Love is good

Love is good

In the 1970s, Shen Dianxia was already red-hot, and Zheng Shaoqiu was still unknown, and had just hit a love affair.

  In the process of comforting Zheng Shaoqiu, the two men wiped out the spark of love and were called “a pair of lovers of men and women” by the Hong Kong media.

In 1987, after Shen Dianxia married Zheng Shaoqiu, she risked her life in Canada to give birth to her daughter. Just as she was immersed in the joy of being a mother, she heard news of her husband’s love.

At that time, Shen Dianxia had not sat full of moons, and she felt that the sky was falling, she was heartbroken, and she washed her face with tears all the time. Her eyes were old and she could not see even the newspaper.

Postpartum depression led to severe hair loss, and she had to wear a wig.

The fatal blow almost pushed her to the brink of collapse.

  Shen Dianxia finally chose to let go, only to maintain a year of marriage declaration disintegration.

Perhaps it is in response to that song, love is always too easy to get along with each other, ten years of feelings, once turned into nothing, a lover will eventually become a stranger.

The marriage of her and Zheng Shaoqiu is destined to become the focus of the media. The pressure is big and can be imagined.

During the day of the divorce, the family was relieved of her and took turns from Canada to Hong Kong to accompany her day and night.

Sometimes, when she is driving in the street waiting for the red light, the kind audience will come and comfort her: “Fat sister, you must be strong and take care of your daughter!”

Her eye satellite instantly became high.

  Love is a thing of the past and the cause has to continue.

When facing the audience every day, Shen Dianxia still had to smile, and later a friend told her: “A Fei, recently your smile is good.”

“She can only smile bitterly.

In order to take care of her feelings, the TV station never arranged for her to appear on the same occasion with Zheng Shaoqiu.

  In order to forget the pain, Shen Dianxia moved from the original radio station to Qingshuiwan.

She forgave everyone, including her ex-husband and the third party of the year, and persuaded her daughter not to hate Dad.

I always thought that time is a good medicine and can cure everything. However, in the past ten years, Shen Dianxia’s heart is still wounded, she can’t solve her happiness, and she can’t pass her own.

  What is it, so memorable, so that she can never let go?

  Until a few years later, the mystery was finally revealed.

Shen Dianxia started the TVB host’s personality program “Behind the Applause”. The first guest was actually Zheng Shaoqiu, and the two sat opposite each other.

At the end of the program, Shen Dianxia suddenly turned around and finally mentioned the private topic: Today I want to take this opportunity to ask you a sentence, you just have to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
Zheng Shaoqiu nodded with a smile, the retina can ask questions.

Her face suddenly became dignified, and her speech rate slowed down: “In these ten years, have you really really loved me?”

“Zheng Shaoqiu does not think about it, blurted out: “I really love you!”

“The smile is like a flower, the smoke disappears, and the dust settles.”

  Shen Dianxia finally walked out of the haze and completely separated from the past.

Who can think of it, the time that has passed for more than a decade, so that she can never be relieved, is only the answer of the six words.

Meet a smile, enmity, love is good!