How to exercise is the right health to restore your blood

How to exercise is the right health to restore your blood

Warm up the whole winter before exercise, our bodies are stiff, all organs of the body are like internal organs, the functions of the muscles are at a level, the bones and ligaments are even stiffer, and if they suddenly move, they are easily injured.

Therefore, you must do a warm-up exercise before exercising.

The yang that reaches the spring for exercise is particularly strong in the air in the woods, rivers, and lakes. These places assume a negative oxygen ion, which has the effects of relieving cough, eliminating fatigue, regulating nerves, reducing blood pressure, and calming.

Spring sports must go out of the air and get in touch with nature.

Choosing the right time to study found that morning exercise is prone to problems such as poor blood circulation and heart attack, and the risk is much lower after the afternoon.

And in the evening, the human body has experienced most of the activities of the day, the best response to exercise, the largest amount of oxygen, the movement effect is more obvious.

In addition, it is not suitable for sports in the morning, because the choice of suitable weather in the morning is very harmful to people. If you exercise in such weather, people’s breathing will accelerate with the increase of exercise volume.A large amount of harmful substances in the mist are inhaled into the body, and some of the pathogenic factors scattered in the mist make the exercise an invisible killer.

Appropriate people always think that the more sweating, the better the exercise effect, but it is not.

In the case of high temperature, sweating definitely has a good exercise effect.

However, the temperature in spring is cooler than the summer benchmark. Excessive sweating tends to make the pores expand. The cold and humid air invades the body, which makes it easy for the body to suffer from cold and cold, which may cause respiratory diseases, and the consequences may be serious.

So spring sports, just sweating is better.

As long as you can insist on 30 minutes every time, 3 times a week, or 2 times a day, every 15 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as walking, climbing, skipping, jogging, gymnastics, etc., is a good spring sports.

After you have to “cold” after exercise, don’t stop suddenly and stop slowly.

If you stop suddenly, your blood pressure will drop suddenly, your heart will not supply enough blood, causing coma and even death.

A simple 5 minute slow walk can effectively eliminate fatigue.

Talking about the Experiences of Qiao Xin in the Six Characters of Health Qigong

Talking about the Experiences of “Qiao Xin” in the Six Characters of Health Qigong

Cheng Yunhua Liao Yuzhang “Tune the heart” is the “three elements” of Health Qigong, and it is also the first essential point of practice. Mastering and applying the skills of “aligning the heart” plays an important role in improving the quality of practice. The author insists on practicing Health Qigong for a long time.
  Six characters, while playing the foundations of “tuning” and “adjusting interest rates”, they continue to learn and practice in the aspect of “tuning” and find some exercise methods that suit them. They are introduced to the home for reference only.
需要提请注意的是,虽然每人练功吋运用  的“调心”方法可能不同,但崇尚科学理念,体现科学精神,意想一些自然、美好的事物,却是进行“调心”锻炼时应当遵循的The basic principle.
  As the saying goes, the environment is made by the heart.
“Harmony” means adjusting ideas and creating moods.
Below, let us follow the Health Qigong.
The arrangement of the six-character 和 and the practice requirements, slowly enter the mood of “tuning”!
  Pre-potential: Separate your feet, stand quietly, breathe naturally, and smile.
At this time, I intend to practice in the nature of fresh air, green grass, and birds and flowers.
  The beginning of the movement: the two palms slowly lifted up, press down, palm, withdraw, and rest.
在做四个动作时,意念集中在两掌心  劳宫穴,意想两掌在水中运行:上托时能感觉到水的压力,下按时能感觉到水的浮力,拨掌和收回时能感觉到Water resistance.
After entering the retreat, it is intended that the clear air of nature is full of Dantian.
  嘘 诀 诀 诀 两 诀 诀 诀 诀 诀 诀 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两
At this point, the idea is concentrated on the tip of the palm, and the turbidity in the liver is “squeaky” out of the mouth and spread out along the direction of the fingertip.
  呵字诀: elbow, insert the palm, visual palm, get up, turn the palm, insert the palm, spit “he” word sound.
When the two hands form a palm, the idea is concentrated in the two palms of the heart of the palace, the intention is to pick up a clear spring water, carefully get up, turn the palm, drink the spring water into the mouth, flow to the heart, rule out all the depressionAnd troubles.
  Calling words: Turn your palms inward, take back, open outside, and spit out the word “call”.
At this point the idea is concentrated in the spleen and stomach.
When the two palms are retracted, they gradually inhale. They want to inhale the fresh air of nature into the chest, and the spleen and stomach are nourished. When the two palms open, they slowly exhale, and the intention is to breathe out from the mouth, to eliminate the dross and retain the essence.
  咽 诀 诀 两 两 两 诀 两 诀 诀 诀 诀 诀 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两
When the elbow clip ribs are moved to the head of the Tibetan head, the idea is concentrated in the middle point of the sputum. The natural gas and the rising dantian gas that is inhaled at this time are covered with chest; when the shoulder is turned, the qi isThe blood is released quickly, and the turbid gas in the lungs is discharged through the mouth and the word “pharynx”.
  Blowing the word 诀: push the two palms forward, loosen the palms and extend the palms, and the two arms will be flattened and then rotated internally, and the back will be arced to the waist. The two palms will slide down and swing forward, and the words “blow” will be spit.
At this time, the idea is mainly concentrated in the two kidney parts. When the virtual friction is pulsed and the two waists are real, the dantian gas surrounds the waist, and the kidneys are hot, so that the two kidneys are full of vitality.The word “blow”, and the two kidneys are discharged.
  嘻 诀 诀 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两 两
At this time, the idea of the gestures is concentrated in the upper, middle and lower “three cokes”.
  起肘抬掌外开时,意想把大自然之清气吸入“三焦”腑内,滋养着心、肝、脾、肺、肾五脏;转掌收回下落时,意想大自然的清泉或阳光之  气Falling from the sky, bathing the whole body, let us be healthy.
  Reward: Turn over the palm, slowly recover, rest, and press the navel.
At this point, the eyes can be gradually closed, and the mind is concentrated in the lower Dantian, both hands clasped, hands folded, protecting the arsenic of Dantian, both hands rubbing the abdomen, conditioning the power of Dantian.
Imagine that Dantian has been replenishing and replenishing at this time.
  Then the two hands were loosened, the side of the body was restored, and the eyes opened gradually. I felt that I was bathed in the sunshine of nature and Hee, the fresh breeze blew, and sent a burst of Lanxin, which was refreshing and refreshing. The practice ended in a beautiful mood of physical and mental pleasure.

Back pain after exercise because you didn’t do these things well

Back pain after exercise because you didn’t do these things well

It is necessary to do a good preparation exercise before the exercise to fully prepare for the exercise.

Many people have muscle strains without warming up before exercise.

Especially for high-pressure exercise, if the exercise is not done adequately, the muscle strain will be severe, and the body pain will be caused after exercise.

Therefore, the necessary preparation exercise is not lazy.

Among them, the preparation exercise may include jogging, pulling a ligament, and the like.

Before and after exercise, some active oil can be applied. The flowers do not know the effect of applying active oil. Later, it was discovered that applying active oil before exercise is very beneficial to prevent muscle soreness.

Applying after exercise is a good relief for muscle soreness.

After a sport, the flower woke up at night, and this thing saved me.

There is also lion oil.

After the exercise, do a good job of relaxation. In fact, don’t move after the exercise.

Still need to do a good exercise, pull the muscles out of tension, so the soreness is not so serious.

If you don’t move at once, your muscles will be tense and you will feel pain at night.

Warm water soaking feet before going to bed can relieve the pain in the legs.

Because warm water is conducive to promoting blood circulation.

At the same time, it will also promote the decomposition of lactic acid, so that it can relieve the soreness of the legs.

People who exercise regularly and often exercise, because the ligament has been opened, so it will not cause pain in the whole body after the vertical movement because of excessive lactic acid production.

To be healthy, you still have to exercise regularly.

When you are sore, you can gently tap the muscles that are sometimes sore and uncomfortable, especially the calves.

At this time, you can tap it gently, although the effect can not be immediately seen, but it can still ease it.

At the same time, the effect of medicated oil will be much better.

The six misunderstandings of dinner make you a short-lived ghost

The six misunderstandings of dinner make you a short-lived ghost

Wrong area 1: Reject the staple food, leeks, eat only vegetables, fruits and fruits are rich in vitamins and proteins, but the nutrients are relatively simple, especially the essential unsaturated fatty acids and proteins.

If the long-term intake of protein is insufficient, it will lead to low protein edema.

Women who do not eat staple foods will not be able to supply enough glycogen to reduce the burden of high blood pressure.

Myth 2: Eat dinner to eat full dinner, eat too much, will increase blood sugar, blood amino acid and fatty acid concentration, thereby promoting the secretion of insulin.

Because people usually have at least a small amount of activity at night, the heat energy consumption will be very low, and the extra conversion will synthesize a large number of aunts under the action of insulin, making people gradually gain weight.

Therefore, the dinner should be light, and the conversion can be more than 30% of the total conversion throughout the day, which helps to avoid and control weight gain.

Myth #3: Eating too much dessert after dinner Women like to eat some dessert after dinner, but too much sweet stuff will burden the stomach digestion.

In addition, there is very little activity after dinner, which makes the sugar in the dessert difficult to break down, which will turn into misfortune and cause obesity.

Over time, it may cause cardiovascular disease.

Myth 4: It is not necessary to eat our stomach after 6 o’clock in the evening. It usually takes 4-6 hours before the food can be completely absorbed and drained.

If you do not eat in time, over time, it is easy to get stomach problems.

Therefore, the nutrient structure of the food should be distributed during the day. At night, the food is light, vitamins and fiber substitutes. It can protect the stomach and not cause obesity.

Wrong area 5: Every chew is quickly chewed slowly. In addition to the benefits of food digestion and nutrient absorption, it can stabilize blood sugar, control food intake, and protect teeth. Therefore, dinner should be chewed slowly.

Try chewing about 20 times for a meal.

For dinner, the best time to eat is 20?
30 minutes.

Myth 6: Using soup to make rice, can better digest some women do not like to eat, like to eat with soup or rice.

If you eat a lot of rice grains and you haven’t chewed it, you will swallow it.

Dietary arrangements should be as close as possible to the mix, to achieve a variety of colors, it is best to ensure that you can get enough aunts, protein, sugar and vitamins, minerals and so on.

Self-speaking is good for physical health

Self-speaking is good for physical health

German psychologists believe that “self-speaking” is an effective way to eliminate tension and is beneficial to physical health.

  If we pay more attention to it, we may find someone sitting next to someone who talks to me and you will feel that he is “nervous.”

As everyone knows, it is precisely because of this misunderstanding that it misleads a healthy solution to the problem.

In fact, a good conversation with the self can effectively vent their dissatisfaction, depression, anger and sadness, eliminate tension, and restore psychological balance.

When you have a lot of thoughts, if you have the opportunity to change your own personality and turn yourself into some problems, then you may only see the problem from a single perspective or the possibility of burrowing.

  Therefore, psychologists believe that “speaking to themselves” has the following effects: 1.

Your own tone has a calming effect, a sense of security and a feeling of interpersonal communication.


Self-talking can adjust the disordered thoughts in the brain, especially when you are tired.


“Self-speaking” can solve some personal problems more easily and self-solving.

Just like treating friends, clearing the contradictions, putting the problems on the table to solve them, and publishing their opinions. In the process of speaking, the various wrong opinions and the possibility of solving the problems are clear at a glance, and the final decision is easier.


There is nothing wrong with telling yourself about your own worries and worries. The stones that are in your heart will be removed, and you will get rid of your troubles and achieve a psychological balance.


Can improve sleep.

Because meditation thinks of a chaotic inner dialogue, and “speaking to yourself” can end the thoughts, leading to sleeplessness and less nightmares.