It’s just why Qin Feng should be a security guard in the school?This is not reasonable,Something strange,He must know。

“Qin Feng,I knew you were not easy when you came in yesterday。Speak,What is the purpose of coming to school!”Rando asked。
Qin Feng was stunned for a long time when he heard this,It’s really because he never thought that this mixed boy named Rando was so crazy,The attitude of an interrogation for no reason,This is because I watched more police movies, right??
“Who are you?”
Qin Feng clearly knows the other party’s name,But when I was questioned, I was upset,Will say something that makes others unhappy。
“It’s okay, let’s go。Zhong Fa said before,You provoked and beat him,He is nothing but a self-defense businessman。As for if you want to compensate, it will be no different from touching porcelain,We won’t give it。Goodbye!”
Leave this sentence,Qin Feng called Zhong Fa to leave together。
No matter how Rando yelled on the hospital bed。
But after the two left,Qin Feng seems to have nothing to do。As for letting him go back to school as a security guard?nonexistent!The school life is really boring, especially as a security guard.!
In fact, the most important thing is,He has no idea of teasing female college students,Besides, the task of security is to patrol in shifts,Most of the students are in class when they are patrolling。Most of the people walking around the campus during class time are couples,So even if they are in college,But no goal。
of course,It’s more likely that Qin Feng only came for two days,Not familiar with the surrounding environment,You won’t find the joy of going to work。
But he didn’t expect,Just then his phone rang。
“Hey,Cute?what happened?what,You said Carina Du went to the bathroom with you just now,But you won’t see her when you come out,I can’t get through the phone?Row,I’ll come over now!”
Qin Feng knew that Wang Mengmeng was worried about Du Jialing’s accident before calling him。Although two days have passed since I saw the counselor,Carina Du has been very calm over the past two days without any situation。But they must not take it lightly,So Qin Feng has to rush back to school immediately。
“amount,Boss Qin Feng, I.”
Zhong Fa felt a little depressed after he knew that Qin Feng was going back to school。He used to be either a mercenary or a security guard,So I’m not used to the way I am doing nothing。After processing the handover task,He thought Qin Feng would take him to be a master,At least there should be some things to deal with,Otherwise, why do you accept him as a little brother??