What are the main symptoms of plague infected with plague?

What are the main symptoms of plague infected with plague?

What disease is the plague?

What should I do if I encounter a plague?

Have nothing to do!

How to be “prepared” and get some knowledge of the plague is a must!

Let us look at how to prevent and treat plague.

What is the plague? The plague is an infectious disease with extremely serious conditions and is a natural epidemic disease.

It was originally popular in rodents and other wild rodents.

If the flea bites a sick mouse or other diseased animal and bites it, it may spread the pathogen, Yersinia pestis, to humans.

Pneumonic plague patients contain a large number of plague bacilli, which can be spread by droplets, which causes the epidemic of human plague.

The incubation period of the plague 2?
7 days.

The onset is acute, the condition is dangerous, and the infection is strong. If the appropriate treatment is not obtained, the mortality rate is extremely high.

If natural disasters occur in natural foci, due to the deterioration of living conditions and sanitation conditions of the victims, the trapped animals are concentrated in the temporary living areas of the victims and die in large numbers, causing fleas to invade humans. These are all causing human plague and even plague.the elements of.

The main symptoms of plague are plague, which is characterized by sudden chills, high fever, headache, vomiting, redness of the face, red eyes, and bleeding spots on the skin.

Plague can be divided into several types.

The bubonic plague is the most common, characterized by the inguinal region, underarms, and the lymph nodes of the complication are rapidly swollen, extremely painful, hard, and difficult to move. It can be suppurated and ulcerated in the late stage. It must be converted into sepsis or pneumonic plague.Death within more than 1 week.

Pneumonic plague is more common in winter or epidemic peaks, manifested as signs of pulmonary inflammation such as cough, blood stasis, and complications.

Septicemia is the most dangerous, showing circulatory failure or shock.

Are there two types of patients more than 1 after onset?
3 months of death.

Prevention and treatment of plague 1. Preventive measures To prevent plague, rats should be eliminated, sputum should be eliminated, environmental sanitation should be done well, and personal protection should be done.

When killing rats, people should not misuse rodenticides, especially children.

After the epidemic is discovered, the epidemic area should be blocked and immediately reported for disinfection, rodent control, mites, quarantine and other emergency epidemic prevention treatments.

The patient should be isolated.

Contactes need quarantine 9?
L2 days.

Personnel in epidemic areas and those working in the affected areas should be prevented from transplanting plague vaccines.

2, the treatment measures after the onset of a budget start treatment is very effective, the treatment is too late, the consequences are very poor.

Streptomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol are effective, the preferred measure is streptomycin, tetracycline combined application.

The spare drug is thiamine.

Special attention should be paid to protecting the heart and anti-shock, and to anti-diffuse intravascular coagulation therapy.