I want to eat these 9 kinds of diet foods when I want to be healthy and slim.

I want to eat these 9 kinds of diet foods when I want to be healthy and slim.

The biggest core of weight loss is eating and practicing, graded in exercise, diet is the most difficult to control, healthy diet food is the most important part of the process of weight loss, choose what diet food, means the effect of weight loss, today is smallListed 9 kinds of slimming vegetables and fruits, the pattern can be balanced to nutrition.

  1, sweet fruit – cherry content: 46 calories / 100 grams of cherries rich in nutrients, is currently recognized as a fruit for the body to remove toxins and unclean body fluids, and has a considerable effect on the detoxification of the kidneys.

The color of the cherry is bright red, exquisite and transparent, rich in nutrients, and the value of health care is quite high, and it has another name of “including peach”.

In addition to the low level of weight loss, it is just a high-iron content that is far from complete in general, making you a rosy beauty.

  2, high fiber fruit – peach content: 48 calories / 100 grams of more peach can increase your fiber intake (at least 25 grams per day), can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Peach is low in the moment, used as a food for weight loss, and the effect is very good.

Peach is rich in pectin and moderate fiber, which can increase satiety, promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate metabolism, and facilitate food decomposition.

In addition, peaches containing calcium carbonate organic acids and cellulose can also increase the vibration of nitroglycerin and help digestion.

  3, sour snacks – hawthorn transfer: 95 calories / 100 grams of hawthorn can strengthen the spleen and fat, so that the oily food in the stomach will not be accumulated for too long and is bent and digested, which is beneficial to weight loss.

Hawthorn is an acidic food, so it should not be eaten on an empty stomach. It should not be eaten for too long. It is best to eat it after meals.

  4, vitamin C fruit – strawberry conversion: 30 calories / 100 grams of strawberries are both delicious and nutritious.

In addition to containing a variety of vitamins and a variety of minerals, the most prominent advantage of strawberries is that they are rich in vitamin C.

The nutrients of strawberries are easily digested, absorbed, and eaten without getting cold or getting angry.

Most women who lose weight are undernourished. Therefore, when choosing fruit, it is even more important to choose the strawberry with the highest vitamin C content.

  5, high protein food – tofu metabolism: 81 calories / 100 grams of tofu is a high-nutrition, high-mineral, low-fat diet food.

Rich protein helps to strengthen the body and increase satiety, which is good for weight loss.

Tofu and soybean contain ingredients that improve the body fat and prevent obesity.

The tofu contains plant-based trace elements that are extremely rich, and supplement the excess water, which improves the digestive function, especially for the abdomen.

  6, low-concentration beverage – green tea release: 100 calories / 100ml of aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve a small amount, turbidity and greasy to prevent micro-accumulation, while vitamins B1, C and caffeine can promote gastric secretion, help digestion and eliminationfat.

Saponin can also add strength to your slimness.

In addition, green tea can increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and transformation, strengthen microvascular circulation, and reduce micro-deposition in the body.

  7, promote metabolism of food – kelp changes: 12 calories / 100 grams of kelp is a healthy diet food, edible kelp can effectively help dieters enhance metabolism, eliminate edema and consume the intestines.

When eating meat, it will dissolve some kelp, and the combination of various minerals, trace elements and vitamins will effectively reduce the accumulation of trace amounts in the blood vessels and intestinal membrane.

  8, healthy and fat-free vegetables – bitter gourd transfer: 18 calories / 100 grams of low transfer, bitter melon containing vitamin C and accumulated fiber, has the effect of promoting metabolism.

Bitter gourd is very rich in nutrients. The content of vitamin C is the first in melon vegetables, and the content of sugar and small amount is very low, which is more suitable for obese people.

  9, fruit with high nutrient density – kiwi content: 53 calories / 100 grams of kiwi contains carbonyl kiwifruit proteolytic enzymes, which can break down the eaten protein into small molecular amino acids for the body to absorb, reduce the bodyThe chance of sputum or visceral hoarding.

Eating 2 kiwis a day can replenish calcium, stimulate bile to secrete bile, enhance food absorption, and improve sleep quality.

  The nine nutrient-slimming foods introduced above allow you to eat a slim S-curve in your daily routine, and you can lose weight without dieting.

Aromatic compounds can dissolve tiny substances, while vitamins B1, C and caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice, which helps digestion and cellulite.

Saponin can also add strength to your slimness.
In addition, green tea can increase the metabolism of body fluids, nutrients and transformation, strengthen microvascular circulation, and reduce micro-deposition in the body.

White-collar Salted Fish Turn Over 3 Tips

White-collar Salted Fish Turn Over 3 Tips

Obviously you have been working hard, the performance may not be the best, but at least it is not bad, but the salary increase and promotion will never be your own, even if you have the least year-end awards; or, you were the best,But now it seems that the situation is out, the boss no longer trusts you so much, and some of you are replacing . If you sink into the above situation, then you are like a stinky salty fish, abandoned by your boss and ignored by colleagues.

Isn’t that reluctant?

When everyone wants to make a new world in the new year, is it necessary to keep this situation alive?

  Xiangyang’s career consulting case suddenly became the only one . Ah Meng worked for a famous advertising company. He used to be an elite in the advertising industry and could attack any client. Everyone said he was too fierce, soObtained the “A Meng” elegant name.

After working for three years, he was promoted to department head, becoming one of the youngest executives in the company.

However, the good times didn’t last long.

Due to some personal emotional problems, Ah Meng was unable to deal with it for a while, which led to unintentional work, a daze all day, and a large deviation in performance.

When he finally figured it out and was about to shift his focus to work, the company hired a new person to replace Ah Meng.

That person’s ability was not under A Meng, and as soon as he came to power, he basically replaced the people whom A Meng had trusted before, which made A Meng alone in the department.

Now, Meng has “fallen” into a general employee in the company and is a “monitored” employee.

A Meng often feels panicked, what should I do next?

Can this farewell to this unconscionable situation?

  Career planners suggest: “Salted fish turning over” requires Fang Ameng to have a certain ability, but it is only because he has not dealt with personal emotional problems that today’s situation has become a frustrated “salted fish.”

According to Xiangyang’s career professional planning expert’s comprehensive analysis of A Meng’s career status and problems, A Meng wants to “salt fish turn over”, the following three tricks are the key.


Clear goal: Performance is the last word. If you are the owner of a company, what are your reasons for hiring employees to determine their quality?

Are you hired as a friend?

In most cases, this will not be done. The most convincing criterion for judging whether one is suitable for your business is performance.

Therefore, the boss hires you to make money for him. If you can’t do this, talk about turning over.

Naturally, there are various ways to improve performance, but the most important thing is to have a heart and a heart for work.

As long as you work hard, you can always improve your performance.

A master like A Meng, who has a good ability, is not difficult to improve his performance.

  But don’t think that you will see that you are toiled by the company, and you will be grateful and kind to you.

If you want your boss to see your efforts, remember your results, and be good at showing yourself, it is also an important way to “improve” your performance.

It was just a silent effort, and in the end his own credit was taken away by others.


Swords go awry: do what others don’t do. If the company sends a tired and unsatisfactory job, most people will choose not to continue.

However, for “salted fish”, these things are the opportunity to reflect their value to the company.

Take it bravely.

Of course, try not to mess things up.

Who does the boss like?

People who like “easy to use”.

What kind of person is “easy to use”?

Those who can help the company to solve problems are easy to use.

Some of the “salted fish” in the company belong to the lower part of the company. Even if you do not succeed in this matter, it will not make your part worse. Instead, it makes the boss feel that when others are picking,Take this problem and show your responsibility to the company.

And if you get this done, the boss will pay more attention to you.

  Ah Meng took a very difficult job under our advice.

Then he completed it successfully. The client was very happy and praised Ameng’s work performance with the company’s senior management. He also decided to continue to cooperate with the company.The customer is happy, and the boss is certainly happy.

  In addition to accepting tasks that others are unwilling to take, you must be flexible enough to do things. Do not follow the steps, analyze them according to the actual situation, and do things differently. The boss will definitely notice.


Interpersonal cheese: No one wants less salted fish to turn around. People must buy it.

Therefore, you must be aware of the relationship with your colleagues. If you have the opportunity to give a gift, you must have it for everyone, a lot.

Ah Meng was very accustomed to the person who took his place. He usually applied a nonchalant attitude, but after our exhortation, he changed his approach.

Although the supervisor was his potential opponent, it was to him that A Meng was very attentive and went to visit the doctor when the supervisor was sick.

  Maybe when you first do this, you will feel useless, but over time, you will find that the people around you are enthusiastic about you, and more importantly, they will think you are a trustworthy person.

Isn’t it a remarkable change to transform from a “salted fish” to a person that people feel trustworthy.

  At the same time, you can get closer to the boss and study his hobbies or whatever.

Of course, we can’t forget those people who are more “salty fish”, some handyman or something; their position is very low, you are better to them, they must be very grateful and will build momentum for you.

As long as a few words float in the boss’s ears, it is beautiful in the end.

  Following the suggestion of Xiangyang career career planner, it took only less than a year for A Meng to be promoted to the position of supervisor again, his salary has also been increased, now he has become a popular person in the company, and there will be better in the futuredevelopment of.

  The ebb and flow, just like A Meng, it is difficult for everyone to have a smooth career, and there are always times when the trough reaches the bottom.

In the Spring Festival, hurry up and get a salted fish to make a big turn!

Weight loss tips: fasting yoga shields obesity

Weight loss tips: fasting yoga shields obesity

Hey, are you fat again recently?

Seeing that the summer is approaching, the suspenders and mini skirts are tempting. Would you like to wear the most beautiful clothes and date with your favorite one?

But how can you find a way to enjoy both food and weight loss?

Now we recommend practical information ranging from weight loss recipes to weight loss methods.

Let you present your perfect self to your lover!

  At noon, Miss Wang, who was working in an office building, did not go to eat immediately, but instead sat in front of her and started to inhale and exhale.

It turned out that she crystallized the “Yoga breathing method”, focused her mind, and resisted the temptation of food.

This is the popular “yoga weight loss method”.

  With the announcement of the results of the medical examination, we can always find the waves of “weight loss” blowing around us.

Some people attribute the decline in the health index to the usual diet structure, so the vegetarian food in the cafeteria is popular, the pork is left unattended, and even three meals a day are replaced with fruit meals.

  The reporter saw in a gym that six women chose to practice yoga on an empty stomach at noon.

  Miss Liu, a real estate company, said that sitting in the office for a long time often causes a slight accumulation, which will cause worry due to excessive stress, and worry will lead you to snacks.

Unlike other methods of weight loss, yoga pays attention to the use of ideas to control cravings.

“When I went deeper in deep meditation, my fears and desire for snacks became less intense, and those chocolates slowly receded in my mind.

“Miss Liu is humorous and moral.

  Wu Xiangming, director of the Connaught Nutrition Center, said: “Obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids are diseases caused by poor lifestyles.

About 70% of people want to control their weight.

The first choice for weight loss is not medication, but through reasonable diet adjustments and proper exercise, which actually shows that more importantly, people are conscious of self-control of their lifestyle.

“Modern urban life has completely changed people’s way of life, material richness, so that people have more capital and the greatest possible satisfaction.

Eat whatever you want, and eat whatever you like.

However, this freewheeling often makes the body pay a huge price.

Repeated coughing try moxibustion

Repeated coughing try moxibustion

In the autumn, the air gradually cools down, and the temperature can easily cause a cold.

Some people have repeated coughing after a cold. The effects of injections, infusions, and medications are not obvious. At this time, it does not prevent trying acupuncture.

People with reduced immunity often have repeated coughs after a cold. Most of these patients have a debilitating constitution, air conditioning, and the cool air in the early autumn morning and evening can make coughs recur after a cold. Most of these coughs are light coughs, and the degree is not interest, But often it lasts long.

Some patients spit a small amount of thin sputum; some did not have sputum; some patients had thin or soft stools; and some patients got up in the morning and had throat discomfort.

Antibiotics are generally considered to be cold drugs, so those with debilitating constitution should not use antibiotics for a long time.

Acupuncture, cupping, and acupuncture point infrared radiation combined therapy are more effective, so try it.

If you do not have time to go to the hospital for treatment due to busy work and other reasons, you can use moxibustion at home for acupuncture points yourself. Persistent treatment can not only improve your cough, but also improve your physique and disease resistance.

Lie Que, Chi Ze, Feishu are common acupuncture points for the treatment of cough. The acupoint selection is simple, the operation is convenient, and it is suitable for home.

  The acupoint selection method is missing: the radial margin of the forearm, above the styloid process of the radius, and 1 on the transverse stripes of the wrist.

5 inches.

When acupoints were taken, the palms of the two hands were facing downwards and the tiger’s mouth crossed; when the left hand was up, the right index finger lacked the right hand; when the right hand was up, the right index finger lacked the left hand.

  Ruler Zee: In the horizontal elbow, the radial depression of the abdominal biceps tendon.

When acupoints are taken, the palms are up, the arms are raised, there is a thick tendon at the center of the arm, and the outside of the tendon is the ruler point.

The method of acupuncture on both sides is similar.

  Feishu: Under the spinous process of the 3rd thoracic vertebra of the buttocks, open 1 laterally.

5 inch.

The head of the acupoint was lowered, and the vertebra protruding behind the neck was the seventh cervical spinous process. The third thoracic vertebra was located at the lower third part, and Feishu acupoint (both sides) opened a finger beside the third vertebra.

  Moxa stick ignites moxa sticks close to acupoint 3?
5 minutes.

If the skin feels sore, shake the moxa, increase or decrease the distance between the moxa and the skin.

If the moxa is not used up, put a few drops of water on the burning end of the moxa to extinguish the moxa to prevent accidents.

  Pushing these points before moxibustion can enhance efficacy.

The specific method is as follows: the thumb fingertips block the bilateral defect, the ruler points, each point 15?
30 times; with food, press the middle two fingers to rub Feishu acupoint about 15?
30 times; with the thumb of both hands, push down from Feishu acupoint along the posterior margin of the scapula, and push about 30?
50 times.

  If the stool is often thin or soft, it can be taken with Shenling Baizhu Powder; in the morning, you can use mouthwater to rinse your throat.

Is the distance from Kunming Baodao Hospital credible?

Is the distance from Kunming Baodao Hospital credible?

“I’m XXX.

I would like to be part of the Treasure Island Love Service Team.

I promise that I will do my best to help those who need help with selfless dedication . “With a solemn oath, on July 28, the” Love Service Team “of Kunming Baodao Maternity Hospital was formally established.

More than 20 service team members have been established. They are the backbone elites of various departments such as the medical guidance department, clinic, operating room, etc., which have strong intentions and motivating.

  The director of Kunming Baodao Maternity Hospital, the director of gynecology, the surgeon, and the medical staff who set up the group all participated in the event.

The ceremony was chaired by Wang Xuemei, the director of gynecology.

At the ceremony, the representatives of the caring service team read the “Guide to the Caring Service of Treasure Island Hospital” and conducted the voluntary location of “I volunteer, I am happy”. The director of the Treasure Island involved the members of the caring service team and made a solemn oath.

  The dean said: The medical service business is a noble business, and it is also one of the careers that inherit virtues and promises. The establishment of a caring service team has the following significance: to promote the relationship between doctors and patients, improve the overall level of medical services, and provideA platform to show their talents; the second is to show the positive energy of our hospital to the community to establish a harmonious doctor-patient relationship; the third is to show the good mental outlook of our hospital staff, but also an effective supplement to our hospital’s quality services.

The service team should keep in mind the charter of loving service, combining with actual needs, while serving patients to dedicate their love, it will also improve and improve itself.

  Finally, I hope that medical staff can actively respond to the hospital’s call, study hard, and based on their duties, continue to sublimate the spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress”, carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues with practical actions, and do a good and rapid development of the medical career of BaodaoContribute to strength.

  After the ceremony, the caring service team of Baodao Maternity Hospital in Kunming quickly divided the component diagnosis and guidance group, the environment optimization group, the caring service group, the clean hospital district, and the patient. A medical staff said excitedly: these tasks are for usIt is not difficult, but for patients, it is a ray of sunlight in winter, and we are just a flower blooming in every corner that needs help!

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10 hidden dangers in marriage

10 hidden dangers in marriage

See what ambush in your marriage?

  Being Flex is about getting Flex to the right place and knowing where the itch is.

Divorced Zhang Yimou didn’t need to tickle, so he had time to make a movie “Ambush in Ten Faces”, saying that the rivers and lakes were sinister and ambush in ten faces.

And it is not only the rivers and lakes that are sinister, but also our marriage. Perhaps from the day on the red carpet, this mark has been irretrievably stamped.

  From “seven years of itching” to “ambush on ten sides”, marriage is a war between two people, a contest between the highest intelligence and the largest number of characters between husband and wife.

有人说得好:“当妻子站在厨房,默默地刷着盘子,当丈夫拿着一张报纸,对着电视发呆,一场时时有机关、处处是‘埋伏’的战争,就已经静悄悄地it has started.

“In a reporter’s interview with nearly 20 couples, they talked about the following stories and scenes of life, and their tone was calm and vicissitudes.

  The first ambush: hastily married, leaving hidden dangers.

  ”Marriage” literally means that when a woman faints, she finds someone to end it.

In fact, many couples have proved that this word was not created by our ancestors casually. Once they were dazzled by love, they immediately ran to the Civil Affairs Bureau and wanted to fasten this person.

But it wasn’t until the set of chains was found that this person was not suitable for him, and became a tasteless, unfortunate piece of chicken ribs.

  Not enough time to try to fully understand each other, not enough time to calmly think about the relationship between the two, has become the biggest hidden danger left by hasty marriage in the future.

Sometimes, the “blitz” marriage is about to be confused by some false appearances in love.

When a wife who has been married for one year now asks her husband to accompany him to go shopping, the husband always says that he doesn’t want to go. The wife is puzzled: “Don’t you enjoy shopping in the mall?

The husband said, “That’s not chasing you!

“I feel wronged in order to please each other.

Married, got it, and the fox’s tail will naturally show up.

Others’ hastily married because they were not psychologically ready.

The words of a 25-year-old man who has been a father before are particularly sad: “Sometimes I can’t help but think that I am still a little child. I haven’t finished my own business, but I have to bear two other people in a blink of an eye.Life, just like having a dream, I really feel confused . “Maybe we don’t need to set a hard time for a common life before marriage as some people say” two years in love, three years living together “.However, only after knowing each other, being psychologically prepared, and having a certain realistic foundation, can a marriage start a good start.

  The second ambush: Too busy and indifferent to each other.

  In Jin Yong’s novel Snow Mountain Flying Fox, when Miao Renfeng’s beautiful wife Nan Lan turned to Tian Guinong’s embrace, she said affectionately to Tian Guinong: “You and my husband’s names should be reversed.Match.

He’d better return to farming and farming, and you’re really a phoenix among people.

The reason for Nan Lan to express this love is that the hero Miao Ren Feng Chengtian only knew to practice his Miao family sword, and his wife was unhappy. He never managed it.

Many men have become modern versions of the “Miaorenfeng”, and many women are probably no exception, and “strong women” are naturally busy.

  Maybe someone is wronged: I’m busy, isn’t it all for this family?

Yes, no one doubts your motivation for being busy, and believes that you are indeed “busy at work”, but what is more important in life is actually its process, rather than giving up the cost of the present in exchange for the future.

At the same time, if you are really for this family, but the family is broken in the end, what’s the point of a successful career?

Caring for and caring for each other, and giving love to the other half at any time, is the basis for the long and happy life of husband and wife.

  What is certain is that the relationship between husband and wife is like raising flowers, and both parties need to constantly water and fertilize, so that their care will not wither.

It can be said that it is a great regret to be able to fight the invincible “Miao Renfeng”, but in the end, cannot help a beloved woman.

  The third ambush: the child becomes a “third party.”

  Many people liken children to the crystallization of love.

In modern society, this crystallization often only appears once, and it appears later than before, so when the belated little life finally opened his eyes, he glanced at his parents, the moment in human natureThe affection erupted immediately.

Touched, guilty, pitying or loving?

This belated parent-child feeling will merge the child’s gaze with his unbridled crying and flow into the hearts of the parents, so that many mothers and fathers find an emotional sustenance.

From feeding to kindergarten, unknowingly, there seems to be only that little baby in his eyes.

  There is nothing wrong with loving children. Sometimes the wife of a new mother ignores her husband because she is too busy taking care of her baby.

Just after the reduction, you can’t forget that the other half around you also needs your love. This love is different from the love for children, it will be simpler and more forgiving.For example, when you buy milk powder for your baby, you don’t forget to buy a shirt or a razor for your husband by the way, the other party will be very satisfied.

  The fourth ambush: life is becoming more and more bland, getting used to each other’s position.

  Is there anything wrong with being bland?

Doesn’t someone say “nothing is true”?

However, psychologists say that for many years, two inner contradictions have been entangled in humans: Some people think that there are always people who want to find peace and stability in this world where there is sense, but they can be replaced.At the cost of losing life.

Therefore, I am afraid that no one can truly endure a long and dull life except for the Taoist monks in the temple.

  More importantly, some couples have been living together for a long time, and they are often accustomed to such blandness. Over time, they gradually develop a sense of indifference to their loved ones.

The days are dull and dull in numbness, and there is no longer romance and passion in the eyes. Even if the wife changes 8 sets of underwear overnight, the husband will not find anything new.

Another introverted husband said: “My wife always thought that I would like to read the newspaper after work. In fact, I had nothing to do before I did this. I also wanted to go out with her and make a noise.

“Maybe we are married, there are more things to face, and it is impossible to be crazy every day like when we are in love. However, a small unexpected surprise is enough to make the calm emotional lake surge with beautiful waves.

  The fifth ambush: the hopes of each other fail.

  Some people say that with as many windows as there are in the city, people can find as many motivations and reasons for marriage.

And no matter how different the reason for everyone to lead that little red book, one thing can be the same: that is the expectation of the future, the expectation of the person who will live with himself.

  But life often does n’t live up to your expectations. You expect him to make a fortune. Maybe he just takes two dollars a day to buy a lottery ticket. You expect his career to be successful. Maybe he can only discuss with you after workEmployment level.

Then, you finally couldn’t help it, you said: “You look at people and married us at the same time .” The more powerful point may come: “I was blind to marry you at first!”

“Think about it from another angle. Maybe your man is not the best, but he is probably the one who suits you best and loves you the most.

He loves you and will give you the greatest happiness and joy within his ability.

If you change to a millionaire or a man who is proud of his career, will he not give you the same love?

God knows.

  In the eyes of sociologists, the failure of expectations is one of the channels for humor.

For example, if you expect a hen to lay an egg, but a box of soap falls behind its butt, someone will laugh.

When you miss your loved one, do you also smile?

In fact, that smile contains your tolerance, understanding and encouragement for him.

  The sixth ambush: Accumulate less damage into more damage.

  There will be conflicts in people’s places. Couples face each other day and night. Of course, it is not enough to bump into each other. Noisy fights are inevitable, but it is not normal to do so.

However, there is a difference between quarreling and hurting each other.

If the two parties just express different opinions with angry expressions, this is a quarrel; if they also insult the other person’s personality by the way, trample on the other person’s self-esteem, this is hurt.

  Quarrels can be “bedside quarrel at the end of the bed”, but the injury will leave a shadow, the other party may not say it, but the heart may be difficult to eliminate for life.

What I don’t understand is that many husbands and wives are always so polite outside. When they return home, they often hurt the people around them deeply.

Maybe they think: Can’t I vent on the closest person?

But I didn’t expect the other person’s feelings to be: Even the people closest to me hurt me so much . When the accumulation of hurts time and time again, one day it will form a hate, and the deeper the love, the deeper the hatred.

  A friend can tolerate your shortcomings, but it’s impossible to tolerate the harm your shortcomings cause to him, and it also causes damage between husband and wife, really.

  The seventh ambush: the flood of “skepticism”.

  The more you care about, the more nervous it becomes.

After a long marriage, the middle-aged husband has also reached the period of “a flower” for men. Then, will this “flower” bloom quietly outside the house?

Anyway, first beware.

For example, check his wallet, look at his mobile phone, flip through his collar and smell the scent. He hasn’t even forgotten to check his performance on the bed . Can you find clues? That’s another way to say, anyway.The stone in my heart was not so old and so suspended.

  As far as the “aesthetic fatigue” in the movie is concerned, it is necessary to give her husband a shot.

The problem is that you can’t be too hard. No one can take a shot every day.

Maybe some men are good, but you are pushed to the edge of derailment step by step, “Don’t you always trust me?OK, I’ll take a practical action, what’s wrong?

“Don’t think that rebellion can only be done by teenagers and forced into urgency. The so-called” don’t be confused “man should also” explode “.

  A husband said well: “My wife is such a smart and charming woman. Take a step back and say, even if I really have something to say to her, I think I can’t help but confess to her.

“So, first of all, I believe that I have the charm to tie up my husband’s heart, secondly give him a degree of trust to the greatest extent, and finally use wisdom to change from passive to active, and eliminate his” evil thoughts “in a” germination state. ”

This is the difference between a clever wife and a confused wife in the face of this matter.

  The eighth ambush: the difference is expanding step by step.

  There is a gap between men and women. Some women like Romance, but men like Normandy; women like fashion, and men like fashion models.

For husbands and wives, there are differences in life taste, value orientation, hobbies, etc., which can directly make the world of the two more diversified, which can also fit the law of “complementarity”.

  The fear is that beyond these gaps, there is no common point of interest between the two.

On the weekend night, you read your fashion magazine, he yelled in front of the TV: “I ×, why not get in one!

“You call him a lunatic, he said you know what to enjoy life.

Each other feels that each other has no taste, and each other is maintaining a spiritual superiority.

So, the duo world finally becomes you and a magazine, he and a TV.

  It is very dangerous for a wife who is pursuing fashion to get along with her husband who is “stubborn” in her eyes. If there is no timely communication and communication, and no mutual help and adjustment, one day will have an inexplicable aversion.Feelings, at that time, he would be pleasing to the eye.

  The ninth ambush: lack of color in emotional life.

  Some people say that the love between husband and wife is going to deteriorate after all, from beautiful and romantic love into a flesh-and-blood relationship.

This is because marriage is longer than love.

So under this kind of real marriage, the emotional life is in a “weak” state, there is no longer any “innovation”, and it has become a thick and thick line in oil-salt rice.

  The husband no longer bought roses for his wife, and he thought it would be better to bring back a packet of salt.

My wife knows that she does n’t put soup stock when cooking. Every month, you can make the gas meter lose one word. You can save a pair of slippers with bare feet for two years at home. You can save one kilowatt-hour for one month by watching a telescope on the balcony.It’s her mouth that’s stubborn, all day long, you shouldn’t be like this, you better be like that.
Lost emotional color, replaced by the machinery of life, stereotypes and cumbersome.

  In fact, if men experience more wind and rain, they will have depth; if women stay at home for a long time, they will also bring the charm of mature women; the charm of mature men and mature women is definitely a beautiful landscape, the important thing is thatYou should know how to show in front of each other and how to find new ways to express each other’s admiration and affection, and you should not lose all the sense of color because of a common marriage life.

  The tenth ambush: “things in the room” became unspeakable.

  Putting it on the last item by no means means that it doesn’t matter.

Maybe some people think that sex has become less important when married.

Indeed, family life must first think of chai oil and salt and children go to school. Sex does not know which corner it was forced to. This is probably the reason why many Chinese women are willing to live faithfully without orgasm.

However, we must not forget that sex is also a standard of modern life. No matter how to avoid it, whether it is harmonious or not will affect other aspects of life.

  If marriage is the delivery of body and soul to each other, then it can be said that physical needs are the most basic needs in marriage, and physical happiness is also the most fundamental happiness. Without all this, the happiness of marriage will be greatly discounted.

Please don’t feel embarrassed by your body’s desires, boldly point out your feelings and expectations, and then adjust each other’s sincerity, so that the body is still deeply infatuated with each other and let happiness last forever.

  To love someone is to have joy in life; to have perfect sex with someone you love is to have joy in joy.

Not giving up the right to pursue happiness in terms of sex is not to turn us into pure hedonists. On the contrary, it is just a means to better flavor and serve real life.

For couples facing each other, conquering each other’s soul may begin with conquering their bodies.

Too much face and low self-esteem

Too much face and low self-esteem

I often hear friends around me saying that I am afraid to go home. Every time I go home, I will be asked by relatives how much money I make.They and other words, so “Fear of Return” has also become a fashion mentality.

  Friend Xiaofang’s father is about to celebrate his birthday, and she is still earning good money, but she is worried about going home.

Because parents often boast in front of the villagers how capable their daughter is, the villagers think that she should have been rich for a long time.

However, it is not easy to stand in a competitive metropolis.

But in order to let the parents have light on their arms and make themselves look, she took out the hard-earned money and bought the car, not only to buy gifts for her father, but also to take care of her relatives and friends.… The savings over the years are almost emptied.

  Psychologists believe that Xiaofang’s love for face is actually a sign of inferiority.

The habit of comparing with others and desperately living for “face” is an important reason that makes modern people difficult to be happy.

  A person who loves face is a person with strong self-esteem. However, if he loves face too much and even gets tired of it, in fact, he always asks himself by the standards of others, which is a sign of inferiority.

  In order not to be overwhelmed by your face, you must first understand what you want and stick to what you want.

Maybe a lot of people want a relaxed and comfortable life, but in order to meet external standards, they have to be wronged to support their face, and only themselves are affected.

In fact, for us, our own life experience is the most important. If you stick to your own path, you will feel a lot easier.

  Think about it from another angle. Is it that serious that you do not meet the standards of others?

Think about it, suppose you find a friend is rich, but one day you find that it is not the case. What harm did your discovery do to your friend?


That being the case, why not be afraid to be “disappointed” by others?

  Never modify face with material wealth alone.

And think more about the other wealth you have.

In fact, a healthy body, a good attitude, a reasonable lifestyle, a happy and fulfilling family, and a kind act in favor of others can all win the envy and appreciation of others.Only love one flower “, obsessed with the standards of others, will only lose yourself in life.

Perspective reads that children are more prone to stuttering

Perspective reads that children are more prone to stuttering

Stuttering, a language dysfunction, has a very complex pathogenesis, and to some extent it is also associated with emotional disorders and disorders related to emotional disorders.

  I did n’t have much time to talk because of academic stress, ignored dictation because of dictation, and reduced communication with parents due to a lot of homework.

.Nowadays, changes in the lives and learning styles of some children reduce opportunities for speech exercise and increase risk factors for stuttering.

According to a special sample survey of the Chinese Medical Association, children with stuttering have increased by 20% in 2 years, reaching 3%, with the majority of the 7-year-old age group.

  According to the doctor, stuttering is a very complicated pathogenesis of speech dysfunction, and to some extent it is also associated with emotional disorders and disorders related to emotional disorders.

Some children do not dare to speak because they are afraid of being sneered because of stuttering, resulting in inward and lonely personality; some children are not good at communicating with others because of stuttering, which affects the development of intelligence and communicative ability; some children areThe teacher’s refusal to blame grew more and more timid until the adult could not correct the stuttering problem.

  Relevant experts cautioned that the best way to prevent stuttering is to talk more and not to speak too fast.

Do not imitate stuttering. If you suffer from stuttering, you should first eliminate the psychological shadow and perform timely treatment. Create a relaxed speech environment under the guidance of a physician and scientifically train your speech.

Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Fractures

Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Fractures

Suxiao Jiuxin Pill consists of Chuanxiong and Borneol, which can increase coronary blood flow and relieve angina pectoris. It is a standing medicine in many elderly homes.

Commercially available quick-acting Jiuxin pills are mainly 40 pills per bottle, which are mainly used for coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other symptoms, but those who are allergic should use this product with caution.

At the extreme, people found 5 new uses of Suxiao Jiuxin Pill in practice: choosing the right prescription is an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine for treating fractures.

This article only introduces the commonly used and expected recipes for treating fractures as follows.

  1 The main main prescriptions commonly used in the treatment of bone fractures are to act on the bone, improve the rapid formation of epiphysis, strong bone metabolism, and the main representative prescriptions of accelerated bone growth are: Qi Li San, Jie Gu Dan, Xie Gu Huo Xue Tang, and Ying Xie Gu Tang,Feilong Destiny Dan, Zijin Dan, Jiu Gu Wan, Zhuang Jin Bu Gu Wan, etc.[1].

The composition of the traditional Chinese medicine in these bone growth-promoting prescriptions can be divided into two categories according to the different ways they affect bone.

One is a traditional Chinese medicine that acts directly on bone, accelerates epiphyseal growth, strengthens bone metabolism, and promotes bone growth. Natural copper is the main medicine. It is the medicine of choice for orthopedic trauma doctors of all ages.Wood, pangolin, tiger bone, epimedium, etc.

The other type is Chinese medicine that indirectly acts on bones. It has effects on the soft tissues of the injured site and enhances physical fitness. For example, angelica, licorice, dodder, velvet antler, citronella, etc. can nourish liver and kidney, qi and blood, especially in these prescriptionsTraditional Chinese medicine for warming the kidneys and aphrodisias has a strong conditioning effect on bone development and growth, metabolism, fracture repair and remodeling. This is the “renal main bone” theory summarized in thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine practice.Guide the clinical and scientific research and teaching of traditional Chinese medicine; while leech, safflower, chuanxiong, zedoary turmeric, peach kernel, rhubarb, etc. have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and pain, and improving the local environment of the injury.

  2 Legislation and prescriptions for fracture treatment

1 Symptomatic treatment and prescriptions “Fifty-two Disease Recipes” and “Several Sickness Recipes” are equally symptomatic legislation and prescriptions, such as Jinchuang Zhitong Recipe: 2 points for plaster, 2 points for ginger, 1 point for licorice, and 1 point for gui; Another example is Jinchuang endoleak and non-bleeding formula: rhubarb, mirabilite, steamed bun and other blood.


2 Trial on the cause of treatment and the prescription of the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing on the basis of the symptomatic treatment of the fifty-two disease prescription and the prescription, and based on “Shen Nong’s Herbal Medicine” to summarize the efficacy of the drug.”Shang” records the use of Wang Buliu, Chuanjiao, Houpo Xingqi Sanjie, Mulberry, Scutellaria baicalensis, Elderberry, Paeoniae to clear away heat and stasis, stop bleeding and relieve pain.

He also used rhubarb and peach kernels to treat horse drops and all bone and bone damage, and developed a treatment rule for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Not only developed the symptomatic prescription (stop bleeding and pain), but also established the principle of trial-based treatment (activating blood and removing blood stasis).

Ji Mingsan, which prevailed in the Song Dynasty, was derived from Zhang’s prescription for treating all bone and bone damage and horses’ fall[3].


3Phase III divide and cure method At present, in the field of traditional Chinese medicine orthopaedics and traumatology, the principle of phase divide and rule selection is adopted (except for cases of initial major bleeding)[4], which is the initial stage of fracture (2 weeks after injury)Use the “attack” method; use the “harmony” method in the middle period (3-8 weeks after injury); use the “tonic” method in the later period (after 8 weeks of fracture).

  3 Research on fracture prescriptions (medicines) Internally, some experimental and clinical studies have been carried out on fracture fracture prescriptions that have effects such as bone extension, blood circulation, blood stasis, qi and swelling, and hemostatic and analgesic effects.

In the clinical work of orthopedics, we used the new proprietary Chinese medicine Xianling Bone Pelvis developed by Shiguangda to treat 100 cases of fractures, and received satisfactory results.

Shiguangda conducted animal experiments with Xianling Bone Clam and found that the drug has a significant promotion effect on bone growth, and it also prevents or replaces bone degenerative changes.

Zhao Cuiping[5]treated 66 patients with femoral shaft fractures with Pingle Jiedan Dan, and found that the blood circulation of the patients in the treatment group was significantly shortened with venous blood flow chart.

A comparative study of the effect of Qili San on promoting fracture healing was performed in Tianjin Hospital. With Qili San group and a portion of 13 fractures each, it was found that Qili San healed faster, with a shorter course of treatment and fewer comorbidities. Ten rabbits were used at the same time.In the experiment, artificial fractures were divided into Qilisan group and a part. Observation results showed that Qilisan group was obviously prominent, the treatment course was short, and no comorbidities were seen[6].

Experiments have shown that Qi Li San can induce fibroblasts to transform into osteoblasts during fracture healing, thereby promoting osteogenesis. It has also been found that paramagnetic substances in natural copper in Qi Li San can be introduced into the fracture end.It can increase the local oxygen content, which is conducive to the activity of osteoblasts and the formation of collagen, so that the fracture healing is accelerated and strong.

Tianjin Hospital used 30 rabbits, divided into 15 groups. The treatment group was given Liuhe plaster externally after fracture and daily oral administration of Zijin Dan (1/22 of the adult dose), except that no medicine was used after fracture.The fractures of Zijin Dan Oral Administration group healed quickly, the treatment course was short, and there were no complications.

Sleep is the best kidney remedy


Sleep is the best kidney remedy

If a person lacks sleep for a long time and is in an overworked state, the body will produce pathological changes that consume gas and hurt blood, which will damage the internal organs.

Heart strain is blood loss, liver strain is distressed, spleen strain is dysphagia, lung strain is gas loss, kidney strain is fine, long lays the root of many diseases.

  As the saying goes: “Medicine is worse than food, and food is not as good as sleep.

“After all, sleep is a kidney-medicine!

The large amount of energy that people consume in work, work, and study, in addition to food to compensate, also needs sleep to compensate.

The ancients had the meaning of “taking a hundred medicine wraps, rather than lying alone,” meaning that a good night’s sleep is worse than taking tonics.


hzh {display: none; }  睡眠是最好的补肾良药  充足的睡眠是恢复精气神的重要保障,工作再紧张,家里的烦心事再多,到了该睡觉的时候也要按时休息。Many people will have this experience. When you are not getting enough sleep, the next day you will suddenly become tired and exhausted, listless, dizzy, and inefficient, but after a good sleep, these conditions will disappear.

Someone once said that sleep is like “reserving energy” like charging a battery.

Indeed, after sleep, energy can be accumulated again, the energy consumed by one day’s activities can be compensated back, and new energy can be reserved for the next day’s activities.

In extreme fatigue, even a 10-minute nap can make you as motivated as a car full of gas.

  If a person is not getting enough sleep or the quality of sleep, he or she will often feel debilitated, distracted, headache, dizziness, muscle aches, and fatigue.

If a person lacks sleep for a long time and is in an overworked state, the body will produce pathological changes that consume gas and hurt blood, which will damage the internal organs.

Heart strain is blood loss, liver strain is distressed, spleen strain is dysphagia, lung strain is gas loss, kidney strain is fine, long lays the root of many diseases.

  In real life, although few people take the initiative to “sleeplessly”, quite a few people consciously or unconsciously work overtime day or day, or go online, play games, watch TV, read books, or are busy interpersonal entertainment, Deprived of normal sleep time, resulting in lack of sleep.

You should know that long-term lack of sleep and prolonged sleeplessness are the relationship between “50 steps” and “100 steps”, and the damage to health is only different in degree.

Therefore, we must make good use of the “tonic” of sleep to treat the body and life.

  When sleeping, there are five details to pay attention to: the direction of sleep should be north and south.

The human body is affected by the earth’s magnetic field anytime, anywhere, and the brain is also disturbed by the magnetic field during sleep.

When people sleep, they adopt the posture of head north foot south, so that the magnetic field lines smoothly pass through the human body, instead reducing the interference of the earth’s magnetic field.

  The sleeping position is good for bowing, and the burden to the right is light.

Because the human heart is mostly above the body, lying to the right can reduce the pressure on the heart, and at the same time, avoid placing your hands near the heart and avoid waking up due to unfortunate dreams.

  Sleep time in four seasons, spring and summer should be “late night and early rise”, autumn should be “early morning and early rise”, winter should be “early night and early rise”.

It is best to get up before sunrise, not too late.

Normal people sleep about 8 hours a day, and frail and sick people should appropriately increase sleep time.

  Whether it is a “night owl type” person or a “early bed late rise type” person, you should find your own biological clock to improve the efficiency of sleep and rest.

Chinese medicine believes that the two hours of the child (11 pm to 1 am) and noon (11 pm to 1 pm) are the times when the temperature difference changes the most. This body needs proper rest.

  Sleeping environment in the bedroom should try to avoid placing too many appliances to ensure that the human brain is not disturbed too much.

In addition, do not wear “tables”, “tooths” and mobile phones to sleep, otherwise it will affect your health.