At this moment,A sudden smell in the nose

Nice smell,Lu Menglin suddenly felt shocked,Slowly moving his eyes,I realized that I looked at sister Zhou Min’s face at such a close distance,Tender complexion,I can’t see any flaws。
“is it nice?”Zhou Minrou,Under someone watching,Fever at the base of the ear,There is even more shame on my cheeks。
Lu Menglin swallowed subconsciously,Conscience,This is out of instinct again,Man’s instinct,not on purpose。
“I like you!I don’t know when I like you。How to do it?”
These words came from Zhou Min’s cherry mouth,The voice is soft and nice,Glutinous。
Beautiful as jade,Exhale,Even Lu Menglin was lost for a moment。
“You like me too,good or not?”Zhou Min saw Lu Menglin freeze,Simply let go,Leaned her tender body softly on his shoulder。
Lu Menglin’s arms can clearly feel the softness coming from Zhou Min’s chest,And the jade-like temperature on her body。
now,In this small living room,Even the air exudes an ambiguous breath。
As long as Lu Menglin gently stretched out his hand,This flower will be picked by you,Without hindrance。
but,Can he really do this?
Accept Zhou Min’s love?This is obviously something that Lu Menglin has never considered。