13 sub-health symptomatic diets

13 sub-health symptomatic diets

Colds and garlic When you start to feel uncomfortable in your voice and your nose is beginning to get out of control, it is a sign of a cold.

In order to prevent cold viruses from attacking your body on a large scale, eating some garlic quickly will help you kill the virus that has not caused a sensation in the cradle at all.

This is because garlic is rich in antiviral ingredients, which will strengthen the body’s immunity.

Therefore, when changing seasons, eating more garlic will help you cope with a cold.

  If it is said that eating steak can treat baldness, most people will be surprised.

But scientific research found that steak does have this effect.

So don’t forget to eat lean beef every time you eat.

Scientific proof: People who regularly eat lean beef can’t even completely solve the problem of hair loss, at least it can delay the arrival of the day.

  Heart disease and apple juice Apple is the best word-of-mouth among all fruits, and it is suitable for people of different ages and physiques.

Recently, researchers at the University of California have discovered another advantage of apples: drinking apple juice often reduces the risk of heart disease.

This is because the antioxidants in apple juice are good for the healthy functioning of the heart.

Scientists in experiments on 25 men and women found that high blood pressure is also divided into “good” and “bad”. Drinking more apple juice can make “bad” blood pressure rise later than normal, and “bad””The longer the plasma veins, the lower the chance of heart disease.

  Cloudy Breath Drink plenty of water. For people who often need social entertainment, cloudy breath is the biggest taboo.

Chinese medicine believes that bad breath has a lot to do with stomach fire.

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to brushing your teeth every morning and evening, you should also arrange your recipes reasonably.

Another easy way to solve this embarrassing problem is to drink plenty of water every day.

While this method treats bad breath, it also supplements the body’s daily water needs.

Scientific research has found that the reason why the breath is not fresh is that there is a substance called sulfur in the mouth. If you want it to disappear as soon as possible, drink plenty of water every day to solve it.

  Weak limbs and bananas love exercise is a good thing, but we must also pay attention to “degree”, because too much exercise can lead to fatigue.

During exercise, the body emits a lot of sweat. At the same time when water is lost, many minerals in the body also transfer sweat to the body, mainly potassium and sodium.

The “inventory” amount of sodium in the body is relatively speaking, and sodium is relatively easy to be supplemented from food; however, the amount of potassium in the body is relatively small, so you should pay more attention to choosing foods that are rich in potassium in time to supplement after exercise.

The best choice for potassium supplement is banana, because banana is rich in potassium.

Don’t forget to bring yourself a banana or two before going to the gym.

  Getting drunk with tomatoes is really troublesome.

Drunk vomiting is almost disorganized, and it will cause a large loss of potassium, calcium, sodium and other elements in the body. After drunk and vomiting, it is necessary to supplement potassium, calcium, sodium and other nutrients in time.

The easiest way is to drink tomato juice, because the potassium, calcium and sodium in tomato juice are just enough to supplement the lack of element loss in the body.

  Hiccups and sugar have been used to treat snoring. People have always had a lot of prescriptions. At present, the most effective way is to scare him unexpectedly, but if this still can’t stop the snoring, here is an effective method: try putting a spoon under the tonguesugar.

The scientific explanation of this approach is not very clear. Some doctors explain that sugar can stimulate the nerves on the back of the throat, and once the nerves are stimulated, it will interrupt the nerve signals in the body, including the nerve that causes snoring.

  Hypertension and orange juice Drinking orange juice is a good habit, especially for those with high blood pressure or those with a family history of high blood pressure.

Orange juice is both delicious and curative.

Because if the content of potassium and calcium in the diet increases, blood pressure will naturally decrease.

Orange juice is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin C.

Tests have shown that people with excessive levels of vitamin C in their blood may die of hypertension with minor complications.

  The latest research on fish for asthma found that eating more fish can nourish and nourish the lungs, thereby alleviating the symptoms of hypertension.

This is because fish is rich in magnesium. No wonder doctors in the emergency room treat patients with magnesium-containing drugs.

For patients with severe hypertension, doctors recommend that it is best to ensure at least one meal of fish or other seafood in three meals a day.

In addition, spinach has the same effect in green vegetables.

  Vegetables and arthritis Greek scientists have recently performed experiments that show that the more green vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to develop arthritis.This is a copy of a transformation of experiments performed by scientists on 330 people.

In addition, people who love vegetables are one-fourth more likely to suffer from arthritis in the elderly.

Therefore, for healthy bones, don’t forget to add more green to the table.

  Prostate cancer and vanilla ice cream Prostate cancer has always been the biggest killer of men. It is said that eating more tomatoes will help because tomatoes contain tomato tomatoes.

If you don’t like tomatoes, another way to cure and rid yourself of the symptoms is to eat vanilla ice cream.

This is because vanilla ice cream contains an element called boron. The more boron in the body, the smaller the chance of prostate cancer.

  All in all, in the daily life, people “feed symptomatically” will be beneficial to health and longevity.

If you want to “eat” well, everyone should “feed symptomatically” according to their age, illness, and constitution.