It is wrong to drink honey like this!

Summarize the seven misunderstandings of honey water

It is wrong to drink honey like this!
Summarize the seven misunderstandings of honey water

Honey is a good tonic and can be taken directly or flushed.

There are many benefits to drinking honey, but there are some dietary contraindications to drinking honey. Drinking is not easy to damage health.

Do you know when honey water is good to drink?

Do you know that honey can’t be eaten with anything?

Today, Xiaobian summed up the seven misunderstandings of carefully drinking honey. Let’s take a look.

  In the morning, the first cup of fasting is put into honey water, which is not suitable for healthy honey. It does not exist in the form of pure water.

After the body, the fructose in the honey undergoes the metabolism of the human body to be converted into glucose, which can be absorbed and absorbed by the human body, thus losing the effect of cleaning the body’s internal environment with the first cup of water in the morning.

  You can’t drink honey water before going to bed at night. Before going to bed at night, you should drink a cup of warm water about 100ml half an hour before going to bed, but it is not suitable for drinking honey water at this time.

This is because drinking boiled water before going to bed at night is for the body’s overnight metabolism as a water reserve, but if you drink honey water, the water is rich in a large amount of solutes, the density rises, can not reach the role of drinking water before going to bed, so it is not recommended.

  Can not be washed with boiling water or high-temperature cooking honey honey in addition to containing 65% to 80% of glucose and fructose, but also rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and so on.

When eating honey, it should be brewed with warm water, and the water temperature should not exceed 60 °C.

If high-temperature boiling water is washed into honey, it will destroy its rich nutrients, which will cause its natural color, aroma and taste to change.

  Honey can not ingest more than 100ml of honey every day, although good, can not be greedy!

Honey can take up to 100ml per day, but you can’t eat it because you think that honey is special.

Because the glucose and fructose in honey are monosaccharides, they can be directly absorbed into the blood by the body.

If you eat a large amount of honey at a time, you can gradually rise quickly.

Long-term excessive consumption of honey can lead to insufficient insulin secretion and easy to cause diabetes.

Drink two cups of honey water a day, a spoonful of honey is enough, and the diet is healthy and balanced.

  Drink honey water on an empty stomach, easy to cause stomach ulcers honey is a sweet food, sweet food has the effect of increasing gastric acid secretion, excessive gastric acid damage to the gastric mucosa.

Drinking honey water on an empty stomach for a long time is easy to increase the acidity of the body. If the time is long, the stomach will be too acidic and get a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Therefore, it is best not to admit that honey water is not on an empty stomach.

  Do not drink honey water immediately after meals, immediately drink honey water, will change the gastric juice, resulting in food has not yet had time to completely digest into the small intestine, adverse food digestion.

Moreover, food encounters water that is easily swelled and causes blood pressure on the stomach.

If you have honey water after a long time, it will increase the risk of gastrointestinal problems.

  Can not use metal cups to wash honey honey honey is acidic, it is best to save or brew, it is best not to use metal containers to avoid chemical reactions.

Because honey is a weakly acidic substance, it is prone to oxidation reaction when it comes into contact with metal and precipitates free metal elements such as iron, lead, zinc, aluminum, etc., which makes the color of honey black and the nutrients are destroyed.