What do women think of men’s bodies?

What do women think of men’s bodies?

Men and women sometimes seem to come from two planets. Their aesthetic concepts and sources of pleasure are very different. Even in bed, the appreciation of men and their bodies can be different from that of women. In the eyes of women, men’s bodies attract them.Yes, it is by no means what men think.

  The Bible says that a woman is a rib of a man.

The current situation is that the ribs cannot be separated from the body, but the ribs have the right to be critical of the body, because today’s body works hard every day for the happiness of the ribs.

How to make ribs happy?

What kind of body is your favorite rib?

The body has opinions of the body, but these opinions often flow in the words “take it for granted”.

  Here are some of the biggest “taken things” about how women view men’s bodies.

  ”Take it for granted”: “My place is the sexiest place in the whole body” Strong sexual organs are one of the most worthy boasting capitals of many men. In public toilets, when two men solve side by side to solve “little problems”,Intentional or unintentional comparison of size; on a man’s body, that performance on the bed has also become a barometer of his physical health and psychological stress.

So, in the eyes of women, what is the sexiest part of a man?

  In a survey entitled “What do you think are the sexiest parts of a man’s body?”

None of the women surveyed chose it; 26% of women chose “sturdy black hair”, citing the “classic beauty” of this part, “seems to smell hormonal immediately”, “It makes people feel warm and protected “. And the sex psychologist said: Most women choose breasts, because most partners in the world are still accustomed to having sex with women and men, and adopt this most traditionalIn the position of the missionary, the black eyes were facing the female eyes.

Therefore, the subconscious association it brings to women is, above all, “sex.”

In addition, 19% of women chose “hand or arm” (most of the women who chose this answer were artistic and more aware of the spirit than the body), and 21% of women chose “nose” (the women who chose this answer)It’s stuffy, full of fantasy about sex), and less than 10% of women choose the place closest to the penis, close to (the best choice for honest women who enjoy physical feelings).

  The loss of the penis may be as pronounced by the majority of men: “To give women the best sexual feeling, it is not enough to have a beautiful and easy-to-use little brother, because women really need it, and they are often elsewhere.

“Take it for granted”: “The more developed my muscles, the more my sexual partners will like them.” Many men blindly pursue good body, but not for health.

In their imagination, the better their muscles, the better they can please their partner in bed.

However, studies have shown that extremely strong muscular men are not the best sexual partners that most women choose, and having developed muscles is more to satisfy men’s own vanity.

Investigation shows that women’s ideal lover body is: gentle eyes, slender limbs, soft and elastic skin, and biceps and pectoralis major muscles should not be excessively distributed.

Some women say that muscular men make them more susceptible to sexual violence and rough sexual skills.

There is also a large number of women who admit that they do not like muscle men the most, because these women are often subconscious narcissists. They want to be in bed and have a better figure than men. When muscle men appear in front of them, theyInferiority and fear are often felt immediately, and subsequent sex becomes boring.

  In recent years, the trend has begun to be fashionable and neutral men. They are thin but have soft skin. They are polite to women, seemingly not threatening, but they have become the idols of many women’s dreams.

This phenomenon has a lot to do with the idea of feminism that is gradually rising. At the same time, it proves once again that muscular men are no longer popular.

Women in the workplace know how to spare themselves

Women in the workplace know how to spare themselves

We are trapped in many trivial matters every day, so that we ca n’t see or remember that we actually have small accomplishments of this and that, and happy moments of interaction between people, these little by littleA small achievement and a happy moment are happy lives.

  Recently, I had a conversation with a female friend who was in charge in her early 30s. She had not seen her for more than a year. She had changed a lot. She was no longer as angry and frustrated as before. The boss gave her a heavy burden. There was no boyfriend in her thirties.I didn’t have time for myself . Instead, I happily talked about the work plan, brought the team’s experience, and the comfort of buying a new car and taking my mother out to play, I felt that life was beautiful.

  I asked why.

“I figured it out, I decided to spare myself.

“Well,” forgive myself “, I applaud the new woman in front of me.

  Do you have such experience, waking up in the middle of the night for unknown reasons, and wandering into anxiety for a while before falling asleep.

This country of anxiety probably does not fall into the following areas: not enough, not good enough include: not enough money to make enough, not enough time, not enough work details, the home is not clean enough recently, the children ‘s homework has recently noticedNot tight enough, my husband (or boyfriend) has n’t loved me enough recently, weight loss has n’t been insisted on recently, life without a boyfriend (or no children) is not complete . good times are not always good, good luck always runs out of happy timeMrs. Fast, probably not happy for such a happy life now .

Sometimes I unconsciously want to spoil my own good luck, just to prove that my thoughts are right, for example, he obviously loves the other half, and he wants to find him to fight with him at regular intervals.

  Am I really so outstanding?

Will I be dismantled one day? I ‘m just a three-legged cat. We often worry that we are not good enough. Those who praise us are only temporarily fainted by us. Maybe one day I will be dismantled.The article is unlucky. Every day something bad happens. The car has to be repaired again. The boss always throws something for me to do before work. Every time I miss the bus (or subway) for a few seconds.The tax information is piled up in a mess and the forms have not been filled in. A lot of emails haven’t been processed yet . I often think about the shortcomings in life and make people habitually live in the shadow of uneasiness. They are not willing to spare themselves. Maybe you and I have moreA bit addictive.

  The reason may be as follows: everything must be used from childhood (from grabbing meat floss to rice, to grabbing a place in the school), otherwise you will not get it; often reminded by the parents and teachers “you can be better”, I feel really badOutstanding, not hard enough; it is justified to think more and cause more than not to worry, because even though the result is still not good, but I feel that I have my responsibilities, and I don’t need to blame myself deeply .

  I also noticed that many of the product advertisements targeted at women are “You deserve this product”, “You deserve to cherish yourself”, “You deserve to spend money to pamper yourself” . I rarely see ads targeted at menUse this wording.

  It seems that this trend is common: men often overestimate themselves, but women often underestimate themselves. Rarely there is a woman who can actually reflect herself. Everyone calls her a “strong woman.”

  American psychologist Bullock once conducted psychological tests on 301 high school seniors and found that although girls ‘academic results are generally better than boys’, and many people have even received Westinghouse scholarships, they are not as confident as boys.

Some are obviously the top few in the class, but they always play the part that they are not good at, and they say, “Oh, I don’t understand the xxx part.

“The boys are different. Most of the time, when they have a chance, they try to show what they know, and they almost never talk about the less good ones.

  Another sociologist, Marindruck, has also found that women are generally less optimistic than men; they also endure anxiety at different levels, and women are less likely to be men than men.

  In a common family, women save money, but men spend money more casually. Maybe women grow up in a culture that treats women as weak. They are used to pessimistic thinking and are afraid to be disappointed. Maybe they are born more realistic than men.More.

  In addition, there are inferences in the sociology and psychology circles, which may be related to the fact that society has only given women control in recent decades.

  Women have to learn to feel in control of their own lives, a new experience that has only recently occurred.

How to spare yourself, you need to develop a habit: if past experience reminds you repeatedly that you are not worth every day happiness, then you have to build your own mentality and remind yourself every day, “Of course I deserve to be happy and happy, things will changeThe better “.

  Some people have suggested reminding yourself to repeat the chant a few times a day on the mirror or on the desk (my trial experience, I think it is still effective).

  When being praised by others, don’t reject or doubt it, but write it down as evidence or receipt. The exaggeration point is to send to the person you care about. The purpose is to “expand and strengthen self confidence” and remind others to continue to praiseLet’s check each other out.

  People who love to use computers may wish to save it in the file of “enhancing self-confidence”, so that they can go in at any time and cheer themselves up.

Why a lover is always a good life for others is a lot of little joys and small accomplishments. We are trapped in many trivial matters every day, causing them to be transferred, so that we ca n’t see or remember that we have all the small accomplishments of this and that.And the happy moment of interaction between people, these little bits of achievement and happy moments are happy lives.

  However, most people are committed to pursuing special achievements and special moments. As a result, they always feel that they have nothing to do and have no happiness, and they are unwilling to spare themselves.

  Too close to see a tree, take a step back to see the whole forest.

Look too close to the subway, see the car next to it, it is crowded and messy, take a step back to see the entire train, turn neatly and brightly, and pick you up to the next successful place.

  Next time you’re afraid, ask yourself what the worst would be.

You will find that, in fact, it is not so big. Before asserting that you will not always have good luck or happiness, ask yourself whether you have made such an argument based on past experience or current facts.

Don’t look at what you don’t have, look at what you have.

How men care for the prostate

How men care for the prostate

The prostate is a unique reproductive organ for men. Its shape and size are the same as those of chestnuts. It is located between the bladder and the urogenital ridges. It surrounds the junction of the bladder opening and the urethra. It consists of multiple acinars and ducts.Detoxification, cultivation, physical health and other functions.

At the same time, the prostate is also a more sensitive part of men, so protecting the prostate is very important.

  Four major functions of the prostate1. Urination: Although the prostate and urethra belong to different systems, because of the close anatomical location and the inseparability of urination and insemination, the prostate controls both insemination and indirect urination.

  2. Endocrine function: As the age increases, the 5α-reductase contained in the prostate will increase, and the increase in the content of α-reductase is exactly the culprit of prostate hyperplasia.

Therefore, through the production of 5α-reductase in the retina, the production of dihydrothyrone can be reduced, so that the proliferative prostate tissue atrophies.

  3.Exocrine function: The prostate fluid secreted by the prostate, as an important component of semen, contains enzymes that can stimulate sperm vitality and improve the survival rate of sperm, so that sperm and egg cells can be smoothly combined, which is very important for newborns.

  4, transportation: under the action of sympathetic nerves, the prostate fine muscles contract, reset the contents of the seminal vesicles and vas deferens through the ejaculation duct, and enter the urethral part of the prostate.

  Protect the prostate well and avoid more harm. Prostate diseases mainly include prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, etc. Prostatitis is a more common andrological disease, which is also a headache for male friends. Its appearance is related to individuals.Lifestyle habits are closely related, this disease has caused great harm to male friends.

Patients will experience decreased sexual function, internal secretion disorders, infections, chronic nephritis, infections caused by gynecological inflammation, and even affect fertility and other complications.

Once diagnosed with this disease, patients should be actively treated under the guidance of the hospital.

  Keep warm and drink plenty of water everyday to better prevent prostate disease. In addition to daily physical exercise and a balanced diet, you should also do the following: 1. Avoid holding back urine: holding back urine will cure some crystals in the urineThe substance surrounds the purine and plasma in the glandular ducts to form stones, which prevents the prostate from draining smoothly, which causes prostatitis.

  2. Keep warm: Generally, the prostate is more afraid of cold, so cold weather will cause the glands of the prostate to contract, dilate the ducts and blood vessels, causing chronic congestion, which will increase the internal pressure of the urethra. In severe cases, it can cause reflux and prostatitisdisease.

  3. Maintain moderate sexual life: Generally speaking, excessive sexual life is easy and the prostate is severely congested.

In addition, transitional masturbation can also cause prostatitis.

  4. Mohs wine: Because alcohol has the function of dilating blood vessels, the prostate will be congested quickly after drinking alcohol, and prostate disease will occur a long time ago.

  5, drink plenty of water: high concentration of urine is harmful to the prostate, so drinking more water can replace urine, thereby reducing the harm to the body.

Typical psychological characteristics of women left after 1980

Typical psychological characteristics of women left after 1980

When one day you have a search consciousness, you will suddenly find that there are so many leftovers and leftovers around you.

Why were they left, and what did the leftover girls notice?

Let’s explore together, the common ground left by women after the 80’s.

  It is said that there are men and women left, and the current trend seems to be inaccurate. In the restaurants on the street, there are often a group of women drinking and chatting together.Take a look at the top ten characteristics of women left after 80: basic characteristics one, two, three: high education, high income, women left after 80 are basically bachelor degree or above, have good family education and cultural literacy, inAfter four years in college, I may have had a beautiful and happy emotional experience, but after graduation, I have worked hard, and I know that the self in the “organizational behavior” is superego, and I can understand “Time”Gossip news.

One by one can be called “Know Your Family”, and at the same time, stable occupations and incomes are also considered “bone spirits.”The late marriage family showed up in the post-90s non-mainstream, but it will also be a tender, casual clothes, and occasionally in the school, you can also accumulate a few, like to lament their “people old pearl yellow”, but it is really said thatWhen you are “old”, you will strive for reason.

  Common features four and five: like homes, some female confidants who are born after the 80s often order, but they are not lonely characters. When they are at home on the weekends, they usually spend the day in their pajamas walking around the room and watching TV.Go on the Internet, make some small meals to pass the day, brush your teeth without washing your face, you can open your mouth to eat and drink, your hair is messy, the beds do n’t care, the bed does n’t stack up, you get up and watch TV on the bed, sleep and sleep.The days can last a weekend.

  But it ‘s not that the extra girls are just so boring. Most of the “left girls” after the 80s have a group of sisters who are in the same “situation”. On Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day, these “outrageous” gathering days, a few ladiesWe got together, asked for a few bottles of wine, scolded the boss for “being desolate,” talked about the man’s “nothing”, and the couple at the table next to the vicious “threat curse” “have no tomorrow”, then happyI drank everything, and continued to work with a smile on the next day, continued to look forward to love, and continued to bless my friends.

  Upgrade characteristics six, seven, eight: dare to think, dare to do, dare to be crazy and even always be alone, but as the women born in the 1980s who have grown up since the reform and opening up, they are all generations with personality.

Dare to subvert traditions and make sexual changes to yourself, pretending that there are several sisters who grew up together in the dive, all of whom are born in the 80s, and in some gatherings on some days, caused an amazing decision, several people togetherGoing to take a wedding photo without a groom, but a few girls paid the money, and they lost weight before the photo. On the day of the photo, the big photo studio was all newcomers taking wedding photos, but it was still grabbed by a few of us.Five photographers are shooting around, and many people are curious to find the “groom” around us. The five girls are still smiling with a smile; a few people often think of some new and weird ideas, and some go to learn pole dancing.Or ran out to travel together at the moment of the Spring Festival. In short, the women born in the post-80s are not afraid of restraint. They can do it as long as they can figure it out and let themselves live happily.

  Returning to the characteristics of nine, ten: thinking about love, one side is sea water, the other is flame. In fact, the topic of love is never faded for women left after the 80s, and it is full of expectations, but only for these girls who have experienced the verdant years,The topic of love has been talked about for too long, and the experiences of my friends around me have all raised the awareness of “leftover women”, making them look forward to and being excluded, and when they are about to experience love, they will find all kinds of obstacles.

  Like “Love Left and Right” starring Lin Jiaxin, the story is about the leftover girl.

Many people have seen it no longer euphemistically. It is also excellent, older, single Lin Jiaxin, but has produced resistance and antibodies to the “love” encountered, and the perfection in that period has become a regret.

When the sisters sat and laughed together, they always said that Aunt Qiong Yao had “poisoned” us. While talking about “marriage is a moment of heaven and a lifetime of hell”, they were still walking in a scene., Waiting for the love that may happen.

Eating citrus fruits is good for your body


Eating citrus fruits is good for your body

Citrus fruits are plants of the family Rutaceae, with many types, including citrus, orange, tangerine, and kumquat.

Tangerine contains a variety of nutrients, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, fruit acid, citric acid, vitamin C, alcohol, citral, vitamin B1, B2 and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts and other nutrients.

  Citrus has a variety of effects such as strengthening the qi and strengthening the stomach, moistening phlegm, lowering asthma, relieving asthma, dispersing and relieving pain, promoting appetite, sobering up, and resisting disease.

I often eat orange peel, and almost supplement the body with a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts and other nutrients. It has the effects of fitness and body promotion and growth, and it can also help the stomach and digestion, dryness and dampness, and it is a cure for indigestion, spleen deficiency, bloating, and irritation.
Good medicine for excessive drinking, and has the effect of curbing acute diseases.

Some common folk prescriptions are there.

  Treatment of peripheral neuritis and vitamin C deficiency: 2 oranges at a time, three times a day.

  Treatment of cough and dry phlegm: squeeze orange juice into the mouth, eat another orange, and chew slowly.

And with other cough and expectorants.

  Governing the pain and stagnation of the stagnation diet: 6 oranges, 9 grams of chicken internal gold, decoction, orally taken three times.

  Treatment of bad breath: boil the oranges with skin, and substitute oranges for tea.