Is the distance from Kunming Baodao Hospital credible?

Is the distance from Kunming Baodao Hospital credible?

“I’m XXX.

I would like to be part of the Treasure Island Love Service Team.

I promise that I will do my best to help those who need help with selfless dedication . “With a solemn oath, on July 28, the” Love Service Team “of Kunming Baodao Maternity Hospital was formally established.

More than 20 service team members have been established. They are the backbone elites of various departments such as the medical guidance department, clinic, operating room, etc., which have strong intentions and motivating.

  The director of Kunming Baodao Maternity Hospital, the director of gynecology, the surgeon, and the medical staff who set up the group all participated in the event.

The ceremony was chaired by Wang Xuemei, the director of gynecology.

At the ceremony, the representatives of the caring service team read the “Guide to the Caring Service of Treasure Island Hospital” and conducted the voluntary location of “I volunteer, I am happy”. The director of the Treasure Island involved the members of the caring service team and made a solemn oath.

  The dean said: The medical service business is a noble business, and it is also one of the careers that inherit virtues and promises. The establishment of a caring service team has the following significance: to promote the relationship between doctors and patients, improve the overall level of medical services, and provideA platform to show their talents; the second is to show the positive energy of our hospital to the community to establish a harmonious doctor-patient relationship; the third is to show the good mental outlook of our hospital staff, but also an effective supplement to our hospital’s quality services.

The service team should keep in mind the charter of loving service, combining with actual needs, while serving patients to dedicate their love, it will also improve and improve itself.

  Finally, I hope that medical staff can actively respond to the hospital’s call, study hard, and based on their duties, continue to sublimate the spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress”, carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues with practical actions, and do a good and rapid development of the medical career of BaodaoContribute to strength.

  After the ceremony, the caring service team of Baodao Maternity Hospital in Kunming quickly divided the component diagnosis and guidance group, the environment optimization group, the caring service group, the clean hospital district, and the patient. A medical staff said excitedly: these tasks are for usIt is not difficult, but for patients, it is a ray of sunlight in winter, and we are just a flower blooming in every corner that needs help!

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Fun test: what’s your most fake side

Fun test: what’s your most fake side

The problem is that one day dreamed, and found that your previous life was actually a big man in power, you think you will be: A.

Emperor B.

General C.

National High Priest D.

Falling from the sky, the analysis of the aliens who are thought to be God ‘s choice A: You most want to attract people with your temperament, so you always love “biting words” or pretending to be elegant, and you are a “false” gentleman (lady).

  Option B: You most want to attract people with a strong ability to work, so you strive to perform at work, always like to use power, regardless of strength, like touting or competing in the face of the chief, like to “pretend” to be very materialFrog.

  Choice C: You want to attract people with the tender and emotional side of your heart, so whether you hate the other person in your heart, you always like to be kind and friendly, and you are a “false” good person.

  Choice D: You most hope to attract people with the side of knowledge and rationality. Often when things are okay, you start to start with people from small to current affairs, to the world universe, philosophy of life, and use some difficult terms to annoy everyone, it is a “Fake polymath.

The concept of vegetarianism varies from person to person

The concept of vegetarianism varies from person to person

The spring is windy and rainy, the climate is dry, and the temperature changes are erratic.

Decreased immunity and defense functions of the human body, easily causing some common diseases in spring.

Therefore, a reasonable adjustment of the diet is suddenly very important.

How can I eat the nutrition and improve my immunity?

After that, the family has specially collected health information about spring diet and health care to help you survive this spring.

  It’s no surprise to meet a woman’s statement that “I’m vegetarian” at the table.

At present, the vegetarianism is growing more and more globally, especially the proportion of female vegetarians. In expanding women, vegetarians can account for 10%, and vegetarianism has become a fashion.

Many older people join the team for fear of cardiovascular disease.

Many people believe that vegetarian diet can lose weight, prevent disease, prolong life, and avoid many pollutants in animal foods.

So, what are the benefits of vegetarianism for health?

Will long-term vegetarianism cause nutritional deficiencies?

Experts pointed out that vegetarian diet should also pay attention to nutritional mix, and a reasonable vegetarian diet is good for health.

To enjoy the benefits of vegetarianism, you must fully understand the nutritional mix knowledge of vegetarian diets in order to avoid the danger of nutritional deficiencies.

  The concept of vegetarianism varies from person to person in different countries. It means different things to different people. Vegetarians can be simply vegetarian, that is, do not eat any animal food, do not drink milk, do not eat fish, or eat eggs.The vegetarians of milk, even some people eat fish, also call themselves vegetarian.

  Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at China Agricultural University, said that vegetarians can be divided into two categories: one is “generalized vegetarians” or “egg veggies”, but they do not eat meat and fish, but canAccept milk and eggs.

Because egg and milk have higher protein content than fish, meat, and many vitamins and minerals, “egg vegans” are less affected by nutrient intake.

The other type is “strict vegetarians” who don’t eat fish or meat at all, and don’t eat eggs and milk.

It is too difficult for these people to get enough nutrition.

Most people tend to think that vegetarians are prone to lack of protein.

Usually only “general vegetarians” who do not eat meat can get enough protein through beans, soy products, eggs, dairy products and cereals.

Strict vegetarians need to absorb a considerable amount of beans and soy products to ensure protein supply.

  Vegetarians are not the only ones who have no harm. Vegetarians may be more prone to certain nutrient deficiencies than non-vegetarians, such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12.

Among them, the “strict vegetarian” risk of not eating eggs and milk.

In the diet, meat, viscera and animal blood are the best sources of iron, while iron in vegetarian diets is difficult to be absorbed by the body; zinc is abundant in animal foods and has high absorption rate; vitamin B12 is only found in animal sex.Foods (including eggs and milk), fungi and fermented foods are generally excluded from vegetarian diets.

If iron and vitamin B12 are lacking, the hematopoietic function will be abnormal and the body will be weakened.

In proportion to men, women lose a few tens of milliliters of iron due to monthly menstrual cramps, and special attention should be paid to the supply of iron and vitamin B12.

  Although vegetarians are prone to certain nutrient deficiencies, some ingredients are not easily deficient, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and supplemental fiber, Professor Fan Zhihong said.

Because these ingredients dissolve in vegetarian diets, tofu and milk are the best sources of calcium, and beans, vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of potassium and magnesium.

  How can vegetarians give some advice on how to ensure that vegetarians are guaranteed enough nutrition?

  To get enough iron, one should always eat vitamin C vegetables, such as green peppers, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, etc., so that the vitamin C promotes iron absorption; the second is to use iron pot for cooking, use vinegar and lemonTo season, help the dissolution and absorption of iron; the third is to eat more vitamin C fruits, such as dates, citrus and so on.

To get enough zinc, you need to eat some nuts, oilseeds, such as sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, black sesame seeds, etc.

Vitamin B12 can be supplied through fungi and fermented soy products, including various mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus, etc., as well as bean paste, sauce tofu, cardamom, and glutinous rice.

  If you are not a strict vegetarian, it is best to eat eggs, milk and dairy products every day.

Dairy products can provide calcium, B vitamins and proteins, as well as some saturated fatty acids.

Eggs provide protein, B vitamins and a variety of trace elements.

More intake of soy products, a variety of nuts and green leafy vegetables, is a good way to get antioxidants.

  Vegetarians should also pay attention to controlling the total energy ingestion, especially white sugar, cooking oil injection, eating less sweets, cooking light, trying to change the white rice noodles into various coarse grains and grains, which is conducive to promoting health and maintaining convenient weight.

  In short, vegetarian food itself is not considered a healthy lifestyle, and only a vegetarian diet with a balanced and balanced nutrition can benefit people’s health.

Three smart women in marriage

Three smart women in marriage

The first intelligent woman uses the most “stupid” method to impress his woman’s kindness, gentleness, and diligence, which can most affect the heart of a man.

With these good behaviors, women in marriage can take men to basic steps.

In the cold winter, boil a pot of hot soup for your lover; in the warm sun, sew a button for your lover-do not underestimate these small things!

Your ability and love for these little things will increase the warmth of your family.

Even if you have money to ask for a babysitter, your love for your husband is irreplaceable.

So do n’t worry about what your boyfriend calls when you ‘re in love. When you get married, your husband thinks the same thing: a good wife has to have this kind of behavior and skills.

  The second kind of smart woman I show the intellectual side in a timely manner. In marital life, it is not enough to give good conduct.

Some wives suspect that they work hard at home, but why don’t they always please their husbands?

Men’s personality, temperament and self-cultivation are different. For girls, when you choose a marriage, you must have at least an understanding of the husband you marry, and a mentality and ability to be a wife that meets your husband’s requirements.

To do this, you must be a smart, intellectual girl.

  The third intelligent woman I just echoed his little interest when it comes to romance and fun, the girl would say: OK!

This is what I do best!

That girl does n’t want to continue to be romantic in her marriage, but I want to tell the girl, do n’t move the romantic version of your love to your marriage. If you do n’t believe it, you can ask the men in the marriage to answer the questionnaire and make the girl fall in loveEverything you have done is written, some kind: call him if there is something; nothing in the wind, take a walk in the rain; when he is sick and need a rest, keep reading love poems to him; once again, one set a dayNew fashion; changing hairstyles every few days . the answer is definitely no.

What about diarrhea?

What should I eat for diarrhea?

What about diarrhea?
What should I eat for diarrhea?

What diarrhea should eat Fruit diarrhea is a common disease, once diarrhea will cause vitamin loss, and will lose a lot of water and nutrients.

We know that fruits contain a lot of water and vitamins, but many fruits are easy to cause diarrhea. So what are the fruits that diarrhea can eat?

Please look down.

1, Apple: Apple is the best fruit, for constipation or diarrhea.

Apple is not only sweet and sour, but also rich in nutrients, rich in sugars, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and flavonoids.

Apple is an alkaline food. Eating apples can quickly neutralize excess acid in the body, enhance physical strength and disease resistance, and be used for deficiency of Qi, diarrhea and constipation.

2, lychee: sweet and slightly acidic, have spleen and liver, nourishing blood and soothe the effect.

For spleen deficiency and long-term diarrhea, stomach pain, abdominal pain, hiccups and so on.

Deficiency of the body, stomach cold is suitable for eating.

Because litchi contains a lot of natural glucose, and natural glucose has a special effect on blood and lung, it has a special promoting effect on blood circulation and temperature production.

3, pomegranate: sweet, slightly sour, sputum, can thirst, reduce phlegm and diarrhea.

Patients with diarrhea and abdominal pain are most suitable for consumption.

In particular, the acid pomegranate can cure long-term diarrhea, blood in the stool, rectal prolapse, abdominal pain and so on.

4, peach: like moist, dry and dry.

Peach toxic colloids, which can absorb a large amount of water into the large intestine, can prevent constipation and diarrhea.

5, carambola: Carambola juice contains a lot of oxalic acid, citric acid, malic acid, etc., can improve the acidity of gastric juice, promote the digestion of food and achieve the effect of digestion.

6, orange: has the effect of thirst, appetizing gas to help digestion, prevent constipation.

The cellulose and pectin substances contained in the orange can promote the peristalsis in the body, which is conducive to clearing the bowel and eliminating harmful substances in the body.

7, pear: it contains lignin, is an insoluble fiber, can dissolve in the intestine, forming a gel-like film, can be combined with inhibition in the intestines to rule out.

It can cure constipation.

8, banana: is also a good good diet, raw food can treat constipation, cooked to treat the belly, cooked can put the whole banana or cut into small pieces on the pot steamed, steamed and eaten.

9, cherry: sweet and nutritious.

It contains both glucose and protein as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and multivitamins.

It is a peaceful fruit, so it is completely edible for people with diarrhea.

Healthy longevity medicated diet-Erdongshen stewed pig spinal cord

Healthy longevity medicated diet-Erdongshen stewed pig spinal cord

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]15 grams of Asparagus, 15 grams of Ophiopogon, 25 grams of cooked land, 25 grams of raw land, 10 grams of ginseng, 200 grams of pig spinal cord.

  [Practice]Wash Ophiopogon, Asparagus, ripening ground, raw land, ginseng, cut Ophiopogon and ginseng into thin slices, put all the ingredients in a stew pot, add the appropriate amount of water, cover the stew pot, and simmer for 3 hours under water, Seasoning, drink soup to eat pig spinal cord, ginseng.

1 serving per day.

  [Efficacy]nourish yin and nourish the marrow, and nourish the face.

For insufficiency of qi and blood, no facial appearance, or hot flashes of yin deficiency and internal heat, upset and dark spots on the kidney yin deficiency.