Men entertaining looking for six gentlemen who lower fat

Men entertaining looking for “six gentlemen who lower fat”

Men have tobacco and alcohol, have entertainment, and have sub-health.
Sun Shuxia, chairman of the Nutrition Security Professional Committee of the China Health Care Association, pointed out that men should often look for “six fat-reducing gentlemen”, that is, hawthorn, shiitake mushrooms, fungus, garlic, kelp, and green tea to help regulate blood lipids and stay away from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  Hawthorn: second gastric motive.
In addition to reducing fat, the delipases contained in hawthorn can also promote the digestion of fatty foods and have the effect of eliminating stagnant energy. It is called the “second stomach motility”. It is recommended to eat 3 to 5 hawthorns per day.
  Mushrooms: Reduce fat and sugar.
Contains a variety of biological enzymes, which can significantly reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein levels and lower blood sugar.
Fungus food is indispensable for daily diet.
  Fungus: hot stir-fried cold sauce can be used.
The fungus is hot-fried and cold mixed with nutrients, which can not only reduce blood clot formation, prevent blood clots, but also have the effect of detoxifying and beauty.
  Garlic: It is best made into garlic.
Chewing garlic after a meal is far from having the effect of making garlic into puree.
Hydrogen sulfide in garlic can induce internal fat metabolism and reduce cholesterol.
  Kelp: a healthy companion for meat.
Adding kelp when eating meat food will make the accumulation of fat in the body tend to subcutaneous and muscle tissue, reduce the accumulation on the heart, blood vessels and intestinal membranes, and effectively prevent heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis and fatmany.
  Green tea: drink after meals to clear the intestines.
If this meal is greasy, Sun Shuxia recommends a cup of green tea to clear the stomach.
The catechins in green tea can reduce the total cholesterol content in the plasma and reduce the accumulation of fat cells.