“Come with strength,Drop here。”Populus pointed to a position。

Wen Wenhao won Lao Zhou’s hammer:“I’ll try。”
As a fitness coach,Still have strength,and,He also has experience in smashing stones,Know how to smash,It’s easier to knock down。
“Everyone get out。”Lao Zhou ordered everyone to step back,Tell everyone,There will be stones splashing in a while,Be careful everyone。
Wen Wenhao hit more than 20 hammers,Just knocked a stone down。really,Manual mining is too difficult,Without a machine,This kind of coolie is really not something ordinary people can bear。
Lao Zhou walked over:“and many more,I’ll come,You knock like this,It will be troublesome to wait。If you knock down these places,How to mine next。”
Although Lao Wen has strength,But mining is for him,Still no experience。
then,Lao Zhou took the hammer,While adjusting the angle of beating,While explaining:“You see,Drilled here,Knock diagonally from here,The stone is easy to peel off。”
Worthy of being a descendant of the quarry,People are professional,Only five hammers,Just get a small stone down。
“Wires outside,Is it still powered on??If you power up,It will be much faster with an electric drill。”Hua Zi asked。
Look at these drill holes,It should be the new one made by Huang Mao。Just outside,Everyone can see the wires。After all, I have invested here before,Infrastructure,There must be。
“Dead。”Lao Zhou said。
Xiao Gao doubts:“Not right!Without electricity,How to explain these drill holes,New at first glance。”
Lao Zhou explained to everyone:“Bring your own battery!What is so difficult。”
Mining time,A little boring,Knock a few times,Everyone will find it fresh,But ten minutes、twenty minutes,Knocked like this for half an hour,It will inevitably make people depressed,The audience in the live room,If it wasn’t for Brother Hu to chat with everyone,May be falling asleep。
“Be careful,This piece is broken。”Populus reminds。
Lao Zhou followed the lights,Found that the bloodstone had been knocked out,Suddenly distressed。but,This brings hope to everyone,Know that there is a mine。
“You rest,I’ll try。”Wen Wenhao speaks。
Populus walks over,Checked:“Knock around here,Don’t hit this position。”