Self-speaking is good for physical health

Self-speaking is good for physical health

German psychologists believe that “self-speaking” is an effective way to eliminate tension and is beneficial to physical health.

  If we pay more attention to it, we may find someone sitting next to someone who talks to me and you will feel that he is “nervous.”

As everyone knows, it is precisely because of this misunderstanding that it misleads a healthy solution to the problem.

In fact, a good conversation with the self can effectively vent their dissatisfaction, depression, anger and sadness, eliminate tension, and restore psychological balance.

When you have a lot of thoughts, if you have the opportunity to change your own personality and turn yourself into some problems, then you may only see the problem from a single perspective or the possibility of burrowing.

  Therefore, psychologists believe that “speaking to themselves” has the following effects: 1.

Your own tone has a calming effect, a sense of security and a feeling of interpersonal communication.


Self-talking can adjust the disordered thoughts in the brain, especially when you are tired.


“Self-speaking” can solve some personal problems more easily and self-solving.

Just like treating friends, clearing the contradictions, putting the problems on the table to solve them, and publishing their opinions. In the process of speaking, the various wrong opinions and the possibility of solving the problems are clear at a glance, and the final decision is easier.


There is nothing wrong with telling yourself about your own worries and worries. The stones that are in your heart will be removed, and you will get rid of your troubles and achieve a psychological balance.


Can improve sleep.

Because meditation thinks of a chaotic inner dialogue, and “speaking to yourself” can end the thoughts, leading to sleeplessness and less nightmares.