Three smart women in marriage

Three smart women in marriage

The first intelligent woman uses the most “stupid” method to impress his woman’s kindness, gentleness, and diligence, which can most affect the heart of a man.

With these good behaviors, women in marriage can take men to basic steps.

In the cold winter, boil a pot of hot soup for your lover; in the warm sun, sew a button for your lover-do not underestimate these small things!

Your ability and love for these little things will increase the warmth of your family.

Even if you have money to ask for a babysitter, your love for your husband is irreplaceable.

So do n’t worry about what your boyfriend calls when you ‘re in love. When you get married, your husband thinks the same thing: a good wife has to have this kind of behavior and skills.

  The second kind of smart woman I show the intellectual side in a timely manner. In marital life, it is not enough to give good conduct.

Some wives suspect that they work hard at home, but why don’t they always please their husbands?

Men’s personality, temperament and self-cultivation are different. For girls, when you choose a marriage, you must have at least an understanding of the husband you marry, and a mentality and ability to be a wife that meets your husband’s requirements.

To do this, you must be a smart, intellectual girl.

  The third intelligent woman I just echoed his little interest when it comes to romance and fun, the girl would say: OK!

This is what I do best!

That girl does n’t want to continue to be romantic in her marriage, but I want to tell the girl, do n’t move the romantic version of your love to your marriage. If you do n’t believe it, you can ask the men in the marriage to answer the questionnaire and make the girl fall in loveEverything you have done is written, some kind: call him if there is something; nothing in the wind, take a walk in the rain; when he is sick and need a rest, keep reading love poems to him; once again, one set a dayNew fashion; changing hairstyles every few days . the answer is definitely no.