“amount.”So the battle here is over。

have to say,Liu Xing’s strength is still very online!After all, dealing with such a barracks of one or two hundred people is actually very simple。If Qin Feng is not injured,,He doesn’t know how to use sniping。After all, sniping is very time-consuming。Go straight in like Liu Xing,Then it should not be difficult to solve these people with their agile hands。
of course,In contrast, this approach of going deep into the enemy camp will definitely add difficulty and danger。
Without any choice,Qin Feng had to drive to the blasting barracks。
When I returned to the camp,Liu Xingzheng drank tea indifferently,“Ugh,Why is it so slow?”
Qin Feng was a little bit dumbfounded。
Because of the relationship,So he comes back the latest。Besides, just as he imagined,It is quite costly for him to pull out a barracks by sniping.
Whether it’s Liu Xing or Zhong Fa,They solved it faster than Qin Feng。
“What’s next?Is there a second step?Gradually hit it?”Zhong Fa asked。He thinks that this kind of battle against a military camp is actually meaningless。He wants to fight the master,But this kind of thing is hard to come across。He didn’t even enjoy the last battle with Liu Xing.。……odd.iqiwx.~Better and faster
Because in terms of combat effectiveness,He might be better than Liu Xing。
of course,Liu Xing is obviously still on the rise,If you give him enough time,Beyond Zhongfa, that is absolute。After all, the latter actually wants to exercise and become stronger,But he also understands where his age is,The peak period may not be a few years away。
This is why he wants to become stronger urgently,He knows who Qin Feng’s opponents are,He didn’t want to help Qin Feng when he was in need。
And now this trip to the Golden Triangle,Maybe this is an opportunity for him?