Professor Chen Chuanxi, your health is wrong.

Professor Chen Chuanxi, your health is wrong.

Recently, the famous painter Mei Mosheng died, and Chen Chuanxi, a professor at Renmin University of China, sent such a WeChat circle of friends.

It is obvious that there is a story between Professor Chen and Mr. Mei, but the deceased has been paralyzed and the deceased is big.

And we look at his statement, it can be seen that its understanding and understanding of the way of health is biased.

As a university professor, this is still the case, not to mention the ordinary people.

Today’s people’s health concept is mostly a temporary hug, and then go to think about “health”.

Exercise, playing Tai Chi, eating health products, is it called health?

While hurting and indulgent, staying up late to play with mobile phones, while running and sweating, sitting for a long time to drink drowning, this is not a health, but a twin, is afraid of death.

The foundation of health is your life, and putting life first is no more important than this.

When it comes to health homes, Sun Siwei and Hua Wei are the first to promote.

The drug king Sun Sizhen, who lived in his 100s, believes that to be healthy and longevity must first be nourishment.

He lived a life of seclusion in his life, not an official, not a name, three not profitable, and open-minded.

And Hua Tuo also knows how to cultivate self-cultivation, invented the five-bird drama, and the 50-year-old appearance of the young man, but unfortunately was later killed by Cao Cao.

Their method of health preservation is exactly what the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic said: “The ancients, who know, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink, and daily life, do not work, so can shape andEverything is going to be the end of the year.

The people of this time, taking wine as a pulp, taking shackles as their daily life, keeping their hearts fast, against the joy of life, and living without a section, so half a hundred is also weak.

“The real health is to do it.” The law is yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life is always, no work.”

These requirements are not too high, but how many people can you do now?

Is there any law of work and rest?

It is not too late to talk about health care at these points.

How long can I live depends on my personal destiny, but I don’t necessarily live comfortably for a long time. I want the poet to write. “Some people are alive, he is already dead; some people are dead, and he is still alive.

“Qin Shihuang will be healthy?

Not at all, on the contrary, his expectations are the best alternative.

A generation of Tianjiao Qin Shihuang sweeps the six-in-one to break the world and levy the world.

The hero, the great emperor, was able to escape the heatstroke after he escaped the dagger of Jing, the iron cone of Zhang Liang, and the high-gradation of the attack.

Let us go into history and understand why the “healthy family” Qin Shihuang is so short-lived?

First, the indulgence of the house Qin Shihuang was born sick and sick, saddle nose, chicken breast, leopard sound, implanted rickets, but did not prevent him from getting close to the female color.

Every time a country is destroyed, the harem and beauty of the defeated country are appointed as his bed, and the harem is three thousand.

At the time of his death, there were more than 20 adult sons and extra daughters.

Du Mu’s “A Fang Gong Fu” describes the Afang Palace in the three hundred miles, which is the sacred and extravagant Qin Shihuang’s indulgence.

So many beautiful women in the harem, combined with frequent drunkenness, can the body be worthwhile?

Second, crazy overtime in order to unify the great cause, Qin Shihuang paid a lot of effort, every day.

He has to set his own workload to be able to rest after 60 kg of bamboo slips.

At the age of 22, he was enthroned, and at the age of 39, he unified the six countries.

In addition, the usual trips are all in the carriage. They are basically sitting all day, without exercise, and the body is slowly hollowed out.

Third, the temper is violent, the people and the people are hurting the wealth of the Great Wall, the Daxing civil engineering building the Afang Palace, burning the book and the Confucianism, let Qin Shihuang become the target of the public, the imperial foundation is in jeopardy.

But listening to the courtiers shouting “Long live the Emperor, long live, long live”, Qin Shihuang felt that he could continue the “Wan Shi Foundation”, so he began to be eager to ask for medicine, eager to live forever.

He met with Fang Shi Xu Fu and gave him a lot of money. He asked him to follow 3,000 boys and girls to go to the East China Sea to ask for medicine, but he did not hear it when he went.

The deceived Qin Shihuang was all mad, but the murder of anger and anger could not let the stagnation of the heart dissipate.

Fourth, extremely suspiciously worried that Qin Shihuang was sent to Zhao Guo as a protagonist since he was a child, and his mother was dependent on his life, and he was always worried and eager to discuss life.However, his mother made him extremely disappointed, and Lu Weiwei hooked up the nature, filthy harem, and later with the hustle and bustle.

His inner world has developed in a dark and distorted manner, and it has not been able to cultivate love for any woman.

In his later years, because of the grievances of the people and the serious rebellion of the descendants of the six countries, Qin Shihuang was repeatedly assassinated and became suspicious and even suffering from mental illness.

Qin Shihuang, indeed, “uses wine as a pulp, takes sputum as a routine, keeps its heart, reverses the joy of life, and lives without a section.” Every health taboo is committed, how can it not be short-lived?

If you want to keep your health, you must know the word and then walk.

Tao is the natural avenue.

Health is that the ancients said that “the law is yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life is always, no work.”

The centenarians are doing this, so they can live longer.

There is no mention of the content of exercise and tonic at all. On the contrary, it reminds you that there is a festival of food and drink, no work, no zuo no die!

The word exercise is especially prone to misunderstanding, running is called exercise, walking is not called exercise?

Is labor not an activity?

Many people are injured or even died in marathons, treadmills, gyms, because they chose the wrong way to exercise, hurt the bones, sweating, and dissipating the essence.

The centenarians do not exercise, but they usually work all the time, planting farmland, copying housework, and being very tough, and need to exercise.

On the contrary, it is a professor who is not physically diligent, and he really does not exercise.

From my own understanding, health is the practice of life.

Pre-repair, correct your own deviations, go back, put into action, and constantly move closer to the middle.

The body is right, not squatting; the heart is right, not biased, so that you can be correct, smooth, good, and natural, that is, health.

Health is a never-ending process, and it must be consistent.

If there is no such moderate attitude, three days of fishing for two days, then do not talk about health, are fake.

I will talk about this article and hope that everyone will have a correct understanding of health care. I also hope that Professor Chen can see that he can maintain his health and live a healthy life.