He was afraid of his conclusion before,Grandpa won’t accept,So blame him,Because of poor ability,And found an excuse,But now it seems that Grandpa still trusts himself,This made Hua Ziyu proud。

“In this case,Ziyu,You quickly get back a mouse like this,Then compare,Let me know if there is a result。”Doctor Hua patted Hua Ziyu on the shoulder and said。
“Understand grandpa,I have sent people to find,I believe when I come back,We will know the result。”
“well,Hope it’s good news,If we develop the beauty and detox pill,So the status of our Chinese family,But the tide is rising,”
“I want to curry favor with our Chinese family,Must be a lot,I believe what kind of woman we Ziyu want,Pick it yourself,Choose whatever you want。”Talking about the genius doctor Hua laughed。
“grandfather,I don’t want my business now,Those things are not worth mentioning for us to grow the Hua family,All my mind is now studying the beauty and detoxification pills here。”Hua Ziyu has a picture in his heart at this moment,But I don’t say that。
“OK,Ziyu,Don’t worry if you think about grandpa,but,We can study it out,Yangyan Zhurong Paidu Pill is made from mouse feces,Can others also find out?”I feel a little worried about this genius doctor Hua。
“There should be no big problem,Even know,But we just said,Not all rat poop can be developed,So I think it should be nothing。”Hua Ziyu never thought about this before,So there is no corresponding strategy。
“inappropriate,I think it’s better to be cautious。”The genius doctor Hua frowned and said。
“So grandpa,I don’t know if this method will work。”Hua Ziyu seems to have an idea。
“tell me the story。”Doctor Hua looked at Hua Ziyu,An ear-sounding look。
“At that time we will put some insignificant Chinese medicine in it,And the taste of Chinese medicine is great,The smell of rat poop will be masked,So no one would think of it,Naturally, no one will analyze and develop it。”Hua Ziyu said proudly。
“The solution is good,But there are still risks,Because our main Qin Feng is mouse shit,So how to cover up,That’s also the fact。”Divine Doctor Hua was a little confused。
“Otherwise, we will add some spices in it?”Hua Ziyu is also a little helpless。
“feasible,Ziyu, what do you think of my approach,I asked about the proportion of weak mice,Make the mouse feces in each pill a little less,Then you can take a few more pills。”
“In this case,Mouse poop is diluted,Indirectly becomes auxiliary,So you won’t be discovered。”Said doctor Hua。
“This is a good way, grandpa,Why didn’t I expect it,It seems that ginger is still old and spicy,I will definitely learn more from Grandpa in the future。”Hua Ziyu
Very angry,Why such a simple way,I did not expect。
“OK,Ziyu,Grandpa is very happy with this heart,You are already excellent。”Doctor Hua said with a smile。
this day,Qin Feng smiled and nothing happened as usual,Accompany Jiang Yan to the company to kill time,Just when Qin Feng raised Erlang’s legs,Lying in Jiang Yan’s office,The nympho on the leather sofa looks,When Jiang Yan was working hard。

Xiangyang took Xiang Chen’s arm,Dawn with reason, move with affection。

&nb “Can you learn something good at school?What do you do all day?”
Xiang Chen frowned and lookedtianyig.Xiang Xiangyang,Xiangyang knows that he has exposed something,Keep your head down without talking。
The father and daughter were silent for a long time again,Xiangyang slowly said:“From small to large,Every one of you treats me super nicely,But there is always a kind of company you can’t give me,Somewhat petty,I can’t make it to you!It’s like you persuaded me,I have to experience some life myself,Some way,I have to go by myself!”
Xiangyang raised Xiang Chen’s hand,With a little smile in his eyes。
“Isn’t that afraid of you being deceived!”Xiang Chen still retains the stubbornness of an old father。
“Cruel scenery,I want to see it myself!You can always keep me out,But you can’t stop it,Like aging、disease,I have to experience these lives by myself。”
Xiangyang took Xiang Chen’s arm,It’s like coaxing a child。
“I know you are all caring for me,But you can’t allow me to fall in love,But don’t allow other boys to approach me!When you were in the magic city,Once I got sick,He wants to come with me,But Yao Yao has always been by my side。”
It’s like saying that there is a daughter sharing her little beauty with her father,But Xiang Chen looked back at Yao Yao,When Xiangyang was sick,The latter didn’t tell him。
His eyes drifted away quickly,Xiang Chen’s faint look,Yao Yao doesn’t dare to look at him at all。
Xiang Yang did not notice this episode,I am still sharing the little stories that touched Xiang Chen with myself。
“Don’t look at Zheng Ziling’s appearance,Martial arts again,In fact, he is very afraid of injections!But he still ran to the hospital that day,He told the doctor that he was not feeling well,Want to lose some glucose。He was right across from me that day,Infusion,Peek at me,Be wary of Yao Yao,At that time I thought for the first time that this guy might like me more than I thought!”
When talking about infusion,Thinking back to Fang Xincheng’s group of people secretly reporting a letter to themselves,Xiang Yang couldn’t help but smiled。

And there are many geniuses among them,In the process of fighting the dark race,Steal the Dark Race,Learned a lot of fighting skills using space energy,Not without the power of a war。

but,First attacked the dragon army,Not this elite team of masters,But the Earth Coalition Forces。
316 Tomahawk cruise missiles,To the area where the Dragonflight is located,Implemented the first round of saturation strikes。
The power of missiles,Describe it as plowing three feet,Not too much。
Then there are a total of six flying groups,Human fighters and bombers swarmed like a swarm of birds,Accurately bombard the target below。
This is just the first wave of attacks,The ground forces have assembled more than 100,000 combatants,And they are not ordinary soldiers,It’s a super soldier with a basic combat power of over 15。
Strength like this,If it is placed before the red zone appears,Every soldier who participated in the war,Are all kings of the army,Has unparalleled combat power。
But now,One hundred thousand elite soldiers,It’s just being able to go to the battlefield。
The mission of these ground forces,Not to destroy the Dragonflight,But for cover,Cover the true elite team,Close to the dragon brood。
really,Everything is as predicted by the Earth Alliance,Missile carpet bombing and precision strikes by fighter planes all failed。
The moment when those dragon monsters bombed,All have entered a state of half virtual and half real,Use space gaps,Easily avoided the power of the explosion。
The Devil Dragon Brood is protected by the force field of nearly a hundred Devil Dragon Moths,Safe and sound。
Although I know that there is a high probability that this will happen,But I saw such a scene from the live battlefield sent back from the drone,Still let the global people take a breath。
Lucky doesn’t seem to have come to humans’ heads,Still have to implement the cruelestBPlanned。

“otherwise,You give me resign now。”

Li Guangwei heard what Wu Guodong said,He suppressed his anger and said:“Mr. Wu,You are too hard for me。”
“I really can’t think of a good way,The way I can think of is that you personally go to Xiao Fan’s company to apologize。”
“Maybe he will see your grandpa’s face opened up to our company。Apart from this method, I really can’t think of any better method。”
Wu Guodong is frustrated,He will vent his mistakes on Li Guangwei。
“Let me personally apologize to Xiao Fan,Did you say it wrong?Are you sure what you said is the best way?”
“I put a cold butt on his hot face last time,At that time he just turned a blind eye,Very arrogant,Seeing that I almost use his nostrils。”
“He didn’t care about my grandfather’s face at all,I have a relationship with him。”
“He is always on top,You let me apologize to him now?Did you make me feel embarrassed on purpose??”
Li Guangwei really doesn’t know what his boss thinks,He doubted how he sat in the position of chairman。
He is really anxious to get angry for the Wu Group。
He lowered his head and stopped talking,He felt that he couldn’t think of a better way。
He also knows that it is too late for him to say anything。
There is no way to recover the loss of the Wu Group。
This Wu Guodong is destined to be the sinner of the Wu group。

Look at Da Liu’s cute expression,Chen Geng laughed immediately,He waved his hand:“The University of Michigan is a very good school,Ok……Look at you,I should know who I am,Ok,Away from home,Everyone is compatriot,I won’t say if you’re polite,You probably should also know that I haven’t shamed our Chinese people in America,and so,If everyone is in trouble、Is there anything I can help,Everyone please speak up,Be polite,Everyone is Chinese,It’s okay to help each other outside。”

Da Liu and Xiao Wang nodded desperately with red eyes,Can’t say a word:You’re welcome,This one can be regarded as his great benefactor!
Different from those vague promises,Two people can tell,Chen Geng was serious when he said this,Also,If you don’t really want to help yourself,Chen Geng spends so much money every year to help everyone study abroad?
Is it because the older Liu has better emotional control ability,He took the lead in controlling his mood,Said to Chen Geng gratefully:“Mr. Chen,What you said……We all have no place,We are very good in studying and living in America,Much better than in China,I can still eat meat every day!I don’t know how,But some of our classmates from the University of Michigan are very content with the current conditions,Everyone said to take a chance, thank you、Please have a meal,”
Speaking of which,Liu suddenly thought that Mr. Chen Geng in front of him was the youngest billionaire in the United States.,People can lack their own stutter?Hurriedly change:“But everyone knows you are busy,Did not dare……”
“OK,”I haven’t waited for Liu to finish,Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“I’m the person who likes others to invite me to dinner,When are you going to invite me?”
I heard my boss’s answer,Joshua’s surprised eyes were staring out:When did my boss talk so well??
Others don’t know,Is Joshua still unclear,At his current worth,、Status and influence in Detroit and the entire state of Michigan,Not just anyone who is qualified to invite their own boss to dinner,State Assemblyman、State government officials are almost the same,The main officials of the city halls are still barely qualified,As for the city councilor?Ha ha……
But now,Two ubiquitous international students can get such an opportunity?!
Joshua was envious to death。
Da Liu and Xiao Wang didn’t expect Chen Geng to agree,The two were shocked,Just heavy、Nod vigorously,Then cautiously tentatively said:“that……Would you like to see next Monday?Next Monday night。”
“Next Mon?”Chen Geng thought for a while,I don’t seem to have a big deal next Monday,Nodded:“Yeah,no problem,Then it’s settled。”
Da Liu and Xiao Wang were immediately happy。
Chen Geng asked casually:“how about it?Are you tired from working here??Shadow does not affect learning?”
“Not tired!”

“amount.”So the battle here is over。

have to say,Liu Xing’s strength is still very online!After all, dealing with such a barracks of one or two hundred people is actually very simple。If Qin Feng is not injured,,He doesn’t know how to use sniping。After all, sniping is very time-consuming。Go straight in like Liu Xing,Then it should not be difficult to solve these people with their agile hands。
of course,In contrast, this approach of going deep into the enemy camp will definitely add difficulty and danger。
Without any choice,Qin Feng had to drive to the blasting barracks。
When I returned to the camp,Liu Xingzheng drank tea indifferently,“Ugh,Why is it so slow?”
Qin Feng was a little bit dumbfounded。
Because of the relationship,So he comes back the latest。Besides, just as he imagined,It is quite costly for him to pull out a barracks by sniping.
Whether it’s Liu Xing or Zhong Fa,They solved it faster than Qin Feng。
“What’s next?Is there a second step?Gradually hit it?”Zhong Fa asked。He thinks that this kind of battle against a military camp is actually meaningless。He wants to fight the master,But this kind of thing is hard to come across。He didn’t even enjoy the last battle with Liu Xing.。……odd.iqiwx.~Better and faster
Because in terms of combat effectiveness,He might be better than Liu Xing。
of course,Liu Xing is obviously still on the rise,If you give him enough time,Beyond Zhongfa, that is absolute。After all, the latter actually wants to exercise and become stronger,But he also understands where his age is,The peak period may not be a few years away。
This is why he wants to become stronger urgently,He knows who Qin Feng’s opponents are,He didn’t want to help Qin Feng when he was in need。
And now this trip to the Golden Triangle,Maybe this is an opportunity for him?

At this moment,A sudden smell in the nose

Nice smell,Lu Menglin suddenly felt shocked,Slowly moving his eyes,I realized that I looked at sister Zhou Min’s face at such a close distance,Tender complexion,I can’t see any flaws。
“is it nice?”Zhou Minrou,Under someone watching,Fever at the base of the ear,There is even more shame on my cheeks。
Lu Menglin swallowed subconsciously,Conscience,This is out of instinct again,Man’s instinct,not on purpose。
“I like you!I don’t know when I like you。How to do it?”
These words came from Zhou Min’s cherry mouth,The voice is soft and nice,Glutinous。
Beautiful as jade,Exhale,Even Lu Menglin was lost for a moment。
“You like me too,good or not?”Zhou Min saw Lu Menglin freeze,Simply let go,Leaned her tender body softly on his shoulder。
Lu Menglin’s arms can clearly feel the softness coming from Zhou Min’s chest,And the jade-like temperature on her body。
now,In this small living room,Even the air exudes an ambiguous breath。
As long as Lu Menglin gently stretched out his hand,This flower will be picked by you,Without hindrance。
but,Can he really do this?
Accept Zhou Min’s love?This is obviously something that Lu Menglin has never considered。

After all these days,Li Wei did give him a lot of help,No matter how Wu Xiaorou doesn’t like him,Thanks,Still have to express。

“Thank you,This is the first time you take the initiative to invite me to dinner。”
Li Wei replied,Wu Xiaorou’s smile,Fall in his eyes,At that moment,He just feels,own world,Like full of flowers。
Chapter Twenty Three Meet
Zhang Min is gone,Depression。
Wu Xiaorou is worried,So Zhao Nan and an apprentice in the back kitchen,Sent her back。
Li Wei stayed for a meal,Very simple,Just one green vegetable and one pepper fried pork,The most classic in Shonan cuisine,It is also the dish that tests the chef’s skills most。
originally,Wu Xiaorou is going to stir a few more dishes,but,Li Wei refused,He thinks this is good,simple。
dinner,The two did not drink,Wu Xiaorou is because she can’t drink,Li Wei,Because I was worried that after drinking,Even more reluctant,So that I said something that I shouldn’t say,So I didn’t drink。
A meal till nine o’clock,Even if Li Wei is reluctant to give up,He also understands,It’s time to go。
then,He stand,Walk towards the outside of the hotel。
Wu Xiaorou also got up,Send him to the door。
at this time,A little bit of stars flickered in the night,Starlight falls in front of the two,Become a piece。

At this moment,He already had a plan in his heart,How to get the bottom price of this treasure。He estimated,Now no one can recognize the true value of this mask。

Chinese people,In his eyes,Often ignorant。Give them tens of thousands of RMB,I’m afraid I will be so happy that I can’t find North?So he felt that he got this treasure,Nothing difficult。
I’m so lucky today,Okay,Make up your own mind,Follow along。but,I’m going to miss this treasure,That’s a pity,that’s too regretful。
“Mr,Your last name?I like this mask,Can you sell it to me?You make a price。”Federa says。
Owner Ou Quan frowned,did not expect,The mask Hu Yang bought from him,Someone asked the price。
He couldn’t help but speak:“I still have a mask,They are also authentic African goods,If you like it,Pick whatever,The price is easy to say。”
Federa glanced at the other masks,Shook his head suddenly,For other crafts,He is not interested。
“Ha ha!Sorry,This is not for sale。”Hu Yang smiled。
Not for sale?This is a big joke。
World,Not for sale in the real sense,Just the code is not enough。Money in place,What is not for sale?Are all bluffing。
Federa,Naturally know the intention of this Chinese,Automatic quotation:“RMB 50,000,how about it?”
RMB 50,000?
Not only the owner of the shop、Clerk、Customers and others are surprised,Even the people in the store that followed Federa,Also surprised。A mask,Worth 50,000 RMB?Or that Europeans really have money and nowhere to spend?
Only the audience in the live broadcast room,Huazai and others are not surprised,Normal expression。I was just a little surprised that this foreigner could see that the mask was valuable,A little capable。
Ou Quan regrets it a bit,I knew this mask was valuable,It shouldn’t be sold for more than 3,000 yuan!
He doesn’t seem to want Populus to be better,Deliberately leaking information:“He bought this from me for more than 3,000 yuan。”
Heard him,Wah Tsai、Xiaoxiao、Of course they,As well as the audience in the live broadcast room, the impression of this store owner is extremely bad,Actually helped the gringo deal with his own Chinese,Can’t forgive。
“Hey!Everyone spotted,Don’t buy things from this guy in the future。”
“Oh shit!So disgusting,this person。”

Headquarters Hu Dapeng called to ask Tian Lubao who,Tian Lu feels that she is always dedicated to her work,And also contributed to the company’s revenue,With confidence,Volunteered to say,Can you report yourself?

Who knows a few days later,Some leaders of the headquarters in the preliminary review list emphasized the review conditions,Tian Lu failed。
It is said that in the list of commended employees,Unreportable leader,Neither assistant nor manager can report,Mainly in publicity“Tough battle”Time,Comrades who can overcome difficulties in the front line。
I don’t know who the headquarters called Xuchang to request a new report。
Tian Lu later learned,The list of top ten employees re-submitted is Xu Fenxue,At the same time an additional Cai Wen was reported,The reason for the recommendation is that Xu Fenxue meets the reporting conditions proposed by the headquarters。Xu Fenxue gives up on weekends,Overcome family difficulties,Go to the front line;The reason for recommending Cai Wen for reporting is to make a great contribution to the outside and inside of the studio。
“Peripheral”Means she ran the merchant’s funds into the treasury,“Inner circumference”Is pay,Ensure the stability of the studio。
Recommend these two people and the reason for recommendation,Tian Lu feels that their job should be the same,Are doing the work within their own capacity。
The reason is naturally acceptable,Beyond reproach,But I always feel something is wrong,But I can’t tell。
When I thought of asking for Tian Lu’s recommendation list before,,Tian Lu also recommended herself enthusiastically,Turns out a joke about changing the list。
Secretly laughed at myself for making an oolong after reporting the list,Call her the leader,Not reported,Change list。
Recalling when Hu Dapeng inspected the work a few days ago,Convey the spirit of headquarters,When talking about work,She remembered something,Criticizing Tian Lu“Some people see themselves as leaders,Arrange staff to the front line,I stay at home”。From the understanding of this sentence,Isn’t it clear that she didn’t recognize her as the leader??
Tian Lu thought,Am I the leader??
Recognition,Said to only commend frontline employees。
When criticizing,That someone should go to the front line,Should not sit in the office。
Now and then。
Tian Lu also has her own reason,Promote and write articles with businesses“Tack”reason,In fact, her job responsibility is to stay in the office to review manuscripts。
Arranging the writing department to the front line is required for work,To run the front line is a work need,Oneself“Defend the city”Office is also a work need。
Not to mention,Business negotiations were also on the front line,Why can’t I see it at the headquarters?,I didn’t see a few words of praise from the headquarters。
Tian Lu had to breed narrow thinking,Two people commended,One is Xiao Hua’s little wife,Is a family;One is responsible for finance、Cai Wen who manages the vault,On the issue of money,Win Xuchang’s heart。
So and so,Tian Lu can only be angry,Dilemma,The work underneath is difficult to carry out,The superior is so picky,Tian Lu’s efforts are negated。