Eating citrus fruits is good for your body


Eating citrus fruits is good for your body

Citrus fruits are plants of the family Rutaceae, with many types, including citrus, orange, tangerine, and kumquat.

Tangerine contains a variety of nutrients, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, fruit acid, citric acid, vitamin C, alcohol, citral, vitamin B1, B2 and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts and other nutrients.

  Citrus has a variety of effects such as strengthening the qi and strengthening the stomach, moistening phlegm, lowering asthma, relieving asthma, dispersing and relieving pain, promoting appetite, sobering up, and resisting disease.

I often eat orange peel, and almost supplement the body with a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts and other nutrients. It has the effects of fitness and body promotion and growth, and it can also help the stomach and digestion, dryness and dampness, and it is a cure for indigestion, spleen deficiency, bloating, and irritation.
Good medicine for excessive drinking, and has the effect of curbing acute diseases.

Some common folk prescriptions are there.

  Treatment of peripheral neuritis and vitamin C deficiency: 2 oranges at a time, three times a day.

  Treatment of cough and dry phlegm: squeeze orange juice into the mouth, eat another orange, and chew slowly.

And with other cough and expectorants.

  Governing the pain and stagnation of the stagnation diet: 6 oranges, 9 grams of chicken internal gold, decoction, orally taken three times.

  Treatment of bad breath: boil the oranges with skin, and substitute oranges for tea.