Morning jog makes me feel refreshed and healthy lies in exercise

Morning jog makes me feel refreshed and healthy lies in exercise

I am no stranger to physical training as a soldier. For several years in the military career, I have forged a strong physique and developed good habits.

After changing jobs in 2000, the cumbersome chores and unsatisfactory work disturbed me, disturbed my healthy lifestyle, and the bleak prospects made me lose my mind and exercise.

  Last spring, three days and two colds, stomach problems and the old problems of enteritis often “patronize”, and sometimes “palpitation”, “dizziness” symptoms appeared, making me worried, I can’t lift anything.

I didn’t find any serious problems when I went to the hospital for inspection. The doctor said to my hobby of smokeless alcohol: “It’s okay. I will be optimistic in the future and strengthen exercise.

“So I chose a morning run. In the dawn,” sand, sand, sand. “My rhythmic running sound penetrated the market and spread to the suburbs.

The sky was wide and the people in the suburbs suddenly felt cheerful.

The birds on the branches cried cheerfully, welcoming a new day.

My mood was deeply infected by this beautiful early morning. I worked yesterday, and I was thrown behind all the unhappy things in my life.

  The morning run is like this at every poetic and artistic dawn, and it has been unhurried for a year.

Take rain gear on a rainy day, slow down, take a breath of fresh air, and feel refreshed.

When meeting other morning runners, running together and communicating while running, I felt that exercise is not only a need for physical health, but also a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

Now I’m very toxic, I won’t pant after running for more than ten kilometers, I’m not tired, I feel relaxed, and I have more confidence.

  The book says that morning jogging can both exercise and eliminate depression, and that’s true.

Now that my “beer belly” has become smaller, my mood is more cheerful, and people are more energetic than before.

Morning exercise has made me almost healthy and cultivated my temperament, allowing me to maintain a state of “no gratification, no grief”, and a “no humiliation, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court; gain or lose unintentionally, hopeThe clouds in the sky are calm. ”

Colleagues from the unit saw me who was weak and sentimental in the past, but now I was full of energy and radiant, and they asked me for my fitness tips.

I smiled and said to them: Persist in morning exercise and exercise, health is with the future, happiness is with life.