Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Fractures

Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Fractures

Suxiao Jiuxin Pill consists of Chuanxiong and Borneol, which can increase coronary blood flow and relieve angina pectoris. It is a standing medicine in many elderly homes.

Commercially available quick-acting Jiuxin pills are mainly 40 pills per bottle, which are mainly used for coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other symptoms, but those who are allergic should use this product with caution.

At the extreme, people found 5 new uses of Suxiao Jiuxin Pill in practice: choosing the right prescription is an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine for treating fractures.

This article only introduces the commonly used and expected recipes for treating fractures as follows.

  1 The main main prescriptions commonly used in the treatment of bone fractures are to act on the bone, improve the rapid formation of epiphysis, strong bone metabolism, and the main representative prescriptions of accelerated bone growth are: Qi Li San, Jie Gu Dan, Xie Gu Huo Xue Tang, and Ying Xie Gu Tang,Feilong Destiny Dan, Zijin Dan, Jiu Gu Wan, Zhuang Jin Bu Gu Wan, etc.[1].

The composition of the traditional Chinese medicine in these bone growth-promoting prescriptions can be divided into two categories according to the different ways they affect bone.

One is a traditional Chinese medicine that acts directly on bone, accelerates epiphyseal growth, strengthens bone metabolism, and promotes bone growth. Natural copper is the main medicine. It is the medicine of choice for orthopedic trauma doctors of all ages.Wood, pangolin, tiger bone, epimedium, etc.

The other type is Chinese medicine that indirectly acts on bones. It has effects on the soft tissues of the injured site and enhances physical fitness. For example, angelica, licorice, dodder, velvet antler, citronella, etc. can nourish liver and kidney, qi and blood, especially in these prescriptionsTraditional Chinese medicine for warming the kidneys and aphrodisias has a strong conditioning effect on bone development and growth, metabolism, fracture repair and remodeling. This is the “renal main bone” theory summarized in thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine practice.Guide the clinical and scientific research and teaching of traditional Chinese medicine; while leech, safflower, chuanxiong, zedoary turmeric, peach kernel, rhubarb, etc. have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and pain, and improving the local environment of the injury.

  2 Legislation and prescriptions for fracture treatment

1 Symptomatic treatment and prescriptions “Fifty-two Disease Recipes” and “Several Sickness Recipes” are equally symptomatic legislation and prescriptions, such as Jinchuang Zhitong Recipe: 2 points for plaster, 2 points for ginger, 1 point for licorice, and 1 point for gui; Another example is Jinchuang endoleak and non-bleeding formula: rhubarb, mirabilite, steamed bun and other blood.


2 Trial on the cause of treatment and the prescription of the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing on the basis of the symptomatic treatment of the fifty-two disease prescription and the prescription, and based on “Shen Nong’s Herbal Medicine” to summarize the efficacy of the drug.”Shang” records the use of Wang Buliu, Chuanjiao, Houpo Xingqi Sanjie, Mulberry, Scutellaria baicalensis, Elderberry, Paeoniae to clear away heat and stasis, stop bleeding and relieve pain.

He also used rhubarb and peach kernels to treat horse drops and all bone and bone damage, and developed a treatment rule for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Not only developed the symptomatic prescription (stop bleeding and pain), but also established the principle of trial-based treatment (activating blood and removing blood stasis).

Ji Mingsan, which prevailed in the Song Dynasty, was derived from Zhang’s prescription for treating all bone and bone damage and horses’ fall[3].


3Phase III divide and cure method At present, in the field of traditional Chinese medicine orthopaedics and traumatology, the principle of phase divide and rule selection is adopted (except for cases of initial major bleeding)[4], which is the initial stage of fracture (2 weeks after injury)Use the “attack” method; use the “harmony” method in the middle period (3-8 weeks after injury); use the “tonic” method in the later period (after 8 weeks of fracture).

  3 Research on fracture prescriptions (medicines) Internally, some experimental and clinical studies have been carried out on fracture fracture prescriptions that have effects such as bone extension, blood circulation, blood stasis, qi and swelling, and hemostatic and analgesic effects.

In the clinical work of orthopedics, we used the new proprietary Chinese medicine Xianling Bone Pelvis developed by Shiguangda to treat 100 cases of fractures, and received satisfactory results.

Shiguangda conducted animal experiments with Xianling Bone Clam and found that the drug has a significant promotion effect on bone growth, and it also prevents or replaces bone degenerative changes.

Zhao Cuiping[5]treated 66 patients with femoral shaft fractures with Pingle Jiedan Dan, and found that the blood circulation of the patients in the treatment group was significantly shortened with venous blood flow chart.

A comparative study of the effect of Qili San on promoting fracture healing was performed in Tianjin Hospital. With Qili San group and a portion of 13 fractures each, it was found that Qili San healed faster, with a shorter course of treatment and fewer comorbidities. Ten rabbits were used at the same time.In the experiment, artificial fractures were divided into Qilisan group and a part. Observation results showed that Qilisan group was obviously prominent, the treatment course was short, and no comorbidities were seen[6].

Experiments have shown that Qi Li San can induce fibroblasts to transform into osteoblasts during fracture healing, thereby promoting osteogenesis. It has also been found that paramagnetic substances in natural copper in Qi Li San can be introduced into the fracture end.It can increase the local oxygen content, which is conducive to the activity of osteoblasts and the formation of collagen, so that the fracture healing is accelerated and strong.

Tianjin Hospital used 30 rabbits, divided into 15 groups. The treatment group was given Liuhe plaster externally after fracture and daily oral administration of Zijin Dan (1/22 of the adult dose), except that no medicine was used after fracture.The fractures of Zijin Dan Oral Administration group healed quickly, the treatment course was short, and there were no complications.

Women can keep secrets better than men

Women can keep secrets better than men

The man said, “If you want a woman to keep secrets for a lifetime, it’s simply ridiculous.

“In fact, these words are just the opinions of men.

According to the Australian Daily Telegraph, researchers in the country have discovered that there are some secrets that women don’t even talk to their closest friends.

From this perspective, women are more likely to keep secrets.

  You can talk about your troubles: “Don’t look at women who are usually nagging, think that they have leaked their secrets. In fact, they can at best be troubles.

“Zheng Li, a counselor in the psychological counseling room of Beijing Huizhixin said that women are emotional animals. Because of this, they are willing to find someone to worry about themselves.

  Song Yumei, a consultant at the Counseling Center of Beijing (Beijing) also believes that “when a woman is vulnerable, someone needs to listen first.

“When a woman caught in a relationship is heartbroken or swings from time to time, someone needs to be” pulled. ”

If the girlfriend said “what does such a man want him to do, a woman should be nice to herself”, maybe she will suddenly wake up.

  The real secret is not to say “but women are secretive about certain stories.

Those secrets that are really buried deep inside women will never be spoken.

Zheng Li believes that this is mainly due to the weak mentality of women.

“It is known from women’s physical characteristics that femininity is the most important characteristic.

This determines that women love to position themselves as the weak. Even if some people seem tough on the surface, their hearts are always soft.

“Zheng Li said that under this weak mentality, women often think that they have insufficient control over external life,” and the secret is different. It is completely their own privacy.

No matter how strong others are, you can’t manipulate your inner world.

“Since a woman can’t control the outside world, she can still control her heart.

As a result, women always feel that the more secrets they have in their hearts, the better their ability to control them.

  In addition, women can keep their secrets from evolutionary psychology.

Song Yumei analyzed: “In ancient times, men went hunting, leaving only the hostess in their homes.

Male hunting is an active external offensive behavior, which determines that they will choose to resist in case of incidents.

Women have to protect a family at home. All she can do is defend.

Song Yumei explained that this also has another consequence, that is, it is more difficult for women to believe in others.

“So, in the depths of some women’s hearts, the secret is like an old family in ancient times, and women protect it especially tightly.

Song Yumei said that a woman who is afraid of telling her secrets to her friends will pass on ten or ten, and may end up hurting herself, so she just let the secrets rot.

Why does Tang Seng have a feminine fate

Why does Tang Seng have a feminine fate

Some people have analyzed the characters in Journey to the West, and think that the book has some different types of male images: the perfect Tang monk type, the powerful Sun Wukong, the lively pig Bajie, and the peaceful sand monk.

I very much agree that although there is a cowardly element in Tang Seng’s character, there is some right and wrong in handling things, but it does not affect Tang Seng’s image of “Prince of the White Horse” in the eyes of women.

  A careful analysis shows that women like Tang Monks, and they are by no means emotional. I think there are at least the following four reasons: First, Tang Monks are handsome.

Just as men like beautiful women, women also hopelessly like handsome men.

According to my observations, any woman who seeks marriage in the media has no one’s word when it comes to terms: handsome, tall.

More than 75 clouds.

Initially, to put it plainly, it is required that the other party be a handsome guy.

How handsome Tang Seng is, many times cited in the book, but the most suggestive is the chapter of the daughter country.

When the Tang monk and his party arrived in Xiliang’s daughter kingdom, Yi Yi first praised the Tang monk’s appearance greatly: “The younger brother is handsome, handsome, and sincerely the man of the kingdom of the kingdom in the heavens, and the figure of the Chinese nation of Nanzhao.”When she met Tang Seng, she felt “beautiful and magnificent, and beautiful in appearance”, so she could not help falling over and saw “love.”

Just imagine, with such super handsome men, how beautiful a woman should be on the street!


Tang monks have the power.

Tang Seng said that his childhood was unfortunate, but he was born a wealthy man.

His grandfather was the founding father, and his father was a scholar of Wenyuange University.

However, due to his proficiency in Buddhism and his talents, he was appreciated by the King of Tang. He was entrusted by Xitian to worship Buddha for sustenance, and he was given the title of “Holy Brother Monk”.

Can be described as well-known and locally respected.

Such a birth, such a boundary, from the current perspective, it is definitely a woman who is pursuing wealth and want to marry.

Just imagine that there is such a prominent family.

What villas do you worry about, famous cars, traveling abroad?

  Third, Tang Seng is kind and decent.

Let’s talk about the goodness of Tang Seng first. He was taught by Buddhism from an early age, and he talked about Purdue beings with compassion.

To get along with such a person who is good at goodness and morality, there is a big conflict between the young couple, and he at least misses the “mantra”, so you don’t have to worry about domestic violence.

Besides decent.

Dafan’s children, and a talented person, have a common problem, that is, love to seduce flowers, find flowers and ask willows.

However, the monk Tang was self-contained.

Sui said that Tang was born with a feminine fate, and she continued to encounter each other on the way to the Jingjing.

Along the way, not only are beautiful women such as white bone essence and spider essence trying to eat his flesh to live forever, but also some fairy fairies like jade rabbit essence and scorpion essence in Pipa cave rush to marry him, becoming noble and beautifulThe daughter-in-law King of the Kingdom is willing to recruit him as a husband, a monk, and a queen, and share a happy life.

However, in the face of all kinds of tenderness and intimacy, and in the face of various lingering threats, the Tang monk can keep his heart and remain unmoved.

How many people can there be in this world of such unscrupulous men?

  Fourth, Tang Monk has a strong cause.

Before leaving Chang’an, Tang Seng vowed in the face of Huo Xiang in the Tang Dynasty: “I will donate my efforts until Xitian. If I do n’t go to Xitian, I ca n’t die or return home.

The eldest husband said nothing, and since then, the Tang monk has traveled a long way and devoted himself to worshiping the Buddha in the West.

Although experiencing numerous difficulties in 1989, he has escaped countless times, but never gave up lightly. He eventually guided his “Xitian Bible Study Team”, did not humiliate his mission, obtained the true scriptures, and returned to Datang successfully.

The four monks and apprentices of the Tang dynasty also experienced tribulations, and each of them achieved positive results.

I would like to ask, this kind of ideal, strong career, and finally become a man, which women do not like?

10 food health tips for civilians

10 food health tips for civilians

Some foods have high nutritional value, but because of taste or eating problems, many people don’t like to eat them. But if you ignore these foods, everyone will collect 10 kinds of nutritious foods that are most easily forgotten.

  1. A cup of chopped Chinese cabbage contains only 22 calories of conversion, but is rich in nutrients.

Chinese cabbage contains sulforaphane, which can increase the amount of enzymes in the body.

(Enzymes can prevent the production of free radicals that destroy cells and can prevent cancer.) Studies have found that sulforaphane has the highest ability to promote enzyme production, as well as any other phytochemical component.

  2. Beet This red vegetable contains a lot of folic acid and betaine.

These two chemicals work together to reduce levels of homocysteine, an inflammatory lipid that can damage arteries and increase the risk of heart disease.

And beta anthocyanins, the natural pigment in sugar beets, have been experimentally proven to prevent cancer.

  3. Pomegranate Pomegranate contains high concentration of lycopene, which can prevent prostate cancer more than tomato and watermelon.

Moreover, a cup of pomegranate contains 688 mg of potassium, which is 63% more potassium than bananas.

Pomegranate also contains a lot of fiber, 9 grams per cup.

  4. A half-cup of lettuce contains a large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin, and each cup contains 10 mg.

These chemicals, called carotenoids, prevent repeated aging because these substances absorb light that damages the eyes.

  5. Cinnamon cinnamate controls blood sugar and reduces the prevalence of hypertension.

In fact, the study found that patients with type 2 diabetes implanted 1 gram of cinnamon per day for 6 weeks, and their blood glucose, blood lipids and poor plasma were significantly reduced.

  6. Purslane purslane has the highest content of Omega 3, and research has found that purslane (a type of antioxidant that prevents production) is 10 times more than any other fruit and vegetable.

  7, pomegranate juice research found that drinking 2 grams (56 grams) of pomegranate juice daily for one year, systolic blood pressure can be reduced by 21%, and blood flow to the heart will be significantly improved.

  8. Lycium barbarum has the highest antioxidant capacity index among all fruits.

And research has found that the sugar in wolfberry can reduce insulin resistance and prevent diabetes.

  9, plum dried plum dried plum contains a large number of neochlorogenic acid (chlorogenic acid) and chlorogenic acid (chlorogenic acid), these are two kinds of chemicals that can resist free radicals.

These free men can cause damage to the cell’s machinery, which can lead to cancer.

  10, cucumber seed cucumber is rich in vitamin C is well known, and cucumber has some little-known “secret”.

In fact, the order of vitamin C content per 100 grams of fresh cucumber is skin, seed, mixed, and meat, which are 19 respectively.

79 mg, 15.

40 mg, 13.

17 mg and 6.

54 mg.

After cooking, the vitamin C content of some samples was reduced, and the order of descending order was seeds, skins, mixtures, and meats, among which the seeds were the highest (13.

20 mg / 100 g), while the meat portion is the lowest (only 1).

79 mg / 100 g), we can see here, in fact, the highest vitamin C content in cucumber is fresh yellow seeds.

  In addition to vitamin C, cucumber seeds also have a good therapeutic and restorative effect on diseases and symptoms such as back pain caused by calcium deficiency, numbness in hands and feet, cramps, osteoporosis, fractures, and bone fractures.

What is the traditional Chinese medicine for regulating blood lipids?

What is the traditional Chinese medicine for regulating blood lipids?

There are 154 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines that reduce blood lipids, accounting for 1,70 of them.


Only one type of blood lipid is raised, which is paeonol.

There are 124 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines that can lower serum cholesterol, such as Cassia, Shouwu, Rosa sinensis, Alisma, Yujin, Shengdi, Mulberry, Bupleurum, Cimicifuga, Astragalus, Coptis, Poria, Scutellaria, Salvia, and Khumbu.Ming Dangshen, Ganoderma lucidum, Huang Jing, Scorpion, Ligustrum lucidum, Rhubarb, Ma Ren, Yin Chen, Su Zi and so on.

Other commonly used Chinese medicines also have a good effect of lowering serum free radicals, such as Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Kudingcha, Evening Primrose.

  There are 84 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines for lowering serum triglycerides, such as American ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Cordyceps sinensis, Atractylodes chinensis, licorice, sclerotium, Nocturnal vine, Ligustrum lucidum, Shayuanzi, Baishouwu, Rehmannia, Tea Tree Root, Maifan StoneWait.
  Anti-atherosclerosis, including 55 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines that dissolve plaque on the arterial wall.

Such as scorpion, cohosh, red peony, honeysuckle, silver Bupleurum, bandit, 蚤休, Xu Changqing, mulberry parasitic, Puhuang, myrrh, Mao Dongqing, Salvia, Cistanche, Angelica, Rosa Laevigata, Andrographis paniculataDiarrhea, sputum, white, hedgehog, etc.

  Elevated low-density lipoprotein is often a hidden danger of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lowering low-density lipoprotein, and correspondingly increasing high-density lipoprotein is an important part of preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Chinese medicine can reduce low-density lipoprotein in 20 kinds, such as Ginkgo biloba, Polygonum cuspidatum, Zaoren, Yunzhi, Suzi, Cordyceps sinensis, pine leaves, buffalo horn, short-haired Wujia, tea, Gynostemma, Kudingcha, see youGrass and so on.
  Chinese herbal medicines that can lower serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and anti-atherosclerosis include Huang Jing, Ligustrum lucidum, Ming Dangshen, Salvia miltiorrhiza, turmeric, kelp, cohosh, broken bones, licorice, leeches, ginger, etc. 19Kind.