Ten benefits of arguing with your husband

Ten benefits of arguing with your husband

Argued with her husband a few months ago, covered her head and cried for a night, then the Cold War so far because he refused to regret his rude words and deeds.

After the two’s initial sadness in the same stranger, they also discovered the ten major benefits of the quarrel.

  First, you can listen to him noisily after work and quiet down.

  Second, he monopolized the room with a TV, so I could only give up the TV that consumed countless hours, and I could read a book quietly and peacefully.

  Third, regain the good habits of industriousness, hand washing one’s own clothes.

  Fourth, cook vegetables and noodles in clear water every day, reduce oil and meat, and naturally lose weight successfully.

  Fifth, don’t rush home after work, enjoy the scenery all the way, and feel good.

  Sixth, there is no need to say “our family ×” in the foreword anymore, and finally a little “I” is recovered.

  Seventh, you can easily enjoy and indulge in Luo Dayou’s “Surrounding Night Talk” by oneself, and then hum the “Night of the City” and return home at midnight. The husband dares not to disagree.

  Eighth, go back to listening to music, writing a diary, and regaining the feeling of lodging.

  Nine, I hope that in a few days of birthday, I can gather the courage to sing a birthday song with the “underground singer” to meet my long-awaited wish.

  Ten, sitting at ease under the lamp and writing “Top Ten Benefits of Arguing with Her Husband”, and expecting someone to see it (including her husband, of course).

  The benefits of arguing with her husband are many, only one point is not good, I don’t know how long this day can continue, and how to continue-freedom and happiness are a bit like fish and bear’s paw-to me, a stupid woman!