[Drinking soup is good]_Drinking soup_Influence_Result

[Drinking soup is good]_Drinking soup_Influence_Result

At present, when people are cooking, there are still many dishes. It is a pity if he feels that they are dumped. So many people will drink the soup after the dishes.Maybe many people still don’t know, so please introduce the following to you.

1. Many people like to eat green vegetables but not to drink vegetable soup. In fact, when cooking vegetables, most of the vitamins are dissolved in the vegetable soup.

Take vitamin C as an example. After the cabbage is fried, 70% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the vegetable soup, the fresh peas will be boiled in water for 3 minutes, and 50% of the vitamin C will be dissolved in the soup.

2, to prevent the soup from gaining weight, you should try to use high-feces and high-conversion food as soup, such as old hens and fat ducks.

Even with these soups, it is best to skim off excess oil during the stew.

And lean meat, fresh fish, shrimp, peeled chicken or duck meat, rabbit meat, winter gourd, loofah, radish, konjac, tomato, laver, kelp, mung bean sprouts, etc. are all good low-fat soups.Pick some.

3. If you drink soup quickly, when you may be full, you may have eaten too much, which can easily lead to obesity.

Drinking soup should taste slowly, not only can you fully enjoy the taste of the soup, but also allow ample time for the digestion and absorption of food, and produce a feeling of fullness in advance, not easy to gain weight.

Beautiful women who need to lose weight should pay attention to it, and must remember this wrong soup habit.

Experts believe that drinking soup before and after meals is a matter of personal eating habits and is inconclusive in nutrition.

Therefore, the key to the soup problem is what soup to drink and how much soup to drink.

If you drink a small amount of delicious and protein-rich soup before meals, you can give the stomach a stimulus to prepare it for food.