Don’t control in love

“Don’t control” in love

“Do you eat oranges?
Eat, I peeled it; if not, I peeled your skin.
“I tell you Charlene, from now on you will be my wife, if you want to die, find another man to talk to!”
“These are the classic lines of Charlene and Lu Tao in the recent hit TV series” Struggle “. These dialogues show the strong monopoly and control of love of the hero and heroine.
Liu Xiaoyu, a psychological consultant at the Beijing Anima Counseling Center, said that among real-life lovers, it is not uncommon for one party to try to change and control the other.
  She reminded people in love that blindly manipulating may not keep the relationship.
Especially men, if they only know how to be resigned in love, they will eventually be looked down upon by the woman.
  The desire to control should be vented through normal channels, such as controlling the progress of the work, and evaluating the quality of the game.
Converge properly on the one you love.
At the same time, the controlled party should also dare to express their wishes and voices, so that their respective positions will gradually be corrected.
  In addition, lovers should explore the ability to love more.
Don’t mistakenly think that if you don’t toss in love, you don’t love too much. In fact, a successful and healthy love can greatly improve the mental health of both parties.
  In the end, both parties should take responsibility when they are in love and make their own mental health.
If both parties are unwilling to take the responsibility of actively loving each other, and only want the other party to love themselves unconditionally, that is the psychological performance of the child before returning to the age of 3, and it is to treat each other as their ideal parents to love themselves without regretThis idea is naive.