, and because pear flower is white and innocent, like snowflake, it is called snow pear.

Among the common pears, it has the largest size, each of which can reach 350-400 grams.

The surface of the snowflake pear is quite rough, the wax is on the peel, the meat is crispy, and the juice is sweet and sweet. It is most famous for its production in Zhao County, Hebei.

Snow pears have a long shelf life and can be stored in the spring until the spring harvest.

In the autumn and spring when the weather is dry, buy some snow pears to go home, eat or boil the bowl of rock sugar pear water directly, you can clear your heart and lungs, cough and moisten, it can be said that health care products.

Yali is meaty and juicy, sweet and resistant to storage.

The pear fruit is obovate and has a duck-shaped projection at the top.

Generally, the pear peel is yellow-green and is pale yellow after storage.

The fruit cultivated in the bag is yellowish white, also known as crystal pear or crystal pear.

Yali sugar is elevated, sweet and refreshing, after eating greasy things, want to eat some fruit to solve the problem, choose it is right.

With Botou, Hebei, the most famous name of Shandong Yangxin.

The golden pear “speaks of golden pears, and my heart is sweet as honey.

“The golden pear’s outstanding feature is sweetness. Don’t look at its yellow-green peel, it looks green, the sweetness of the flesh is “a proud pear”, and its fruit shape is correct, the meat is delicate, and it is a noble among the pears.

Its storage time is set, and the optimal consumption period at room temperature is only about 10 days.

Nanguo pear does not look at the fruit of Nanguo pear, but it has a beautiful face of the northeast girl, and has a strong taste of the northeast girl.

The picked Nanguo pears are placed in the house for 7-10 days, and the aroma will overflow. The meat will also become soft and easy to degrade, and the sweet and sour taste will be strong.

Nanguo pear is produced in Liaoning, and is most famous for its production in Anshan, Liaoyang and other places.

The early pear pear is originally produced in Anhui Lushan, and is now the pear variety with the largest cultivated area in the developing world.

The fruit is close to the fruit, the fruit surface is large and large, yellow-green, the bagged fruit is yellow-white, crispy and juicy, and is resistant to storage.

In Xinjiang, Shanxi produces the best quality.

Lixia health, you must remember these common sense!

Lixia health, you must remember these common sense!

Lixia is the seventh solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar. It is also the first solar term in summer, marking the official beginning of midsummer.

In the summer, the earth’s yang begins to rise from the ground to the ground until the summer solstice, when the Earth’s oceanic gas begins to converge downward.

Chinese medicine believes that the laws of man and nature are consistent, and the yang of the body is increasingly dispersed to the surface.

The viscera is less and colder, so pay attention to the maintenance of the viscera.

In order to stay healthy in the summer, we should pay attention to these little common sense!

1, after a light diet in early summer, the temperature will gradually increase, people will feel irritated and hot, appetite will also decline.

Lixia diet plateau is “spring and summer Yangyang”, Yangyang pays attention to raising the heart, raising the heart can drink more milk, eat more chicken, soy products, lean meat, etc., not only can supplement nutrition, but also enhance the role of the heart.

2, go to bed early and get up early, Chinese medicine believes that “summer gas and heart gas pass.”

In order to maintain healthy summer, you should pay attention to getting up early and getting up early, pay attention to “rest”, avoid sweating after exercise, and avoid “sweat” injury.

Dietary regulation should abide by the principle of “increasing acid and reducing bitterness, tonifying the kidney, nourishing the liver, and regulating the stomach”.

We should eat a light diet and eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

3, mental health After the early summer, when the weather gets hot, people’s thoughts are easily disturbed and uneasy.

Therefore, at this time, people should pay special attention to the cultivation of the spirit, strengthen the maintenance of the heart, especially the excessive excessiveity of the elderly, maintain a happy mood, and maintain a state of freshness and happiness.

4, after the supplement of cold blood in the early summer, blood heat will cause a lot of discomfort.

Qi deficiency and blood heat will affect people’s digestive function.

Therefore, don’t be too full for each meal, leaving enough room for stomach motility.

Still people are relaxed and natural.

5, beware of exogenous feelings In order to stay healthy in the summer, we should pay attention to prevent all kinds of colds and colds on the plateau.

Drinking plenty of water is definitely the best way to care.

In addition, the weather has risen sharply since the beginning of summer.

Don’t blow air conditioners or fans because you want to be too cold.

Otherwise, you are prone to catch a cold.

6, to avoid chilling For most people, especially those with joints, summer should avoid greed, air conditioning and fans should not be used or used properly.

In the workplace, you should tell your colleagues about your condition, brake them to understand, try not to use air conditioning or adjust the temperature properly.

It is best to leave a long-sleeved dress and add or remove clothes according to the external environment.

7, do more quiet things After the early summer, people often feel uneasy.

Therefore, in order to stay healthy in the early summer, we should “stop drying, stop anger.”

We should avoid great joy and sadness.

We should be quiet, calm and relaxed.

8, more into the thin food is beneficial to support after the summer, the yang rises, the weather gradually warms.

Eating more greasy or flaming food can cause transformation in vitro and in vivo.

Fire symptoms such as hemorrhoids, mouth ulcers, and constipation are prone to occur.

The diet should be light, drink plenty of water, eat more digestible foods that consume vitamins.

9, refrigerated food will be eaten later, the conversion weather is getting hotter and hotter, people like to eat the fruits and drinks just taken out of the refrigerator.

Some people, especially those with weak gastrointestinal function, are prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms after eating.

Food taken out of the refrigerator should be kept, don’t eat too much at one time.

Rejecting sub-health to be a real white-collar beauty

Rejecting sub-health to be a real white-collar beauty

Develop good eating habits Many white-collar workers do not develop good habits in diet, some choose dieting for weight loss, and some diets are irregular, so long-term it is easy to cause stomach discomfort and cause physical harm to themselves.

Guarantee the quality of your sleep. The current metropolitan night activities are quite rich. Many young people only care about their own pleasure and ignore the essence of sleep. They always go to sleep very late, which leads to the next day.spirit.

Sticking to exercise makes the body healthier and the body is the capital of the revolution.
Adhere to exercise to make the body healthier. White-collar workers will be obese and have reduced immunity because they are sitting at the computer desk for a long time. Therefore, white-collar workers must adhere to exercise to make their bodies healthier and the body is the capital of revolution.

Regularly sterilize the items on the work. The surrounding hygiene will also affect your health. For example, keyboards and mice, which are frequently contacted, will breed bacteria if they are not cleaned for a long time, so give them a regular desk.The above items are eliminated from disinfection, which can prevent the virus from invading.

Appropriate relief work pressure Many white-collar workers will overcome the uncomfortableness caused by various pressures in the work, but no stress in the work is impossible, so keep your own mentality, vent your own pressure through some small methods, so that you will not bePressure out of the disease to work and rest and appropriate relaxation Some white-collar workers are responsible for the work and lead themselves to become so-called workaholics, except that work is work, it is easy to get sick under such high pressure, so work and rest combine appropriate relaxation,This will enable sustainable development.

What is the difference between heart fire and liver fire?

What is the difference between heart fire and liver fire?

Getting angry is a very common problem. Many people can detect that they are getting angry, but it is not clear that they are such fires.

The fire in the body is strong, it is necessary to distinguish whether the liver is prosperous, or the heart is hot, so that it can be symptomatic.

So what is the difference between heart fire and liver fire?

Symptoms of heart fire Wang 1 virtual fire manifested as restless troubles, less dreams, hand and foot heart heat, night sweats, dry mouth or frequent tongue sores, etc., red tongue and less moss, pulse breakdown.

  The virtual fire, the tongue is red, sometimes there is a little moss, and sometimes even the top is clean, no tongue coating.

2 real fire performance for heart palpitations, annoying heat and restlessness, more nightmare, red face red, mouth dry bitter, hi cool drink, tongue smashed and swollen, urinary short red heartburn, red tongue, yellow coat, veinsThe number is powerful.

  Real fire, the tongue must be yellow, thicker tongue coating.

Generally, the tongue coating will not yellow, nor will it be so thick. Only when there is real heat, that is, when it is a real fire, the tongue coating is yellow.

Symptoms of liver fire, 1, manifested as dizziness, red face, red tide is difficult to retreat, easy to anger, dry mouth, bitter mouth, bad breath, headache, dizziness, dry eyes, sleep and sleep, body sultry, thickening of tongue coating.

Even worse, it will faint, hematemesis and so on.

  2, liver fire can cause menstrual disorders, which is caused by menstrual disorders caused by liver fire, manifested as decreased menstrual flow, menstrual delay or amenorrhea.

  3, people with liver fire will have insomnia and more dreams.

Because of his emotional out of control, it is easy to worry about excessive liver damage.

Liver fire invasion is easy to cause insomnia, the state of sleep is normal, easy to sweat at night, dreaming, etc., it is very easy to be awakened.

What is the heart of the fire? 1 bitter gourd bitter melon can be clear heart fire, contains a high amount of vitamin C, also contains protein, traces, sugar, calcium, phosphorus and carotene, vitamin B, etc., there is heat and heat, eyesightThe role of detoxification.

In addition, bitter gourd also has anti-cancer effects, which can enhance its own immunity.

2 Sydney pears are sweet and cold, nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Sydney can be made into rock sugar, Sydney water, pressed into pear juice, peeled and ready to eat.

For office workers, it is also very easy to operate.

In addition, due to pear cold, women with spleen and stomach weakness and menstruation should eat less or not eat.

3 lotus heart lotus heart has a clear heart to heat, phlegm, stop bleeding, quench thirst and other effects, can clear the heart fire, cool off the trouble, drink with lotus seed core, can also treat constipation.

4 honey, also known as winter brewing, sweet and flat, can clear away heat and detoxification, nourish the lungs, and the five internal organs are inadequate.

The easiest way to eat is to drink a glass of honey water every morning.

Honey can also be applied directly to the affected area, and the effect is better before going to bed.

5 lotus seed lily syrup practice: fresh lily opened and washed to control dry water; lotus seeds washed with warm water soaked, scorpion washed with water soaked in reserve; add water to the casserole, open fire.

Then enter the lotus seeds; after the water is turned into a pot, turn the small fire cover to cook the lotus seeds 15?
twenty minutes.

After the lotus seeds are boiled, open the lid and pour in the fresh lily; then, pour in the soaked clams; cover and cook for another 5 minutes to turn off the fire and bring the lily lotus seeds together with the soup.

Add the honey to the broth after it has warmed up; add a large spoonful of bitter rose sauce; stir well and serve.

What is the liver fire? 1 honeysuckle honeysuckle has been praised as a good medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It has the function of clearing away heat and detoxification, and can effectively replace the toxins in the body and promote the metabolism of cells.

Therefore, there is a good effect of nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

  How to eat: Flower tea is definitely a good drink for office workers. Usually you can take some honeysuckle and brew it with boiling water.

2 Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum has always been the best flower tea for Qinggan Mingmu, so it has been favored by the majority of office workers.

Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is an important substance to protect the eyes. It often makes chrysanthemum tea clear to the mind, bright in both eyes, and has a good alleviation effect on certain symptoms caused by liver fire.

  How to eat: Just soak in water.

3 The biggest problem of peppermint fire is temper, peppermint has a unique function of relieving liver fire, can eliminate the symptoms of temper.

Obviously, mint is not suitable for mothers and small babies and should be avoided.

  Edible method: drink with mint tea, the bubble method is the same as ordinary tea, you can use the menthol and mint of menthol to remove the breeze, and the tea has a refreshing feeling, which is a good medicine for clearing heat and diuresis.