He was afraid of his conclusion before,Grandpa won’t accept,So blame him,Because of poor ability,And found an excuse,But now it seems that Grandpa still trusts himself,This made Hua Ziyu proud。

“In this case,Ziyu,You quickly get back a mouse like this,Then compare,Let me know if there is a result。”Doctor Hua patted Hua Ziyu on the shoulder and said。
“Understand grandpa,I have sent people to find,I believe when I come back,We will know the result。”
“well,Hope it’s good news,If we develop the beauty and detox pill,So the status of our Chinese family,But the tide is rising,”
“I want to curry favor with our Chinese family,Must be a lot,I believe what kind of woman we Ziyu want,Pick it yourself,Choose whatever you want。”Talking about the genius doctor Hua laughed。
“grandfather,I don’t want my business now,Those things are not worth mentioning for us to grow the Hua family,All my mind is now studying the beauty and detoxification pills here。”Hua Ziyu has a picture in his heart at this moment,But I don’t say that。
“OK,Ziyu,Don’t worry if you think about grandpa,but,We can study it out,Yangyan Zhurong Paidu Pill is made from mouse feces,Can others also find out?”I feel a little worried about this genius doctor Hua。
“There should be no big problem,Even know,But we just said,Not all rat poop can be developed,So I think it should be nothing。”Hua Ziyu never thought about this before,So there is no corresponding strategy。
“inappropriate,I think it’s better to be cautious。”The genius doctor Hua frowned and said。
“So grandpa,I don’t know if this method will work。”Hua Ziyu seems to have an idea。
“tell me the story。”Doctor Hua looked at Hua Ziyu,An ear-sounding look。
“At that time we will put some insignificant Chinese medicine in it,And the taste of Chinese medicine is great,The smell of rat poop will be masked,So no one would think of it,Naturally, no one will analyze and develop it。”Hua Ziyu said proudly。
“The solution is good,But there are still risks,Because our main Qin Feng is mouse shit,So how to cover up,That’s also the fact。”Divine Doctor Hua was a little confused。
“Otherwise, we will add some spices in it?”Hua Ziyu is also a little helpless。
“feasible,Ziyu, what do you think of my approach,I asked about the proportion of weak mice,Make the mouse feces in each pill a little less,Then you can take a few more pills。”
“In this case,Mouse poop is diluted,Indirectly becomes auxiliary,So you won’t be discovered。”Said doctor Hua。
“This is a good way, grandpa,Why didn’t I expect it,It seems that ginger is still old and spicy,I will definitely learn more from Grandpa in the future。”Hua Ziyu
Very angry,Why such a simple way,I did not expect。
“OK,Ziyu,Grandpa is very happy with this heart,You are already excellent。”Doctor Hua said with a smile。
this day,Qin Feng smiled and nothing happened as usual,Accompany Jiang Yan to the company to kill time,Just when Qin Feng raised Erlang’s legs,Lying in Jiang Yan’s office,The nympho on the leather sofa looks,When Jiang Yan was working hard。