Gary·Kiredale didn’t speak,But he obviously meant the same。

“Ah……”Chen Geng’s tone is extremely harsh:“Then you think I’m here to congratulate you?”
What does the boss mean??!
Gary·Kilidare and Chevat·Egarford is not a fool,The information revealed in Chen Geng’s talk shocked both of them,Especially Chevat·Egarford,Looking at my boss’s face full of sarcasm,His goose bumps are all up:“**,Don’t joke about this kind of thing……”
I don’t need Chen Geng to speak this time,Gary·Kiredale spoke first。
Looking at Chevat·Egarford,Gary·Kilidare shook his head:“I understand**,If it’s not completely certain,He must not be able to come in such a hurry,”Finished,Ranging from Chevat·Egarford speaks,Gary·Kirydale looked at Chen Geng,Shen Sheng:“**,Logically speaking ourp/mYesibmthe best choice,Let me say something unceremoniously,p/mIs the best performance currently available on the market、Most stable and reliable、At the same time the cheapest operating system,But since you are here,That meansibmNot think so,Right?”
Chen Geng nodded:“exactly,YesibmCEO Axe doesn’t think so。”
Facing the doubtful eyes of the two,Chen Geng’s simple way:“Gates,That dobasi’S kid,You should know?”
Gary·Kilidare nodded,Of course he knows that kid:“He and Paul are very talented,Can only run on minicomputersbasiPorted to personal computer,This is really amazing,But you meanibmReady to entrust such an important project to this kid?This one……impossible?”
Gary·Kiredale vaguely questioned the news of his boss。
It’s not that he really wants to question Chen Geng,But from the basic logic,This matter really doesn’t make sense:p/mIs already the best、The most stable and reliable personal computer operating system,Add Data Research and Garrett2000After the merger,“p/mindosTrackball”The combination of visual graphics operating systems is now recognized as the best combination mode of personal computer operating systems on the market。
ibmPrepare to develop a strategic personal computer,They don’t choose the most mature、Most stable、The most reliable and most usefulp/m,But choose to let people who have never had personal computer operating system development experience、Two engagebasi’S kid does this thing,Then let everyone go back to the era when you need to enter commands……Is Ax’s brain kicked by a donkey??
Normal logic,AsibmCEO of,Ax’s brain is absolutely impossible,ibmChoice and Garrett2000Cooperation should be a sure thing,But since the boss came here in such a hurry……
Gary·Kiredale’s expression is serious。
“ibmDid not reject us,What rejects us isibmCEO Akers,”Chen Geng is very pleased with Gary·Kirydale noticed this,He nodded and explained to the two:“p/mindosTrackball”The combination of is the best combination of personal computer operating systems today,Even better thanibmDare not ignore us,Under strong market pressure,ibmMust give us a chance。
But why did Gates and Paul have the opportunity?
Because Gates’ mother has a good relationship with Aix,She persuaded Ax to give Gates’ Microsoft company a chance……In the process,Aix will use his power to squeeze us out,I can even think of what Aix would do:For example, personal computers equipped with our operating system are better than those equipped with Gates’ operating systemibmPC is expensive1000USD,Then Ax will tell us,Not welcome by the market and users、Don’t like our operating system。”