One minute exercise takes you out of sub-health

One minute exercise takes you out of sub-health

Sub-health is actually not as terrible as imagined.

It doesn’t take just a few minutes to make you healthy.

  First, comb your fingers for one minute with your fingers from your forehead to the back of your head and comb them in order to enhance blood circulation in the head and increase blood flow in the brain. It can prevent cerebral vascular disease and make it dark and shiny.

  Second, gently rub the ears for one minute. Because the ears are covered with acupuncture points throughout the body, gently rubbing the left and right ears with both hands until fever, can clear the meridians, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other symptoms. The third effect is to give everyone a minute before turning eyesThe introduction of Cheng’s eye exercises in Chengshi’s eye exercises is effective.

  Fourth, rub the thumb for one minute to massage Yingxiang acupoint next to the nose to improve the health effect.

  Fifth, tap the teeth and roll the tongue for one minute to connect the roots and gums to activate blood and strengthen the teeth.

Rolling the tongue allows the tongue to move freely and increases its sensitivity.

  6. Stretching and flexing the limbs One minute through the flexion and extension exercise, the blood quickly returns to the whole body, supplying sufficient oxygen and blood to the cardio-cerebral system, preventing acute and chronic heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and strengthening the muscles of the limbs and small joints.

  7. Gently rub the navel for one minute. Gently rub the navel with the palms of both hands, because the upper and lower navels are Shen Jue, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Dan Tian, Zhongli and other acupoints, especially Shen Jue can prevent and treat strokes.

Qingmo also has a refreshing effect.

  Eight, the abdomen and rectal abdomen are retracted for one minute, and the anus is lifted, which can enhance the contractility of the anal sphincter, cause blood circulation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  Nine, stepping on the soles of the feet for one minute and stepping on the soles of the feet alternately, making the soles feel warm.

It can accelerate the whole body blood circulation after stroking the soles of the feet, and has the effects of living meridians, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and reassuring the mind.

  Ten, turn left and right for a minute and turn gently on the bed, moving the large spine joints and waist muscles.

Winter women’s nourishing beauty tremella mushroom soup with chicken

Winter women’s nourishing beauty tremella mushroom soup with chicken

● Tremella mushroom soup chicken soup material: 50 grams of white fungus, 30 grams of dried shiitake mushrooms, 100 grams of shredded chicken (preferably not frozen meat), 30 grams of fresh chives, and proper salt.

  Production: first immerse the white fungus in water for 1 hour to remove impurities and set aside; after the dried shiitake mushrooms are immersed and replaced, the shiitake mushrooms are cut into thin strips for use; chicken is washed and shredded; fresh chives are washed and cut into sections for later use.

Then put these soup ingredients into the soup pot and cook the soup over medium heat, season with salt.

  Efficacy: This soup can nourish yin and lungs, and promote skin and beauty.

A few detox porridge to cure constipation and detox

A few detox porridge to cure constipation and detox

Introduction: A few detox porridges for constipation, detoxification and thin stomach, healthy eating habits can escort us to have a healthy body, and the correct diet concept also adds health elements to us.

Developing a healthy diet in your daily routine is the key to a healthy body.

  Do you often get oily and acne-prone skin, and your belly is always swollen?

Your body is sending detox signals.

Do you have trouble with constipation?

Today, Xiaobian recommends several detox porridge for everyone. Drink more to ensure that you can detox quickly and lose weight quickly.

  First, the raw material of yam pork bone and vegetable porridge: pork bone soup 1.

5 liters, 100 grams of yam, 100 grams of rice, 1 vegetable?
2 trees, salt and pepper.

  Practice: 1.

After the rice is washed and washed, soak it in water for 1 hour; yam peeled and diced and dipped in water; vegetables are washed and shredded.


Add the pork bone soup and the right amount of water to the boil and add the soaked rice.


After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and continue to cook for 15 minutes. Add yam and cook for 15 minutes. Add the shredded vegetables and cook. Add salt and pepper.

  Second, grain oat laver tuna porridge ingredients: grain oat, white rice, bagged tuna, laver, salt, monosodium glutamate.

  Practice: 1.

Grain oats and white rice are washed and soaked in water for 10 minutes.

  Editor’s reminder: Today’s life brings a lot of possibilities to our living conditions.

The types of diets are constantly increasing. Please pay attention to healthy diets for the health of our body.

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One minute whitening method helps you eliminate dull skin_1

One minute whitening method helps you eliminate dull skin

There are extra diy masks recommended on the Internet. This one can whiten, remove the dark circles, and others can be pure water to moisturize. Have you tried it?

  First, VC whitening super simple and practical mask This is Niu Er taught to the audience in “I’m the biggest”, super simple and practical.

  Let’s talk about the raw materials: a compressed facial mask, a small bowl of mineral water, and an appropriate amount of vitamin C.

I use the most common white granules, 100mg.

Niu Er said in the show that as young as 500mg is enough.

  Method: Just mash the vitamin C, pour into mineral water to dissolve, and soak the prepared compressed mask in water to start.

  Modified version: I use the lemonade my mother made in the refrigerator!

There are also many vitamin C in the lemon, and it is very white.

  Then it should be better to replace it with mineral water.

Then just add two 100mg capsules.

  Of course, if you guys don’t have lemonade, it doesn’t matter at all, just put two more vc on it and pull it.

  Effect: After looking in the mirror, it was really startling, the skin was tender and tender, and the skin became watery.

And when I peeled off the mask, I do n’t know if it was a psychological effect, and I felt that the eyes around it were much darker than those around them.

  Special note: This mask must be washed after it is done, because vitamin C may not completely melt. If it remains on the skin, it will be bad for the skin and will turn yellow.

This is counterproductive, so do n’t forget to wash it off when you run out.

  Second, magic aspirin mask Aspirin mask is popular on the MUAmakeupalley beauty forum in the United States. I recommend aspirin mask to everyone. Ingredients: 5-6 aspirin, water method: 5-6 aspirinTwist into a very easy powder, then add a spoonful of water to reconcile, rub it on the face with a cotton aspirin solution, wait for 20-30 minutes and rinse off.

  Experience after use: After washing the face, it is abnormally smooth and exquisite, the skin tone becomes white and even, and the bean print fades a lot. After making this mask, the skin is uniform and shiny the next day, and it feels similar to the face.

  Note: 1.

Aspirin hypertension needs to be finely ground, the finer the better, otherwise you will feel pain when rubbed on your face.


In order to prevent allergies, try it behind the ears to see if you are suitable before using it.


After making aspirin mask, pay attention to moisturizing, use moisturizing skin care products, in order to achieve better skin effect and get smooth white tender, and very effective for acne marks, if you are interested, you can try it.The cheapest cosmetics ever!

  How to use: After washing your face with a facial cleanser, use a little white sugar. In medical terms, sugar is good for wound healing. Put it on the palm of your hand and rub it with a little water to preventToo irritating, then rub it on your arm and wash it with water for about a minute.

  After experience: experience the tenderness.

Hold on for a while, your acne marks will be gone, you can try!

  Fourth, the white fungus method to eliminate fine lines in the eyes of the MM easy to grow fine lines can try, quite useful.

Of course you have to cook it in advance and it spreads quickly.

  Ingredients: Tremella, water Method: Cook with Tremella and a little bit of water for about an hour, it is best to make a thick soup, and then apply it to the eyes. If you do n’t use it, you can put it in the refrigerator. It will be very good over timeEffect.

  Fifth, potato chips apply eye to black eye method Raw material: potato chips practice: scrape the potato skin, then wash, cut about 2 cm thick slices.

Lie on your back, lay potato chips on your eyes, wait about 5 minutes, and then wash with water.

  Tips: Apply at night, at least to help eliminate eye fatigue.

Large potatoes are preferred because the coverage is sticky.

Do not use toothed potatoes, because they are poisonous.

  Six, sweet wine brewed whitening facial mask ingredients: sweet wine brewed, compressed mask method: pour sweet wine brewed in a clean container, even rice is poured out together.

Crush the rice a bit, then put the masking paper into the container and suck a sufficient amount of wine, and leave it on for eight to ten minutes.

  Then wash your face with the same water, the normal skin care procedures can be.

  Seventh, when the whitening method of cucumber slices is going to sleep, take the cucumber slices and place them on a wooden board for a few minutes, then your face will become white and tender for a month.  Eight, a bottle of pure water (600cc) sold on the market with pure water moisturizing method, as long as you wash your face with pure water 3-4 times a week, and often apply pure water to the face with makeup sponge, the face is naturally smooth and beautiful!

  Nine, mineral water delaying aging method Fill mineral water into a vial with a nozzle, spray it directly on the face, and pat it gently, while replenishing the skin with moisture, the metasilicic acid of the mineral water is fully absorbed.

This increases skin elasticity, stretches fine facial wrinkles, and delays skin aging.

Winter whitening safety is the first thing _1

Winter whitening safety is the business

In terms of whitening, it seems that the most we are told is: be careful of allergies.

Some MMs are too anxious to turn white. After using whitening products, not only they are not white, but they have different degrees of sensitivity and inflammation.

In fact, those so-called “quick-acting” products mix a large amount of hormones, and long-term use can lead to health problems such as capillary shrinkage and thick hair.

Especially for sensitive skin, the first priority is to stay away from irritants and allergens.

Since whitening does not happen overnight, accumulate a little every day, and you will get closer and closer to the porcelain doll.


hzh {display: none; }  Step1:基础保湿必不可少  时刻保持肌肤的水分充足是美白肌肤的首要条件,保湿工作也是做好其他护肤步骤的基础。A dry, pore-like surface is no longer beautiful.

In addition to the daily use of moisturizing water, moisturizing cream, using a hydrating mask every week can help the skin to deeply moisturize.

  Recommended product: Nuxe Hua Ning Fresh Moisturizing Mask 260 yuan / 50ml a dual-effect moisturizing mask that can be applied on the eyes and facial skin at the same time.

Instantly restores skin’s freshness, suppleness and radiance, so that the skin on the eyes is stretched and relaxed, and moisturized.

Great for dry, dull and tired skin.

  Step 2: Gentle whitening, melanin removal is the key to all whitening work. Good whitening products can improve the skin that has formed melanin.

For example, the most popular whitening elements in the world: Vitamin C, vitamin C derivatives, licorice essence, etc.

However, the high-quality whitening ingredients Clinique Crystal Whitening Moisturizing Cream 360 yuan / 30ml This cream has a gentle extension and touch, and can be absorbed by the skin in time to make the skin plump, moist and shiny.

  Dermina Whitening Moisturizing Whitening Moisturizing Milk 230 yuan / 30ml whitening and moisturizing effect into one.

Not only can make the skin clear and moisturizing, but also avoid the dryness caused by whitening products.

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

Safe and non-irritating, it gives skin real whitening safely.

  Step 3: Brighten the skin around the eyes. Unlike the other skin tissues on the face, it is more delicate and more prone to problems, such as dark circles.

You know, creating bright and fair eye skin is also an important factor for whitening.

  Ou Minfu Pure Whitening Eye Cream 260 Yuan / 20ml can effectively suppress the abnormal pigmentation on the skin of the eyes.

Fades existing spots and dull skin tones.

Use daily to quickly eliminate dullness and uneven skin tone.

Makes your eyes glow.

Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, safe and non-irritating.

  Step4: Whitening in winter can not forget the sun protection. In the whitening care, the melanin that has been generated can be slowly eliminated, and sun protection can help the skin to suppress the production of new melanin.

Protect your skin’s basal and dermal layers from UV rays with good sunscreen products, do not stimulate tyrosinase activity, and inhibit melanin production.

  Ou Cui Bi plant freckle whitening cream SPF15 225 yuan / 40ml can be used as a cream, can also be used as a primer before makeup, efficient absorption of ultraviolet rays, comprehensive isolation of ultraviolet damage, dilute the skin whitening.

  Step5: Continue to use the whitening essence to accumulate the pigmentation that has formed, and at the same time keep the skin white, you need to have both daily care and enhanced care.

May continue to use the whitening essence to enhance the skin’s repair, using the concentrated whitening essence, so that deep skin can be strongly absorbed and penetrated, so that the skin restores moisture and whiteness, to achieve the ideal skin.

  Fancl whitening and spotting essence 335 yuan / 18ml can help promote the cell’s natural metabolism, accelerate the dull aging of the pigment accumulation, and restore the skin’s whiteness.

At the same time moisturizing and protecting the skin, continued use can help keep the skin healthy and moist.

  Dermina European skin cleansing and moisturizing whitening essence 300 yuan / 30ml dew-like texture, absorbs and absorbs, absorbs quickly, light and breathable.

Four whitening ingredients work synergistically at all stages of melanin production.

Inhibit melanin production.

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free.
Safe and non-irritating.