Look at Da Liu’s cute expression,Chen Geng laughed immediately,He waved his hand:“The University of Michigan is a very good school,Ok……Look at you,I should know who I am,Ok,Away from home,Everyone is compatriot,I won’t say if you’re polite,You probably should also know that I haven’t shamed our Chinese people in America,and so,If everyone is in trouble、Is there anything I can help,Everyone please speak up,Be polite,Everyone is Chinese,It’s okay to help each other outside。”

Da Liu and Xiao Wang nodded desperately with red eyes,Can’t say a word:You’re welcome,This one can be regarded as his great benefactor!
Different from those vague promises,Two people can tell,Chen Geng was serious when he said this,Also,If you don’t really want to help yourself,Chen Geng spends so much money every year to help everyone study abroad?
Is it because the older Liu has better emotional control ability,He took the lead in controlling his mood,Said to Chen Geng gratefully:“Mr. Chen,What you said……We all have no place,We are very good in studying and living in America,Much better than in China,I can still eat meat every day!I don’t know how,But some of our classmates from the University of Michigan are very content with the current conditions,Everyone said to take a chance, thank you、Please have a meal,”
Speaking of which,Liu suddenly thought that Mr. Chen Geng in front of him was the youngest billionaire in the United States.,People can lack their own stutter?Hurriedly change:“But everyone knows you are busy,Did not dare……”
“OK,”I haven’t waited for Liu to finish,Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“I’m the person who likes others to invite me to dinner,When are you going to invite me?”
I heard my boss’s answer,Joshua’s surprised eyes were staring out:When did my boss talk so well??
Others don’t know,Is Joshua still unclear,At his current worth,、Status and influence in Detroit and the entire state of Michigan,Not just anyone who is qualified to invite their own boss to dinner,State Assemblyman、State government officials are almost the same,The main officials of the city halls are still barely qualified,As for the city councilor?Ha ha……
But now,Two ubiquitous international students can get such an opportunity?!
Joshua was envious to death。
Da Liu and Xiao Wang didn’t expect Chen Geng to agree,The two were shocked,Just heavy、Nod vigorously,Then cautiously tentatively said:“that……Would you like to see next Monday?Next Monday night。”
“Next Mon?”Chen Geng thought for a while,I don’t seem to have a big deal next Monday,Nodded:“Yeah,no problem,Then it’s settled。”
Da Liu and Xiao Wang were immediately happy。
Chen Geng asked casually:“how about it?Are you tired from working here??Shadow does not affect learning?”
“Not tired!”