After all these days,Li Wei did give him a lot of help,No matter how Wu Xiaorou doesn’t like him,Thanks,Still have to express。

“Thank you,This is the first time you take the initiative to invite me to dinner。”
Li Wei replied,Wu Xiaorou’s smile,Fall in his eyes,At that moment,He just feels,own world,Like full of flowers。
Chapter Twenty Three Meet
Zhang Min is gone,Depression。
Wu Xiaorou is worried,So Zhao Nan and an apprentice in the back kitchen,Sent her back。
Li Wei stayed for a meal,Very simple,Just one green vegetable and one pepper fried pork,The most classic in Shonan cuisine,It is also the dish that tests the chef’s skills most。
originally,Wu Xiaorou is going to stir a few more dishes,but,Li Wei refused,He thinks this is good,simple。
dinner,The two did not drink,Wu Xiaorou is because she can’t drink,Li Wei,Because I was worried that after drinking,Even more reluctant,So that I said something that I shouldn’t say,So I didn’t drink。
A meal till nine o’clock,Even if Li Wei is reluctant to give up,He also understands,It’s time to go。
then,He stand,Walk towards the outside of the hotel。
Wu Xiaorou also got up,Send him to the door。
at this time,A little bit of stars flickered in the night,Starlight falls in front of the two,Become a piece。

At this moment,He already had a plan in his heart,How to get the bottom price of this treasure。He estimated,Now no one can recognize the true value of this mask。

Chinese people,In his eyes,Often ignorant。Give them tens of thousands of RMB,I’m afraid I will be so happy that I can’t find North?So he felt that he got this treasure,Nothing difficult。
I’m so lucky today,Okay,Make up your own mind,Follow along。but,I’m going to miss this treasure,That’s a pity,that’s too regretful。
“Mr,Your last name?I like this mask,Can you sell it to me?You make a price。”Federa says。
Owner Ou Quan frowned,did not expect,The mask Hu Yang bought from him,Someone asked the price。
He couldn’t help but speak:“I still have a mask,They are also authentic African goods,If you like it,Pick whatever,The price is easy to say。”
Federa glanced at the other masks,Shook his head suddenly,For other crafts,He is not interested。
“Ha ha!Sorry,This is not for sale。”Hu Yang smiled。
Not for sale?This is a big joke。
World,Not for sale in the real sense,Just the code is not enough。Money in place,What is not for sale?Are all bluffing。
Federa,Naturally know the intention of this Chinese,Automatic quotation:“RMB 50,000,how about it?”
RMB 50,000?
Not only the owner of the shop、Clerk、Customers and others are surprised,Even the people in the store that followed Federa,Also surprised。A mask,Worth 50,000 RMB?Or that Europeans really have money and nowhere to spend?
Only the audience in the live broadcast room,Huazai and others are not surprised,Normal expression。I was just a little surprised that this foreigner could see that the mask was valuable,A little capable。
Ou Quan regrets it a bit,I knew this mask was valuable,It shouldn’t be sold for more than 3,000 yuan!
He doesn’t seem to want Populus to be better,Deliberately leaking information:“He bought this from me for more than 3,000 yuan。”
Heard him,Wah Tsai、Xiaoxiao、Of course they,As well as the audience in the live broadcast room, the impression of this store owner is extremely bad,Actually helped the gringo deal with his own Chinese,Can’t forgive。
“Hey!Everyone spotted,Don’t buy things from this guy in the future。”
“Oh shit!So disgusting,this person。”

Headquarters Hu Dapeng called to ask Tian Lubao who,Tian Lu feels that she is always dedicated to her work,And also contributed to the company’s revenue,With confidence,Volunteered to say,Can you report yourself?

Who knows a few days later,Some leaders of the headquarters in the preliminary review list emphasized the review conditions,Tian Lu failed。
It is said that in the list of commended employees,Unreportable leader,Neither assistant nor manager can report,Mainly in publicity“Tough battle”Time,Comrades who can overcome difficulties in the front line。
I don’t know who the headquarters called Xuchang to request a new report。
Tian Lu later learned,The list of top ten employees re-submitted is Xu Fenxue,At the same time an additional Cai Wen was reported,The reason for the recommendation is that Xu Fenxue meets the reporting conditions proposed by the headquarters。Xu Fenxue gives up on weekends,Overcome family difficulties,Go to the front line;The reason for recommending Cai Wen for reporting is to make a great contribution to the outside and inside of the studio。
“Peripheral”Means she ran the merchant’s funds into the treasury,“Inner circumference”Is pay,Ensure the stability of the studio。
Recommend these two people and the reason for recommendation,Tian Lu feels that their job should be the same,Are doing the work within their own capacity。
The reason is naturally acceptable,Beyond reproach,But I always feel something is wrong,But I can’t tell。
When I thought of asking for Tian Lu’s recommendation list before,,Tian Lu also recommended herself enthusiastically,Turns out a joke about changing the list。
Secretly laughed at myself for making an oolong after reporting the list,Call her the leader,Not reported,Change list。
Recalling when Hu Dapeng inspected the work a few days ago,Convey the spirit of headquarters,When talking about work,She remembered something,Criticizing Tian Lu“Some people see themselves as leaders,Arrange staff to the front line,I stay at home”。From the understanding of this sentence,Isn’t it clear that she didn’t recognize her as the leader??
Tian Lu thought,Am I the leader??
Recognition,Said to only commend frontline employees。
When criticizing,That someone should go to the front line,Should not sit in the office。
Now and then。
Tian Lu also has her own reason,Promote and write articles with businesses“Tack”reason,In fact, her job responsibility is to stay in the office to review manuscripts。
Arranging the writing department to the front line is required for work,To run the front line is a work need,Oneself“Defend the city”Office is also a work need。
Not to mention,Business negotiations were also on the front line,Why can’t I see it at the headquarters?,I didn’t see a few words of praise from the headquarters。
Tian Lu had to breed narrow thinking,Two people commended,One is Xiao Hua’s little wife,Is a family;One is responsible for finance、Cai Wen who manages the vault,On the issue of money,Win Xuchang’s heart。
So and so,Tian Lu can only be angry,Dilemma,The work underneath is difficult to carry out,The superior is so picky,Tian Lu’s efforts are negated。

One of the men was cold,An arrogant tone:“Sister Huo wants you to drink?”

“I said the wrong thing!Sorry——I punish myself for three cups,Ok?”Dee poured the wine himself,Drink three cups in a row,No one stopped,He is usually arrogant,At this moment, I just want to end peacefully,The reason people have to bow their heads under the eaves,Di has always followed。
The red-haired girl glanced at him like,The corners of his mouth raised a mocking sneer:“Why are you so nervous?Don’t be afraid——Are you still pulling at noon??I just want to see how your friend is going to explain to me tonight!What is the fake paging number he gave me?Play me?I’m still so ugly——Not even willing to make friends?”
Hui has never seen this battle,Without any mental preparation,At this moment, I was trembling involuntarily,Don’t know what happened,Can only wait for things to develop。
Chen Wen’s mood at this moment is beyond words……Obviously the lottery numbers that must be won have changed by two,The peaceful today in my memory,Suddenly became so dangerous。‘I’m still full,Knowing that this girl is a troublesome person but she has planted trouble……’
Di doesn’t know what to say,Obviously, he wanted Jin to talk directly with the red-haired girl,The problem can only be solved after negotiation,I had to look at him to suggest that he speaks well,after all,It’s up to him to get beaten tonight。
“What are you going to tell me?”Chen Wenjin looks calm,And patted the back of Hui’s hand lightly。
The monkey squinted and took a breath,Mocking smile,Instead, Abao said:“Your brother doesn’t know who Sister Huo is, right??”
Abao has never heard of it,But know that monkeys are also knowledgeable,Can say that,The red-haired girl is the father or elder brother playing outside.,And very face,Just whispered:“Not a big deal,We are old friends,Help me say something。”
“Your friend solve it by yourself!You better don’t mix,Then I can help you and another friend。”Monkey’s reply is clear,The red-haired girl is determined to find trouble。
A leopard pretends to smoke,Squinting to examine the people in the private room,It feels not good,Most of them are at the level of playing outside without reading,Can’t help but feel more troublesome。
Redhead girl playing dice on her own,Looking at Chen Wenjin,Watching him cool and calm,Said with a cold face:“You are lucky,Happens to be my dish。Now dump your girlfriend in front of me,Be my boyfriend,I don’t care about the things before,She can go back safely。”
Chen Wenjin laughed,The men in the private room just saw him upset,Shouted at this moment:“wanna die?”
“What if i say no?”Chen Wenjin looked at the red-haired girl and asked,Hye started to tremble again when he was holding it。
Di doesn’t know Hui’s mood,But now he just wants to greet Chen Wenjin,So he quickly shouted:“Sister Huo!Since it’s not our business,Why don’t you leave the gold to talk to you slowly,The three of us won’t bother,Invite Sister Huo to drink another day,Also invite Sister Huo to show her face。”
“Shut up you!”A man next to Di pointed to Di’s nose and scolded,Redhead girl,Leopard feels bad,obviously,The people in the house are not easy to lie,Di wants to save Hui out first and then call someone to help. There is no possibility of realization at all.。

Jack·Welch laughed,He took a look at Black first,Immediately:“Why are you sorry to me?”

“I……I was given a set……I don’t know who it is,But I think it might be related to Chrysler……Boss,Sorry,But I really didn’t mean to betray you……But if I don’t agree to their terms,Those bastards would send me to prison without hesitation……I will never go into that damn place……I’m sorry……”
Tremble said in an unclear language,Incoherent。
But even so,He still expressed the meaning clearly enough:Yes,I betrayed my boss,No matter what the reason……
at the same time,Even in this case,He still didn’t poke Black out。
Jack·Welch said,Eyes on black。
But Black’s reaction made Jack·Welch disappointed,He looked at Treble with shock and disappointment,It seems that the news scared him,He has nothing to do with this matter at all。
Watching Black’s reaction,Jack·Welch’s expression remained unchanged,But my heart is a little blocked:Black black,It’s all for this,How can you naively think that I don’t know about you?
no doubt,Black can’t be reused。
But compared to this,Really make jack·Welch is sad about Black’s attitude……
“Temi,what happened?”Blake looked at Treble in shock:“What do you mean?”
Temi,It’s the nickname between these old brothers to Treble。
Terry Bray obviously didn’t expect Blake to say that,He first glanced at Black with an unconcealable shock,It’s like suddenly waking up to something,Gave him a complicated look,Just looking at Jack·Welch whispered:“Boss,You know I have some special hobbies……”
“Yes,I know。”Jack·Welch nodded gently:“go on,what is the problem?”
As if he just learned about it。

at the same time,There are too many big people who can’t sleep。

Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Geng’s harsh methods,More because they used to take money from the North American Auto Workers Association,Of course when I took money before,it’s good now,The Detroit police raided the North American Auto Workers Association as Chen Geng wanted,Will there be evidence that I took money from the North American Auto Workers Association??
under these circumstances,The phones of the Detroit Police Department and Chen Geng kept ringing,Those big people who are scared want to know what Chen Geng means,the most important is:You won’t be ready to yin me?
“rest assured,Tom,This time,Only to let the senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association get out,”To a certain state legislator on the phone,Chen Geng said seriously:“You know,I have a clear principle,Just don’t mess with me,I won’t mess with you,Some idiots of the North American Auto Workers Association,I want to stick my paw into my territory,Of course I want to chop off the paw。”
“Really?”Tom is relieved,Tentatively:“Fernandez,You know,I have a seaside villa in California,But I haven’t had much time……”
First1141chapter Promote legislation
As a trade union organization that has existed for decades,The North American Auto Workers Association has existed for too long,Long time,Some things have inertia,For example, the high level of the union engaged in the transfer of benefits,In the early days,The senior executives of the North American Auto Workers Association may be more cautious about the transfer of benefits,After years of development、Used to be“union=Political correctness”Senior management of the North American Auto Workers Association,When doing these things not only unscrupulous,And there is no obstruction,and so,The whole process of getting evidence by the police station went so smoothly that it’s just outrageous。
With evidence,It’s his next boss who provided the evidence,So,Both the Detroit police and prosecutors are operating with super efficiency,As for the people,Especially the members of the North American Auto Workers Association,Face this news,Is an uproar……
“Every year, at least tens of millions of dollars are privately divided by the bastards of the union in various ways?”
“what?The union buys a coffee cup200Multi dollar?!”
“An ordinary chair in the meeting room1000Multi dollar?!”
“This annual agreement signed with New York Pan American Consulting200What’s the matter with the consulting fee of ten thousand dollars?……”

“Say you,Do you know the point,Leave me quickly,Otherwise, be careful I beat you。”

Qin Feng smiled indifferently。
“You should go。”
Xiao Li hey,I rolled up my sleeves and wanted to behave well in front of the boss,But at this moment,Middle-aged man stopped him。
“Qin……Master Qin,you……not dead?”The middle-aged man standing in front of Qin Feng at this time is Zhang Yunsheng。
Qin Feng didn’t care about him at all,But continue to look at Xiao Li,Indifference in his eyes。
“I just said,You should go。”
Xiao Li wakes up from shock,He did not expect,This poorly dressed brat,It turned out to be their boss。Thinking of my attitude towards him just now,Xiao Li felt scared。
“That one,I had no eyes,Please forgive me,I was wrong,What was just now is a misunderstanding。”
But after he finished,Qin Feng’s face is still cold,Still unchanged。
Zhang Yunsheng on the side also felt something at this moment,So I patted Xiao Li on the shoulder。
“Xiao Li,Go to the finance and settle your salary,Not used tomorrow。”
Xiao Li suddenly panicked,
“boss,I really know it was wrong,You give me another chance,I was really wrong。”

Besides,Dare he?

To know,This fierce man in front of you is even the five big families
The character whose children were forced to move away。In the capital,Who has the ability to wrestle with the five major families?
I’m afraid that only the one in front can do it?
so,This person must be quite special,You can’t easily offend you until you know the situation。
“Brother Qin Feng, you laughed,sit down。I don’t know why I came here this time。”Guo Sidian smiled and waved his hand to let the secretary go down first。
“Oh,Is such that,I called your dad before,Told him about our plan。He also agreed to our acquisition of Hexuan Entertainment。”Qin Feng said。
“what?My dad agreed?”Guo Si thinks he may have a heart attack,Because he doesn’t understand Qin Feng at allcāo)Way of doing。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five See you again
Guo Si quickly called his boss,After all, the two companies are not in the same building。
“Hey,dad,Qin Feng said he called you just now to say cooperation.”
“Yes indeed,Cooperation,Your cooperation is very good!”

Chapter 814 under the mount Fuji

Open the sun visor and look through the porthole,Below are thick clouds,White clouds reflect sunlight,Looks a little dazzling。
Su Yi glanced at the two people in the cabin with some worry,One sitting cross-legged,Close your eyes,Like an ancient hero,Quiet as a virgin,Move like a rabbit,Will spit a flying sword anytime and anywhere,Kill one person in ten steps,Thousands of miles do not stay。
And another,But I have slept soundly for six hours,Still no sign of waking up。If you didn’t know that he was also a martial artist,I thought it was something sick!
Is such a combination,Two men who don’t seem to match,To assassinate one of the most powerful people in the world。
“they,Will it really succeed??”Su Yi feels a little uneasy inexplicably。
And that man,Already“Will be the best,List of small hills”Up,More than ten years have passed,Him now,How strong is it already?,Before not personally contacting,This is a mystery no one knows。
Actually, the moment I met Bro Longye’s child,Su Yi has secretly made up her mind,I’m going to end it by myself。
Gulf Stream600Type flight is very stable,The high-altitude hedging airflow has little effect on it。
Since this is a private jet,So after the cockpit is down,,Can be used as a bed。In fact, there are also single rooms in the rear cabin,Soft bed inside,But don’t know why,The owner of this plane, Lu Menglin,But chose to lie directly in the cabin without scruples。
Only Lu Menglin knows why,Because it’s cool!I can’t get up when I lie down,Where is the time to pay attention to the image。
In the eyes of others,Lu Menglin is sleeping soundly,But the real situation is not what others have seen。
Lu Menglin’s energy converges,While seemingly asleep,Has actually entered“Seeing God is not bad”The mysterious realm。
In this state,He can clearly perceive any minor damage on his body,Deep into the cell,And stimulate repair with Dan Jin。
This feeling,Some are similar to when women do beauty,Moisturize your face and fill your face with protein,But the effect is thousands of times the latter。
Dan Jin stimulates the body’s potential on the one hand,Continuously release life energy,On the one hand, these vital energy are accurately and accurately supplemented to the damaged cells,Rejuvenate the body。
This kind of micro-level transformation and restoration,Is the realm of seeing God not bad,Can keep the body in a healthy as new state,Over time,Naturally achieve the effect of eternal youth。
For the warrior,It’s much more than just maintaining youth and health,The body is not bad,It means that the power that reaches the upper limit can be burst out at any time,Even if it exceeds the upper limit,Can also be repaired later,The hole cards are better than the warriors who have not reached the realm of seeing gods,More than ten times more。
Plus Dan Jin itself is used to stimulate acupuncture points,Means to stimulate life potential,When the alchemy martial artist entered the realm of seeing the gods,There are many more ultimate moves that can be used,More than tenfold increase in attack power?
Such as before,When Lu Menglin hit the ancient beast-shaped fist,Down a battle,Can only be used three to four times at most,If you use too much,The body will not be able to load,Unless you enter the overclocking battle state of ghosts and gods, you can continue to play high-explosive killing moves。

“Sorry!Really sorry,I just want to help you。”Kim So Yeon is timid,Like a frightened little rabbit,And said with red eyes。

“The Ten Billion Club,You did it?Brought soldiers there?”Lu Menglin asked coldly on purpose。
“Ok,Aunt Su asked me to control Mr. Li from the Ten Billion Club,I asked Liu Niu’er to borrow a team of soldiers,Mr. Li has no defense against me,It’s easy。”Kim So Yeon bit her lip,Speak softly。
“Ha ha!Liu Niu’er is so bold,Without my permission,Dare to lend you soldiers casually!Next time you move troops,You don’t need to pass me。”Lu Meng raised his face,Sternly。
This sentence exports,She really scared Kim So Yeon.。
If you say those words just now,She deliberately pretended to be pitiful,Want to bo sympathize,So now Lu Menglin’s meaning is completely different。
Lu Menglin’s power is getting bigger and bigger now,Even the head of a country may not have his strength,As a person in power,Has always regarded power very seriously,And it is a taboo for those in power to transfer troops beyond authority,Kim So Yeon thought of this,That’s why Huarong lost her color。
“I,I won’t dare next time!”Kim So Yeon had to tremble。
“Next time?Do you dare to have another time?Believe it or not,If Liu Niu’er’s old stuff is here,I slapped him to death!”Lu Menglin said viciously on purpose。
Kim So Yeon shivered with fear,I closed my eyes like a fate,Tao:“Then you shoot me to death!It’s none other’s business。”
Lu Menglin snorted coldly,Body shape shakes slightly,Close to the window。
Kim So Yeon closed her eyes,I just feel a strong wind blowing,I can’t help but shake。
At this moment,She just felt that her forehead was lightly touched by a soft object,Like a dragonfly,Yet extremely gentle。
“what?”Kim So Yeon opened her eyes in panic,But I happened to see someone’s chin。