and so,Said to Qiao Zhentian without giving up:

“Uncle,It’s obviously the fault of Xiao Fan and his family,Why am I the one who apologized?And didn’t you see the uncle??My arm was already interrupted by Xiao Fan,Why do you want me to apologize to him。”
“Uncle,I just do not understand,Lin’s family in a small cloud city,Is there any place that our Qiao family should be afraid of?。”
“Uncle,What are you afraid of?”
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight An answer
Qiao Zhentian’s face is gloomy,Said to Qiao Ming coldly:
“What am i afraid of?Qiao Ming,What do you think you are,You dare to fight against Xiao Fan and his family。I tell you,I don’t care what reason you offended Xiao Fan and his family today,Go and understand it for me,otherwise,Don’t blame me for not reading love。”
Qiao Ming didn’t expect things to develop like this,Qiao Ming was planning to tell Qiao Zhentian a few more words。
But when Qiao Ming just touched Qiao Zhentian’s cold eyes,The whole person shivered involuntarily。
If Qiao Ming was flattering Qiao Zhenwu,So for Qiao Zhentian,Qiao Ming is a kind of fear from the bottom of my heart。
Qiao Zhentian is an irreversible existence in Qiao’s house。
and so,After Qiao Ming hesitated,Gritted his teeth,I still decided to go to Xiao Fan to admit counsel。
Because Qiao Ming’s arm was interrupted by Xiao Fan,So Qiao Ming still took some effort to get up from the ground。
but,Whenever Qiao Ming wants to give up,He just noticed Qiao Zhentian’s cold eyes looking at him。
It took a lot of effort,Qiao Ming finally stood up。
Just when Qiao Ming wanted to go in the direction of Xiao Fan,Lin Yu suddenly grabbed Qiao Ming’s arm。