“otherwise,You give me resign now。”

Li Guangwei heard what Wu Guodong said,He suppressed his anger and said:“Mr. Wu,You are too hard for me。”
“I really can’t think of a good way,The way I can think of is that you personally go to Xiao Fan’s company to apologize。”
“Maybe he will see your grandpa’s face opened up to our company。Apart from this method, I really can’t think of any better method。”
Wu Guodong is frustrated,He will vent his mistakes on Li Guangwei。
“Let me personally apologize to Xiao Fan,Did you say it wrong?Are you sure what you said is the best way?”
“I put a cold butt on his hot face last time,At that time he just turned a blind eye,Very arrogant,Seeing that I almost use his nostrils。”
“He didn’t care about my grandfather’s face at all,I have a relationship with him。”
“He is always on top,You let me apologize to him now?Did you make me feel embarrassed on purpose??”
Li Guangwei really doesn’t know what his boss thinks,He doubted how he sat in the position of chairman。
He is really anxious to get angry for the Wu Group。
He lowered his head and stopped talking,He felt that he couldn’t think of a better way。
He also knows that it is too late for him to say anything。
There is no way to recover the loss of the Wu Group。
This Wu Guodong is destined to be the sinner of the Wu group。