Older people should use their brains to develop 4 good habits to prevent dementia.

Older people should use their brains to develop 4 good habits to prevent dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease, also known as Alzheimer’s disease.

This symptom is mainly manifested in the clinical decline of memory function, degeneration of cognitive ability, and aging of brain tissue.

People say “Ning cancer does not dementia”, why is this said?

Because the elderly in the elderly after the elderly dementia, they can not judge their own behavior, can not control their behavior.

  So how can older people prevent Alzheimer’s?

  1, use more brains, learn more, many elderly people do nothing after retirement, they feel that life is meaningless.

The place where the brain is used in daily life is certainly not as repetitive as it was at work. Over time, this brain is idle.

We often say that “the knife does not wear and it will corrode, and the brain does not need to be demented.” The brain is like a knife. It is more useful, more thinking, and more learning.

The elderly have ample retirement and can learn more about a new skill and do more mental work.

  2, normal moderate exercise elderly can take soothing aerobic exercise, such as walking, playing Tai Chi and so on.

Effective regular exercise helps the elderly to soothe the body, relax the mood, and coordinate the brain and the collective.

The right amount of exercise helps the brain to suppress the release of function, help the central nervous system to become more active, and make the brain active.

  3, pay attention to the food people are exposed to food every day.

The variety of substances contained in food is also unfavorable to the brain, so the prevention of senile dementia, we should ensure a balanced diet and ensure adequate nutrition in the choice of diet ingredients.

In the daily diet, the elderly eat less spicy and greasy food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and consume too much salt every day.

Other proteins, vitamins, etc. must be selected and ingested in quantity.

At the same time, to avoid excessive intake of high blood pressure, eat less or not eat high-cholesterol foods.

  4, maintain a good attitude Many elderly people in the face of retirement, the decline of physical function, the passage of life, may produce negative feelings of depression in the heart, such emotions will inhibit brain vitality, is not conducive to the prevention of senile dementia, while longLow moods can also reduce the body’s immune function.

Therefore, the elderly should maintain an optimistic attitude in their later life, and communicate with others, especially to communicate with young people, so that they can feel a young mind and help delay brain aging.

  All in all, the general principle of prevention of Alzheimer’s disease is to use more brains, expand exercise, pay attention to diet, and maintain a good mentality.

It is difficult to say when the disease is ill, and it may creep in our usual lives.

Therefore, our elderly people must take precautions and enjoy a good old age.