[Can the hair be eaten after peeling the walnut]_Hairy_Can you eat it?

[Can the hair be eaten after peeling the walnut]_Hairy_Can you eat it?

Usually we buy walnuts, if you find out that there are long hairs inside, it belongs to sterile eyebrows. Generally speaking, it is mainly caused by poor air permeability and air replacement. For this walnut,It is best not to eat it anymore. Walnuts bought in daily life must learn how to save them. They should be placed in a cool and ventilated area. It is best to choose paper bags to store them.

After the walnut is peeled off, can there be hair on it? Raw walnuts can be peeled off.

When the walnut kernel is not yet ripe, it is knocked out. A small part of the remaining pulp in the kernel is covered with mold hair by external temperature influence (poor air permeability).

First, try to store walnuts in a ventilated place. Do not use sealed bags. It is better to use cloth bags, sacks or other air-permeable bags.

Generally, a bag with better ventilation is used to prevent the walnut with a better ventilation to effectively and quickly distribute when the dryness of the walnut is insufficient, so as to absorb moisture and moisture, so as to better maintain the dryness of the walnut and prevent its moisture and mold.

It is better not to peel the walnuts, and keep them for a long time.

How to peel a walnut completely Many people use walnut clips to peel walnuts, but this is even laborious, sometimes it ca n’t be clamped, and the peeled walnut kernels are also broken.

Here I recommend a thermal expansion and contraction method for peeling walnuts, which is very practical.


Add cold water to the pot and put the walnuts in the pot, 2.

Cook on high heat for about 10 minutes, 3.

Remove the walnuts and immediately put them in ice water, 4.

After about 4 minutes, use a walnut clip to gently remove the whole walnut kernel.

Some people say that it can be treated with a flat screwdriver. The steps are to use a screwdriver to insert the flat end of the walnut.So as not to insert bad walnut kernels).

After inserting it, twist it gently.

The hard walnuts opened.

However, the walnut kernels removed in this way are basically incomplete, but it is better than using a walnut clip to open them directly.